Top 10 Nano Influencers Making A Big Impact On Social Media

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“Working with influencers, to co-create content, delivers value and can inspire audiences to take action.”- Amisha Gandhi
(Vice President, Influencer Marketing, SAP Ariba)

In recent times, we have witnessed a massive transformation of the digital and social media landscapes in India. If you belong to the marketing field or own a business or a brand, you would have probably realised that a solid digital presence is a key to success. The most effective way for businesses and brands to grow today is to establish an appealing online presence to reach their target audience, enhance brand awareness and boost the credibility of their brand. Influencer marketing has emerged to be a powerful marketing technique to achieve all the above-mentioned objectives. Influencer marketing is growing rapidly in India and this new-age reality is the advanced version of word-of-mouth marketing.  

Influencers are shaping customers’ behaviours and their impact is not confined to a single industry. Rather, influencers are active across a wide range of industries and all brands, both big and small, are increasingly inclining toward them for promotions and marketing content. Today’s consumers buy products and services recommended by influencers and trust the brand narrative that they recite.

How Influencers Are Changing The Marketing Game

During the past year, influencers promoted brands using several features available on social media platforms. Much importance was given to short video content, particularly reels, because it is actively circulated by the Instagram algorithm and is more cost-effective than long videos. Additionally, short videos have engaged more people, and have also offered more authenticity and interaction. Despite the severe impacts of the pandemic on India’s economy, the influencer marketing sector performed remarkably well.

Hence, Influencer Marketing has now become one of the most efficient ways of acquiring new customers in several global industries. Statistics note that by 2025, the global influencer marketing industry will be worth $ 24.1 billion with a 32% compound annual growth rate. The rise of this industry has also created several new trends and developments. 

One such new trend is the use of nano influencers. Nano influencers have paved the way for better specificity, authenticity, and reliability in the influencer marketing industry. Hence, several small brands and businesses are relying heavily on these influencers for data-driven engagement and income.

Who are Nano Influencers?

Nano influencers are Instagram users with followers ranging from 1000 to 5000. These influencers aren’t glamorous, fancy, and shiny like celebrities or mega influencers. But, they have a significant amount of influence over their local neighbourhood or the community from where they belong. Nano influencers are everyday people who help in promoting the products and services of a brand by influencing their immediate circle of friends, family, and others.

Why are nano influencers gaining increased popularity? The primary reason is that they post about specific niche topics and also help in targeting the audience that is hyper-invested in such topics. Additionally, audiences trust nano influencers more because they are reliable, have a personal connection with their audience and also have unique expertise, which is absent elsewhere. A large number of nano influencers belong to the beauty and fashion niches. However, some of them are very famous in other niches like travel, food, health, and finance.

We at Confluencr realised the importance of nano-influencers in crafting effective influencer marketing campaigns and hence decided to curate a list of 10 nano influencers in India that are making a big impact on various social media platforms and have an incredible amount of influence over their respective followers.

Top 10 Nano Influencers Impacting Social Media Spaces:

Raisa Tolia is a marketing Manager at Limese Connect- a premium Korean Beauty skincare brand. She also has an Instagram account by the name ‘raisatoliabeauty’ where she posts reviews and suggestions related to skincare and beauty. Her feed is dominated by interesting reels that are very engaging and also educative. Raisa has partnered with several skincare brands like Myskinq, Ruby’s organics, and also some online skincare stores like Sublime Official. Raisa does honest reviews and doesn’t emphasize just promotional content. This nano influencer in India is someone to look out for in the Heath and Beauty industry

Aaron Christopher is a self-taught Makeup artist and an influencer. Apart from his account on social media, which is named ‘aaristopher’, he also has an account named ‘makeup_byaaron’, which exclusively has reels on makeup. Hailing from the LGBTQ+ community, Aaron is a powerful nano influencer in India when it comes to men and makeup. He has collaborated with brands like Quench Beauty, Simple Skincare, and Lakmé. Aaron is all about inclusiveness in the makeup industry.

Garima Negi is a digital or UGC creator whose niche mostly revolves around Beauty and Lifestyle. She hails from Gurugram and hence is a favourite for people hailing from non-metro cities. She has curated content for several small-scale beauty brands like Mother Sparsh, Q4U, Dr Sheths, Lakmé, August BioScience, and many more. Apart from reviewing products, this Indian nano-influencer also provides unique discount codes to her followers who wish to buy products from brands that she has collaborated with. 

Kashish is a fashion and lifestyle influencer and is also a Co-Founder of an event planning company called ‘Decorating Themes’. Showcasing all types of styles in western and Indian clothing, Kashish is a self-made public figure in the fashion industry. She has done brand collaborations with various fashion and lifestyle brands like Aeraeye, Bagfiesta, Oziva, Whisper India, etc. 

