Top 10 Indian Business Influencers On Instagram

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With the growth of digital spaces, customers have access to all information at their fingertips and have become more aware of the brands and enterprises on which they spend their hard-earned money. As a result, brands must work extra hard to stand out in a competitive market and reach out to their target audience in the most genuine way possible. This is where influencer marketing comes into play. Audiences regard influencers as role models and follow their advice. Influencers, unlike celebrities, are not divorced from the public. People relate to them since they are continuously engaging with their fans. Audiences find it simpler to engage with influencers since they maintain a regular and direct connection with their followers. 

Business Influencers also share the current trends with their audience and are thought to be more authentic than paid superstars. As a result, the audience trusts influencer suggestions more than ads. These influencers create thought leadership on their social media handles and equip audiences with easy-to-follow business tips, and inspiration. Being India’s leading Instagram influencer marketing agency, we have curated a list of top 10 Indian business influencers who have been encouraging their followers and guiding them from time to time on their entrepreneurial journey.

Top 10 Indian Business Influencers On Instagram:

This Indian business influencer is a one-stop shop. He is a YouTuber and a Social Media Entrepreneur. In addition, he is a well-known motivational speaker and leadership coach. Ranveer also presents The Ranveer Show, India’s most popular podcast, in both English and Hindi. Ranveer runs a well-known firm called BeerBiceps Pvt Ltd, which is recognized for producing self-improvement content in a variety of media. 

Ranveer’s adventure began in 2015, following his graduation from an engineering institution. He launched a YouTube channel as a marketing tool for his fitness firm. However, after discovering the power of digital information, he soon went on a new path. Beer Biceps presently produces content on topics ranging from men’s grooming to entrepreneurship. 

Later, Ranveer teamed up with Viraj Sheth (his college junior) to form Mock Entertainment, which quickly grew into a talent management firm as well as a branding and marketing agency.

Ankur Warikoo is an Indian Entrepreneur and Angel investor. He’s also a well-known motivating public speaker. In 2015, Ankur launched and served as CEO till 2019. Before that, he founded Groupon India in 2011 and served as the company’s APAC GM until 2015. While he was the CEO of, he launched a brand called “warikoo” to meet the demands of prospective talent. 

Ankur offered to shoot a video for the brand with the headline “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no!” since he was enthusiastic about public dissemination. Since then, the brand has developed into a more robust platform, with a presence on all major social media platforms. 

The company primarily focuses on video content and assists customers in making informed decisions. He continues to create engaging video material about investing, enterprises, and entrepreneurship.

Munish Maya is the top entrepreneur, influencer, and life strategist around the globe. Through his social media profile, he continues to have an impact on his followers, clients, and a wide range of other individuals by using his business and life techniques as a life coach and motivator.

In Munish Maya’s view, maintaining mental stability is crucial to leading a healthy lifestyle. He is aware that changes are frequently damaging as well as beneficial. He advises individuals to be upbeat and see the positive side of those difficult situations. Nothing persists.

Munish is the voice of millennials and the Gen Z audience with his wisdom-filled material, which ranges from entrepreneurship business inspiration to mindfulness and mindset mastering skills. He has gone a long way from quitting his 9 to 5 corporate job to becoming a million-dollar global sensation.

When the term “influencer” was relatively unknown, he started using it. Despite the ups and downs in his career and personal life, he never gave up and kept looking forward so he could learn from the difficulties; this gave him a strong-willed mentality. Munish Maya began out and never looked back.

Raj Shamani is a business owner and the creator of Shamani Industries, which makes and contracts a wide variety of kitchen and laundry detergents. However, Raj Shammi has become a brand unto himself. 

He is the youngest Indian business influencer to speak at the United Nations Assembly in Vienna, at the age of 23. He has also delivered countless keynote addresses and TEDx Talks throughout the world. Shamani discusses the road required in becoming an entrepreneur, as well as the accomplishments and setbacks encountered when attempting to create a firm. 

His Instagram is full of interactions and information engaging millennials who aspire to start their businesses. Raj Shamani began his career as a speaker when he was 16 years old. He has worked with a variety of businesses and platforms, including Jaguar, Land Rover, TCS, Reliance, and Forbes.

Serial entrepreneur Jaymin Shah, an authority on digital marketing, is the head of the SocialGrid Media Group. With social media marketing tactics, he has assisted companies like SkillShare, Airtel, HPE, LINE, Dell Technologies, Automation Anywhere, and many more. 

