Top 9 Vastu, Tarot And Astro Accounts To Follow On Instagram

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Vaastu is a style of Indian architecture based on the book Vastu shastra. It is a system for constructing buildings. It is used to produce a pleasant feel for the building based on spiritual elements. Vastu dictates where structures should be built. It dictates how they should be designed and how to organize space inside the home. It even tells which direction the house should be built-in. This includes the placement of windows, doors, kitchen, living room, toilet, and parking. According to the latest study, nearly 93 per cent of home buyers prefer Vastu-compliant houses.

On the other hand, Tarot is a deck of cards often employed in card readings. Tarot card reading is a sort of cartomancy. In this, a practitioner utilizes tarot cards to foretell all aspects of one’s life. This includes their past, present, and future. The number of people who believe in the Tarot is growing. Tarot and other Psychic businesses have increased by 1.6 per cent in the United States alone.

In fact, many experts in this kind of practice are now serving people online. This is giving recognition to social media influencers in the niche of Vastu, tarot and astrology. Some of them have a considerable following. Followers trust these influencers with the content they create in this niche and are eager to learn more about these skills. We have skimmed through the pool of influencers to present you with the nine best influencers on Instagram in the tarot, Vastu shastra and astrology niche.

Top Nine Vastu/Tarot/Auto Accounts To Follow On Instagram:

Along with tarot card reading, this page also provides different services. Some include counselling, numerology, advice on love, money, health, and spell caster. This page also talks about reiki energy.

Many kinds of stuff for personal enhancement are sold through their websites. There are regular posts and updates by the account holder on the Instagram page. They own an online store named The Spells Shop.

As per the Insta bio, the tarot reader is also a healer and Vastu consultant.  The account holder is quite active on the page and posts regular free tarot card readings.

They also post feedback from their satisfied clientele which helps establish their credibility. The feed has many posts talking about remedies for various personal issues. However, for personalized service, one needs to take their paid consultation service.

Neharaja1111 is another popular Instagram account for tarot reading.  This is one of the accounts on our list that has a significant number of posts. The page is run by the name Miss.Godly Vibe. She’s a specialist in Astrology & Psychic abilities. Through this Instagram page, she provides services like Tarot consulting and holistic life coaching. The number of posts clearly shows this Tarro social media influencer is quite active on Instagram.

Switchwords_healing is another popular page on Instagram that serves tarot card reading. The account holder is a certified tarot card reader

They offer personal consultation services on contacting through the provided number in the bio. The account has a vast international follower base. The owner is also a switch word expert, numerologist, reiki healer, and crystal healer.

The account offers services to global clients. The Instagram page’s name is spiritual vibes. The page owner has a specialization in tarot card reading and spiritual healing. The account has post sharing about tarot card reading and reiki healing. They also offer paid personal consultation. Users interested in regular updates of Astro topics will find this page helpful. The nature of posts on this channel is primarily quotes, short videos, and stories.

This page on Instagram is run by Rakhi Bhatt, an Astrologer and Psychic. She offers tarot card reading and astrology services to her followers. She is also a reiki grand master and spells caster. They also have a youtube channel link in the Instagram bio. The youtube channel is dedicated to videos on tarot card reading.  The page claims that they have served up to 5000+ clients by now. The highlights consist of client feeds and daily updates

Tarot With Rosy is a popular channel on tarot card reading and numerology. The account is run by Rosy Bobal, an expert in numerology and tarot card reading.

Through the post, reels, and stories, the page answers various queries of its followers. Rosy Bobal has more than 25 years of experience. Apart from being a tarot card reader and numerologist, she’s also a gemologist and reiki healer.

This channel is named on Instagram Tarot Surbhi. The page has 27.6k followers. This account has the most number of followers. Also, it has the highest shared content number among others. It is run by a certified tarot reader, numerologist, and reiki healer.

The person who runs this channel is Neha Srivastava. She is a popular international tarot reader and reiki healer. They are also running a website for this page. It enables people to get their service directly as well as purchase merchandise sold by them. Her personal Instagram profile is added to the bio of this page.

If you are curious about tarot reading, this will be an excellent account to follow. They specialize in spells and healings.  The tarot reading is done by Aadya Vats. Her Instagram account link is added to the bio of the page. The page also has a link to their shoppable merchandise and other personal healing products. They also provide paid consultancy.


So in the above article, we discussed the top influencer on Vastu/tarot/Astro. Influencers play a critical role in spreading knowledge about these practices. The power of social media helps them reach their target audience. 

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