Top 20 Indian Personal Finance Blogs in 2024

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“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.”- Andrew Sullivan

Blogging is one of the essential marketing strategies for brands and businesses. With its numerous advantages, blogs have emerged to be a powerful tool for businesses to be found in this ever-increasing digital space. Blogs allow brands to share in-depth information thus engaging their prospective customers and enhancing credibility. When compared to other types of information available on the internet, blogs tend to feature the most exclusive content. Blogs, in fact, have been rated 5th most trustworthy source of information. Because there are several blogs on a given topic, the chances of receiving incorrect information are relatively low. 

A number of new ideas and concepts have gotten a lot of attention and honest critique through blogging. Finance niche is no exception. Personal financial blogs in India have become the go-to knowledge-gaining content pieces on the web for the masses. Personal finance blogs provide all the information one would be looking for on a particular topic. They assure to solve all your financial queries and introduce you to new ideas and concepts of the financial world. To help you skim through some of the best personal finance blogs, here we present the list of India’s top 20 personal finance blogs.

Top 20 Personal Finance Blogs in India:

Money control has recently become the first-ever Indian personal finance blog app to get 5 lakh paid subscriptions. Their website and even the app have a personal finance blog section available. There are several personal finance blogs available there. Tax, financial planning, insurance, investment, and banking are the few sections available, under which they have numerous blogs available. They have created personal finance blogs on complex topics and essential ones. From the trending financial news to which mutual fund is good for you, from explaining IPO to explaining each section of the budget, the money control personal finance blogs have it all! The personal finance blog section also has a personal finance tool that calculates complex amounts within seconds.

We would call Tax Guru an ultimate guide on finance! Even the finance professionals like chartered accountants and even businesses refer to tax gurus to confirm some information or to look upon something they are unaware of or partially aware of. They have information about everything happening in the finance world. Their finance blogs have details of the latest budget that everyone can go through and understand. From company law to corporate law, they have articles available on both them. A business person can quickly get their doubts cleared by going through these blogs at tax guru. Personal finance blogs have hundreds of blogs available. It has covered essential topics like – How to open a Demat account and covered topics such as – Cash burns in startups!

The name of this personal finance blog says it all. They have come up with the most interesting personal finance blogs. The website has its blogs and podcasts available too. They try to make their viewers understand complex financial concepts in the most fun way possible. Their writer segregates their lengthy personal finance blogs into various sections and does the tough job for the readers, a piece of cake! They answer your questions in the best way possible. They guide you through buying your dream house, helping you start your investment journey, manage your rental payments, and on various similar topics that you might be looking for. So, it is a go-to website to find an answer to your financial queries and doubts. We are sure you will find the correct answer to it.

Even if a 15-year-old visited their website, they would understand it all! It is easy to solve your financial queries on Millennial Money, and they have distributed their blogs into various sections to help you find the one you are looking for. Ways to make money, save and invest, everything is available here. Along with blogs, they have financial freedom blogs that are crazy good. They have a personal blog section that says – How to retire early. This is one of the unique parts of their blogs. They have proper guidelines available for all personal finance topics. They also have covered topics like ‘Do you think you can buy happiness?’, ‘Best life habits’, and many more. These are a must-read from Millennial money!

They say that they are a personal finance guide for millennials. They have come up with blogs that are fun to read and informative at the same time. Banking, insurance, and tax are the topics they have covered under personal finance. Also, they have a credit tool available on the website that would assist you in making complex calculations easy to understand. Apart from these, they have blogs available on how to make money through different modes, how to take a student loan, the ways through which you can start investing, and much more. It’s a complete package for you to understand finance from various perspectives and understand it.

Jago investor is an online financial planning service company that assists individuals in financial planning. They also come up with various personal finance blogs that are informative and easy to understand for a non-financial field person. They cover several topics like financial freedom, insurance, tax, etc. Righteous resources and correct information back up their articles. They have a financial health check-up feature to ask you basic 25 questions and give you a customized analysis. They have content related to various personal finance topics and can be used for everyone looking for the correct information. They have more than 500 blogs published on their website that are informative and written correctly.

Finance gab is the ultimate website for all the personal finance information you are looking for. From income tax information to credit card making details, everything can be understood from the personal finance blogs on finance gab. They have specialised blogs available on Crypto, stock market, and trading. They have more than 300 investor clients, and from that, they have gained a lot of experience in the field of investment and trading, which they put forth in the personal finance blog. They have a blog section for loans, in which they have covered the process of taking the loan and all other important information in a contest of the various loans like education, car, personal, goals, home, etc.

Here professionals provide clear and precise information about personal finance topics like Goods and service tax and income tax. If you have any taxation-related doubts or are unaware of some data, then chartered club is a go-to website for you. Mr Karan Butra is the founder of the chartered club, and along with personal finance blog publishing, they also provide taxation filling and advisory services. He has immense experience in the finance field and narrated all his expertise in his finance blogs. He has published two books on income tax topics and has been used by a lot of financial field students and even professionals. He would guide you from opening a Demat account to understanding the most complex concept of Income-tax.

Looking for a blog that informs as well as induces a thought process and compels you to think ins and outs of finance? Value Investor India is the one for you! This personal finance blog in India is the one where you will find blogs on all things finance. Some of the categories featured in this blog include finance and banking, industry analysis, investment philosophy, portfolio management, investment ideas and many more. Rahul Chauhan, the main author of this finance blog and founder of RC Capital Management, a firm that provides investment advice; makes it a point to break down complex chunks of financial knowledge in an easy-to-understand and comprehensive way. The blogs are super informative and also very precise. They have expertise in making the reader understand things in the best possible way.

