Top 20 Indian Finance Influencers on Twitter in 2024

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“The connectivity and immediacy of Twitter and social media has given people the voice and the power to demand better solutions from governments, business, brands — and each other.”- Keith Weed
(Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever)

Since its modest beginning in 2005 as one of the internal SMS projects at a podcasting company, Twitter has come a long way in international social media. Co-Founder Jack Dorsey describes this platform as the one that broadcasts the happenings around the world. From cute pictures to celebrity updates to verbal battles between a young environmental activist and influential people, Twitter captures and reports every single moment from time to time. Twitter has evolved to be a great platform for brands and businesses as it provides real-time conversations. Twitter is no exception to the fact that companies get an upper hand through influencers who successfully navigate the buying decisions of their audience. Influencers have been successful in building trust in the minds of their audience

Studies have observed that consumers rely on recommendations from influencers on Twitter. A recent survey by Twitter tracked around 350 content pieces that were promoted niche tweets which grabbed a boost in brand awareness. Brand tweets had an increase in the consumer’s purchase intent and campaigns featuring both brands and influencers on Twitter had a whopping 5.2 times rise in the purchase intent. These facts and figures are evident enough to denote that Twitter has emerged as a powerful platform for brands to market their products and services. The finance sector is no different, and this article puts together the list of top 20 finance influencers on Twitter along with the growth and expansion of Twitter in India and its impact on the Indian economy.

Growth and expansion of Twitter in the Indian Social Media Market

The growth and expansion of Twitter in the Indian Social Media Market are worth noting. Taking the development of the Internet and its use and popularity among the younger generation, Twitter has managed to attract the attention of a whopping 396.5 million users worldwide. Twitter is actively expanding its Indian user base, with 24.7 million users in India, the third-largest. This microblogging site is giving its best towards boosting its business and revenues in India, serving as a platform for discussions on topics ranging from food to technology. 

This includes sports, politics, individuals, entertainment, finance, horoscope, poetry, technology, health, and Insurance. When the question of media landscapes and modern tech comes up, Twitter is one of the most appreciable names. Besides English, topics meant explicitly for the Indian audience are also launched in Hindi, the country’s most widely recognisable language. Within any Hindi topic, Indian users can also Tweet in the Devanagari script and Hindi speech type in the Roman alphabet.

How does Twitter influence the Indian Stock Market?

India forms a significant share of Twitter’s market. The company focuses on boosting the service value for the Indian audience, offering them the privilege of what they wish to see on their account timelines. In short, without any doubt, it can be said that social media has transformed the media outlook- right from the manner information is gathered and distributed to the way the users consume the news. 

A survey on the Indian Twitter market states that about 50% of the users get their daily information from this site. And the majority of these users are those interested in the stock market and other financial news. Another study shows that 60% of institutional investors monitor Twitter during their workdays to gather information from these sources to make their decisions. 

Tweets related to a company can greatly impact its stock price and its position in the market. Two things matter here- the subject matter of the tweet and the sentiment attached to it. Tweets with negative sentiment or positive sentiment are consistently linked with an increase in the temporary price impact and reduction in the permanent price impact, respectively, as determined by the difference in the stock price. Companies thus need to take care of what goes up on this platform. Besides, finding a helpful tweet out of millions updating feeds constantly is not easy for common people, and that’s where finance influencer’s on Twitter come into the picture. Here’s our pick on the top 20 that can be a better fit for your next influencer marketing campaign, or a good pick to follow if you are someone looking for financial advice. Without further ado, dive right in

Top 20 financial influencers on Twitter:

He is an amateur Investor and has one of the best stock market twitter to follow in India. Mr Muthukrishnan enjoys sharing his thoughts about personal finance, investment, and many more. His views are not related to advertising and selling investment tools but are based on personal opinions and recommendations. He is one of the famous names people look for when making any investment decision.

Besides being an engineer, Mitesh Patel has been a full-time Futures and Options Trader since December 2017. His handle is the best finance Twitter account in India, which he mainly uses to update his views on financial markets, and has been active since 2018. This finance influencer has to be on this list of top 20 India influencers on Twitter. He is the best influencer to follow if you want to learn more about India’s economic structure and market.

Deepak Shenoy is the founder and CEO of Capital Mind and looks after the company’s financial affairs as well. He has authored a book named MoneyWise: Build Your Wealth and is a famous stock market Twitter influencer in India. Being an entrepreneur himself, Shenoy is considered an icon many follow to understand and get ideas about the Indian economy shares and bonds.

Vibhor Varshney is the founder of an investment solutions company named Vighnahara Investment Solutions. He is a SEBI registered adviser, analyst, trader, mentor, investor, and motivational speaker. All his professional aspects are linked to finance and investment. He is one of the most recognised financial influencers on Twitter. If you are looking for investment-related opinions or want to keep track of the Bombay Stock exchange details, follow Vibhor Varshney on Twitter.

