Top 10 Rising Beauty Influencers on YouTube

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A beauty influencer is someone who has a large social media following and has a large effect on her followers’ purchases of beauty products and services. This is because this social media influencer can engage and maintain the interest of their followers. Through their blogs, vlogs, videos, and other social media content, they share cosmetics tips, makeup tutorials, and product reviews, and promote brands. While these beauty influencers do not have to be skilled makeup artists or beauty gurus, they may amass a sizable following due to the sincerity and authenticity of their content. They also interact with their fans on their social media pages daily, answering questions, and so on, to keep the engagement going. Tutorials, beauty regimens, new makeup trends, recommendations, makeovers, and cosmetic product evaluations; these influencers play several instruments and help brands to place their products in front of the right audience! They are very passionate about all things beauty and like sharing their knowledge with their communities. Fans are following their every move on all platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and so on). Beauty influencers, like those in other areas of digital influence, play an important role in the cosmetics industry’s marketing strategy. Sponsorships and collaborations with these new-age beauties and personal care ambassadors have now surpassed traditional advertising. In recent years, undeniable opinion leaders and beauty influencers have emerged as string voices of the industry. We at Confluencr, have created a global network of these YouTube beauty influencers and present here one such list of the finest beauty influencers to follow on YouTube.

Top 10 Indian Rising Beaty Influencers on YouTube

Everyone is doing makeup, but only an artist can do it flawlessly. It’s not just about the winged liner and red lipstick; it’s about creating a colour scheme, deciding whichever palette to use, and then waiting anxiously for the full look to come together. If you’re wondering who we’re talking about, it’s the lovely and incredibly brilliant Mrunal Panchal, famously known as Mrunu or the Gujju Unicorn.

This rising beauty influencer on YouTube is always experimenting with her hair colour, going from blue to black to blonde. Mrunal has incredible expertise in cosmetics, and it shows in the looks she creates. Her foundation is perfect, never cakey, and never overdone, and her eyes are always the focal point of the overall look. Her passion for cosmetics shines through in every makeup tutorial/look she creates. To get a perfect appearance, it’s critical to understand how to apply the proper products in the right amount and in the right spot.

You can also spot a few beauty tips and reviews that are found useful by her followers. If you are a novice or want to try something new, this Indian beauty Youtuber’s channel is your go-to place! Mrunu does not shy away from experimenting with new appearances and lets her creativity flow.

Kritika Khurana, also known as That Boho Girl is a fashion and beauty influencer. She is well-known for her ultra-trendy seasonal styles. She began her profession by creating her blog, That Boho Girl. Kritika Khurana has been a social media sensation since 2013 when she pioneered the OOTD-Out Of The Day trend on Instagram. People liked the way she experimented with her outfits and drew inspiration from her appearance. This Indian beauty influencer launched both her YouTube channel and online clothes business, ‘The hype,’ the same year.

She’s been an all-arounder since she started her channel. From her weight loss journey to buying on a budget, keys to street shopping to motivational videos, you can find everything on this rising beauty influencer’s channel. With her distinct flair, ‘That Boho Girl’ has captivated everyone’s attention.

Kritika Khurana creates a variety of fashion and beauty videos. On her Instagram and YouTube channels, she also advocates for crucial issues such as body positivity and mental health. Trends come and go, but “confidence is one quality that will never go out of style,” says Kritika. With her style and sense of fashion, we see this beauty influencer already on the rise!

You can always count on the YouTube sensation Malvika Sitlani, to perfect your makeup or provide some feel-good vibes via her storytime vlogs. Malvika has more than seven years of experience in the beauty industry and has amassed a wealth of expertise and information.

Malvika is a major beauty influencer in the country today. Her followers enjoy her selfies and images from her daily life. She also appeared in the inaugural season of India’s Next Top Model. This former model turned beauty influencer on YouTube, consistently creates incredible videos. Her simple lessons, honest critiques, and interactive videos have won her a devoted following.

