Top 10 Global Instagram Influencers

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“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.”- Bonnie Sainsbury
(social media influencer)

Instagram has become the leading social platform with more than 2 Billion active users per month worldwide. What began as a mere photo-sharing app has now emerged as the leading social platform for content creators, businesses, and brands. Instagram has launched several new features in recent times that have enabled creators to diversify the type of content they create and enabled businesses and startups to reach more people and sell directly from the app. 

A study by Instagram showed that 50% of users clicked through a brand’s website after watching it in their stories. This shows the kind of impact Instagram influencer marketing can have on brands and businesses. Be it individuals looking for some fashion inspiration, seeking some beauty tips, searching for the next place that has to be on their travel diary, or are just scrolling for some entertainment, Instagram has become the go-to online platform.

Instagram influencers are a vital part of this immense growth. They have millions of followers, and they create content that keeps people engaged on this platform. Also, their partnerships and collaborations with stem brands give the respective products and services exposure and amplify brand awareness. People get along with the influencer they love and trust which ultimately enhances the business’s profitability on a whole new level.

With this in mind, let’s explore the top 10 Global Instagram Influencers who have made a unique mark for themselves. Though the number of followers each one of these has may vary, these influencers have occupied a unique place for themselves in their respective fields of interest.

Komal is one of the first personalities to pop up when you hear the words – “Delhi” and “Fashion”. She has established herself as one of the style icons not just there but pan India. 

This famous beauty and fashion diva is one of the top global influencers in India and has always been interested in the world of glamour, ever since she was a kid. 

Brands that have collaborated with this fashion influencer include Nish Hair Extensions, Olay India, Aisha Rao and Amama, Torani, L’Occitane India, Guess, Amazon Fashion India, S&N by Shantanu and Nikhil, Rishi & Vibhuti, Kalakaari, House of Masaba

Komal won the “Popular Choice Best Fashion Blogger (Female)” at Cosmopolitan India Bloggers Award.

This Indian global influencer is a complete package. He is a social media entrepreneur and a YouTuber. He is also a renowned motivational speaker and leadership coach. Additionally, Ranveer hosts India’s Top podcast- “The Ranveer Show” in both English and Hindi. Ranveer owns a famous company named BeerBiceps Pvt Ltd, which is known for creating content on self-improvement in various formats.

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur and, angel investor based in India. He is also a famous motivational public speaker. Ankur founded and held his position as the CEO for a couple of years. Before that, he began the Groupon India business and was the APAC GM, of the company. While he was the CEO of, a brand named “Warikoo” was started which was purposed to cater to the needs of potential talent.

Ankur Warikoo has a loyal following on Instagram, and his brand ‘Warikoo’ has gained a lot of subscribers on YouTube. He continues to make interesting video content revolving around investments, businesses and entrepreneurship.

If you are a fan of relatable, slapstick comedy then you must have heard of Ashish Chanchlani on Instagram!
Ashish Chanchlani is a YouTuber and Content creator from Ullhasnagar, Mumbai. He started his YouTube career, mostly uploading movie reviews. However, due to his love for acting and performing, Ashish has established himself as one of the most prominent creators in India. He has become one of the most followed Indian global influencers. Through his talent and content prowess, he has collaborated with brands – Airtel India, Puma India, Renee, Sony Pictures India, Marvel India, Iqoo and others. Ashish has also made a cameo in the movie Men In Black: International starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

He has received Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival’s “Best Digital Creator” award, has been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 and was awarded “Best Comedy Influencer” at the Cannes Film Festival.

Zakir is the most famous and extremely talented global influencer in the country today. He is a comedian, poet, musician, writer and actor and with all that talent he has a reach of a tremendous number of followers. 

He rose to fame through Comedy Central’s Best Stand-up Comedy and his viral video Sakhth Launda and we can tell that he hasn’t seen back since then. His marvellous performances have been witnessed by many and in many countries, be it the Royal Albert Hall in London, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Madison Square Garden, and New York to name a few. Zakir as a comedy influencer and a standup comedian has also written a lot of shows released on Amazon Prime, like Haq Se Single, Kakshya Gyarvi. Tathastu, Mann Pasand and counting. 

Prajakta Koli, better known by her YouTube channel Mostlysane, is an Indian comedian and YouTuber. Her videos are primarily centred on realistic and observational humour about everyday occurrences.

She was featured on the Forbes list of 30 under 30, as well as Outlook Business Magazine’s Women of Worth and Entrepreneur India’s list of 35 under 35, and she won Cosmopolitan’s YouTuber of the Year award.

She was named to the gossip magazine Grazia India’s annual “Cool list,”, and she was featured on the cover of BW Businessworld’s Most Influential Women’s list. 

With a long-term vision of maximising youth participation in climate change and ensuring a more sustainable future, Koli is a long-standing icon of youth in mental health, women’s rights, and girls’ education. This talented Instagram influencer’s global contribution makes her top this list of Global Instagram influencers in India.

Lilly Singh hails from Canada and is mostly known for her famous YouTube username ‘Superwoman’. She is a famous comedian, vlogger, author, and actress. Lilly Singh has earned third place in 2017 as Forbes Top Influencers in the entertainment category.  

She has dropped the name ‘Superwoman’ from her handle. Most of her videos portray the Punjabi culture and have a satirical approach to people’s common problems and complaints. She frequently collaborates with celebrities on her videos and actively promotes women’s empowerment.

Alanna Pandey is one of the well-known fashion Instagram influencers in India. With her bold and beautiful nature, Alanna boasts an army of followers on her Instagram account with whom she shares her clothing, accessories, fashion, and styling tips

Alanna with her husband Ivor hosts a YouTube channel, where she shares travel, lifestyle, and daily vlogs. This global Indian influencer has been featured in various publications including Peacock.

She is also a founding member of the Akshara Foundation for Arts and Learning. The charity focuses on giving free education to the country’s needy youngsters.

Want to know what an aesthetic IG feed looks like? Head on to this global Indian influencer’s Instagram account!

Larrisa D’sa is an Indian social media influencer and YouTuber renowned for her popular lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty vlogs. She has a legion of subscribers on YouTube and is also a GoPro creator and supporter.

Larrisa is frequently featured in high-profile publications such as Huffington Post, Luxebook, and Vogue. She also gave a TEDx talk about her success.

She believes that her travel experiences have taught her that, ‘Everything is temporary: your problems, your worries, even your happiness for that matter, and also the people. It sounds wrong, but I perceive it most positively. It’s taught me that travelling can give you the experience nothing else can.’ What an inspiring thought! We see this global influencer already on the rise!

Huda Kattan is the most famous name in the beauty and makeup niche. Her journey did not start as an Influencer. Huda had a job in the finance industry which she quit in 2010 and then launched a blog of her own. She developed the blog into an Instagram account and later started her makeup line in 2013– derived from her Iraqi heritage. Huda worked as a celebrity makeup artist and stylist for the famous makeup range Revlon. Huda claims that she never had to spend on advertising. Her makeup line Huda Beauty is bringing in over 200 million in annual sales with Hudabeauty’s Instagram page.


To state simply, influencers intensify the brand reach among the target audience. They are individuals who can understand the audience and create exciting content that keeps the users engaged. Moreover, for better reach and amplification in the number of followers, many brands reach out to collaborate with influencers. When the audience sees that their most trusted influencer is promoting a certain brand, product, or service, they are likely to be influenced and buy into the influencer’s recommendation. More and more brands are looking at Influencer Marketing, and this sector has a brighter future in store. This is enough proof that Influencer Marketing will not see signs of a downward trend anytime soon.

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