Top Fifteen Influencers In Delhi

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“Spend time upfront to bring value in the occurrence and quality of your influencer marketing program and on the back-end you will benefit long-term.”- Alexander Frolov
(CEO and co-founder, HypeAuditor)

The world of marketing has drastically changed. The movie stars are no longer the most popular medium of marketing your products and services. Influencers now hold as much as, if not more, marketing power. The audience values the words of an influencer more than those of celebrities. Our capital city is no different. Influencers in Delhi are a growing tribe, and their audience is growing faster! Delhiites pay more attention to these social media influencers’ words and often follow in their footsteps. What they say goes. And so, we decided to curate a list of the top 15 influencers in Delhi that can be the best choice for your brand’s next collaboration. Dive right in!

Top 15 Social Media Influencers in Delhi:

An entrepreneur from Delhi, Neha runs a lifestyle store sourcing sustainable raw materials for her line of home linen. An eco-warrior and a volunteer who raised funds for the blind, she is as fierce in her business as soft-hearted!

This Instagram influencer from Delhi interacts with her legion of followers at 5% and has even organized giveaways – goodies worth 20k from 10 brands (ER – almost 23%!); Independence Day in association with MUA Astha Sharma Mehta (ER – 7%); EventTow (ER – over 11%); and several other contests.   

When Neha isn’t slaying in her sharp business suits, you will find her lounging around in her ginormous collection of pyjamas from TRES NOCHES; Kitty Creation (ER – over 4%) and Snooze (such an apt name for sleepwear!) (ER – 5%).

Neha’s love for dressing up and accessories are expressed through her various collaborations – Shilpkiriti by Tanvi (ER – 7.90%); paired her Pratibha Sultania outfit with jewellery from BEADS MARCHÉ (ER – over 5.70%); Khoobsurat for accessories (ER – 5.30%); Suit Stories by Divya (ER- over 3%); and more. 

A visit to this influencer’s social media will have you falling in love with her!

The chic fashion influencer in Delhi is a design student and an actress! She has starred in three music videos and set up her online retail store!

Vanshika is a source of inspiration to her large number of followers. Whether it’s in the way she dresses, looks after her physical health or poses for her uploads, they eagerly lap up everything!

Seeing her over 4% engagement rate, several brands have partnered with her, such as a perfect Valentine’s gift from Scrunch It; Blissful Bundles for gift hampers (ER – 5.25%); I Love Unloc, beauty care; Label Varsha for a festive look (ER – 3.30%); Voylla (ER – over 6%) and Gyara Accessories (ER – 11.50%) for fashion jewellery; Ikkai Beauty (ER – 10%); Daniel Wellington (ER – 4%); The.Bow.Basket; United Colors of Benetton; Bioderma India; Global Desi; and more.

We are excited to see where the future takes this beautiful Delhi influencer!

3.Aarushi - 35.4K Followers


Aarushi has been fascinated by the glamorous world of fashion since a young age and decided to turn her passion into a career. A prominent social media influencer in Delhi today, she has modelled for – bridal look by Janvi and Mamta; MRAAR by Manisha Goyal for ethnic dresses; bridal look for Hair Mystery Luxury Salon and Frontier Raas; Bengali bridal look for Supriya Anubhuti and Neelam Gupta; Nikara Jewels; bridal look for Element by Disha Saluja and Muskan Chotwani; and more shoots.

The chic model with an engagement rate of almost 13% promotes products she believes in Daniel Wellington (ER – 6.75%); mCaffeine gift set Giveaway (ER – nearly 6%); Vahdam, immunity-boosting teas (ER – over 13%); winter skincare Giveaway with Vasu Healthcare (ER – 8.20%); Giveaway from Oriental Botanics (ER – 5%); and the list goes on!

If you are a lover of vintage fashion (full of oomph and class!) or an aspiring model, you must check out Aarushi’s feed. Just pure magic!

Itee is a compassionate influencer who has helped rescue several animals and appeals to others to do the same. This great pet influencer in Delhi spreads awareness and shares tips via her social media like medicines for treating the injured strays. She also uploads a form in her stories for those wishing to become stray animals’ caretakers.

Itee is also knowledgeable about fashion, travel and affordable beauty. Take a tour through her online photo album, and you will agree with us! Her images of snow-clad mountains, pets, shoots, everything looks picture perfect! This Instagram influencer’s 6.50% engagement rate airs her love for her followers, who listen to her thoughts and opinions! 

