Username: Gaining_10K_followers_in_6_months

Name: Or how about in an hour, for just 500 Rs.?

Bio: Let’s go slightly back in time before you decide and then you can burn all the money you want. Seriously! Get up, go to your bank, withdraw cash, empty your account and put it ablaze, on fire, just like Escobar did for his daughter. It’ll be relieving to go “Plata o Plomo” once in this 20-followers-3-likes-1-comment life, wouldn’t it?

Well, coming back to today, why did you open this article? Or, why do you need 10K followers? 

Will it harmonize your sleep? Or, take you to heaven after D-day? It won’t. 

You want 10K followers so that you can share your message with a wider audience and build a community that cares about the same things that you care about. A community that empathizes with you and one you can empathize with. It’s about building an e-family that’s got your back for however you perceive this world, to be and probably to make a living out of it at some point, later.

Sadly though, brutal efforts towards monetizing the social community that Instagram is or rather was have penetrated the very social aspect of it. The thirst for moolah has shrunk the user’s role online from an individual with a discrete personality, to merely another “user”. 

The 10K followers you plan on buying for 500 bucks are user bots, i.e, followers who will plain and simple follow your account and do just that until Instagram recognizes their activities as that of a bot’s and deletes them. They won’t go through your content or interact with it and will certainly drop your profile’s engagement rate. 

However, when a “user” comes across your content as the individual he is and your Monday morning motivation posts help him go to work, he’ll voluntarily follow your profile and interact with it, with you. Needless to say, the more he interacts, the greater your engagement rates will be and the higher would be your monetizing potential.

In a walnut-shell, you buying followers for your profile is like a director paying blind people to watch his movie.

So, close this tab and Click here if you’d still prefer a bigger family over a genuine one


Begin your journey as an organic Instagrammer. 🙂

Post 1: Feed

A girl decides to marry the obnoxious idiot who surprised her with a proposal at her grandfather’s funeral within a few seconds.

What makes you think you’re any special? 

Your feed’s aesthetics are your proposal to the user for a lifelong exchange of emotions, and if you get them right, he would have already followed you in his head within a glance at your feed.

By easing the release of stress chemicals such as cortisol and noradrenaline, visual aesthetics often trigger relaxation and viewers leave with a fresh and calm aura. Calm being an addictive feeling, viewers would want to keep coming back to your feed just to have a look and relax.

Further, optimize your profile’s details such that it is easier for Instagram to find you if any user ever comes looking for profiles in your niche.


  1.  SEO rooted username
    Users search for generalized keywords; they don’t know your name
  2. Inspiring & explanatory Bio
    Your bio is your resume, make it crisp
  3. Harmonized posts
    Maintain a smooth flow for repetitive profile visits
  4. Catchy profile pic
    Determines if the viewer would open your profile or not in the first place
  5. Highlights
    Gives them an idea of your personality
  6. Colour scheme
    Colour coordinate your feed for aesthetics, preferably blue
  7. Simple username
    One they can remember easily and use time and again in conversations

Post 2: Stories

Popular public opinion suggests that tapping is way lazier than scrolling. Laziness being the spirit of the internet, Instagram stories had gained over 200m active users in its initial 8 months. Users open one profile’s stories and go on tapping for 5-10 minutes straight, covering stories by almost 150 people in the time they would’ve taken to scroll and see less than 70 posts. 

While posts are more like love letters, stories are like texting. Posts may convey your morals, but stories convey your personality. One rarely crosses a good personality and when he does, he doesn’t forget.


  1. 24-hour Contests
    Ask questions. Give a shoutout to the best answers
  2. Shout-outs under a custom hashtag
    Share the best work tagged with your custom hashtag
  3. Collage
    What’s better than a good photo? 4 good photos.
    All you have to do is copy photos from your gallery and paste them one after the other.
  4. Boomerang
    Boomerangs, ugly or pretty, are great engagers. (iPhone users can make boomerangs with live photos)
  5. Geotags and hashtags
    Hashtags and Location pages display stories posted by users, with the respective tags
  6. No landscaping
    Having to tilt their heads or phones for a story contradicts its lazy foundation
  7. Poll
    Everybody likes having an opinion on anything and everything, make them have another one
  8. Selfies/ videos
    Show your face; reinforce your page’s existence as an individual, as you.
  9. Insta story hacks
    Refer to the link for good story hacks.

