Top Indian Motivational Influencers on YouTube

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“Often when I struggle with motivation, I use the power of the pendulum. I set myself small tasks in specific, small time increments. Getting the first few completions triggers good feelings that make me want more. Set up three or four ten-minute tasks and drive for the finish.”- Kevin Daum
(Multimedia Strategist and Best-selling Author)

This quote sums up the importance of motivational influencers on social media. They associate and empathise with us, and inspire us to become the best version of ourselves. Life is a rollercoaster with many ups and downs and twists and turns. This is what makes it interesting. Sometimes while we are down, we cannot get ourselves to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We need someone else to hold our proverbial hand and guide us out of the darkness. This is where the motivational influencers come into play. Their talks motivate us to keep working through difficult times. There’s no dearth of such figures who have huge followings in today’s world.

These are some of the top Indian motivational influencers on YouTube whose content have helped us see the light:

Sandeep Maheshwari has stumbled hundreds of times in his life, but he didn’t let that deter him. He emerged stronger each time. It’s his never-say-die spirit that has placed him where he is today- recognized by millions and conducting live and online motivational talks and workshops. He has even started a podcast where he answers questions he’s been asked about the mysteries of life and what to do when one feels disheartened. 

Sandeep answers the often asked question- the battle between the mind and heart. Whom should you listen to and follow? When asked how to handle being hurt by others, he offers a few insightful tips on it. Belief plays a significant role in shaping your reality. If you believe in something, then it transitions into your reality. In his own words, “Your reality is a reflection of your belief.” This is such a thought-provoking idea. What you believe in becomes your reality. Did you know that in our country, every hour, a student somewhere commits suicide? Why? Because they were forced to follow their parent’s dreams rather than their own. His story, Golden Fruit, sensitively points out the importance of encouraging kids to follow their dreams without burdening them with their parent’s wishes.

A massive list of achievements accompanying his name, Dr Vivek Bindra, won several awards and honours for his outstanding work across the globe. He has conducted seminars on leadership development and achieving their business goals. He is a truly inspirational business coach helping millions convert their dreams into reality.

This Indian motivational influencer on YouTube has a playlist solely dedicated to how one can control their mind and handle emotions. Dr Vivek emphasizes how emotional experience aids in achieving your objectives as it consists of a dream, feelings, and visualization, which gives you a push towards your goals. It’s very beautifully explained in the video. He has also conducted numerous shows to motivate students. He reveals the secret behind Sachin Tendulkar achieving the status of God of Cricket. He has developed a case study on Ajit Doval, the Indian super spy. All these and more help motivate us to aim for the stars!

With an impressive experience of 21 years of influencing lives, Sonu Sharma is one of India’s top motivational speakers on YouTube. Being the founder and CEO of Dynamic Group India, Sonu Sharma is the youngest motivational speaker.

Sonu has hosted more than 3700+ events in more than 22 countries. This Indian motivational speaker makes use of real-life simple examples, to enlighten his audience. Sonu has impacted over 4 Million lives through his motivational videos, books, and courses. He talks about all things success. He talks about the importance of discipline in one’s life, encourages you to stay updated and to become the best version of yourself. 

Sonu is on the mission to transform lives, with one video at a time.

An urge to inspire others and guide them in their journey towards becoming a better version of themselves both in business and life led Himeesh to enter the world of motivational speaking. He has aided over 100k people from various high-profile organizations in our country. His easy manner and charming personality reel his audience, who take away several important lessons from his talks and workshops.

We are going through some of the most challenging and darkest times, which have made many of us feel demotivated and distressed. So how do we stay motivated and keep putting one foot in front of the other? How do we keep going on every day? This Indian motivational influencer counsels us on this through an uplifting video. He reminds us not to lose our faith but to become more brutal and face the situation head-on. We must remember to follow safety protocols to stop the further spread of the virus. We need to be mentally strong to reach great heights. We know this but are often unsure of how to become mentally strong. Himesh mentions 5 things that will aid us in this arduous task. 

Leaving behind a lucrative career in the dental care industry, Dr Ujjwal Patni decided to spend his efforts on inspiring others to achieve their ambitions. He is a motivational speaker and a business coach who wishes to turn our millions of compatriots into great thinkers and reformers. That is his vision- put our name on the world map.

To be successful in life and business, we need others to trust us, our products, or our services. Without this trust, we cannot go far. So how do we earn their trust? Dr Ujjwal answers this burning question. Before sharing 4 strategies, this motivational YouTuber asks us questions that make us think and understand what he’s leading up to. We have all taken much gyaan, but it’s of no use if not implemented. This motivational influencer came up with the LEAP Challenge, which he says if you complete it, your life will change in just 4 days. Wish to know more about this intriguing challenge? Head on over to his channel for the details.

An ex-IES officer, Sagar Dodeja, is on a mission to motivate the youth of our country to help them access a higher quality of life. India being a dominant youth country, they are the future. If guided in the right direction, they can turn us into a developed nation. 

