Top 8 Indian LinkedIn Influencers to Follow for Career Advice

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Education systems are diversifying and expanding, and the creation of new jobs and opportunities are changing the way individuals make their career choices.

With such changes in place, career planning has become more complex and confusing.

Where formal sources of career guidance are not easily accessible, individuals tend to rely on their family and friends, leading to choices where they end up in careers they do not see a successful future in. So, what is the way forward? How can you make the right career decision?

Well, career guidance experts can help you with that. The digital shift in the education sector post the pandemic has changed the way edtech businesses work and has given rise to career influencers who take on their shoulders the responsibility of guiding their followers on the right career paths. 

Besides helping their audiences in choosing the right careers, these career influencers act as exemplary mediums for career and edtech brands to drive brand awareness, leads, and sales. 

Being an influencer marketing agency for the education ad career industry, we realise the potential of these influencers and hence are here with a comprehensive list of top 8 Indian influencers to follow on LinkedIn for career advice.

Top 8 Indian influencers to follow on LinkedIn for career advice:



Ankur Warikoo is a speaker, author and content creator. He is a founder of @WebVeda and a content creator @WariCrew. On his LinkedIn, he engages in topics like – Jobs, Careers, Start-Ups, Personal Growth and so much more.  

Ankur shares insights on Content Creation, Digital Marketing Strategies, SEO and WordPress-related content. Engages with a wide range of subjects, reflecting diverse expertise and interests. He has been a LinkedIn Top Voice, has been on the LinkedIn India Power Profile List, Social Media Entrepreneur of the Year by CMO Asia. 

Known as the RK Laxman of Business, Harjeet Khanduja is one of the top LinkedIn influencers in India. On LinkedIn, he talks about Business and Leadership and posts about everything related to Human Resources. 

As a Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Reliance Jio, he writes about dynamic decision-making and employee management. His content is very positive, informative and engaging for the minds of people seeking career advice. 

Other than being an absolute leader, Mr Khanduja is also an author of the book – “How Leaders Decide”, a motivational speaker and a poet

He is one of the Top Executive Coaching Voices on LinkedIn. 

Mehar is a UK-based Indian LinkedIn influencer, Mehar as a LinkedIn influencer talks about Career Advice, Ed-Tech Startups, Career Coaching, Guidance, Entrepreneurship including other things.
Mehar is the Founder and CEO of MSB Vision a career development ed-tech company. Through her social media presence, she shares insights on  Career tips, Strategy, Motivational content and about entrepreneurship. Her work and online presence reflect a focus on helping individuals accelerate their careers and achieve work-life balance.



Anooja is the Founder and CEO of FlexiCloud, a web hosting company and Ourea, for Corporate solutions. On her LinkedIn, Anooja engages in conversations about Technology, Entrepreneurship, Brand Strategy and Influencer Marketing among other topics. Her major focus is branding and marketing she has been awarded with Top Entrepreneurship Voice on LinkedIn and has been featured on Forbes 40 Under 40

Anooja is also known for her efforts in empowering and supporting diverse communities and actively participates towards Women’s Empowerment.


Raj is Senior Engineer III at Google in Poland and is a founder of TakeUforward,  an online platform that provides courses and coaching in data structures, algorithms, and competitive programming. he is also a YouTuber with a significant number of subscribers. 

He is known to keep an open conversation about Education, Placements, Programming, his YouTube channel and Technology as one of the top LinkedIn Influencers in India. He keeps an open conversation about his Startup TakeUForward and keeps his followers updated. 


Palak Rathi is one of the Top Voices on LinkedIn. She is a Chartered Accountant by degree and is also a LinkedIn influencer. She is the founder of CreatorX an Education platform to up-skill aspiring Content Creators.

On her LinkedIn, her content has a wide range of discussions. She talks about Finance, Business, the Creators’ Economy, Content Creation and so much more. 

She is one of the Top 200 creators of India’s First LinkedIn Creators Accelerator Program.



Shivangi is a corporate trainer, CEO & Director of Skilldify, a company backed by IIM Bangalore. She is a top LinkedIn Influencer in India. 

Her profile covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from work-life Balance, Professional Development, Communication and leadership. She also talks about her expertise as a corporate trainer and communication coach.

She also uses the platform to bring forth the topics of Social Injustice and Issues under the hashtag #Shivangineedsjustice

Shivangi is one of the Top training and development (HR) voices on LinkedIn. 


Abhay Kumar Jain is an educational reformer, academician, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Virtual Voyage, an educational institute that aims to provide innovative education and training to young minds. 

Abhay through his LinkedIn talks and gives insights about his professional experiences and achievements

He also talks about Education and Training, Software Technology, Product Leadership and Advisory Roles


These young entrepreneurs and career influencers are just the right people for us to get career advice from. Gone are the days of a counsellor telling you what to take on as a profession. These influencers make their way and have paved their own very diverse careers and help their audiences in making one for themselves. These influencers motivate several aspirants to try out different career paths and succeed in them. Besides enlightening their fan followers on different career options, its pros and cons, these career influencers also are an asset for edtech and career-based brands. Collaborations with these influencers can result in a plethora of benefits and is a great way to reach out to and interact with your potential audiences. Just as we did for  Vedantu super coders and Coding Ninjas, influencer marketing for edtech brands has become a boon for brands willing to stand out in the market.  

Confluencr, as a global influencer marketing agency, recognizes the enormous potential of these business-oriented career influencer pages offering advice. We want to assist our clients in establishing connections with these influencers. We have created a network of prominent Linkedin influencers in India and can assist you in getting your network in front of the appropriate audience, at the right time, and via the right set of influencers. Do you want to learn more about influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you straight away!

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