Smallcase Case Study

Influencers talk about Adding Stock-Baskets to cart!

The brand offers technological built platforms & investment products to invest better in Indian equities. A Smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs weighted intelligently to reflect an idea. They enable seamless modern investing, superior transaction experience, and powerful research distribution across India’s capital markets.

Smallcases are modern investment products that help you build a diversified, low-cost &
long term portfolio. One can invest in all the stocks in 1 click, track & manage their Smallcase seamlessly & securely, with your Zerodha account. We were tasked to generate leads and drive account openings alongside creating brand awareness for them.

Confluencr Small Case Case-Study

Content Map

We subtly integrated the brand as the top choice in YouTube videos of leading influencers. Talking about how little research an individual has to do since the stocks in the same category are already put in a basket and recommending the investment strategy or how Smallcase can help them in long run. Strategically positioning Smallcase as the platform they too use it. We also delved into the features of the app in some of the videos to position it as a versatile app for stock markets. The videos were engaging enough to let the viewers understand the concept, meanwhile teaching them a few things about the trade.

The Creators

From Mid-tier to Macro Influencers, all were a part of this campaign. We chose YouTube as a platform to promote this concept since information retaining audience is more on this platform. The niches of influencers we picked were from Finance, Motivational & Information. They posted integrated & a few dedicated videos showing how the brand makes investing easier. We are proud to quote that all of them had a wonderful experience working on this brand with us and themselves started opting for this service.

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Some Of the posts

Never knew such services exist. Will definitely check it out.

Made trading so much easier. Great!

Yes. YouTube is my Stocks-Trading Teacher now!

Have always found investing a tedious process, but this makes it so much simpler.

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