Top 10 Indian Finance Influencers on Instagram

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With millennials who want to take control of their money growing more interested in investing, it’s only natural for financial influencers on social media to become their brand. So, if you want to learn about fashion, follow fashion designers; if you want to learn about cricket, follow cricket specialists; and if you want to learn about money, follow personal finance Instagram influencers in India. Following personal finance Instagram influencers in India might be your first step toward a financially secure future. 

An Instagram user spends an average of 60 minutes a day using it. We encounter a vast volume of material in these 60 minutes that has a direct influence on our thinking. Because the information shared in the form of photos or video tends to stick in our memory for longer periods of time, finance influencers have emerged as credible sources of information. Brands operating in the fintech niche, have found these influencers worthy of collaborating since they give access to finance brands to a huge set of audiences. Besides, influencer marketing for finance brands has risen to solve the most commonly encountered challenges in the BFSI sector and has been a game-changer for brands. Being a fintech influencer marketing agency, we have curated the list of top 10 financial experts on Instagram, who can fetch potential collaborations with finance brands.

Top 10 Indian Finance Influencers on Instagram

Financewithsharan is the account to follow if you want to learn about day-to-day personal finance in an entertaining way. On Instagram, he publishes fascinating material on finance, investing, money management, and money psychology. He communicates his ideas through short monologue acting clips that are a joy to see. His reels cover a variety of issues that you may encounter regularly in your financial life, such as credit cards, loans, mutual funds, and so on. 

He’s become so well-known that this list of India’s top personal finance Instagram influencers would be incomplete without him. He followed his passion and began Finance with Sharan. He is presently employed at PWC in addition to his highly successful job in personal finance.

Raj Shamani is a business content creator and public speaker with over 1.1 million Instagram Followers, 200.1k Twitter followers, and 347K YouTube subscribers. He is recognized as the investing guru and is one of India’s top financial gurus. He wants to help everyone who wants to learn more about the stock market by speaking directly to investors’ pain points, regardless of where they are in their financial journey. 

This finance influencer’s Instagram feed is about business and personal economic advice. He even has a podcast with CA Rachana Ranade, which provides information on life learning that will assist you in making better life decisions and living a more organized existence. As a public speaker, he discusses his investment, stock market, and initial public offering (IPO) experiences and perspectives, cryptocurrency, and recession.

Neha Nagar is one of the best female finance influencers in India. Neha is the founder of Taxation Help, a firm that assists people with ITRs, GST, and business formation. 

Neha and her team combine Instagram content production with reels and memes to produce the ideal mixture of financial knowledge and entertainment. Except for her business, Neha is well-known for her LinkedIn page, in which she discusses tax, cryptocurrency, investing, and other financial advancements in the nation. 

Managing two accounts puts a lot of strain on content production and finding fresh methods to teach people about money without being too technical. But Neha handles it all—and even outperforms herself when it comes to establishing an educational environment for students!

CA Rachana Ranade Phadke is a fintech influencer living in Pune who speaks about financial freedom and investing advice. Rachana Ranade provides a collection of courses for several finance-related areas on her website. The stock market, mutual funds, personal money management, fundamental and technical analysis, and other topics are in Ranade’s level-based courses. 

She’s a sensation on Instagram with 688K followers, where she talks about money management via reels. You may learn about stock market investment by following her. Rachana is one of the finest financial influencers in India and provides stock market trading advice. She also discusses upcoming initial public offerings (IPOs), company financial reports, and daily stock market developments in India, with every post reflecting her immense expertise in the field. 

Rachana Ranade is a true superstar and provides expert advice for those seeking financial freedom.

Anushka Rathod, a former investment banker who shares her expertise in finance and investing on social media, is one of the best finfluencers in India. She’s figured out how to keep people interested in her little bits of longer issues by presenting them in plain English. 

She breaks down the finance jargon on Instagram, teaching fellow newbies the concept of finance- giving us financial independence.

Rathod rules the Instagram world, wherein she makes everyone understand these concepts in layman’s language. She sometimes even uses memes, and replicated movie scenes to make these concepts fun to learn. 

Sometimes, finance can be overwhelming, especially for someone with zero knowledge of the subject. But Anuskha comes in with her personalized stories, and experiences, that are highly relatable and easy to understand.

