Top 10 Global Instagram Influencers

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“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.”- Bonnie Sainsbury
(social media influencer)

Instagram has become the leading social platform with more than 2 Billion active users per month worldwide. What began as a mere photo-sharing app has now emerged as the leading social platform for content creators, businesses, and brands. Instagram has launched several new features in recent times that have enabled creators to diversify the type of content they create and enabled businesses and startups to reach more people and sell directly from the app. 

A study by Instagram showed that 50% of users clicked through a brand’s website after watching it in their stories. This shows the kind of impact Instagram influencer marketing can have on brands and businesses. Be it individuals looking for some fashion inspiration, seeking some beauty tips, searching for the next place that has to be on their travel diary, or are just scrolling for some entertainment, Instagram has become the go-to online platform.

Instagram influencers are a vital part of this immense growth. They have millions of followers, and they create content that keeps people engaged on this platform. Also, their partnerships and collaborations with stem brands give the respective products and services exposure and amplify brand awareness. People get along with the influencer they love and trust which ultimately enhances the business’s profitability on a whole new level.

With this in mind, let’s explore the top 10 Global Instagram Influencers who have made a unique mark for themselves. Though the number of followers each one of these has may vary, these influencers have occupied a unique place for themselves in their respective fields of interest.

With a massive number of followers on Instagram, a whopping 72.9 million, Gigi Hadid started her journey as a fashion model. In 2016, she was named the Model of the year by the British Fashion Council. Within 4 years, Hadid made 35 appearances in the Vogue international covers. She started work as a child and is mostly recognized for her exotic fashion appearances. The massive number of followers she has is also due to her interest in promoting social causes.

NusretGokce is a Turkish chef, restaurateur, and food entertainer. Salt Bae’s preparation and seasoning meat became a famous Internet meme and sensation in 2017. He is currently the owner of a luxury steak house called Nusr-Et. A popular name in the food industry, Salt Bae regularly posts food techniques and lifestyle pictures on Instagram and entertains food lovers worldwide. With over 43 million followers on Instagram, Salt Bae is one of the most loved food Instagram influencers on the Internet.

While pursuing a degree in Law, Chiara Ferragni started a blog named ‘The Blond Salad’ in 2009. Initially, the blog covered a wide niche of topics like travel, beauty, and food. However, later it began to focus on Fashion. It received immense response, and in 2015, the Harvard Business Review ran its first case study on a fashion influencer. Chiara Ferragni has collaborated with the best global fashion ranging from Guess to Gucci. She was also announced as the Brand Ambassador of Amazon Fashion in 2016. On her Instagram, Ferragni posted pictures about her Ultrasound on Instagram recently and talked about how women can be beautiful working moms. With over 26.5 million followers on Instagram, Chiara Ferragni is continuously inspiring the Fashion world.

Zach King is an American Internet personality and an illusionist. Zach has become an Internet sensation for his famous 6-second videos that are edited digitally and as if he is doing magic. The videos are popularly called ‘magic vines’, whereas Zach calls them ‘digital sleight of hand’. With the rise of the short video trend, Zach King has huge popularity among the young generation and has earned an enormous 24.5 million following on Instagram. This global Instagram influencer continues to create magical videos and shares new stories with the global audience.

Amanda Cerny is an American Internet sensation who is well known for her comedy sketches on her YouTube channel. She has a whopping 24 million followers on Instagram and was recently featured in Cardi B’s music video alongside J Balvin and Bad Bunny. Amanda Cerny has earned the spot as one of the top 5 most viewed Instagram story accounts globally. She has 1.3 million new Instagram followers every month and has earned a name as a top content creator through convincing storytelling and high-quality videos. She is a Heath and wellness enthusiast and continues to help people feel their best.

An American Internet star, James Charles rose to immense popularity as a global Instagram influencer who makes content revolving makeup. Though he started posting makeup tutorials on YouTube, he is currently a sensation on Instagram who became the first male representative of CoverGirl in 2016. He used to work as a local makeup artist, and at present, he has made collaborative videos doing makeup on and with several famous figures like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kesha, and many more. He enjoys an Instagram following of 24.6 million people. He is a renowned personality among the LGBTQ+ community and continues to inspire people across the globe.

Lilly Singh hails from Canada and is mostly known for her famous YouTube username ‘Superwoman’. She is a famous comedian, vlogger, author, and actress. Lilly Singh has earned third place in 2017 as Forbes Top Influencers in the entertainment category. Currently, she has 11.1 million followers on Instagram. She has dropped the name ‘Superwoman’ from her handle. Most of her videos portray the Punjabi culture and have a satirical approach to people’s common problems and complaints. She frequently collaborates with celebrities on her videos and actively promotes women’s empowerment.

Alexa Chung is a British fashion model and is another big name in the fashion industry. After being spotted by a model agency when she was 16 years old, Alexa went on to experience a meteoric rise in the fashion world. Later, she started a blog of her own and has also launched a fashion label. Given the kind of global attention she has, she is an ideal match for brands looking out for a newer and wider reach. She has collaborated with famous fashion brands like Marks and Spencers, Pepe Jeans, and the American clothing giant Tommy Hilfiger. Alexa Chung still works as a model in the British fashion industry. Though a complete career this global influencer on Instagram keeps posting her photos and keeps in constant touch with her more than 4.9 million followers.

Jack Morris is one of the best travel photographers and influencers. He is known for his dreamy photographs of the most spectacular places on this earth and is immensely admired for his content as a travel Instagrammer and influencer. Recent destinations of Jack include Egypt, Indonesia, and Abu Dhabi. As an Instagram influencer, he collaborates with different brands in the hospitality industry– both domestic and global. In addition, Jack also posts promotional content for techie items like drones that can make attractive images. With 2.5 million followers on Instagram, Jack Morris is a well-known global Instagram influencer.

Huda Kattan is the most famous name in the beauty and makeup niche. Her journey did not start as an Influencer. Huda had a job in the finance industry which she quit in 2010 and then launched a blog of her own. She developed the blog into an Instagram account and later started her makeup line in 2013– derived from her Iraqi heritage. Huda worked as a celebrity makeup artist and stylist for the famous makeup range Revlon. With about 2.4 million followers on Instagram, Huda claims that she never had to spend on advertising. Her makeup line Huda Beauty is bringing in about 200 million in annual sales with Hudabeauty’s Instagram page, home to 50 million followers!


To state simply, influencers intensify the brand reach among the target audience. They are individuals who can understand the audience and create exciting content that keeps the users engaged. Moreover, for better reach and amplification in the number of followers, many brands reach out to collaborate with influencers. When the audience sees that their most trusted influencer is promoting a certain brand, product, or service, they are likely to be influenced and buy into the influencer’s recommendation. More and more brands are looking at Influencer Marketing, and this sector has a brighter future in store. This is enough proof that Influencer Marketing will not see signs of a downward trend anytime soon.

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