Top 10 Business Influencers In India

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“Customers are becoming more aware of the authenticity of businesses and brands they spend money on and want to spend in socially conscious places.”- Stephanie Wells
(Formidable Form)

Given the rise of digital spaces, consumers have all the information available at their fingertips and have grown more cautious about brands and businesses on which they spend their hard-earned money. Brands thus, have to work extra hard to stand out in the competitive market and need to reach out to their audience in the most genuine way possible. They constantly engage with their followers, and people can relate to them. Audiences find it easier to connect to them because influencers are consistent in regular and direct communication with their followers. Influencers also introduce the latest trends to their followers and are considered to be more genuine than paid celebrities. Hence, the audience trusts their recommendations more than advertisements. Since more people are inclined towards social media spaces and influencers are the popular choice among the young generation, brands are relying on them for endorsements and sponsorships. Brands are on the constant lookout for fresh faces to promote their services and products and we at Confluencr, help brands in leveraging their influencer marketing strategies.

Hence, a lot of influencers have emerged as the most-followed people on social media spaces and all of them belong to different niches or industries. 

The following list is about the top Business Influencers In India, in 2024.

Top 10 Business Influencers In India:

This Indian business influencer is a complete package. He is a social media entrepreneur and a YouTuber. He is also a renowned motivational speaker and leadership coach. Additionally, Ranveer hosts India’s Top podcast- “The Ranveer Show” in both English and Hindi. Ranveer owns a famous company named BeerBiceps Pvt Ltd, which is known for creating content on self-improvement in various formats.

Ranveer’s journey began in 2015 after he graduated from an engineering college. He started a YouTube channel that was intended to be a tool to market his fitness startup. However, after realizing how effective digital content can be, he soon embarked on a different journey. Beer Biceps now creates content ranging from men’s grooming to entrepreneurship. Later, Ranveer collaborated with Viraj Sheth (his junior from College) to create Mock Entertainment which soon became a talent management company and a branding and marketing agency. 

Currently, Ranveer Allahbadia has a lot of followers. He has also started creating content in regional languages on his channel on YouTube.


Known as the “First Indian Hijabi Influencer” Ramsha started her YouTube career as a beauty and lifestyle vlogger to express herself. But later realised the potential of using her social media platform for better reasons. Since then, she has been using her platform to make a change, to empower women and to encourage them to be independent

Ramsha started her YouTube channel in 2017 but rose to fame through her Ramzan series, which resonated with followers everywhere. Her YouTube subscriber has reached a number of over a Million subscribers, with an average viewership of over 150K views per video. 

Ramsha believes that “Freedom for a woman does not mean less clothing, women have a choice of wearing whatever they want!” and has been speaking about the misconception of religious beliefs. Through her social media across the platforms, she has been bringing awareness to women’s health and uses the platform to spread knowledge

An Entrepreneur, Influencer and an unfathomable Optimist who dedicated his time to working with some of the Fortune 500 Companies and have been fortunate to work, collaborate and be on board with Startups, Thought Leaders, Artists and Visionaries and help them in escalating their Personal as well as Business Success.

This Business influencer quit his 9-5 and to become a Serial Entrepreneur and Award Winning Life Coach and follow his passion. Munish through his masterclasses and wisdom-filled content ranging from entrepreneurial business inspiration to mindfulness and mindset development content has become the voice of his audience.
Munish has garnered a following of humongous amount of followers on his Instagram. Whereas, his posts have an average estimated reach of 49K per post.

Nandan Nilekani is an Indian entrepreneur and is one of the founders of ‘Infosys’– a renowned Indian IT company. What attracts people to this business influencer is that he hails from a middle-class background and has achieved great heights of success, all with his merit.

After observing his father’s frequent job transfers to various relocations in the counter, Nandan aspired to become an independent entrepreneur. Giving back to society is an important part of his personality and he continues to generously donate to various causes like healthcare and education for the underdeveloped sections of society. He uses his social media presence to discuss issues concerning business and technology. At the same time, he often tweets about eco-friendliness, health, education and many more.

He has more than 2.5 million followers on Twitter and continues to influence the views of the young generation who aspire to become successful businessmen.

Viraj Sheth is a young entrepreneur and business influencer on Instagram. He Partnered and Co-founded Monk Entertainment in 2018 with Ranveer Allahbadia. His organisation manages the social media profiles of various well-known influencers, including Flying Beast, Ranveer Allahbadia, and others. They have collaborated with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Priyanka Chopra, the Mumbai Indians, the NBA India, Alia Bhatt, Flipkart, and others on different initiatives. 

Owing to his entrepreneurial talents, he has gathered a large following of followers. And has an engagement rate of about 7.5%.

 He has received various awards for his contribution to the sector, and he was named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia. And is an investor in companies like BimaPe, Akudo, Indyfin, Deciml, Rooter, STAGE, HYPD and SuperCluster while mentoring and building a brand name more multiple content creators across the country.

