Top 10 regional finance YouTubers in India

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What type of videos do you view when you visit YouTube? Entertainment? Or maybe some knowledge as well. YouTube has evolved into a resource for learning as well as entertainment. Thousands more channels dealing with money and finances have appeared during the past several years. There are now a wide variety of channels available that are focussed on spreading financial awareness amongst the masses. Finance influencers, also known as “Fintubers,” are a moniker given to YouTubers who produce financial videos and are knowledgeable about money. 

They also address practical concerns like how to budget your income and spending. Here is where finance and other influencers become a mediator for effective and widespread communication that benefits both the brands and their customers. If you want to learn about money, finance, stocks, credit score, and more, YouTube is a fantastic place to do so. Our goal for this article is to compile a list of the best regional financial YouTube channels that are excelling at spreading financial knowledge, one video at a time.

Top 10 regional finance YouTubers in India:

With the help of his YouTube channel, Pranjal Kamra, 29, has generated buzz. Over four million members listen to his advice on the stock market and personal investments. For instance, Pranjal Kamra prioritises creating content in Hindi with an aim to reach 80% of the Indian audience. A financial advising business called Finology Ventures Pvt. Ltd was co-founded in 2018 by YouTuber Kamra, who specialises in personal finance. Younger people, or those under 35 who feel comfortable investing online and don’t require offline support, are the audience Kamra’s material is geared to. Videos on value investing, stock analysis, and behavioral finance are available on this  Indian finance YouTuber’s channel, which is dedicated to the subject. He is here to assist you in developing into a sane investor. With him, your investment journey has just begun.

Due to its bearing on your capacity to lead a happy life, personal money is important. Everyone wants to be free from financial worries, isn’t that true? Developing the knowledge and abilities necessary to control your spending, saving, and investing in this situation is a must. Any financial goals you may have may be achieved with the help of all of this. Sharique contributes to this as well. One of the most well-known businesspeople in Kerala is Sharique Samsudheen, co-founder and CEO of market feed, a company funded by Y-Combinator. More than 1.09 million people subscribe to this Indian regional finance influencer’s Malayalam-language YouTube channel, which provides financial and stock market tutorials. The channel is devoted to enabling people to manage their finances, increasing financial literacy, and demystifying the stock market. Additionally, he sells derivatives options and speaks at TEDx events. Most of his admirers call him Mr. Athishaktham.

Tanmay’s experiences as a creative span a variety of mediums. He created All India Bakchod with others (AIB). He was a member of the first all-Indian comic lineup in Mumbai, known as “Local.” In a televised stand-up comedy contest, he served as a judge at Comicstaan. Tanmay launched the YouTube channel, Tanmay Bhat, in the latter part of his creative journey, where he posts vlogs, video essays, and gaming streams. Videos about personal finance are included on Honestly by Tanmay Bhat. This is Tanmay Bhat’s second channel. No, if you’re seeking gaming material, comical videos, funny skits, or vlogs. This channel has nothing peculiar about it, and it won’t even contain jokes—only small ones—because it’s entirely about personal finance and podcasts. He also discusses his knowledge of money, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and more. He even discusses his mistakes and makes no claims of being an expert. It is a wonderful channel and has a really “older brother giving you advise” vibe to it!

Revanth thinks that knowledge is power. Therefore, learn first, and then take the L out of learning. Day Trader YouTube channel covers various topics, such as technical analysis, candlestick patterns, futures & options trading, risk management lessons, and many more. Telugu instructions on how to effectively utilise the FataFat Stock Screener are provided, as well as instructions on how to use the stock screener to look for opening range breakout equities, which demonstrates a few charts and instances of the popular opening & closing range breakout strategy, are all a part of this finance influencer’s YouTube channel.

Dr. Hussain Ahmed, a digital marketing specialist from Chennai, is a leading authority. He has a Cheran Academy YouTube account. Cheran Academy has recently become well known for its short Tamil-language videos. Hussain has published videos about marketing and educational material in an amusing satirical manner. Through the classes, he mentors many pupils on how to generate money online. It will be difficult to understand in the beginning, but after that, you may quickly grasp the specific principles. Over 616K people have subscribed to him on YouTube. All the videos on the channel are humorous, entertaining, and informational.

