Top 10 Indian Business Influencers On LinkedIn

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From career advice to personal development, rest assured that the list below has a little bit of everything for everyone. What differentiates the career influencers in the list from LinkedIn gurus is their passion. You might have noticed that most LinkedIn gurus provide the same old advice on the importance of being happy, with just a little bit of humble-brag mixed in.

Business influencers are worth their salt meanwhile acknowledging that life is not all sunshine and rainbows. They’re more than just a fad and deliver genuine value to their followers through insightful content and actionable advice. In most cases, they’re speaking from experience when they’re talking about their pitfalls. Here’s our pick on the top 10 Indian business influencers to follow on LinkedIn.

Top 10 LinkedIn Business Influencers In India:

Warikoo is a serial entrepreneur, a bestselling author, an online educator, and a content creator.

Ankur Warikoo is an Internet entrepreneur based out of India and is one of India’s top content creators. He is also a bestselling author and conducts courses online as an educator. In his spare time, Warikoo loves to mentor entrepreneurs and act as an angel investor.

Presently, Warikoo splits his time as a content creator, an online educator (where he conducts courses on entrepreneurship, career management, and personal growth. Over 150,000+ students have attended his courses so far) and as a mentor/investor to startups, he loves spending time with first-time entrepreneurs hoping he can help them not make the same mistakes he made when he started up.

He is also a bestselling author. His first book “DO EPIC SHIT” was released in 2021 and hit #1 in India on the Nielsen bestsellers list.

Harjeet is a leading figure in human resources as well as a poet, speaker, author, inventor, and influencer. He also goes by the name RK Laxman of Business.

For huge multinational corporations in many different countries, including India, the US, and Canada, Harjeet has set up several green field initiatives and managed HR software. Harjeet has expertise in a variety of business houses, including Tata, Reliance, and Piramal, as well as in the industries of automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, alternative energy, IT-ITES, telecom, digital, healthcare, and retail. He is presently Reliance Jio’s vice president of human resources.

Nothing About Business’, written by Harjeet, is a best-selling book on Amazon. In addition, Harjeet has had publications in ‘Touched by Poetry’ and ‘Chicken Soup for an IITan Soul’. His writing has appeared in prestigious publications including IT Next, People Matters, Business Manager, Insights plus,, Human Factor, The Indian Economist, and Human Capital

He contributes two columns: “The H in HR” for Human Capital and “Alag Hai” for People Excellence Magazine.

Speaking on a range of subjects, including HR, Leadership, Technology, Economics, and Entrepreneurship, Harjeet is a TEDx speaker and one of the top 10 Indian business influencers on LinkedIn.

Smriti Tomar discusses fintech, startups, stack finance, and businesses. Smriti, the founder, and CEO of Stack, wants to assist Indian millennials to save for their future objectives by making investing accessible and inexpensive to them. The Vanguard for India is Stack. Stack helps millennials stop squandering money and start making smarter financial decisions by automating sales, investments, and financial planning.

She was a data analyst at EXL Services before starting her business, with a concentration on the international finance and banking sector, notably Citibank Latin America. Smriti had previously worked for Appointy Software Inc., a SaaS-based B2B startup that offers a booking platform for all professionals dispersed throughout 110 countries, before joining EXL.

She is passionate and excellent at three things, each of which strengthens the others: marketing and product management, starting a firm that raises awareness of making financial services accessible to and personalised in women’s business success.

She loves to speak in front of crowds and frequently produces material on topics like inspiration, internet usage, and an entrepreneurial attitude.

Fintech, marketing, product management, public speaking, and content development are some of this Indian business influencer’s areas of expertise.

Ranveer Allahbadia is a social media entrepreneur, YouTuber, motivational speaker, leadership coach, and soon-to-be author. Along with that, a podcast host who runs India’s TOP Podcast – “The Ranveer Show” both in English & Hindi.

Currently, he has founded BeerBiceps Pvt Ltd, a company that creates self-improvement content in various formats.