Vivek Bindra is the Founder and CEO of Bada Business Pvt. Ltd is an ed-tech company that has been started to empower Indian Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Wannapreneurs who wish to transform their business ventures and careers. He is a renowned motivational speaker and a business coach who has launched the most affordable “Business Coaching Program” in Hindi to help Indian Entrepreneurs.

Through Bada Business, Vivek Bindra has also launched Problem-Solving Courses in Hindi that aim to help Entrepreneurs deal with specific business issues Finance, Lead Generation, ERP, Digital Marketing, issues concerning beginning a Startup, and many more.

Dr Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel is the World’s No. 1 Most Subscribed YouTube Channel in the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development niche. With over a million followers on Instagram and loyal subscribers on YouTube, Vivek Bindra has a global viewership.

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur and, angel investor based in India. He is also a famous motivational public speaker. Ankur founded in 2015 and held his position as the CEO till 2019. Before that, he began the Groupon India business in 2011 and until 2015 was the APAC GM, of the company. While he was the CEO of, a brand named “Warikoo” was started which was purposed to cater to the needs of potential talent. 

As Ankur was passionate about public spreading, he volunteered to record a video for the brand with the title, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no!” Since then, the brand has evolved into a better platform and is present across all the major social media platforms. 

The brand primarily focuses on video content and helps people to make choices out of awareness. Ankur Warikoo has a loyal following on Instagram, and his brand ‘Warikoo’ has gained a lot of subscribers on YouTube. He continues to make interesting video content revolving around investments, businesses and entrepreneurship.

Dilawar Singh is a renowned personality for Forex trading, creative undertakings, and cryptocurrency vending. Dilawar is an entrepreneur who worked hard to build his trademark company Omega Pro which is changing the future of forex trading.

What makes this business influencer in India unique is that he is constantly on the lookout for ideas and strategies concerning what a company or an organization can offer to a prospect, subordinate, or consumer. Dilawar Singh is known for his consistent quest for advancements in business. Hence, his priority has always been to ensure that the customer has a seamless expert experience while doing business. With the advancements in technology, Dilawar Singh has given importance to introducing trading platforms or applications that beginners and non-tech people can use. His organization is also planning to rope in a helping guide to aid customers in the technical aspects of trading online.

Dilawar Singh has followers on Instagram and is of great interest to people who are into businesses involving crypto and forex platforms.



Varun Mayya is the Founder and CEO of Avalon Labs. However, his journey started small. He holds an engineering degree from the Manipal Institute Of Technology. Varun first started a t-shirt manufacturing company SIZER while also working as a freelancer for companies in the US. In 2014, he founded Jobspire along with his friends Mohak Dhingra, Kartik Luke Singh, and Sandesh Kini. Jobspire was a recruitment company that was funded by venture capitalists and raised an investment of $262000. It was acquired by JustCode. He started Avalon Labs, a start-up that makes investments for early-stage tech startups.

He is now a digital content creator, and through his YouTube channel, he has been making content on topics like business, education, virtual reality, gaming and has also been giving career advice to youngsters. This Indian business influencer is an inspiration to the young generation who wish to make a future in the Business sector.

Raj Shamani is an entrepreneur and is also the founder of Shamani Industries, which manufactures and contracts a wide range of kitchen care and laundry detergents. However, Raj Shammi has evolved into to brand unto himself

At just 23 years of age, he has been the youngest Indian business influencer to speak at the United Nations Assembly in Vienna. He has also given several keynote speeches and TEDx Talks in countries across the world. Shamani talks about the journey involved in becoming an entrepreneur and he also actively describes the successes and failures while trying to establish a business. His Instagram is rich with conversations and content involving millennials who want to establish a business structure for themselves.

Raj Shamani started his journey as a speaker at the age of 16. He currently has a huge follower base on Instagram and has a YouTube channel. He has collaborated with several brands and platforms like Jaguar, Land Rover, TCS, Reliance and Forbes.

At a fundamental level, influencer marketing is successful because it has the highest amount of reliability and trust that the social media influencers and experts have built with their followers. Their recommendations are a form of social proof to your brand when you collaborate with them, for promotions or endorsements. The Covid-10 lockdown has increased social media usage and hence audiences are now preferring more relevant and authentic content. You can also read about Top business influencers on YouTube.

Research says that 70% of teenagers trust influencer recommendations more than traditional marketing techniques. 

So, as an Instagram influencer marketing company, we at Confluencr help a brand’s product or service to reach the target audience more topically and mindfully with the help of the right choice of influencers. Do you want to start an influencer campaign for your brand? Are you in search of an ideal Influencer to tell your brands’ story? Confluencr is a leading and distinguished marketing company based in India that has aided a huge network of brands to collaborate with ideal influencers. We have a 15000+ influencer network in 16 countries, and we have curated 500+ creative brand campaigns for 200+ brands. Reach a wide network of a global audience with our customized marketing campaigns. Get in touch with us at  [email protected] to learn more.

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