Top 8 Indian LinkedIn Influencers to Follow for Career Advice

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Education systems are diversifying and expanding, and the creation of new jobs and opportunities are changing the way individuals make their career choices.

With such changes in place, career planning has become more complex and confusing.

Where formal sources of career guidance are not easily accessible, individuals tend to rely on their family and friends, leading to choices where they end up in careers they do not see a successful future in. So, what is the way forward? How can you make the right career decision?

Well, career guidance experts can help you with that. The digital shift in the education sector post the pandemic has changed the way edtech businesses work and has given rise to career influencers who take on their shoulders the responsibility of guiding their followers on the right career paths. 

Besides helping their audiences in choosing the right careers, these career influencers act as exemplary mediums for career and edtech brands to drive brand awareness, leads, and sales. 

Being an influencer marketing agency for the education ad career industry, we realise the potential of these influencers and hence are here with a comprehensive list of top 8 Indian influencers to follow on LinkedIn for career advice.

Top 8 Indian influencers to follow on LinkedIn for career advice:

Unnati is based out of Noida. Her USP is to generate growth organically. When it comes to specializations, Unnati is an Organic growth specialist. 

She can help you with lead generation, social media branding and management, and personal branding and showcases her expertise in the same.  

She has her website and also gives consultations for freelancing professionals. She makes content to grow awareness for her viewers on these subjects.

Vedika also known as the fourth square on her social media is an organic growth expert, lead generator, and content creator. She also has expertise in subjects like social media marketing and flaunts a knee-deep marketing experience. 

This career influencer on LinkedIn also has her courses where you can book yourself a one-on-one consultation with her. The course is called crackthosesocials

She has done various courses from Google, Udemy, and other professional certification agencies and is continuing her learning spree in the real world.  Her guidance in the media space for people looking to have careers in the same space is highly valuable.

Based out of Dubai, Shreya helps founders and business coaches with personal branding and marketing. 

She helps founders or students in the field of Technology. She is also a Ghostwriter, Content writer, and creator as well as a prolific ebook writer.

This Indian career influencer on LinkedIn started enterprising her baking skills and paired this with her interest in event management — started organizing parties and baking cupcakes to order. Her other interests are painting, badminton, singing, and playing the guitar, and enjoy photography and videography as well. 

At 17, she stepped into the professional world to work with and learn from amazing Industry experts.

Now she educates and mentors professionals and beginners to start and manage their careers. She also has her newsletter.

Tripti Joshi is an enthusiastic and motivated career strategist who is an internationally certified career coach. She teaches young professionals and recent grads how to discover their ideal position and dream job in corporate India.

A 1:1 program that Tripti has designed will walk you through the process of looking for a job in detail. Her course covers how to: Choose the best professional path and employment role, Understand your personality type and critical abilities, Utilize LinkedIn methods and write a strong résumé. 

This LinkedIn career influencer’s feed is the master platform for job searching, applying very effective networking techniques to obtain several interviews and numerous other hands-on career tips and tricks. 

She also has a community of 48.2K+ followers on Instagram, where she frequently offers career and job hunt assistance. She is @_triptijoshi on Instagram, where you may follow her.

Mubeen has generated over $10k+ a month for 100+ E-commerce businesses. This professional helps e-commerce businesses grow in huge profits. His genres include LinkedIn Growth, Shopify Developer & Dropshipping Expert. Mechanical Engineer by education, this India career influencer on LinkedIn is also a Freelance Consultant.

Segments including Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, freelancing, and Shopify dropshipping are his forte.

His knowledge is great for young professionals looking to have their careers as e-commerce growth experts.

Komal is a freelance writer for B2B SaaS brands specializing in long-form content around marketing and eCommerce. She is also a blog writer and content creator. Located in Delhi, this LinkedIn career influencer in India uses social media to educate and guide people in the field of mass media. 

With a specialization in writing data-driven and actionable long-form content in the sales, marketing, and eCommerce niches—she understands what it takes to write scroll-stopping content for the readers that gives a strong takeaway and drives product sign-ups.

You’ll often find her reading about content, writing, or talking about content creation, and marketing!

Do you know what inspires Aparna’s fervour for development and achievement? It is the truth that everyone willing to work for success, may achieve it. But it’s simpler to say than to accomplish.

That’s where Aparna comes in as a Career Growth Specialist assisting millennials through her high-impact coaching to help them accomplish their career objectives.

Aparna Gautam, a career coach, has worked with a large base of millennials to help them overcome self-doubt, discover clarity, and advance in their careers. The primary force behind all she does is her desire for development and change.

This career influencer on LinkedIn began with her noble work 12 years ago and has never stepped back ever since. With massive experience at hand, she has put in a lot of effort and trained herself to sharpen her abilities and developed a growth-oriented mindset.

The goal of Aparna’s coaching is to help millennials unlock their potential, advance in their jobs, establish their brands, and change their perspective on life, and we see this super talented LinkedIn creator achieve each with each step she puts forth.

A seasoned former corporate (IT) executive, Smita Vikhankar is a communicator, collaborator, and doer who is results-oriented. She enjoys sharing her expertise and coming up with creative methods to effect change in a good way.

Smita is the founder of Yaan Solutions and provides career guidance based on online psychometric career evaluations and reports to elders, professionals in mid-career, and students. Yaan’s certified career counsellors provide superior career assistance to help candidates choose the jobs that are the best fits for them and would lead to the most success.

Smita Vikhankar, a certified life coach, accepts coaching assignments from individuals, business owners, and corporate executives who want to make significant improvements in their personal and professional lives. She is extremely happy with the outcomes she has seen and has been a catalyst for her customers.


These young entrepreneurs and career influencers are just the right people for us to get career advice from. Gone are the days of a counsellor telling you what to take on as a profession. These influencers make their way and have paved their own very diverse careers and help their audiences in making one for themselves. These influencers motivate several aspirants to try out different career paths and succeed in them. Besides enlightening their fan followers on different career options, its pros and cons, these career influencers also are an asset for edtech and career-based brands. Collaborations with these influencers can result in a plethora of benefits and is a great way to reach out to and interact with your potential audiences. Just as we did for  Vedantu super coders and Coding Ninjas, influencer marketing for edtech brands has become a boon for brands willing to stand out in the market.  

Confluencr, as a global influencer marketing agency, recognizes the enormous potential of these business-oriented career influencer pages offering advice. We want to assist our clients in establishing connections with these influencers. We have created a network of prominent Linkedin influencers in India and can assist you in getting your network in front of the appropriate audience, at the right time, and via the right set of influencers. Do you want to learn more about influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you straight away!

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