The Power Of Social Media Influencers

74% of people depend on social networks for guidance in making purchase decisions.

Who Runs The Social Network?

how to grow a youtube channel in 2020

The Influencers!

10 years ago, the term social media influencer did not exist. But today influencer marketing is a critical marketing channel along with paid advertisements on social media platforms.

For both the B2B and B2C marketers, efficiency and effectiveness both matter when choosing marketing channels. As social media platforms started providing access to a huge audience that is targetable at a micro-level, countless brands started competing in a battle for the consumer’s attention. This competition has caused the billions of internet users to deal with a flood of information and crowded feeds on social media. For brands, it is getting increasingly difficult to make their voice heard and the costs of advertising on social media are continuously rising while organic reach is pretty much dead.

As this was unraveling, the individual voices came into being and came to be known as the influencers. Influencers have been trending for a long time and are more preferable because of only one reason, that is, the audience finds them relatable and trustworthy. They focus on creating a loyal audience base that comes back to them for advice on specific areas and regularly keeps in touch via their content. Owing to this they have the unique ability to influence the purchasing decisions of the consumers.

Chemistry of Influencers And Celebrities

Their high status and lifestyle got people intrigued by their personality, hence making them a powerful voice. With their attractiveness, expertise, trustworthiness, they hold the power of influencing a vast audience base in one go. Dating back to the 18th century, brands have been using celebrities in order to endorse their brands. This strategy has been working for ages. 

But with social media, came micro-content creators. They create content on specific topics and come across as experts on their topics. They also lead a life quite similar to the average consumer who is following them. And this creates a more authentic relationship. As Seth Godin says, all marketers are liars. Only those who tell authentic stories survive. This applies best here.

Both influencers and celebrities have their benefits, but statistically, 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. The reason being authenticity.

Influencers Influencing Results

influencer marketing advantages

90% of marketers report having gained better ROI from their campaigns on influencer marketing, in comparison with other channels.

Breaking the noise through the traditional ways of advertising, influencers tend to spread the message to the intended audience in a natural and authentic way. As they come across as being more genuine, they tend to deliver the brand message in such a way that the adverts lack. Also, it is known to be best for fastest-growing online customer acquisition methods, that not only reaches vast potential customers but also leads the audience towards creating the preference.

influencer marketing advantages

Conformity Is Content

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The same sense of belonging that is a primal need in the physical world manifests itself clearly on social media platforms as well. Consumers feel the need to follow specific influencers for guidance on social expectations and self-assurance about things that they worry about. When such an influencer promotes a product, we see them as being credible enough to follow their steps or actions. We feel the pressure to conform to the social norms and when we don’t, there is a negative response in our brain. An influencer on social media plays an important part in being a role model and a powerful source of conformation for the consumers.

Creative Optimization? Optimized Creativity?

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Influencers can be called digital natives with an immense knowledge of social media platforms. They bring a sense of unique creativity and an emotional touch to the product which the marketers or brands struggle to put the light onto. A partnership of brands and an influencer is the best marketing couple as influencers optimize the complex language of the brand and easily translate it with more fun and creativity. They can bring life to your campaigns and add a message to your product which the audience can relate to. With the ability to speak the language of the consumers, influencers work on content strategies that create extraordinary campaigns.

Let’s take a look at how these influencers are changing the shape and bringing big results for the brands-

1. Hotel Trident, Hyderabad – #TridentSocialHotel

advantages of social media influencers

An amazing example of an influencer marketing campaign is the one launched by Hotel Trident, inviting social media influencers through the various platforms. The objective was to create the buzz on the online platform, which was achieved by the influencers Instagramming pictures and tweeting about their experiences at the hotel. This campaign resulted in making more than 1.2 million impressions for the #TridentSocialHotel on Twitter. Thus giving the brand recognition to a larger audience. 

advantages of social media influencers
social media influencers benefits

2. Walmart- #FightHunger

social media influencers benefits

For executing a charitable initiative, the retail giant Walmart partnered with 7 influencers for the intention to raise funds for Feeding America. The pledge was to donate $0.90 in return of every share, like or the hashtag comment #FightHunger on each sponsored Instagram post. Logan Paul, a daily vlogger’s Instagram post was highly effective for his explicit engagement. His CTA prompts the followers to act towards it. With this influencer collaboration, the brand, Walmart, boosted an effective and positive sentiment among more than 16.2 million audiences. The results have been immense with raising $1.5 million for the Feeding America campaign, with the social media engagement rate being 23%. Also, the Walmart campaign generated 3,170,000 likes & 216,000 comments through the seven social media  influencers’ Instagram photos

3. Next Games, The Walking Dead mobile game Youtube Campaign

social media influencers advantages

Next Games partnered with all-star Youtubers, including Lele Pons, for the release of new The Walking Dead mobile game. The youtube influencers collectively hold the audience following of over 18 million subscribers. Lele Pons being the standout of the campaign, a 4-minute humorous skit was created in which zombies in the game attack in real life. Being the macro influencer, Lele Pons successfully brings the quality of shareability, that provided immense audience reach for the Next Games audience, which led to a high amount of downloads for the mobile game. 

social media influencers advantages

4. Afzal Worldwide, Brand Awareness, Instagram campaign

Confluencr led a successful campaign to promote the brand Afzal globally via collaborations with instagram influencers, without the need of paid advertisements. We did this global campaign during the Cricket World Cup and created contextual content around the World Cup with influencers from different countries. Through this campaign we got 1.3M+ Reach and 2M+ Impressions  for the brand while keeping the cost very low.


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