He is a specialist in digital marketing and holds the view that each firm needs a unique approach to achieve its goals. Jaymin aspires to achieve excellence in his career and make a meaningful contribution to the online community.

Jaymin Shah, a rising star in the tech media industry and a young entrepreneur, has written extensively on startups and technology for the Huffington Post.

This Indian business influencer on Instagram is excited about working with startups on their operations, go-to-market, and overall strategy because he has experience launching successful firms. Jaymin aspires to creative excellence and wants to make a difference in the digital world.

Brands frequently ask Jaymin to events so that he may cover the offerings of their businesses. He is a creative person who is always coming up with new, original methods to deliver new concepts to his audience, and he is having a beneficial influence on the younger generation.

Ujjwal Gadhvi has done marketing MBA, is a qualified chartered accountant, an influencer, a content creator, a writer, a speaker at TEDx, and a certified coach. In the form of brief videos that give viewers something to ponder, he disseminates wisdom and motivation. He has also frequently entertained crowds when hosting events.

Ujjwal also has a YouTube channel where he posts vlogs about cognitive and behavioural characteristics that may affect us without our knowledge but that we can still change for the better.

He has extensive business experience, spanning 5 years. Before joining Welspun, Mumbai as a summer intern, he worked for Grant Thornton in Statutory Audit.

The goal of Ujjwal Gadhvi is to free individuals from their mental obstacles and assist them in becoming their best selves.

Ritesh Agarwal is the CEO of Oyo Rooms and the second-youngest Billionaire in India. As a member of a low-income family, he was a college dropout who founded Oravel Stays, a cheap lodging platform aimed at booking hotels at a low cost. This business influencer in India is a self-made billionaire. 

Ritesh Agarwal has also worked with several platforms to teach young people how to transform an idea into a billion-dollar business.

Kunal Shah is an Entrepreneur, Influencer, and the founder of FreeCharge, an online platform that can be used to recharge any prepaid mobile phone, postpaid mobile phone, DTH, or data card in India. He received an Arts degree from Wilson College in Mumbai and briefly pursued an MBA before quitting. 

Kunal began his career as a junior programmer at a startup that specialized in business process outsourcing. He launched his first firm, which offered cash-back promotions to shops. Paisaback was its name.

In 2010, he joined forces with Sandeep Tandon to launch FreeCharger, an online platform for recharging prepaid and postpaid data cards in India. By 2011, this business has been rated one of India’s most promising technology companies.

This business influencer is an angel investor who has made investments in 40-50 firms to assist emerging businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Varun MayyaFounder and CEO of Avalon Labs. His journey, however, began modestly. He graduated from Manipal Institute of Technology with a degree in engineering. Varun originally established SIZER, a t-shirt manufacturing firm, while simultaneously working as a freelancer for corporations in the United States. 

He co-founded Jobspire with his pals Mohak Dhingra, Kartik Luke Singh, and Sandesh Kini. He is currently a digital content developer, and through his YouTube channel, he has created a video on themes such as business, education, virtual reality, gaming, and career counselling for young people

This Indian business influencer serves as an inspiration to the next generation of business leaders. His noteworthy films are on company starts and how to run a fresh and young firm.

Viraj Sheth, a co-founder partner of Monk Entertainment. Right after graduating from college, Viraj started his entrepreneurial adventure with Ranveer Allahbadia, better known online as BeerBiceps.

He believes that businesspeople should associate with people they know personally or socially. He was named for  Entrepreneur India’s Bootstrapped Business of the Year.

Viraj Sheth has been making waves with his impressive forays into the digital content sector. Whether it’s mastering the influencer marketing field, selecting creative digital campaigns for sites like Instagram and YouTube, or modernizing the talent management sector’s established practices.

After Ranveer asked him to oversee the businesses that were contacted for influencer marketing, Viraj started his own business. In 2018, Monk Entertainment, a digital media firm, that specialises in delivering talent management, video production, social media management, and influencer marketing was created after spotting opportunities in the sector.

He is aware that for the influencer marketing industry to flourish, there must be a greater emphasis on empathy and connection.


Influencer marketing is successful on a fundamental level because of the high degree of dependability and trust that social media influencers and experts have developed with their following. When you engage with them for promotions or endorsements, their recommendations serve as social evidence for your business. Being a global business influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realize the immense potential of these global business influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients gain collaborations with these global business influencers. We have curated a network of leading business influencers across the globe and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time, and through the right set of influencers.

Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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