Top 8 Chartered Accountants on Instagram

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“Chartered Accountants are Partners in Nation Building.”- Sir A P J Abdul Kalam

CA professionals are the greatest asset for businesses wanting to drive successful commerce journeys worldwide. The general public also seeks chartered accountants’ help to understand many of their financial instances. Moreover, the finance world is a constantly changing space. And it gets tough to keep up with financial reporting and tax law changes. It is thus wise to connect with industry leaders. It was unimaginable to directly get expert advice from field professionals earlier, especially for free. But the adoption of social media has made it a reality. In fact, around  90% of accountants agree these cultural shifts can lead to technological changes. Finance influencers or also renowned as finfluencers have been doing an impressive job in simplifying financial concepts for the common people and act as a platform for fintech brands to showcase their offerings to the target audience. And here’s our pick of the 8 best Chartered Accountants who are changing the landscape of the finance industry on Instagram.

Top 8 Chartered Accountants on Instagram:

Rachna Ranade Phadke has 10+ of years experience in the space of auditing. She has successfully made herself a well-recognized personality among popular chartered accountants. Plus she’s an entrepreneur and runs a successful YouTube channel with 1.5 million subscribers.

Her Instagram has a total of 683k followers, where she consistently posts finance-based content. Mostly these are related to the latest trends in finance, the stock market, and investments. She also shares tips on saving money, which her followers find highly helpful. 

She started as a Pune-based teacher for IPCC/CA students and final-year college students. By now, she has taught 10,000+ students in classrooms and 1 lakh+ student through her online courses and classes. 

Rachna was featured on a show called Smart Money on CNBC-TV18 in Dec 2020. She received appreciation for sharing her valuable insights on the topic ‘Art of Value Investing.’ She has also conducted workshops on the topic ‘Forensic Auditing’. The workshops took place in Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Rohtak, Agra, etc., for the ICAI members.

Twinkle Jain is a beautiful young lady. She has a good 3 years of experience in accounting and finance. She makes entertaining reels on finance, business, and career for her 221k Instagram followers. 

She has collaborated with other finance creators as well to provide high-value informative content. Her feed contains 186 posts dedicated to finance tips and tricks. Owing to the authenticity of her content, this finance influencer in India has garnered the highest view count crossing a million views on her best-performing content.

Nidhi Nagori initially started her CA career based in Kolkata. Currently, she is practising at Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, Ohio, US. She holds the position of senior internal auditor. Her Instagram account has a large following of 740k+ users. Nidhi has been providing highly-knowledgeable content on finance to her audience. 

Her journey to success is quite inspiring. She’s a brilliant student who cleared all the CA exams on the first attempt. But, still, she got rejected from taking CA Articleship from Big 4 accounting firms. Later she completed her articleship from a Kolkata-based mid-size firm, K.S Aiyar and Co. 

Being a dark-complexioned woman in India took a toll on her self-confidence. She has discussed this while sharing her career journey. She didn’t get the job offers right away. She worked in Public Auditing for around 1.5 years. She has faced several deeming instances of being a working woman, including sexism. But, with her consistent hard work, now she works for a Fortune 500 company. She is definitely one of the top female finance influencers in India to follow on Instagram.

Anamika Rana is an experienced CA and insta-famous entrepreneur. She has been spilling key tips on value investing and finance to her 131k Instagram followers. She has a remarkable career journey as a CA of 5+ years. In these years, she has worked with the Big-4 accounting firms. She also shares highly insightful content on the crypto market. And this has attracted the crypto enthusiastic audience on her Instagram feed. 

She is currently working as a team member at Coto by the Eve World. It is a Web3 social community platform, specifically for leading women. She has also served as a Senior Audit Assistant at Deloitte, India, for 1 year. And she’s also a self-employed spiritual mentor.

The finance influencer has been honoured with multiple highly reputed titles. He has 10 years of experience working as a CA. He won the ISB Young Leader Award in 2017. 

He has also been a Gold Medalist with the 1st rank at the Indian School of Business. With an increasing follower count on Instagram, 116k, and counting, Sarthak has impressed the financially-savvy audience. His hold of CS, CA, and CMA courses knowledge makes him an exceptional advisor in finance. 

He shares his strong expertise in many important finance areas, including indirect taxes, GST, etc. He tries to simplify these concepts for his audience through his Instagram content. However, his target audience is mainly startups, small businesses, and budding entrepreneurs. 

Sarthak has been featured in leading financial newspapers, including the Financial Express.

Another most-followed CA account on Instagram is Jay Desai, with 68.7k followers. Jay has a demonstrated background of working across the financial services industry. 

Through his social media posts, Jay flaunts his expertise and mastery in the field. Most of his content revolves around  Internal & External Audit, Taxation, and Chartered Accountancy. 

He also has a social media content creation certification issued by FilterCopy. His IG videos usually talk about easy ways to maintain finances.

The chartered accountant, Mukander Beniwal, shares CA insights, and updates on Instagram. Plus, he also has in-depth knowledge about Data Analytics. Aside from this, he’s pursuing a Diploma in IFRS ( International Financial Reporting Standards) with PWC. 

Mukander Beniwal has served multiple entities in the sector of Audit (Internal, Statutory, and Concurrent). He has also served Accounting, Taxation (GST & Income Tax), ROC, and several other Compliances. 

The finance content creator on Instagram interacts with his 144k  Instagram followers every day. He also has 3 years of internship experience in SKAA & Associates. 

The chartered accountant cum content creator shares 1 reel daily. His Instagram account is dedicated to sharing highly informative content on saving taxes and money. His reel on how to save tax on share market profit has hit 2.9 million view counts. Plus, his growing following has been attracting many Finance brands for meaningful collaborations.

The CA persona has consistently ranked AIR 5 in IPCC and AIR 6 in CPT. He shares his knowledge of the field through online content. He has gained 66k+ subscribers on YouTube and 51.5k followers on Instagram. 

He constantly creates content around study success strategies, tricks, and tips, helping students to crack CA exams in the one go. His online content is perfect for aspiring CA students

Currently, he is employed at the Aditya Birla Group as a Finance Leadership Associate. The diversified portfolio of Kushal Lodha consists of all degrees of cleared CFA exams. Also, he is an ACCA affiliate. He has also served as a rank 2 educator on the Unacademy e-learning platform. He also runs a podcast Konversation with Kushal, with an 80k+ professional subscriber base

This Indian finance education influencer has interviewed a few big names in the finance field including Mr Nirmal Jain, Chairman of the IIFL Group, and Shri TN Manoharan, Ex-Chairman of Canara Bank.


The rise of Instagram influencer marketing is thriving in today’s time. The finance content creators sharing their knowledge for free has reshaped the creator’s economy. And boosted the reputation of the world of content creation. Students have discovered top-notch accounting and finance courses and products endorsed by top finance influencers. Such access to knowledge is beneficial for both CA aspirants and the common public. 

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