A few of her brand collaborations – Valentine’s Giveaway with Everteen Intimate Hygiene Care (ER – over 8%); Neud, health and beauty (ER – 14.40%); MyGlamm; mCaffeine Valentine gift set (ER – 5.20%); Phenak India, skincare (ER – 3%); Pilgrim, a cruelty-free skincare brand (ER – 3.50%); and others.

Itee has already inspired us not to turn a blind eye when we see a helpless animal on the street. We hope that her wish of eradicating animal cruelty ultimately comes true!

A digital creator who knows the ins and outs of the beauty and fashion world, Prerna uses social media to share her thoughts with her followers, with whom she engages at 5%.

This fashion influencer’s bold and outspoken nature makes her followers trust her which has resulted in Prerna bagging several brand collaborations including Savlon; Nykaa (ER – over 3%); Urban Company (ER – 3.50%); Aurelia (ER – 3%); Libas (ER – 4%); Levi’s (ER – 4.40%); GoNoise AirBuds (ER – 3.60%); Marks & Spencer India with POPxoDaily (ER – 4.50%); and more.

A fan of minimalism, this Instagram influencer from Delhi often dresses up in minimalist outfits which don’t dull her sparkle! She diffuses the misconception about this style being easy to incorporate. You need to find the suitable material, the right texture, the right colours, and so much more to look elegant and put together! Just like Prerna!

This simple girl with simple tastes has managed to cement her place in the world of influencers in Delhi. She already has a place in our hearts!

Known for her funny videos, Dolly went from starring in iDiva’s Facebook videos to turning into a Netflix actress. She initially earned fame for her portrayal of a mother in her famous video series “Raju ki Mummy”. The witty influencer has achieved her childhood dream of becoming famous.

Several brands have partnered with Dolly due to her mega appeal and high engagement rate at 7% – Myntra Studio for a comedy series named “What’s Your Rashi” (ER – 51%); celebrated Galentine’s Day with Swarovski (ER – 51.40%); enumerated the benefits of fresh produce from MotherDairy Fresh Delights in a mother’s avatar (ER – 67.60%); Guddi Bhabhi listing winter care benefits of Olay India (ER – 70%) and spoke on how one can #ReclaimYourPrivacy (ER – 90%!). 

Dolly’s funny videos seamlessly incorporate her views. If you ever feel bleak, knock on her digital doors, and soon you will be rolling on the floor laughing!

An influencer from Delhi whose bio mentions, “I make funny videos for a living” everyone!

7.Roshni Bhatia - 509K followers

Roshni Bhatia

How do you describe Roshni? Diva. Elegant. Influencer. The stylish social media creator engages her audience at 5%, replying to their comments on her uploaded posts which helps her create relevant content.

Roshni’s genuine connection with her audience has prompted many brands to collaborate. Roshni suggests Awigna for the spring and wedding season collection (ER – 16.50%) and asks her viewers to include Lakmé in their skincare routine for flawless skin. If like us, you too get confused about the correct order of skincare products, Roshni has posted a short video in partnership with L’Oreal Paris (ER – 75%!).

A few other brand collaborations of this glamorous digital influencer include NEH, comfortable and fashionable clothing; Colgate, the secret behind her dazzling smile! (ER- over 27%); Kama Ayurveda for her hydrated skin; an envious jewellery collection from Manohar Lal Jewellers (ER – 3%), and many more. 

For Independence Day, Roshni created a short video wherein she styled her outfit using Indian wear – shawl from Dusala (ER – 4.80%), dupatta and earrings! We love her makeup explainer videos (some in Hindi, too) as well as her outfit styling posts. They are fun to watch and easy to replicate!

Sonia is a digital creator with a go-getter attitude and believes in giving your best to whatever field you choose. Her sheer dedication and hard work are why she has come this far in life.

A stylish herself, Sonia creates content around fashion, styling, beauty and travel, well documented and relevant. Her massive appeal and high audience engagement at 12% is why so many brands chase this enigmatic social media influencer in Delhi.

Some of the brands which have caught up with Sonia are Campus Shoes (ER – over 21%); go on a shopping spree with SBI Card (ER – 12%); Nail Cafe by Encanto SouthEx (ER – 9%); get outfit suited to your style and personality through FabAlley’s FabFix solution (ER – 11.15%); Plum BodyLovin’ (ER – 26%); participated in Mahindra Group’s #RiseUpChallenge (ER – 6%); celebrated International Coffee Day with mCaffeine (ER- 4%); and several more.

