Top Technology Influencers In India

We have all dealt with questions about technology. Which phone should I buy? Is this laptop worth its price tag? What do all the features mentioned by the company entail? What does it mean? Is the product really as good as it’s marketed or is it simply a marketing gimmick? 

To answer your questions and dispel your doubts, we have compiled a list of the top technology influencers of our country who are experts in the field. They offer advice and information on all things tech in a comprehensible manner using simple terms and lingo!

Gaurav Chaudhary - 20.9M subscribers

tech guru

Known famously as Technical Guruji, Gaurav Chaudhary is who his social media name suggests. He is a guru of all things technology. Whether it is talking about smartphones, play stations, television sets, he knows it all and shares it all with his legion of followers!

A resident of UAE, Gaurav wishes to educate others about technology. Most of us use it, but few of us understand it! Some of us have tried to understand, but have given up after hearing all the technical jargons spewed by the ones in the know!

Gaurav has made understanding technology easier with his easy to understand and remember language. He doesn’t make use of too complicated terms, instead explains the subject in a layman’s words. The content used by this technology influencer is informative and easy to assimilate! That’s where Gaurav’s strength lies. Rather than complicating things, he simplifies them. 

He is a guru of content too! Gaurav uploads two pieces of content every day. He uploads a single video in the morning which addresses the new arrivals. Gaurav creates unboxing videos wherein he explains the product features, advantages, how to operate them and more. Seeing all this on a video makes it easier and more appealing to his audience. The second upload is a short recap in the evening. This is a 10 minute video that lets you know quickly what’s happening in the technological world across the globe. A master at work, everyone!

With an engagement of around 11%, Gaurav is a hit among the brands and has been a part of several collaborations- Samsung Galaxy S21 (ER- 7.75%); PS5 (ER- 7.80%); Emirates (ER- 8.40%); iPhone 12 (ER- 15%); SamsungTV (ER- 14%); ROG Phone3 (ER- 12.45%); Google India (ER- 7%); Sony Bravia TV (ER- 8.60%); EVA Airways Corp. (ER- 6.55%); LG OLED TV; OnePlus India (ER- 3.80%); and more.

This engineer by education and entrepreneur by profession is one of our favourite technology influencers to follow for his interesting content. What about you?

Ruhez Amrelia - 2.87M subscriberss


Ruhez is another top technology influencer among the growing tribe who enthusiastically shares his love for technology with his fans. This technology geek uploads videos and posts describing the products and how one can optimally use them. 

There are sneaky tips in there which, when you hear, leave you muttering, “Wow! Didn’t know my gadget could do this!”. With so much talk about 5G, many users are confused over whether to buy a 5G enabled phone or not. Don’t stress too much, dear readers. Head on to Ruhez’s virtual tech classroom and get all your doubts solved! Mostly dealing in smartphones, Ruhez speaks in Hindi as most of his audience understands the language. He connects with his audience at over 4% organizing unbelievable giveaways!

Brands which have collaborated with Techno Ruhez for unboxing specials, giveaways or otherwise- Molife Sense 500 smartwatch; Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G (ER- 4%); Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (ER- 5.30%); Micromax IN Note (ER- 17%); OPPO Reno5 Pro (ER- 10.40%); Xiaomi Mi 10i (ER- 11.40%); Redmi 9 Power smartphone (ER- 8%); Micromax IN 1b (Go Edition) (ER- 13%); Moto g 5G smartphone (ER- 3.80%); and several other products.

Visit Techno Ruhez’s online channels to learn a few neat tricks about your gadgets!

Ruhez Amrelia - 2.87M subscribers


Manoj Saru - 8.45M subscribers


Manoj Saru - 8.45M subscribers

Manoj is a technology influencer from Delhi who is better known as Technology Gyan. He has a lot of gyan about technology- mobiles, computers, Internet, etc. which he uploads on his Instagram handle and YouTube channel. Manoj’s feed is filled with a plethora of interesting videos like “ iPhone hacks”, “Google hacks”, “How to be safe” and much more. All in Hindi language. 

