Top 10 Indian education influencers on Instagram

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Instagram users who have an impact on education go beyond only those working in technical or degree-granting fields. There are several forms of education. In the end, it all boils down to learning. Instagram contains a wide range of influencers, including those who are professionals in the fields of art, money, and job, who could aid you in learning in ways that are advantageous to you. Nowadays, it’s easy to embrace the idea of utilising Instagram as a classroom. Instagram’s growth as a platform for education has helped users search for academic help or students using the app. Still, it has also given subject matter experts or influencers the chance to monetise their content. And to help you connect with some of the best creators in the education niche here’s a comprehensive list of the top 10 Indian education and career influencers to follow on Instagram.

Top 10 Indian education influencers on Instagram

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a well-known business coach, motivational speaker, and leadership consultant on a global scale. To meet the demands of Indian entrepreneurs, Bada Business has introduced the world’s most affordable, accessible, and available course on the “Business Coaching Program” in Hindi. Additionally, Bada Business has introduced problem-solving courses in Hindi that seek to address the pressing issues facing entrepreneurs in their industry (Finance, Lead Generation, ERP, Digital Marketing, How to start a Startup, etc.) Every course offered by Bada Business is created by business leaders who have developed billion-dollar companies. Dr. Vivek Bindra has been recognised and crowned with many prestigious awards, including The Game Changer of the Year 2019 by Economic Times, Educational Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019, Best Leadership Trainer in Asia by the World HRD Congress, and many more.

Influencers and content providers are everywhere on social media. However, very few people accept responsibility for the material they deliver to their audience. Niyati Mavinkurve and Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha, also known as Abhi and Niyu, are two of the few of them. They were recognised as one of Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 in 2021.  

To share inspiring, uplifting stories from throughout the nation, the pair launched their page in 2019. Additionally, they explain complex issues in terms that millennials can understand, and they cover a variety of subjects, including history, the environment, sustainability, policy debates, social commentary, economics, and personal finance, among others.

Dhruv Rathee’s goals include education, learning, and awareness. His area of expertise is creating instructional and enlightening material that offers impartial, succinct, and spelled-out explanations of challenging concepts on various topics. He works with businesses and startups to produce instructional and marketing films. Learn about the things that matter to you in life and discover how you can improve the world for both you and everyone else.

Since the epidemic struck, Nidhi Nagori has been guiding the development of practical literacy on social media platforms, while textbooks have taken a backseat. Nidhi, an Indian presently residing in Canada, is employed at Lincoln Electronic as a senior internal auditor. Nidhi provides the “practicality” necessary to guide oneself through one’s academic, financial, or professional path. Anything that our textbooks have been missing. She discusses obtaining scholarships overseas, nations that offer free international education, certificate programs from reputable institutions that give extensive instruction, and many other topics.

Aman Dhattarwal is an Indian educator, speaker, influencer, and career counselor. He publishes motivational and educational films, which have gained him notoriety. This Indian education influencer uploads cover a wide range of educational topics, such as JEE and other competitive exams, as well as material for grades 12 and higher. Even though he holds a Btech in IT from NSIT, he also founded Apni Kaksha and serves as the CEO of Hustlers Bay. He has also delivered a talk at the TEDx Talks. He excels as a teacher for the Unacademy learning program.

Mehar Sindhu Batra is a Chartered Accountant with a degree from Imperial College, London, and she also has an MBA. Her side business, MSB Vision, an Instagram page offering career-related information, including interview/CV suggestions, brand building, and effective communication, was inspired by her passion for social media. Your career will grow and advance thanks to her insightful and interesting articles. Mehar uses her Instagram feed to educate her followers about her company, MSB Vision while guiding them through various career stages.

Entrepreneur and social media influencer Himanshi Singh attempts to inspire millions of young people today. This Indian education influencer’s greatest strength as a teacher is her ability to communicate clearly and in a manner that is understandable to everybody

Singh also imparts live instruction in addition to producing videos on CTET and STET preparation. Himanshi is the best illustration of women’s emancipation in the modern era since she achieved financial independence at a young age.

You only need the greatest guidance for life-altering things like an MBA, scholarships, and international education. Education is a passion for Murrad Beigh. By watching this Indian education influencer’s content, you can gain the insight you need for your academic future. Murrad Beigh is a co-founder of the e-learning company FinLadder. He works as an Instagram influencer and makes compelling videos with educational annotations. You can follow Murrad if facts on education, studying abroad, finances, and investments interest you.

A well-known entrepreneur, author, and content creator are Varun Mayya. He is the CEO and co-founder of Scenes. He is also referred to as India’s first-ever education influencer for creating material on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms to engage with students and aspiring business owners. At the Influencer Summit & Awards 2021, Varun got the Best Education Influencer Award from Entrepreneur India. Varun has been posting content on his Instagram profile on virtual reality, gaming, business, and education. He has also been offering guidance to young people about careers.

Follow this Indian education influencer on Instagram to learn all about the procedure if you’ve always wanted to study and live in Canada. You may find whatever information you need, from admission to obtaining your PR. Sandy is an IT expert who is now employed by one of Canada’s leading MNCs. She has gone a long way since arriving in Canada as an international student, independently obtaining her permanent residence and working at prestigious colleges and the top telecom and IT firms in the world. According to Sandy, building a profession isn’t a choice; rather, it’s the result of a succession of choices you’ve made throughout your schooling and working life. Sandy utilises her expertise to help people choose the proper job for them and to aid newcomers in settling in Canada. Her goal is to help individuals follow their aspirations and discover more profound fulfillment and pleasure in their job and career choices.


Is it a goal of your company to influence children’s lives positively? Collaborate with some of India’s leading education influencers to increase the visibility of your projects. These educational influencers are a must in your awareness efforts due to their extensive knowledge bases, which make them the go-to source for all the most current trends. Meet our diverse group of top educational influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites who post about educational trends, money-saving advice, and an in-depth understanding of topics that textbooks don’t address. Education influencers could prove to be a valuable asset to your company because they have a large following that is also your target market.

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