Do check out this vagabond influencer for instant style inspiration!

Blogging about men’s fashion and fitness, Robin Arora is one influencer who must be followed by those looking for styling tips and inspiration. 

Robin’s posts on outfit ideas, skincare and fitness are informative and appealing. His posts have a high recall value since they are relevant to his audience. He engages with this audience at an engagement rate of 4.5%, isn’t afraid to play around with trends, and freely expresses his views. He wants you to be comfortable in your skin and be open to different opinions.

Robin’s fearless attitude and great audience connection have made him a favourite among brands. He wasn’t afraid to spread awareness about the first odour-neutralizing underwear of our country, DaMENSCH (ER – 57%). Created 3 autumn looks with Cantabil (ER – 80%); spoke about skin health with MFine (ER – 6.80%); mCaffeine (ER – 4.80%); workouts with his Leaf Studios earphones (ER – 4.75%); spoke about the importance of choosing the correct sports supplements like Absolute Nutrition (ER – 3.50%); sulphate-free body washes from Phy (ER – 3.50%); Glow and Handsome (ER – 80%); The Derma Co (ER – 5.40%); raise your beard game with a Havells trimmer (ER – 42.50%); and more.

Follow Robin to get your daily dose of fashion and lifestyle tips as well as positive quotes!

“Be an inventor of your style….” is the advice one receives from this a la mode fashionista, Masoomi. She designed her first website at the mere age of 16! 

Masoomi has come a long way from that website designer to an entrepreneur with Style Fiesta’s label. She has even set up a fashion-related job portal, Fashion Jobs India. She blogs about fashion, styling tips, her take on trends, and more. Her in-depth knowledge about this field has given her access to collaborations with bespoke brands and mentions in several distinguished media publications.

A fashion and lifestyle influencer in Delhi, Masoomi is also a mega supporter of local Indian designers. She has uploaded posts on different local designers for outfits and accessories. Do check them out if you love buying local! She has even asked the Indian designers to include the #SupportIndianDesigners to receive support and those customers wishing to support the local designers to browse using the #VocalForLocal to find these designers. Such a thoughtful social media influencer!

Masoomi, engaging her audience at 5%, has a long list of collaborators – The Leather Garden for beautiful potlis; Goenka India, regal jewellery (ER – 4%); Irasva, workwear jewellery (ER – 3.40%); flaunt your Label_Tanya sarees (ER – 5.50%); look like a dream in a Faraz Manan lehenga (ER – 4.56%); provide volume to your hair with extensions from 1 Hair Stop (ER – 30%); get your heritage jewellery remodelled with Le Marquise; no more skincare worries with Pure By Priyanka; Amazon Fashion India; BVLGARI; Daniel Wellington; etc.

Visit this sweet influencer’s digital homes for unlimited savoir-faire!

Nikhil is a chameleon. A fashion stylist, blogger, music producer and digital influencer. He disappears into the avatar he dons. He looks one with it. 

Nikhil’s aesthetic feed is filled with everyday outfit inspiration, vacation looks, formal wear, and fashion. He inspires his followers and encourages them to be comfortable with themselves! Nikhil is an ardent fitness enthusiast and mentions the exercise name in his post, so you can always go back and check it out for your training routine! 

A “Cosmo India Best Lifestyle Blogger 2019-20” winner, Nikhil maintains over 6% engagement rate with his loyalists. Many brands have partnered up with this bindaas content creator for gaining traction in their target market – UNIQLO INDIA (ER – 16.70%); sustainable clothing brands – Chesha (ER – 4.80%), House Of Clone, No Nasties and answer (ER – 22.30%), ARTLESS (ER – 6.20%); NNNOW (ER – 33%); Skinn by Titan (ER – 4.20%); and the list goes on.

Pop over to this unique fashion and lifestyle influencer’s Instagram feed who will blow you away with his curated outfits and mesmerizing music!

A filmmaker and a YouTuber, Deepak Ranakoti, is a pahadi artist proud of his heritage which shows through his various pahadi song uploads on his Instagram handle. He has several song releases to his name, all sung in the pahadi language depicting kumaoni culture! His quintessential chocolate boy look makes him a hit among the girls, both young and old! A snazzy dresser and an influencer in Delhi, this heartthrob makes your heart skip a beat with his soulful music and trendy outfits!

