Top 10 Indian education influencers on LinkedIn

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A social media influencer with a strong-hold independent reputation has expertise in a particular niche and enjoys the power of influence over their audience. Teachers, education devotees, former teachers who have transitioned into careers as professional social media content providers, and edtech specialists are some instances of educators who have an impact on social media. Influencers in the education field speak with authority and may greatly benefit from an educational campaign directed at parents or kids. Brands wishing to partner with a knowledgeable instructor or a household name should research the best education influencers to drive profitable returns. 

Influencers in education on social media honestly interact with other educators and provide material for their followers in many areas of education. Many of the time, they target other educators who play similar roles in their material. Identification is essential for your objectives, and comprehend what you hope to achieve by engaging with influencers. Although they shouldn’t be considered a means of increasing sales, influencers may help spread the word about your goods and services, which may lead to increased sales. Being an influencer marketing company for the education and career sectors, we recognise the influencers’ potential and have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 Indian education influencers on LinkedIn.

Top 10 Indian education influencers on LinkedIn

Indians are generally frugal people, but when it comes to schooling and weddings, they unabashedly overspend. Serial entrepreneur Ronnie Screwvala is a strong advocate for the underprivileged. The largest online learning platform in India, upGrad, was co-founded by Ronnie, who also serves as its chairman. He is a well-known figure in India and a prolific entrepreneur, producer, and novelist. Ronnie and his wife started the Swades Foundation, a group that fights for the underprivileged and works to strengthen rural areas. He has identified a niche in education that has not yet been looked at in India as a potential economic opportunity. However, this time around, lenders could limit their generosity to those well-positioned to repay their loans. Ronnie discusses how personal and education loans have helped individuals get through good times. He is now, with a bang, back in the startup business, aiming to upskill working professionals.

One of India’s top ed-tech influencers on LinkedIn is passionate educator Divya Gokulnath. Gokulnath, the co-founder of Byju’s, the most valuable edtech company in the world, is an instructor interested in developing and modernising new teaching methods. She has received recognition as one of LinkedIn’s Top 25 Voices for 2019 and 2020. She is a “teacher by passion and choice” and writes on the future of education and the underrepresentation of women in STEM disciplines. She also uses her experiences to discuss cooperative parenting and at-home learning for children.

The foremost expert on private wealth in India is Hansi Mehrotra. Hansi is the founder of  Money Management India and also serves as editor. She is a top specialist who offers financial material on investments, personal finance, and private wealth management through her digital platforms. She has over 20 years of experience as an investment counselor. Financial services specialist Mehrotra, a 2020 LinkedIn Top Voice, now operates a blog that tries to make investing easier for regular people. She publishes bite-sized movies on personal finance, including more advanced issues like term sheets and shareholder agreements, as well as more general themes like mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. In addition, Mehrotra offers personal experiences on essential topics such as financial security and mental health.

Shreya offers marketing and personal branding assistance to entrepreneurs and business coaches. In the area of technology, she supports entrepreneurs and students. Along with being a prolific ebook writer, she is also a ghostwriter and content creator. This Indian education and career influencer on LinkedIn started organising parties and making cupcakes on demand after pairing her passion for event management with her baking talents. Along with photography and videography, she also enjoys drawing, badminton, singing, and playing the guitar. She entered the workforce at the age of 17 and worked alongside and learned from incredible Industry gurus. She now advises and teaches experienced workers as well as those just starting in their professions.

Komal is a freelancer that writes long-form material about marketing and eCommerce for B2B SaaS companies. She also writes blogs and creates material. This LinkedIn education and business influencer in India,  based in Delhi, uses social media to instruct and direct individuals in the field of public media. She is informed about what it takes to produce content that will cause readers to stop scrolling, give a meaningful takeaway, and persuade them to sign up for services. She emphasizes developing data-driven, practical long-form writing for the sales, marketing, and eCommerce sectors. She frequently reads content, writes about it, or speaks on marketing and content development!

Aditya Thota is a software engineer. Thota enjoys telling stories, as his articles demonstrate. His interests include soft skills, disruptive technologies, resume building, career, and education, and he frequently incorporates personal tales into his work to make it more relevant. What sources does he use for inspiration? Daily activities, current events, and projects he is working on.

This talented education influencer in India is the Founder of Tech Whisperer Ltd., UK; former CDO of Mahindra, Microsoft, and TAS; author of The Tech Whisperer; Cambridge University graduate in ethics and AI; advisor to Findability Sciences; Cambridge, Gurgaon. With Jaspreet Bindra, one of India’s leading experts on digital technologies in artificial intelligence, blockchain, web 3, and the future of work, you can create your digital transformation path. His bestseller on Amazon and Kindle, “The Tech Whisperer: On Digital Transformation and The Technologies That Enable It,” has quickly become a standard reference work in this field. In the past, he has held leadership positions in digital transformation with Mahindra, Microsoft, and eBay India. Additionally, he is a member of Hughes Hall College and is pursuing a Master’s in AI, Ethics, and Society at Cambridge University through the Leverhulme Centre for Future of Intelligence.

In India, RL Narayanan is the top IT educator. A thinking leader interested in the evolution of education, healthcare, and the economy in fostering collaboration, Narayanan is the vice-chairman of CIIEE. Through cooperation and innovation in the fields of education and technology, he promotes economic growth and changes and affects human existence in a way that has never been done before. He helps businesses with a focus on innovation and social good. He is a performance hacker for issues ranging from those facing individual leaders to those facing whole businesses. RL Narayanan has held leadership roles for more than 20 years in several industries, including consulting, education, financial services, healthcare, and wealth management, and as an adviser to international and domestic organisations, pension funds, banks, and insurance companies. His goal is to advance economic prosperity via cooperation and technological and educational innovation.

A pioneer of India’s digital growth is Tanya K. Mehra. The director of the India Blockchain Alliance is one of the top Indian education influencers on LinkedIn. She manages all liaison, marketing, advertising, positioning, and promotional operations to disrupt India’s digital transformation via STEM Education and Blockchain. She has a marketing degree and closes to ten years of experience. She develops a broad marketing management approach for our assortment of goods and services across India, including but not limited to strategy and planning, offering management, program management, and channel enablement. Tanya has expertise in managing several fundraising campaigns, event planning, marketing, and cultivating connections with the community, significant contributors, trustees, and management of school boards, government organisations, and corporations. She organises and executes all marketing mix components while selecting the best partners across all geographies.

Entrepreneur and educator Abhay K. Jain is a creative content creator on LinkedIn. Abhay serves as the chairman and managing director of Virtual Voyage, an organisation that provides students with a platform to improve their overall educational experience by utilising several extracurricular programs, facilities, services, and activities. He aspires, through his institution, to update the educational system to provide room for fresh ideas that will benefit society. He started his training and education path in 1999. As an advocate for education, he s driven to alter the status quo, provide space for fresh ideas, and significantly advance society by producing skilled workers.


By establishing connections with influential educators, it is possible to create brand ambassadors who may directly influence your target audience. Whether you want to increase brand exposure, connect with a new audience, obtain more social media followers, or increase engagement on your social media platforms, an influencer marketing campaign may help you accomplish each of your goals. Contacting influencers is a great way to get honest reviews of your products or services that you can use to make enhancements.

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realise the immense potential of these education influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients collaborate with these global social media influencers. We have curated a network of leading Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter influencers across India and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience at the right time and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer corporations and how they help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected], and we shall get back to you!

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