How many of us have dropped our iPhones and cried when it cracked? Manoj offers a tip where you can get it fixed for a reasonable cost! Mobiles have replaced our old cameras and have become the new DSLR! Manoj’s post on “Mobile Photography Tips” will turn you into a professional photographer! 

Manoj engages his audience at 5% with a mixed bag of tips and tricks shared in his easy to understand with a humorous tone uploads. Some of the products he has reviewed are- OPPO Reno5 Pro; Samsung Galaxy Unboxing Event (ER- 10%); Qualcomm’s snapdragon phone (ER- 3%); FlipkartTechSpert; Intel laptop; 2GUD by Flipkart (ER- 13%); TCL India (ER- 3%); Xiaomi MIUI 12 phone (ER- 5.70%); and more.

Pay a visit to this technology influencer with a terabyte storage of tips and tricks!

Ranjit Kumar - 112k subscribers


See Something Techy

See Something New!

This is what Ranjit, aka Geeky Ranjit is all about. He sees something techy, he sees something new! Each time you watch a video of Ranjit, you learn something new about technology. Working with computers since over 30yrs, he has an immense knowledge of this field which he spreads through his YouTube channel.

This technology influencer loves geeking out over every new piece of technology released across the globe! Ranjit has uploaded unboxing specials, product reviews, advice on how to use your gadgets to their full potential and more. He has created dedicated playlists for each product making it easier for his fans to navigate the digital channel.

Engaging with his audience at 7.50%, Ranjit is a hit among them making him a great collaborator for brands coming out with their latest gizmo. A few of his product review uploads include- Sony WH-1000XM4 Active Noise Cancelling headphones (ER- 6.60%); LG Smartphone (ER- 7%); Intel laptop; OnePlus Buds Z Bluetooth earphones (ER- 6%); iPhone 12 Mini (ER- 11%); UniFi Dream Machine, a WiFi router (ER- 6%); Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (ER- 12%); Corning Gorilla Glass India (ER- 32%); Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Hand-held vacuum cleaner (ER- 8.30%); Sennheiser HD 350BT wireless headphones (ER- 9.60%); and countless other gadgets.

If you are someone who isn’t totally lost when it comes to technology jargons, then Geeky Ranjit is the perfect fit for all your tech-related news!

Dhananjay Bhosale - 436K subscribers

Do you wish to build your very own computer but don’t want to spend too much? One of the top technology influencers in India, Dhananjay answers your prayer with his upload on building a PC under Rs. 25k! He reviews smartphones, laptops, earphones, headphones, speakers, apps, smartwatches, smart TVs and whole other “smart” gadgets! The best part? Dhananjay uses the products for a while before posting his reviews! This makes his videos extremely relevant with in-depth information.

While watching the videos or posts, many of you would have questions running through your mind. Or you wish to ask for an expert opinion about a product you are planning to buy. Ask Dhananjay! He makes it a point to reply to his viewers’ queries and even organizes Live Q&A sessions for “doubt-solving”! 

This technology influencer has a high engagement rate of over 10%, making him one of the most influential influencers in the country. This has encouraged several brands to partner up with Dhananjay- Samsung Galaxy F41 at Flipkart’s “The Big Billion Days” (ER- 32.75%); DJI’s Mavic Mini drone (ER- 18%); Taiwan Excellence Contest Alert (ER- 5.40%); PC upgrade with ASUS and AMD (ER- 11.80%); LG Gram laptop at Amazon Great Indian Festival (ER- 5.50%); unboxed OnePlus 7 (ER- 63%); compared Redmi Note 7 Pro & Realme 3 Pro (ER- 8.65%); Transfer Go, quick money transfer (ER- 9.40%); Audible India, audiobooks (ER- 38.40%); Google Pixel XL (ER- 5%); and the list goes on!

If you are in search of tech review videos which are crisp and precise, then Dhananjay is the one for you!