This Indian motivational influencer has designed a Not-To-Do List that consists of, you guessed it, things that you must not do no matter what. Following this list will ensure you lead a changed and improved life. We are often given To-Do Lists, never a Not-To-Do List! Give it a try. Who knows, your life might change. Whenever you feel like a failure or when things don’t seem to go your way, don’t lose hope. Repeat this mantra, “It’s Not Over Until I Win.” Keep chanting it in your head, and you will start believing it. This will give you the strength to fight back, and ultimately you will win. You won’t realize what’s your true power until you haven’t faced your greatest weakness. 

Students have often banged their heads against their desks when they feel overwhelmed when they see the amount of syllabus you have yet to finish studying or get tempted by the myriad of distractions around you. How does one motivate themselves to continue learning? CIVIL BEINGS has all the answers. He has even developed a free app to help students better manage their studies. 

Working in the hospitality industry, Simerjeet learned several lessons that he realized could be beneficial to others. He could use them to motivate and uplift them to a superior life. After spending nearly a decade travelling the world for his job, he quit beginning his journey as a motivational speaker. He has been featured among the top 10 motivational speakers in India.

Simerjeet held an hour-long conversation with Marissa Peer, Britain’s famous therapist, on how to use their thoughts to master self-confidence. It was filled with numerous riveting points that forced you to realize the power of your thoughts. Very succinctly, we are instructed that we need to go through hardships to grow. He uses the example of an indoor plant for this particular lesson of how it has to go through different seasons to develop—a fascinating point of view. There are days when we feel low, which leads to a lack of motivation. Simerjeet shares 6 tips to help us get out of the slump. He has transformed the lives of students and CEOs alike to help them achieve tremendous success.

Sneh Desai has conducted live stage programs with over 200k audiences in a career spanning two decades. He started at the tender age of 9 and became a Microsoft Certified Professional at 12! He firmly believes that just talking never makes a difference. You must act upon the advice you have received to change your life. He has trained over 1k motivational trainers and has been awarded the “Bharat Nirman Award” for his efforts in this field.

What differentiates the super achievers from us, seeing they have the same 24hrs? The difference lies in how they utilize those 24hrs that makes them a class apart. Their habits and daily routine have turned them into inspirational figures. In these challenging times, how does one stay positive? Laziness is the killer of productivity. How do we overcome this bad habit? We know someone who has been tested COVID+ve. Sneh’s video on staying positive during COVID+ve helps us tackle this draining and deadly virus. He mentions that 90% of the diseases result from neurotoxic effects, with just 10% being due to physical issues.

Priya has authored 13 best-selling inspirational books and is the only Indian to have won 42 international awards. She has partnered with over 2k MNCs across nearly 50 countries and inspired over 3 mn with her books and talks. 

We all face ups and downs in our lives. How we handle both the good and bad times defines our personality. Priya reminds us to take both with grace and gratitude. Our future is shaped based on our present. Our current activities determine how our future turns out. Don’t be afraid of it. Plan and execute your goals, so you step into a brighter future. Working from home, our interactions have become dependent on online meetings and emails. Sometimes we face negativity, and instead of letting it simmer, we must sort it out. Seeing as face-to-face interaction is out of the question, Priya suggests you talk it out with your colleague. Don’t let the matter go, as it might escalate later on. 

It’s no surprise that she has been accorded as one of India’s best motivational authors. You have to watch her videos to know that she’s brilliant at it!

Shiv Khera s an Indian author, a motivational speaker, and an activist. Well-known for his international bestseller book ‘You Can Win’; this Indian motivational influencer has a lot of subscribers to his YouTube channel. 

Shiv Khera has authored 15 books and also helps businesses with business coaching. On his YouTube channel, Shiv Khera inspires his audience with tips to succeed at various fronts in life, talks about the importance of a positive mindset and self-esteem in one’s life. 

His programs on leadership, motivation, and values have inspired millions of lives. Believing in the fact that “winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”, Shiv Khera is one of the best Indian motivational influencers on YouTube.

YouTube is an excellent medium for spreading awareness about a brand and its offerings. Influencers on this platform are highly influential as their followers are more likely to watch their content and base their purchase decisions on their opinions. Tying up with such influencers is a win-win for both brands and influencers and could go a long way in capturing the target audience.

We, at Confluencr, have got ourselves a team of top Indian motivational influencers on YouTube who would be happy to help you. Achieve your business goals by benefiting from our YouTube influencer marketing services. We ensure that the influencer you are matched up with is perfect for you. If you wish to talk with us more about these influencers, drop us an email at [email protected].

As per Studies -

India comes 2nd after the US in terms of YouTube visitors.

There is a 50% less likely chance of viewers skipping an ad on YouTube.

YouTube videos with an influencer have 3x more viewership. 

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