Post 3: Hashtags

If you were to go on a world beer tour, would you buy tourism magazines of all the countries and browse through them for the best breweries or let one world tour magazine about beers guide your way?

Influencers are like countries with different points of attractions and hashtag pages like the world magazine, constantly annexing posts with respective hashtags and organising them on the basis of their engagement rate. Modern users prefer following hashtags as they diversify and condition their feed. Using apt and relevant hashtags would help people with similar interests find your content and you.


  1. Specific hashtags
    Use hashtags relevant to your post
  2. Branded hashtags
    Branded hashtags usually have a higher engagement rate
  3. 13-20 hashtags per post
    Lesser hashtags wouldn’t give you proper exposure and excess would spoil your post’s aesthetics
  4. Limited popularity
    Exclusively popular hashtags would refresh every second with 100 new posts, your post would just get lost somewhere in between
  5. Feature accounts
    Feature accounts are hubs for quality content. They usually have custom hashtags for getting featured.
  6. Comment, not caption
    Posting the hashtags in your post’s comment section rather than the caption would make the post neater.
  7. Top 9
    Every hashtag page displays the top 9 posts of the moment which get the maximum engagement. If your post is able to get enough likes and comments in the first few seconds in comparison to your followers, you can be in the top 9. It makes a huge difference.
  8. Daily feature hashtags
    Custom hashtags by fellow influencers that share the top posts on their stories
  9. Bio
    Add niche hashtags to your bio to feature in the explore section.

Post 4: Engagement

It is important to keep reminding yourself that you are initially and eventually building an e-family for people with similar interests as yours. Families are fabricated with threads of conversations and conversations are a two-way media of communication. 

Allowing your followers to express their thoughts adds a conversational aura to your page, intensifying your presence as an individual opposed to a page. Subsequently, your followers start recognizing your content as emotional triggers rather than mere sources of interim amusement.


  1. Giveaways
    Lure them in with interesting contests and even more interesting prizes.
  2. Quizzes
    Ask out of the box questions, knowledge reflects experience.
  3. Share
    Share content that you like by fellow influencers, on your story
  4. Suggestions
    Who’ll give you better tips than your audience itself? Ask them for post suggestions.
  5. Live videos
    Go on live, answer their queries, talk, impress.
  6. Replying to comments and DMs
    It’s simple; you’ve opened an account, take care of it. If you’re too busy for them, they don’t need you.
  7. Comment
    Comment on fellow influencer’s posts; let them know you care for them to care.
  8. Follow under one niche
    Follow pages under one niche; it’ll put you up on their profile’s suggested profiles list.

Post 5: Collaboration

If there’s something that internet people trust more than Wikipedia, it’s the people they follow. Collaborating and featuring on other pages will introduce their followers to your content. The quickest yet organic way of gaining followers is having other pages in the same niche advise your content to their followers.

Professionalism comes with a better eye for the respective profession; precisely why a photographer would be a better judge of photographs than a writer. So, along with sparking a flame of trust in their followers, getting featured by the big players would substantiate your content’s acceptability and give you an insight on the whats and hows of posting.


  1. Incentive for incentive
    Give them a shout-out in exchange for a shout-out for your page.
  2. Co-publish
    Team up with fellow influencers from diversified niches to produce multimedia content.
  3. Repost
    Take the extra step and repost extraordinary content by other influencers. It’ll convey your appreciation for their hard work and attract their appreciation. You may archive it later if it’s spoiling your feed’s aesthetic.
  4. Like/ Comment Pods
    Budding influencers come together and form groups that are entitled to liking or commenting on each other’s posts as soon as they’re uploaded. This increases its engagement rate. Join a pod or make one with other budding influencers.

Post 6: Content

Needless to say, content to a feed is like salt to a recipe. “Swaad anusar daalein” (Add as preferred). Although on Instagram, you’re merely the chef and your followers are the customers and their taste will determine the nature of your content. Keep analyzing your past posts’ performance in order to track your followers’ preferences. 

You might only have 5000 followers but if you’re actually triggering a thought process in 500 of their heads every time you post, you’re doing a much better job than Instagram itself. All your hashtags and collaborations can drown in a spoonful of water if your content isn’t phenomenal.