Arun Prabhudesai - 7.64M subscribers


Trakin Tech, set up by Arun Prabhudesai, is your one-stop shop for all your technology needs. Wish to know about a new smartphone that just dropped in the market? Wondering whether to buy that TV that has been in the news lately? A lover of gaming? Or are you just interested in the latest technology movers and shakers? All these and more will be answered! Just knock on the digital homes of Arun Prabhudesai!

An IT professional who worked in the US who has now shifted base back to India to realise his entrepreneurial dreams. He set up Trakin Tech to distribute knowledge about Technology, Business and Start-ups. He regularly blogs on these topics apart from uploading videos on his IG handle and YouTube channel. The high quality videos contain Arun’s opinions, reviews, thoughts, unboxing specials and news about the already launched and ready-to launch gadgets. 

Trakin Tech engages his audience at 5% by organizing giveaways, contests, Q&A sessions, and more importantly, his videos are lively making the audience want to continue watching them one after the other! So which are a few of the enormous amount of products that this technology influencer has unboxed and reviewed? Realme Narzo 30 Pro smartphone; Redmi Note 10 Series (ER- 3%); Samsung Galaxy F62 (ER- 3%); Xiaomi Mi 16 W Bluetooth Speaker (ER- 6.80%); OnePlus 9 Series; Moto e7 Power Unboxing; India’s answer to WhatsApp: SANDES Messaging App; Android 12 OS (ER- 3%); Nokia 5.4 Unboxing (ER- 3%); OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G (ER- 3%); and innumerable others.

To get your daily dose of Vitamin Tech, check out Trakin Tech!

Shlok Srivastava - 5.15M subscribers

Do you find talks about tech specs and features boring? Do you catch your attention wavering while watching those videos or listening to tech talks? If yes, then start following Shlok “Tech Burner” Srivastava. He talks about various gadgets and their specs and features using a hilarious tone. You will learn about a topic that you might find dry in a humorous form and will no doubt remember everything that was mentioned!

Shlok burns through tech so he can educate his audience about it! Whether it’s reviewing or explaining the features about computers, laptops, smartphones, earphones and headphones, android games, hacks and apps, you will find it all on his social media homes! In response to a lot of audience questions, Tech Burner decided to upload a video per week. This particular video would be a short compilation of interesting tech news like latest updates, leaks, scandals, anything he feels would interest his audience. His relevant content is thanks to his almost 21% engagement rate!

Shlok has unboxed and reviewed a huge number of products and collaborated with brands, some of which are- revealing how one can switch to Hindi language on their Amazon India app (ER- 25%); Oppo Reno 5 Pro 5G (ER- 44%); Samsung Galaxy Epic Kit Unboxing (ER- 48%); iPhone 12 Pro (ER- 19%); MG Motor Showcase (ER- 22%); Philips Vacuum Beard Trimmer on Nykaa Man (ER- 22%); ROG Phone (ER- 11.60%); went live on Taiwan Excellence’s Facebook page (ER- 3.70%); Asus Zenfone Max Pro 6 GB (ER- 6%).

Your host and dost, Tech Burner!

Shlok Srivastava - 5.15M subscribers


Digital platforms have seeped into our daily lives in a way that we feel incomplete without them! When was the last time you spent a whole day, forget a day, at least half an hour without scrolling through the various social media platforms? Can’t remember? That’s probably because it was before we owned smartphones!

Brands too have realised the tremendous influence social media and the new age marketers, influencers, have over their users. Technology changes at the speed of lighting today! There isn’t a dearth of brands offering similar products in the market. Users are spoilt for choice! This makes a conscious use of marketing, especially influencer marketing, critical for the brands to ensure they aren’t left behind in the dust!

As Per A Study By HootSuite -

We, at Confluencr, have dived deep into the world of influencer marketing, so as to ensure our clients, that’s you, dear brands, get a bang out of your buck! Our band of the top technology influencers are chosen after conducting due diligence! We are the WiFi router to your brand! We connect your product to the correct influencer! We measure their bandwidth, aka, audience engagement and popularity to ensure that your brand has the strongest connection with its audience! 

To chat about technology influencers and influencer marketing in general, send us an email at

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