10 Best YouTube Influencers In India

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“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”- Pam Moore
(CEO, CMO at Marketing Nutz)

The quote beautifully sums up the mission that social media influencers across the globe are striving to achieve. Building communities by investing time, and value in them; gaining reach, engagement and popularity amongst the audience. This in turn is helping brands to reach their target audience through social media and drive sales. One such platform, that has grown to immense importance for influencer marketing purposes is YouTube- the first most organically visited site globally.

Whenever we wish to learn something new, chances are we often end up on YouTube. The videos uploaded are informative and preferred learning modes for their audio-visual engagement. YouTube’s popularity and ever-rising video content consumption have given rise to several YouTube influencers in India who often have a wider reach and mass appeal. Their words are taken into account before a purchase decision is made. Brands need to consider them in their marketing strategies as they hold a severe amount of sway with their subscribers. 

Let us view some of the best YouTubers in India that might be a good fit for your next marketing campaign.

Here are the Top 10 YouTube Influencers in India:

Ajey Nagar, famously known as CarryMinati or Carry, is one of the best YouTube influencers in India. He has been uploading videos on YouTube since the age of 10. Hailing from Faridabad near Delhi, Carry streams his videos from home. Ajay quit school in the 12th grade to pursue his YouTube content creator career and later completed his studies long-distance.

Carry is famous for his humorous skits and reactions to various topics, which he uploads on his channel CarryMinati. This YouTube influencer has another channel called Carryislive, solely dedicated to uploads of gaming and live streams. He’s a gamer too! He started by uploading live videos of his gaming and his reactions during the games. This is another reason why he’s touted among the best YouTubers in our country. 

Carry’s work has been appreciated, and he has received several awards – such as TIME’s 10 Next Generation Leaders #10 2019 and YouTube Creator Awards – 2 Silver Play Buttons (CarryMinati and CarryisLive), 2 Golden Play Buttons (CarryMinati and CarryisLive), And 1 Diamond Play Button for CarryMinati.  

CarryMinati was also featured on the cover of TMM – ThnkMkt Magazine, wherein he was interviewed about his journey as a streaming star. He was signed as a brand ambassador by Arctic Fox. HP India sent him their latest gaming laptop, HP OMEN 15, for his Unboxing special.  

Carry recently signed a Bollywood movie, “Mayday”, starring Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachchan, wherein he will be starring as a social media sensation. We wish you luck for your next outing, Carry!

This YouTube video creator’s goal is to make people laugh. We fully support Amit in this challenging mission of his. As they say, “To Make Someone Laugh Is More Difficult Than To Make Someone Cry!”. 

Amit was studying law when he uploaded a video on YouTube which received several likes. He set up a Facebook page and uploaded videos there with his friend’s encouragement. Amit’s first video on YouTube was “Exam Be Like Board Preparation Be Like”. The video that gained prominence was in response to Adele’s “Hello” song. Another video he dubbed Eminem went viral, reaching millions of views and likes!

Amit was the first Indian YouTube Creator, who garnered 20 million subscribers.  This influencer has won 3 YouTube Creator awards – Silver Play Button, Golden Play Button, and Diamond Play Button.

Amit has sported many hats apart from a video creator – writer, director, actor, producer, editor and composer. He’s a superstar! 

Amit has been roped in as a brand ambassador by Mobile Premier League. This YouTuber is here to stay and is already going places!

Ashish, who grew up watching Bollywood movies as his father owns a movie theatre, was bitten by the acting bug at a young age. He knew since then that he wished to enter the world of cinema!

Famous for his vines, Ashish first started uploading funny videos on other social media platforms before launching his own YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines. He dropped out of engineering college to pursue his digital creator career and debuted on TV in 2016 with the show “Pyar Tune Kya Kiya”. He is serious about his career as he enrolled in the Barry John Acting Studio, Mumbai, to improve his acting skills.

Ashish was awarded the “Best Digital Influencer” at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival. Several Bollywood stars like Shahid Kapoor, Kartik Aryan and others have collaborated with this influencer for YouTube influencer marketing to promote their movies. 

Ashish’s videos are relatable to all of us and don’t fail to make us laugh! Whether it’s about how Indian dads react to you wasting electricity or the lockdown and its side effects! He uploads videos on current affairs with voice over in Hindi.

Ashish has had his share of controversies, allegedly buying views for his YT channel. He thanked the person who uploaded the post accusing him of indulging in paid views for making him go viral on social media. To prove his accuser and others wrong, he even uploaded a video showing his YouTube advertising column as proof that he hasn’t bought any views!

If you are successful, you won’t be short of haters, and the way you react to the situation makes or breaks your career! It’s an important lesson to learn for this Indian YouTuber, dear readers.

BB Ki Vines, Bhuvan Bam has many firsts to his name:

These are just the tip of the iceberg of this multi-talented Indian YouTuber. BB has sported various avatars throughout his career – comedian, video creator, writer, singer and songwriter! He’s also business savvy, working as a designated partner in AMB Youthiapada LLP, a firm dealing in his channel’s official merchandise! 