Ajay Bagga is a retired banker, CEO/Fund Head, and bank market expert who keeps track of India’s ongoing stock market condition and tweets updates on the stock market from time to time. If you are looking for views from a market expert to make investment decisions, Ajay Bagga’s handle is the best finance Twitter account to follow, and he definitely an influencer you can rely on. Besides finding interest in finance, he is also a member of the Art of Living Society.

An investor in unlisted and listed companies, columnist, and entrepreneur, Arun Mukherjee is one of the best Twitter accounts to follow for Indian Stock Markert in India and has many followers. His tweets guide the current condition of the stock market that people rely on while making investment decisions.

Vivek Mashrani is a full-time investor and founder of TechnoFunda Investing. With an MBA degree in Capital Markets, he knows the ups and downs of the Indian stock market and gives detailed insights related to the stock market to his twitter followers.

Nishant Kumar, who is interested in Indian economics and finance, is one of the best Twitter accounts to follow for Indian stock market to get valuable ideas related to the stock market-its ups and downs. His views are unbiased and can help you with crucial financial decisions.

Having good knowledge of business, national and international trade, commodities, and currency, Arjun Bhatia is a famous finance influencer on Twitter. Indians interested in marketing and money comprise most of this influencer’s follower base. If you also prefer investing in foreign currency or trade, his views can help you make decisions.

Gopal Kavalireddi is a leading stock trader to follow on Twitter India with good knowledge. His tweets give an insight into the pros and cons of investment, data on trade, banking, and more. He has been part of Siemens Gamesa, and Thermaxglobal, offering life-changing investment decisions to his followers.

A banker, consultant, risk manager, and Financial Management System alumni, Arvind Datta is famous on Twitter for being  finance twitter account and for his tweets on stock knowledge. Besides doing your research work, you can rely on him to understand the prevailing market conditions.

An author and columnist as well a part of the founding team of Mint, Tamal Bandyopadhyay is a famous LinkedIn and Twitter influencer for the field of finance. Followers look up to his tweets to get insight into India’s exports and imports updates, banking structure, and the stock market.

If you are looking for one of the best Twitter accounts to follow for the Indian stock market, then this CA by profession, Amit Jain is the best for taking views and recommendations related to the Indian stock market. Follow him for ideas on when to invest in stocks and sell them to get a better return.

Rohit Srivastava has a good deal of knowledge of the Indian trade and economy. People follow him for the latest updates on market conditions. His views and opinions are considered by many for decision-making. Before becoming one of the best twitter accounts for the stock market india, he has previously served as the former fund manager head at TA Sharekhan.

A Professional tracking Banner Financial Investments at the popular news channel CNBC TV18, Abhishek Kothari is a principal research analyst who offers worthy insights about the Indian stock market and finance. He is one of the top 20 financial influencers with the most significant followers on Twitter. Before making any investment decision, insights from Abhishek Kothari will guide you in the right way.

Debashree Chatterjee is a pro of financial literacy and has a good follower base on Twitter. Indians interested in the stock market, she has the best Twitter accounts to follow for the Indian stock market, so keep an eye on her tweets to make your decisions. She has also served as a public relations person for BFSI and knows the market better to offer the best insights.

The principal adviser of NITI Aayog, Ranjit Shinde, is the best man to follow on Twitter for getting details about the ongoing condition of the Indian economy and finance. He has many skills in e-governance, IT, e-Mobility, aviation, monitoring and evaluation.

A corporate Veteran, Kishor Vaid is also an Investor finding interest in India’s investment and stocks market. Besides being interested in politics, sports, fitness, aviation, and defence, he is an economic freak and he has made himself one of the best finance twitter accounts in India. If you are looking for stock and investment-related information, keep following Kishore Vaid on Twitter.


Ghanisht Nagpal is an investment banker who has to keep a check on India’s stock market from time to time for his profession. He is a common name on Twitter making him the best stock market Twitter account in India where people search for opinions regarding the Indian stock market.

The Chief Digital Officer at Bank of Baroda, a former employee at JPMorgan HK, and co-founder of Mitra Fintech, Akhil Handa, is the best stock trader to follow on Twitter in India and has become a name people trust when making decisions on the stock market. His choices are always unbiased and give you the best view of the present and future market to keep your investments safe and secure.


Twitter has evolved as a potential platform for brands to consider for influencer marketing. Twitter is a micro-blogging site, that allows you to reach out to your target audience in the most precise, and concise manner. It drives conversations around your niche, and you can easily look into the demands and interests of your audience in real-time. Influencers on Twitter can help you with building a unique brand voice and engage your audience by initiating conversations around your brand, thus helping in better reach and visibility of your brand. Besides YouTube and Instagram influencer marketing, brands including the BFSI sector, now need to look at Twitter, as yet another potential platform for influencer marketing.

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