Being a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty influencer, Smridhii’s feed is all things fashion and makeup. This Indian nano influencer makes it a point to drop some amazing fashion ideas for you to take inspiration from. Smridhii has collaborated with numerous fashion labels including Jutti Express, Papayawhimps, House of Chikankari, Libas India, and notable others. She engages with her followers by hosting Q&A sessions.

Hailing from New Delhi, Sahiba is a fashion and lifestyle influencer whose IG feed features posts on fashion, and makeup. This nano influencer in India has garnered a lot of views on her posts. You can see this influencer studded in elegant dresses, and creating subtle makeup looks with @hokmakeup, @milanicosmetics, @mynyka, and more.

Priya Poddar is a food enthusiast and has ‘Cooking is passion’ written in her bio. Her Instagram feed is filled with recipes for different foods, where she mainly focuses on home-style cooking. This nan-influencer  is a favourite influencer for many food enthusiasts.

Nisha Khulbe is a full-time traveller. Her Instagram handle is named ‘Lens In A Bag’ where she can be seen exploring different Indian destinations. She also has a YouTube channel in her name where she posts videos about her travel experiences and also showcases the unique elements of various travel destinations. We see this Indian nano influencer already on the rise

Mahi Karusala is a nano-influencer in India who loves to create content around Lifestyle, Food, and Makeup. Based in Hyderabad, this nano influencer has collaborated with American Eagle India– a prominent clothing brand. She has also done reviews for Steam up Foods and a cafe based in Hyderabad called Bird Box Bar and Cafe. Staying true to the definition, Mahi caters to the interests of the local community as a nano influencer. 

Kritika Relan is a social media influencer who creates content on Beauty, Cosmetics, and Personal care. As a proud mother, she is often seen posting pictures of her family and her child. She caters to the interests of Moms and parents and hence is an excellent choice for brands who wish to connect with families. She has partnered with small-scale brands like Vigyanveda, The Happy Goli, and has also been featured by several platforms that show content relating to kids. She is a super-mom and an amazing nano-influencer in India, who we see as a potential fit to collaborate with baby-care brands.

Why Are Brands Preferring Collaborations With Nano Influencers?

Given below are a few reasons why brands are inclining more towards nano influencers:

  • Nano Influencers Bring Authenticity: They are normal people and act normal, unlike many other macros, or mega influencers. Hence, people can relate to them more and connect with them instantly. Being normal also makes them more approachable than other high-profile influencers. 
  • Nano Influencers have high engagement rates and also connect with the audience on a deeper note. 
  • Many Nano influencers believe in a personal endorsement. Hence, they try various products and services, due to which their word-of-mouth recommendations enhance the value proposition of brands.
  • Nano Influencers also help to give excellent ROI. Brands are not scared to collaborate with nano influencers since no hefty amounts of collaborations are involved. 

Nano Influencers are flexible and are easy to collaborate with. They don’t expect much and also work with utmost efficiency.

Why Is Now The Ideal Time For Your Brand To Collaborate With A Nano Influencer?

  • The increase in the number of superiority nano influencers

At first, nano influencers were considered as social media users who were active on social media and catered to the interests of a particular niche. But today, the quality and quantity of nano influencers have substantially grown. Hence, brands can choose from a wide variety of nano influencers.

  • Nano influencers are catering to the requirements of less popular industries and niches

While it’s true that there are several influencers from popular niches like lifestyle, fitness, and tech, there are a significant number of influencers for less popular niches like mental health, nutrition, DIY, pets, etc. Nano influencers stay true to their niche. Hence, a lot of brands can collaborate with them for enhanced results.

  • Nano influencers are less promotional and more authentic

For nano influencers, their followers are very crucial. Hence, they try their utmost to keep their followers engaged. They create content that engages and educates the audience. Hence, they are less promotional and more authentic. Unlike mega influencers who simply prompt a brand to which the audience may sometimes fail to connect, nano influencers build a more reliable relationship with the audiences.

  • Brands can work with new content creators

If your brand has to step up its marketing game, you need fresh ideas and unique content. Influencers who already have a feed that is filled with brand promotions will not bring anything unique to your table. But, nano influencers are still new on the block. Hence, they can give fresh ideas, help you to achieve a different audience base, and also help you in presenting your promotional content uniquely. Collaborations with nano influencers will also give you an extra edge over your competitors who repeatedly collaborate with the same set of influencers.


Mega influencers and micro-influencers can help brands to reach a wide audience but cannot ensure that all of their followers become potential consumers. With nano influencers, this can be accomplished. People who follow nano influencers are genuinely interested in that specific niche. Hence, brands will not only be able to expand their audience base but can also effectively grow their consumer base. This places nano influencers a class apart.

Confluencr is an award-winning and eminent Instagram influencer marketing agency serving a diverse range of brands and businesses. With a striking 15000+ influencer network, we have designed and implemented 500+ brand campaigns for 200+ leading brands across India. We help brands and businesses by creating and promoting content-driven campaigns– those that amplify brand awareness. We can help you to collaborate with the best nano influencers in India for your next brand campaign. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to learn more.

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