This innovative YouTube influencer garnered fame after his video mocking a news reporter for his insensitive questioning of a woman who lost her child in the Kashmir floods started trending across social media. Riding the wave of this fame, Bhuvan shifted from Facebook to YouTube and set up his channel, becoming synonymous with relatable, funny videos.

This explains the reason behind the short duration of his uploads (2-12 minutes). Seeing his popularity among his subscribers, Faboom, an online fantasy sports platform, collaborated with Bhuvan for the IPL 2020. He was the first digital personality apart from the cricketers approached by this fantasy sports brand. He created content about the brand’s innovative features and offerings which reached millions of followers! Other brands that have collaborated with this tech-savvy YouTube influencer are Myntra, Lenskart, Arctic Fox, Beardo, Mivi, Tasty Treats, Triller, Pizza Hut, Vivo, Tissot, etc. 

The disruptive digital content creator is an influencer in the true sense, having supported several social causes such as setting up a donation fund for migrants during the pandemic, condemning slut-shaming, encouraging girl child education, spreading awareness on breast cancer more. Brands realize the potential of Bhuvan’s sway with his audience; the fact that a single video created by him can reach millions of viewers in a short amount of time makes him one of the most effective YouTube influencers for them to partner with.

As one of the first digital celebrities in our country, Bhuvan certainly has a lot riding on his shoulders, with brands approaching him for endorsement deals. This is one creator who won’t disappoint his collaborators! Don’t be surprised if you find this enigmatic influencer as the face of your favourite brand!

Gaurav Chaudhary, based in UAE, launched his YouTube “Technical Guruji” to educate his  YouTube channel subscribers about all things technology. The reason behind his channel’s immense popularity is that Gaurav metes out advice and product reviews without too much technical jargon. His expansive reach is also a result of his use of the Hindi language to explain the ins and outs of technology.

Gaurav is smart with his content strategy! This mega technology digital influencer uploads two videos per day. One during the mornings talking about new products, technological advancements, their features, unboxing specials, etc. and a second short 10-minute video in the evening summing up all the essential news in the technology domain. That’s smart as his viewers are pumped up in the mornings about the discoveries while they end their day with a short and crisp summary! 

His efforts have paid off well, with him being one of the only two Indian YouTubers included in Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 list and winning YT Creator Awards, one of each – Silver Play Button, Golden and the Diamond Play Button. Technical Guruji was named the ‘World’s Best Technical Influencer’ at the World Bloggers Awards in 2019.

We love that Gaurav is trying to educate and inform his viewers about the new technology in his quintessential sweet manner! Continue with your fantastic work, Gaurav!

Sandeep is an inspiration for all with his tumultuous journey from a struggler to one of the most recognized faces. The only reason why he never lost hope and kept putting one foot in front of another is belief in his mantra – “Aasaan Hai” (It’s easy)! This is how he has tackled all the trying situations in his life, believing that life isn’t hard but instead easy!

Sandeep entered the glittering modelling world but soon quit due to massive exploitation and harassment. This sparked a fire in his soul, which led to him setting up his firm, Mash Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd., to develop portfolios for the models. This was one of the few ventures Sandeep dabbled in, and each failure only further spurred him on! 

The motivational speaker finally tasted success with Images Bazaar, the most extensive collection of Indian images (1 mn+) globally.  The youth icon never stops, and his unwavering belief has catapulted him to the position he occupies currently in the hearts of millions! 

Sandeep is a staunch believer in the philosophy of Caring. He says that if you have much more than you need, share it with others. After all, we have often been told, “Sharing Is Caring!” This golden-hearted influencer freely shares his thoughts and knowledge through seminars and sessions at no charge! No wonder people love and adore him! 

No one can deny his reach! The best part is he’s spreading positivity and hope in this world full of long faces! He’s managed to bring a smile to their faces and lighten their burdened souls! 

“Life Goes On…”

This inspirational YouTube influencer leaves a lesson for all of his viewers and followers. Just repeat these three words and continue whenever you feel like giving up! Sooner or later, you will achieve your target!

This channel with a unique name was created by a group of 3 friends – Zayn, Wasim and Nadim. The trio wanted to achieve fame and so came up with the idea of making videos to upload them on the world’s second-largest search engine – YouTube. Their first 2-to 3 videos could not grab eyeballs, but the founders didn’t lose hope!

They strive to create videos as unique as their channel name to provide their viewers with an unforgettable experience!

Round2hell covers various topics in their videos, from comedy to sci-fi. Whether you watch their horror house video or the parody of Game of Thrones, you will have tears running down your face!

Keep an eye on this young band of social media influencers who have already won 2 YouTube Creator Awards! We are excited to check out what else they have in store for us!