The latest personal finance blogs on insurance, investment, savings, taxation, and much more are available on their website. They also have a blog section that talks about various business ideas and concepts, which would guide you on multiple ways to get to know about various income generating ideas. They also train people on stocks and mutual funds that are beneficial in several ways. They have a personal finance calculator that would assist people with various complex calculations and even help them analyse difficult things to understand. They also have a free Ebook available on their website, which would be an ultimate guide for you to understand the world of finance and its workings. Moneyexcel does what it is named. They would surely guide you to make more money and get you started on the right path.

The most fun site to learn financial concepts is this! They have blogs on several topics, one of which is personal finance. They have fun quizzes and lessons available on each unique finance topic, along with articles. Saving and budgeting, financial planning, and retirement planning are a few of those many topics general on their website. You can go through the lessons, solve quizzes and read those personal finance blogs too in one place. What’s a better deal than this? Apart from this, they would assist you even in business planning and choosing the right loan lender and getting the right insurance. Financial guidance is also their niche. They would help you with how to save and where to invest at the same time.

Personal finance blogs on the stock market, economic updates, financial concepts, and growth strategies can be found on their website. You can try and understand how their finance blogs are, and to understand other features, they give a 14-day free trial and then you can get the capital mind premium. The premium account holders would get model equity and fixed income portfolios, their exclusive apps tutorials, equity, and professional finance research on guiding you to make the right decisions. Complex concepts are tried and segregated into various sections and are explained in the simplest form that anyone could understand easily. Along with these features, they have tools to help you and guide you in your financial planning.

Credit card brand reviews to investment planning guides, from the best insurance schemes to the best loan lenders, everything is talked about on their website. They have a course that would guide you in your financial decision-making process along with all these. They have personal finance blogs that will guide you on where to open your Demat account, help you learn how intraday trading works, and give reviews of various financial brands in the market. They have a cash overflow private Facebook group in which you can join for free and can talk with like-minded people about stock and Crypto. They started the journey of blogging in 2015 and have won the best finance blog within two years of launch, so their achievement says it all.

They say that they are the best friend of investors and help people build wealth with data that is backed up by proper research. A major portion of their website is concentrated on the stock market, and it’s working. They would guide you on how to analyse a particular stock to teach you about the technicalities of how it works along with this. They have free reports available on various stock market internal details that can help you gain a lot of profit on your portfolio. The premium version of equity master will be a Guardian Angel to you. They would provide you with personalised data backed up by research and help you understand various terms and concepts of the personal finance world.

They are the finance guide that would help you understand finance-related things in the simplest possible way. They have covered insurance, taxation, mutual fund, fixed deposit every topic, you name it, and they would have a personal finance blog on that very topic. They try to make a personal finance blog on each budget and make the audience aware of the country’s financial system. Their blog app backs up in-depth research on each topic and is sourced from the right places. Head on to this blog to understand every tiny detail of the latest budget on their website.

They are a fintech lending company that offers personal loans in India. Money Tap’s financial analyst Shiv Nandan writes blogs that help people understand various financial planning concepts. He also includes tips on saving and investment and overcoming bad money habits to help users get on the right track to financial success. Along with going through their finance blogs, you can check your CIBIL score and calculate complex amounts using their digital calculator. Money tap is the best place for a loan seeker, they would get all the correct information about the loan, and it’s working and get the loan of their need at the same place.

They have covered various topics like cryptocurrency to tax slab rate, RBI rules, investment financial planning, and much more. Their blog is divided into several sections to make it easier for the readers to understand it and get the knowledge. The latest blog on budget 2023 has been divided into various sections to make things easier to understand and read quickly. The newest write-up on diversifying and investing in startups is one of the best content pieces that they have come up with. It explains precisely about the startup world and guides people in the right direction.

You can learn and understand the stock market and cryptocurrency, and learn about mutual funds on this website. They have a section where they frequently post articles on the latest news and give the correct information to the audience. They also incorporate reviews of various institutes, banks, and NBFCs, and come up with their views on each one to guide the audience to move in the right direction, whether in taking a loan or buying a mutual. Also, they give tips on investments in stocks, so if you’re looking for someone to guide you in your trading journey, join the ‘good returns’ team.

Blogs on value investing are posted here and have the most informative content on the internet. Along with writing personal finance blogs, they also have podcasts and books available on their website to guide you on the right path of investing. Several other courses are also available for newbies. Coming to their content type, they are mainly concentrating on investment. The latest financial updates, the latest blog called the secret of investing, posted in 2023, will surely leave you amazed by its quality and information.

Fintrakk covers all major finance topics like investment, stocks, etc. They also guide job seekers and learners of the financial field to get the correct information about a financial exam. They also give honest reviews about various fintech products available in the market. They would guide you from opening a Demat account to investing in the US Stock Market from India. They are the ultimate guide to the right financial journey. A specific category of the top 10 types of blog section is available on the website that provides high value to its readers.


Financially savvy decisions can make all your hard work worth the while. Personal Finance blogs enable you to make the most of your finances. With the current inflation rate and unprecedented times, you must be aware of the current trends & techniques in the finance industry, which is the reason why personal finance blogs have become so renowned. Brands have realised the importance of blogging and are in the continual process of leveraging their content strategy through blogs.

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