She covers a wide range of topics, so people having different kinds of investment instruments can find something of their use on her account. She posts content on cryptocurrency, income tax filing, NFTs, real estate, credit cards, mutual funds, and many more.

Pranjal Kamra is a value investor who also runs a YouTube channel with over 4.12 million subscribers. His YouTube channel, which focuses on empowering investors and spreading financial understanding, is the most popular in the financial education space. He is the author of Investonomy: The Stock Market Guide That Makes You Rich, an Amazon best-seller. 

This Instagram finance influencer’s account will help you stay updated about what’s new in the finance and investing world. The content that they post is easy to understand. He educated his audience about the IPOs, and stocks you can buy and also posts short case studies like “how coca-cola killed thumbs up” or “ why is the airline industry struggling?”.

Shashank Udupa’s Instagram account includes a lot of information on areas that aren’t covered in depth by others, such as cryptocurrencies (he has a lot of content on specific crypto coins like Ethereum, bitcoin, dogecoin, and so on), NFTs, metaverse, and so on. He’s also talked about the stock market, life insurance, mutual funds, and other common financial concepts. 

He is presently employed at Avalon Labs. Shashank’s significant interest in finance and how start-ups function has made him the ideal CFO for Avalon Meta. Shashank is one of the teachers on the influencer-driven platform and teaches all things money, with 177k followers on Instagram. He’s barely getting started, based on the present popularity of this ed-tech start-up. He also wants to educate and raise awareness among India’s youth about the significance of saving and the fundamentals of money, which is something that has hardly been taught in traditional institutions to begin with.

Sayali Rai and Niyati Thaker, two financial influencers, have launched FinCocktail, a new financial business. These two ladies are effectively simplifying finance and helping you brew the ideal finance cocktail using only Instagram. Sayali and Niyati discuss financial investments and also share a few success stories and provide a wealth of information on how and where to invest safely. These ladies have established a lovely area where individuals can learn about money and the ins and outs of loans, investments, savings, insurance, and mutual funds. 

This duo’s Instagram feed is packed with personal finance advice that you should know. They cover all aspects of personal finance, including credit cards, automobile purchases, income tax, mutual fund investing, other investment products, and so on.

Anamika Rana is one of the finance influencers that talks not just about finance but about business options and handling money in general. She ups her game via reels that are fun, trendy, and relevant to the contemporary world. She speaks on any issue related to personal finance that you can think of. She’s written about a variety of topics, including income sources (how to make money through social media, content creation, and so on), Bitcoin, NFTs, Metaverse, saving hacks, and the stock market. 

Apart from her finance mind- Anamika even talks about spirituality on her other Instagram account. Along with her Instagram influence, she has founded Arika Creations which provides crystals for career, relationship, and self-empowerment in the form of jewellery and healing crystals. She has learned tarot card reading, numerology, Vastu, and pranic healing.

She is both – a believer and a dreamer. She strives to give financial literacy to people while keeping her Indian roots and manifesting spirituality and good health.

Ashna Tolkar, also known as themoneylancer on Instagram, is the final female financial influencer on the top 10 list. She’s one of the financial trainers who talk about the notion of wealth and cryptocurrency. By cultivating a wealthy attitude, Ashna aims at making finance simple. Tolkar discusses how to achieve financial independence early in life while also providing advice on when and how to invest. Ashna also discusses the country’s financial progress while emphasizing financial milestones.


The above Instagram and YouTube influencers, or should we say ‘Finfluencers,’ have made a significant role in promoting financial independence. Likewise, they provide leading educational information for free to financially empower each individual. Amazingly, finance is a crucial aspect of our lives, but we never learned about it in school. Is it, however, ever too late to learn? It’s never too late to start budgeting, saving, and investing to ensure your future, just as it’s never too late to start organizing your money. Thanks to all of these financial influencers, you can now learn everything there is to know about saving and investing from these professionals and make the finest financial decisions for yourself. If you’re thinking about investing in the stock market, you should look into these influences. Managing your funds provides you with a sense of security and control over your earnings. 

We at Confluencr feel inspired by the coming generation and their steps to educate not only entertain the community of creators and entertainment seekers. We being an influencer marketing agency, encourage the knowledge and reach of these creators. Want to know more about finance influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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