Popularly known by his YouTube channel name, FactTechz, Rajesh has managed to cement his place in the hearts of his followers. This small-town boy’s interest in the fields of science fiction, astronomy and mysteries gave birth to his trending digital channel. Kumar was always interested in obtaining firsthand knowledge about these subjects through practical experiments rather than only studying from books!

Rajesh uploads videos on a wide range of topics – health, spirituality, personal development, exciting facts and so on! Each of his videos is loved by all as a result of him explaining the topic covered in simple Hindi language with the use of well-crafted visuals. He makes it a point to ensure high quality is maintained in all the videos posted on his channel. The inclusion of interesting facts in the videos makes his content appealing.

This YouTube influencer in India has determined on sharing his knowledge with all and sundry; Rajesh’s videos can be used as your primary source of information or even as additional study material! Many are constantly searching for interesting educational videos to watch, and Rajesh fits the bill with particular ease!

This is a beautiful quality as it allows Rajesh and his viewers to learn varied topics under a single umbrella – FactTechz! 

Phew! FactTechz’s lightning speed of growth has made us dizzy, but we don’t mind because he offers us a new format of gaining knowledge! We cheer Rajesh on in his delightful journey as an educational digital influencer!

Bilal came up with his stage name by combining the names of Eminem and Lil Wayne, two of the most famous rappers in the world. Seeing as Bilal is a rapper himself, it’s no surprise that this is the name he coined for himself. 

Failing his 12th grade had left Bilal shaken, and he started rapping as a way to get himself out of the funk. Initially rapping in English, he switched over to Hindi at his dad’s suggestion to capture the interest of a larger audience. His rap videos started garnering accolades which encouraged him to turn it into his career!

He debuted with the song “Glint Lock” and even collaborated with the leading Indian rapper Raftaar for a project. Sometime after their collaboration, Raftaar slighted Bilal suggesting he isn’t good enough to earn money! Not one to hold back, Bilal released a song in response, leading to a rap battle between the two, with Raftaar releasing one in reply! Emiway Bantai has even collaborated with the rap king Snoop Dogg!

Bilal forayed into Bollywood with him rapping and featuring in the song “Asli Hip Hop” from the critically acclaimed Zoya Akhtar’s film “Gully Boy”. We are sure Bilal related to Ranveer’s character by experiencing ups and downs in his rapping career! He also won the ‘Radio City Freedom Award’ for his song “Aisa Kuch Shot Nai Hai” in 2016 and “Best Hip Hop Artist 2017” People’s ChoiceEmiway is here to stay, and we hope he keeps dropping amazing rap songs on YouTube and smashing records!

Vidya suffered while growing up as an Indian in the United States but didn’t let it keep her down for long. She’s proud of her rich native culture and shares it with others through her music. Vidya’s mixed heritage influenced her music, a seamless amalgamation of Indian and Western culture, to create an unseen and unheard-of audio experience for her listeners!

The Vidya Vox YouTube channel was launched in 2015, featuring videos of mashups of Western and Indian pop music. This inevitably led to Vidya switching her career from the medical field to the musical world. It’s a fine line to walk, creating music that mix two diametrically opposite cultures and still sound appealing! But Vidya has managed to keep her balance as nearly all of her videos released have crossed a million views on YouTube!

Learning Carnatic music since the age of 5 provided Vidya with a strong foundation, and she had even moved to India for 2 years to learn music. The singer, songwriter, dancer and sports lover regularly performs at concerts spanning the globe with her band like the White House, US; National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), India; and Webster Hall. She has even performed at Festivals Des Artes, INK Women, Dubai and more.

Her videos have together garnered over 900 mn total views. A number we believe is going to reach dizzying heights! She has released 2 albums – Kuthu Fire (2017) and Mad Dreams (2019). This talented musician has won 2 YouTube Creator Awards – Silver Play Button (2015) and Golden Play Button (2016).

Anita Dongre, among the top fashion designers in India, collaborated with Vidya Vox for her label Global Desi. This collaboration feels natural as both the fashion label and the musician personify “East Meets West”! We are staying tuned to Vidya’s digital homes for more exciting updates and watch as she keeps smashing barriers with her breath of fresh air music tracks and videos!

YouTube influencer marketing has immense potential that brands can leverage to reach their target audience. It’s present everywhere – from big cities to the rural areas in India! Pick any place, and you will notice that YouTube has a presence in people’s minds and hearts. They trust these digital influencers on YouTube and often make their decisions based on these “guides” opinions. Brands need to ensure that they collaborate with an influencer whose audience matches their target and has a proven success record with their audience! 

As a YouTube influencer marketing agency we, at Confluencr, have combed through the massive list and house only the best influencers on YouTube! Before setting you up with an influencer, we note what you aim to gain from this partnership and choose an influencer accordingly. If you wish to discuss these persuasive new marketers with us or know more about them, drop us an email at [email protected].

As per an article by Elite Content Marketer & Nielsen

YT influencers are 4X better than celebrities at increasing a brand’s awareness

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