While the BeerBiceps team was building out self-improvement content for Indian & International audiences, Ranveer teamed up with Viraj Sheth (a junior of his from engineering college), to create Monk Entertainment. What began as a talent management company, quickly began to work as a branding and content marketing agency.

Today, Monk Entertainment is an 80+ member organisation that is a one-stop solution for digital marketing and talent management. Known to be one of the Top Media Companies in the space.

She is named “ImageCoachShivani” on Instagram as an influencer.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For passion will lead you right into purpose” – this is all my professional experience is about; says Shivani.

People often ask her, “Why did you leave the medical profession, even after doing your Master’s? What led you to choose to be a soft skill and communication trainer?”

Here goes her reply, “I am still a doctor, doctor of confidence, doctor of self-image, doctor of communication. I am glad to have chosen to be a doctor that helps people in the enhancement of their appearance, behaviour, etiquette, and communication, and make them confident, poised, and powerful like never before.”

Undoubtedly, with each piece of her content inspiring the youth, this Indian business influencer on LinkedIn is on the rise!

Entrepreneur, influencer, and YouTuber Pushkar Raj Thakur, is well-known for his videos on financial literacy, company growth, and other business-related topics. He has always been a voracious student, motivated, ambitious, and conscientious in his pursuit of a vocation. 

A self-made guy, Pushkar inspires young people to #GoSelfMade and achieve financial independence. He began his entrepreneurial path at an early age and has been successful ever since. Pushkar serves as a business coach and consultant, enhancing the expansion of companies. His business initiatives centre on a comprehensive strategy for motivating individuals by researching the industry, best practices, and more.

To help ambitious artists, companies, and audiences improve their digital marketing game and increase their overall social media presence and engagement, Pushkar is prepared to offer his experience, insights, and secrets at the Social Media Growth Conclave. It would be a mistake to pass up the chance to learn from the business, financial, and marketing wiz firsthand.

Vedika also known as the fourth square on her social media is an organic growth expert, lead generator, and content creator. She also knows subjects like social media marketing and has marketing experience. 

She also has her courses where you can book yourself with her one-on-one. The course is called crackthosesocials

This top Indian business influencer on LinkedIn also has a huge following on instagram and makes smaller snippets of valuable content there.

Unnati is based out of Noida. Her USP is the generate growth organically. When it comes to specializations, Unnati is an Organic growth specialist. 

She helps businesses with lead generation, social media branding and management, and personal branding. With her insightful content and also boasts a sizeable audience on other social media platforms.

She has her own website and also offers consultations for freelancing professionals, making it to the top of this list of top 10 Indian business influencers to follow on LinkedIn.

Having Decades worth of work experience across startups and large corporates in management consulting, customer insights, and growth strategy in the UK and India, Mehar Sindhu Batra is one of the finest business and career influencers in India. She has built her personal brand with the name, msbvision.

Her love for social media led her to launch her side-hustle, MSB Vision, in 2019. Now she is an entrepreneur living in London mentoring professionals through workshops, university talks, interviews, and courses on topics such as career strategy, interview/CV tips, brand building, and effective communication. She has mentored 5,000+ students and given talks at 20+ universities.

Aditya has been recognized as a Successful Young Entrepreneur and Achiever on various National and International platforms. 

He has been invited to speak and deliver guest lectures at 250+ institutions globally and has won many prestigious awards for his work. 

Some of the laurels this Indian business influencer has bagged include “The Parliamentary Award”, “Duke of Edinburgh International Award”, “Microsoft Top 15 Changemakers of India”, “REX Karamveer Chakra by United Nations”, “National Entrepreneurship Day – Young Entrepreneur of the Year – 2017”, “Indian Achiever Award 2020” and “Youngest Nominee for Padma Shri 2020.”

Currently, he is the CEO of Faad Network Pvt LTD. He shares all this knowledge on his Youtube for people to learn and grow from. He is also known as thefaadguy across his other social media platforms.


The business mindset has growing popularity amongst the youth today, especially in India. The influencers mentioned above are all great sources of valuable insights for those interested in running their business or learning about businesses. These are some of the serious in-business but fun-at-heart Indian Business Influencers that might be helping you with the growth of your business too. 

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