Top 10 regional finance YouTubers in India

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What type of videos do you view when you visit YouTube? Entertainment? Or maybe some knowledge as well. YouTube has evolved into a resource for learning as well as entertainment. Thousands more channels dealing with money and finances have appeared during the past several years. There is now a wide variety of channels available that are focused on spreading financial awareness amongst the masses. Finance influencers, also known as “Fintubers,” are a moniker given to YouTubers who produce financial videos and are knowledgeable about money. 

They also address practical concerns like how to budget your income and spending. Here is where finance and other influencers become a mediator for effective and widespread communication that benefits both the brands and their customers. If you want to learn about money, finance, stocks, credit scores, and more, YouTube is a fantastic place to do so. Our goal for this article is to compile a list of the best regional financial YouTube channels that are excelling at spreading financial knowledge, one video at a time.

Top 10 regional finance YouTubers in India:

With the help of this YouTube channel “Invest Mindset”, which focuses on educating viewers in various aspects related to investing, personal finance management, and achieving financial independence, people are growing. These crypto influencers, aim to provide guidance that helps individuals learn how to make informed investment decisions while also improving their understanding of money matters and fostering a positive mindset towards wealth creation

The creators of the channel share content specifically designed for beginners, such as discussing strategies like dividend income investing, to help them generate consistent returns from the stock market without requiring extensive trading experience.

Also, the channel’s website,, offers further resources and information to support its audience in enhancing their knowledge and skills in these areas.

Raj has given over 200 speeches worldwide on financial freedom and is one of the youngest Indians to represent India at the United Nations. Along with being a content creator on various social media platforms, he is also an entrepreneur. Raj is an excellent growth investor. He assists people in understanding business and the world of investment in the easiest way possible on his LinkedIn. This Indian finance influencer on LinkedIn also reposts his content from his podcast and frequently posts videos full of knowledge. He is trying his best to spread financial awareness among the masses. He is helping various viewers to understand the world of business and investment in the best way possible.

Jay Kapoor is one of the top crypto influencers in India. Through his YouTube channel, he talks about a plethora of technological topics and personal finance wisdom, garnering a lot of followers and engagement through his content. 

Featured in Forbes’ prestigious Top 100 Digital Stars list for two consecutive years and has been honoured with titles like “Motivational Educational Creator” for his insights and tech updates.

His expertise grows beyond technology, also encompassing financial guidance, where he navigates common myths about money and investments, stressing the significance of financial literacy and financial skill development. 

Shreyaa Kapoor, formerly worked as a consultant for Bain & Company. She left her full-time job to pursue her objective of simplifying all things financial through her Instagram videos. Her videos stress making sensible financial decisions, investing, trading stocks, etc. 

Shreyaa is one of the top Crypto Influencers in India. She worked as a strategist for major Fin-tech companies in India.  She has mastered the art of explaining financial terms and giving tax advice through memes and comedy skits

She explains her content in funny and simple-to-understand language, which makes it easy for her followers to grasp the concept of Personal Finance and Financial Freedom.

Shreyaa covers a range of topics, including Investment Schemes, Loans and related laws, Taxation advice, cryptocurrency, and many more.

Shashank Udupa is one of the top crypto influencers on Instagram and YouTube. Renowned for his videos on securing roles in investment banking and crafting financial plans, Udupa’s channel boasts a large number of viewership. His content spans personal finance, stocks, mutual funds, entrepreneurial finance, startup matters, and career advice in investment banking. 

He also delves into saving habits, industry analysis, macroeconomic trends, and beginner investor guidance. Moreover, he offers educational content on finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, alongside detailed examinations of policies’ implications on markets and investments.

Udupa’s approach aims to demystify intricate financial concepts, rendering them accessible and practical for a broad audience. Through clear explanations and actionable insights, he empowers viewers to navigate the complexities of finance with confidence.

Rachana Ranade holds a certificate in chartered accounting and works as a teacher. As a crypto influencer, Rachana talks about how to evaluate and invest in the market along with teaching them how to create financial freedom. The challenging subject of finance is now being presented to you in Marathi by CA Rachana Ranade! You may easily learn how to make money, save money, and invest on this channel. Her material is structured to make topics that might otherwise be seen as complicated in a way that is understandable to regular people. 

For instance, the stock market is a complex topic for many people. In many of her videos, she has attempted to simplify the stock market for novice investors so they can comprehend the concept and create their portfolios.

Anushka has been an ex-investment banker and is currently doing content creation on various topics like business, finance, economics, and much more. Being one of the top female finance influencers in India, Anushka boasts an impressive fan following on other social media handles too. She makes it a point to review economic and financial reforms around the world and keeps her audience updated too. Do pay a visit to her Instagram account to find great financial content explained most thoroughly.

Sharan started his journey as a finance strategy analyst at KPMG and is now co-founder of the finance brand Hedonova. Along with it, this personal finance influencer in India creates content that is simple to understand and fun to watch. A 15-year-old and even a 60-year-old can understand finance if they follow Sharan! He has been very active on his LinkedIn. He keeps on interacting with other financial experts and business tycoons on various topics from the world of finance. He talks about versatile issues on his LinkedIn, including finance, investment, money, management, the psychology of money, and everything one needs to understand about the financial world.

Neha talks about finance, startups, business, and various investment ideas. She is building entrepreneurs and assisting people in expanding their startups, with a dream to encourage financial literacy through content creation. Her content is always on point and is broken down in a way that’s easy to consume. This leading finance influencer on LinkedIn creates videos on various financial concepts most simply and funnily possible and communicates the correct financial data. Also, she makes motivational videos to help people move ahead in life.

Ankur Warikoo guides you in the context of money-making, and investment and guides you towards personal growth. He shares various content on his LinkedIn on different topics. Ankur’s content will surely guide you in the right direction and in the best way possible if you are confused about anything, whether self-development, skills or mutual funds. Ankur’s digital homes are a perfect mix of all things growth and development. This Indian financial influencer on LinkedIn makes it a point to break down complex financial and business concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand way.


Today, everyone wants to know “how to” things and learn more about them. Searches on how to utilise internet banking services, apply for quick loans, buy stocks, etc. are a few examples that are frequently made on YouTube. The audience is interested in knowing how to do things, so influencers who can respond to these questions quickly and simply will likely benefit themselves, their community, and the brands they support. Influencers in finance have an extensive understanding of the field, making them reliable sources of information for their followers, and the expertise of the financial influencer gives your marketing plan significance and weight this stands as some of the factors that make the influencer marketing strategy effective in helping a brand achieve its goals.

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