  1. Portrait images
    Portrait posts take up more space, engaging your viewers for longer.
  2. Video
    People would rather watch than read.
  3. Monotonous
    Try and keep your niche monotonous, let your followers associate you with a particular feeling.
  4. Descriptive captions
    Your visuals may capture the viewer’s eyes but it is your captions that will really help you get in their heads.
  5. Micro-blogging
    You may even use your posts’ captions for micro-blogging on a daily basis. Your viewers wouldn’t have to switch platforms if they felt like reading.
  6. Consistency & Frequency
    Post content in a consistent pattern that makes your feed look aesthetic and post aptly, i.e. don’t post so much that the viewers take you to be a spammer but don’t post so less that your followers forget your existence. Posting once a day or two is considered apt.
  7. IGTV
    Make use of Instagram’s new features as they’re launched as there’ll be less competition. Start with making IGTV optimized content.

Post 7: Presence

She follows more than a 1000 Instagrammers, has subscribed to 300 YouTubers and has about 500 friends on Facebook, but you’re the one on her mind, day & night. Starting your day with such thoughts is one way of gaining followers. On a realistic note though, quality over quantity is the road to moolah. A lot of moolah. 

Engaging your audience via multiple platforms gives you a greater share of their head and the more they’re thinking about you and your content, the credible you are. Moreover, being present on different platforms helps you funnel your audience from one platform to another, collectively increasing your audience in itself.


  1. Cross-pollinating
    Funneling another platform’s audience to Instagram, by promoting your profile’s link in the content uploaded on that platform.
  2. Sharing posts on other platforms
    Share your Instagram content on your Facebook, Twitter etc. to attract your audience on those platforms and give them the gist of what you upload.
  3. Turn On notifications
    Ask your audience to turn on Post Notifications on Instagram so they can get informed every time you make a new post.
  4. Share and earn
    Ask your audience to share your content on their social media platforms in exchange for lucky draw incentives.
  5. Common username
    Use a common username for all your platforms and save your followers from the trouble of hunting for your ID.

Post 8: Promotion

Even though sponsored ads might irritate your gut and mass opinion would ignore them, you do open a sponsored profile every now and then provided the ad was too intriguing. It might be a photo of one of the paradises on earth, or a short fact about dolphins. The success of an advertisement solely depends on its engaging capacity. 

If you trust your content and can make a feed scroller pause for a second and observe, Instagram promotions might just be the tool for you. They let you reach a massive audience in a short span of time and depending on your content and aesthetics, this audience could be yours. Although, it is important to realize the association of ‘mights’ and ‘could’ with promotions and hence acknowledge the risk of return integrated with them.


  1. Absolute catch
    Until and unless your visuals and captions are a perfectly grasping combination, viewers would just swipe/ scroll ahead.
  2. Short and Crisp
    The description should convey the message in the minimum words possible.
  3. Aesthetics
    Build an ad that would make people replay it again and again and show it to the people around them.
  4. Target Audience
    Imagine if you were a photographer and a food blogger’s ad popped up amidst swiping stories, would you care to check it out? What if it were another photographer’s ad?
  5. Timing
    No point in promoting your profile when you merely have 50-100 followers as even if it intrigues the viewers to visit your profile, they wouldn’t follow someone nobody’s following.

Post 9: Analytics

Unmeasured growth is a trait of the wild and even though the weeds in your garden grow quicker than roses, it is the roses you adore while your evening walk. Keeping a track of what’s triggering growth and engagement will allow you to coordinate your future posts in accordance with your past achievements, further increasing your engagement rate and initiating a loop.

As your content and posting schedule enhances with every analysis, the concentration of engagement at every milestone will increase. And so on. Eventually, you would’ve comprehended your viewers’ behaviour pattern and devised a content plan that would captivate the maximum number of heads within a short span of time.


  1. Business profile
    Switching to a business profile will give you access to a variety of features, including insights and a contact button in your bio.
  2. Daily updates
    Keep a regular track of the activities on your posts.
  3. External analysis tools
    Sprout Social, Simply measured etc. are Instagram analysis tools built to give you a better understanding of your posts’ and profile’s performance.
  4. Insights
    Instagram has several inbuilt analysis features provided under Instagram insights that help you keep a live track on your performance.
  5. Schedule
    Altogether, keeping a track of your performance will allow you to schedule your future posts such that they can fruit maximum engagement.

Followers look for these traits collectively in their influencer’s personality. Provided that these traits are pretty easy to adapt to once you get into the routine, so you should be gaining your first 10K followers if you’ve paid attention. To know more visit Confluencr.

Let us know how your journey to your first 10K follower was/ is going and tell us if we’ve missed anything at!