Being a massive supporter of his kumaoni heritage, Deepak tied up with Shop Square Cart for designing his idea of a pahadi t-shirt (ER – 8.60%). Follow this Delhi social media influencer who engages with his audience at 8.50% for all things Pahadi and a breezy fashion style!

Think men’s formal wear, and you usually think of monochrome suits. Sandeep Rai is an exception. Unafraid of experimenting, he often adds a pop of colour to his otherwise monochromatic suits—a forest green suit with a black shirt instead of the other way around. Maybe tie a scarf around the neck with your suit. Think different. Think Sandeep.

A former lawyer, Sandeep’s outfits always hit the bull’s eye on the fashionable target, and his OOTDs are drool-worthy! He is a wine connoisseur who makes styling your outfits look so easy! His creative feed is a source of inspiration for his loyal band of followers with whom this influencer from Delhi engages at around 4%.

Sandeep’s mass social media reach has encouraged several brands to partner with him – Call It Spring for vegan shoes; Amyr, men’s jewellery (ER – 27%); DaMENSCH (ER – 3.70%); stay fit with (ER – 18%); participated in the #EnjoyTheStart challenge by CODE; Contest Alert with Ustra for perfumes (ER – 19.50%); spoke about Ajmal perfumes launched at Shoppers Stop; Grant’s India; AAYNA by Dr. Simal Soin (ER – 3.40%); Tweed’s jackets from Aditi Wasan (ER – over 3%); shop dapper athleisure wear from Twelfth Man Store (ER – 3.30%); and several others.

Witness the massive amount of outfit inspiration and grooming tips one can find in this lawyer by profession’s digital court. If you sit to compile your favourites, you will end up with a book as thick as that used by law entrants! Sandeep’s Instagram feed is Exhibit A!

A part of several videos and a horror movie, Chitra is a famous model and social media influencer from Delhi. An epitome of boldness, Chitra pulls off risque outfits with panache and has received adulation from her growing band of fans. A gym freak, she expounds on the benefits of maintaining a fit body and its health effects through her uploads. Being a former volleyball player at her university, all that speaks is her experience!

As a talented artist, Chitra has attracted the attention of brands that have collaborated with her for their marketing campaigns – a challenge participant at VOGUE India (ER – 4.75%); Lavie Bags & Shoes; Deal Jeans (ER – over 3%); myfitness, India’s 1st US FDA Registered peanut butter. Visit her digital lookbook to take your style quotient up several notches.

Among the growing band of social media influencers in India, Shraddha is an expert on beauty and lifestyle. This dazzling content creator has often felt the brunt of body shaming and spreads the message of body positivity through her digital megaphones! 

Shraddha is influencing a change in how most of us perceive “beauty”. She is a strong voice against the traditional thought that one needs to be a specific size or fair-skinned to be deemed beautiful. Miss. Gurung’s feed is a treasure trove of makeup and skincare hacks and advice in the form of short videos. They are informative and easy to include in your routine. 

A mental health campaigner, Shraddha’s impact on her massive number of followers coupled with her ER of 4% has encouraged brands to collaborate with her – Giveaways from – Lotus Organics+, Thread & Button (ER – 12%), Ponds India (ER – 6%); Organic Harvest, skincare (ER – 3.80%); Lakmé; Himalaya (ER – 7%); Jovees, beauty care; Garnier India (ER – 6.50%); Kay Beauty By Katrina (ER – 3%); Vaseline India (ER – 9.80%); and loads more!

If you are looking to learn beauty hacks and, more importantly, be happy with yourself, Shraddha is someone you must follow!

Social media has invaded the lives of almost everyone on the planet. They have become a new and better source of advertising. A few studies about social media have thrown up the following data:

Social media users are more influenced by influencers than traditional celebrities. They often check social media before making a purchase decision. The influencers mentioned above in Delhi are the stars of marketing. Brands need to make a conscious effort to collaborate with them to further their marketing efforts.

We, at Confluencr, help brands align with the right influencer as per their marketing goals. We understand a brand’s needs and ensure the appropriate influencer(s) is chosen from our crop of influencers. We help simplify the influencer marketing process, so the brand unerringly achieves its target. To chat with us over a cup of coffee about this ever-rising marketing form, drop us an email at [email protected].

  • India has over 200mn active social media users.
  • More than 60% of these users are college students.
  • Mumbai and Delhi comprise the highest source of site traffic.
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