A CA student named Sanjog Koirala founded Ideapreneur Nepal. He is familiar with accounting and financial principles. He enjoys conducting business in ways that no one else has. He owns and operates several enterprises, including eateries, interior design firms, ice cream parlors, etc. The continuation of the stock market is Ideapreneur Nepal, where he discusses how to choose stocks to buy on NEPSE and what one should consider before investing. Ideapreneur Nepal strives to be a comprehensive platform that combines hand-selected courses, scientific, financial planning, and personalised stock analyses into one practical Account. For the time being, this channel is concentrated on empowering Nepalese young via financial literacy, which will have a profound effect on their lives. He informs and raises awareness of young businesspeople so they can make the best decisions and turn their ideas into profitable ventures. Ideapreneur refers to the intersection between entrepreneurs and ideas.

Rachana Ranade holds a certificate in chartered accounting and works as a teacher. The 36-year-old, uploads 8 to 10 videos to YouTube each month. However, Ranade instructs her 163k subscribers on how to evaluate and invest in the market along with teaching them how to create financial freedom. The challenging subject of finance is now being presented to you in Marathi by CA Rachana Ranade! You may easily learn how to make money, save money, and invest on this channel. Her material is structured to make topics that might otherwise be seen as complicated in a way that is understandable to regular people. For instance, the stock market is a complex topic for many people. In many of her videos, she has attempted to simplify the stock market for novice investors so they can comprehend the concept and create their portfolios.

The return is often minimal when making a low-risk investment. Similar to high risk, high return opportunities exist. According to statistics, diversification lowers total risk. Investors, especially novices, are frequently urged to diversify their portfolios since they typically expect larger returns from riskier assets, according to Invest Bengali. The CEO and founder of the web hosting firm “My Own Host,” YouTube singer Arijit Chakraborty is also the Suro Bharati Sangeet Kala Kendra president. To impart excellent tactics, concepts, and financial insights through instructive films, he has established InvestBengali. You may anticipate learning tips on “how to invest” in the stock market and information about the Indian economy on this channel.

Intraday and swing trader, investor, and dedicated teacher Nataraj Malavade uses rules to give himself an advantage over the market. This Indian regional influencer provided classroom and online trading education to more than 500 traders. He regards disciplined thinking and flawless execution as trading nirvana. Since 2013, he has been actively trading and investing in Indian markets. He mostly employs price action, market profile, and options delta neutral principles to assess and choose between his intraday and swing trades. He has written a book called MASTERMIND OF DAY TRADING that describes how to be successful at day trading using a market profile, price action, and money management approach based on rules. ​In addition to trading and teaching, he frequently responds to inquiries about investing and trading on Quora and publishes new videos on his YouTube channels, Nataraj Malavde & Nataraj Malavde – Kannada. This channel is all about financial and personal success, and he will post videos on business, investing, income development, personal assistance, and money management.

When figuring out everyday living demands, finances and related problems have been more important. Nowadays, a lot of YouTube channels make it simple by guiding viewers toward solutions through their videos. The videos have, however, only reached a relatively narrow audience because of their lack of regional appeal. That’s where regional influencers come into the picture. Gujarati content representation on this Indian regional influencer’s YouTube channel JorrDaar Vaato is now enabling the Gujarati audience to find answers based on financial problems one video at a time. For the benefit of the members of his community, he has recently begun concentrating on Gujarati material. In his new Gujarati content video, “JorrDaar Vaato”, Pratik discusses the complications individuals hold when purchasing or renting a home. Pratik is concerned about providing relevant and worthwhile material, and he has produced several helpful digital marketing videos in addition to recent films on finance on his channel.


Today, everyone wants to know “how to” things and learn more about them. Searches on how to utilise internet banking services, apply for quick loans, buy stocks, etc. are a few examples that are frequently made on YouTube. The audience is interested in knowing how to do things, so influencers who can respond to these questions quickly and simply will likely benefit themselves, their community, and the brands they support. Influencers in finance have an extensive understanding of the field, making them reliable sources of information for their followers, and the expertise of the financial influencer gives your marketing plan significance and weight this stands as some of the factors that make the influencer marketing strategy effective in helping a brand achieve its goals.

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