This rising beauty YouTuber always has intriguing stuff to show her audience. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or day-to-night looks. Malvika Sitlani has also moved into entrepreneurship with her own new company called ‘Masic Beauty,’ which stands for Malvika + Basic, how great is that? It’s all about beauty, cosmetics, and personal care, so if you’re looking for some pampering and self-care routines, you’ve come to the right place. The objective was to make luxury seem easy and affordable while still experiencing simplicity like never before, and this Indian beauty YouTuber excels at it!

Shreya Jain is one of our favourite beauty influencers. She has a lot of great information on her social media platforms. She constantly provides her fans with informative and real content on everything from cosmetics to skincare.

Despite being an engineer, she has always been drawn to beauty and self-care. She started her YouTube channel in 2010, and she is currently ruling the internet with her looks, DIYs, reviews of cosmetic items, beauty advice, and challenges. Budget-friendly cosmetics is one of her channel’s most popular topics.

She has also styled for major shows such as Amazon India Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week. She is said to be the first beauty blogger to establish her own brand of cosmetics. She does not only provide excellent advice about a new product on the market, but she also shows you how to create unique cosmetic looks on your own.

Shreya is a beauty and fashion blogger with her own YouTube channel, where she evaluates goods, offers beauty advice, and posts beauty lessons and challenges. This Indian rising beauty influencer on YouTube makes a lot of DIY projects and posts them on her Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Roshni Bhatia is one such fashionista who not only recognizes but also creates trends. Roshni Bhatia, also known on Instagram as ‘thechiquefactor,’ is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. Roshni is a popular fashion and beauty YouTuber who is also a young mother to a child. 

The world is rich with languages, and they all differ in many ways, from words to sentences, and gestures to signs. A person who does not comprehend some languages knows the global language of fashion. Indeed, the language of fashion is all-encompassing and comprehensive in and of itself, and this rising beauty influencer on Instagram is the perfect example of the same. It has been evolving for centuries and continues to improve with time. As a young mother herself, she inspires other moms through her films to pursue their dreams, and we see her chasing milestones one video at a time.

A true Bombay girl in her thirties with a degree in Mass Media who likes to read, write, bathroom sing, and enjoys everything with a dash of Bollywood drama, is one of the top 10 rising beauty influencers on YouTube. With her cosmetics reviews and makeup looks, this Indian Beauty Blogger Of The Year winner never fails to wow you.

She is a mother of two who inspires us to accept our true beauty on the inside by posting daily updates on her blog about fashion, beauty, and her life. Aanam is a fashion and beauty influencer with the blog “Whatever,in.” Anam debuted her cosmetics company, ‘Wearified,’ selling high-performance lipsticks.

You will fall in love with her feed, which is all about being a comfortable version of yourself while being honest and truthful. In short, this Indian beauty influencer is here to make a real impact, and we feel proud to see her grow!

Nitibha Kaul, the lady who began her path to the limelight with a famous reality show and is now effectively operating her influential platform, is one of these tenacious beauty. Nitibha is surely an example of actors aiming to be influencers.

Nitibha Kaul, who is from New Delhi, India, has competed in several beauty pageant events, including the Miss India Beauty Pageant in 2015. The influencer was previously a contestant on Bigg Boss season 10.

Known for her elegant fashion sense, this Indian beauty YouTuber has created content on cosmetic products and beauty and makeup recommendations, as well as some lifestyle videos. She has also shared a few trip Vlogs with her fans and following.

Shaurya is an internationally recognized fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. She is the creator of the labels Label Shaurya Sanadhya and Aryam Skincare. She creates videos for several topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. With her genuine creations of videos. Shaurya has always been interested in fashion, even before she achieved prominence.

Aside from fashion, Shaurya is an expert in cosmetics and skincare. Her complexion speaks volumes and demonstrates the amount of work she expends to keep her skin looking as radiant as it does. You should not miss her IGTV videos if you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your beauty needs.

She creates easy and lovely makeup looks that are quite wearable, and she discusses skin and hair care extensively. From “Getting Ready With Me” to a “Product She Will Buy Again”, from hauls to “Must-Have Travel Essentials”, this beauty YouTuber’s videos are a delight for the ideas!

Beauty cannot be mimicked or replicated. While the nicest attire and makeup may make one seem stylish, it is inherent beauty that stands out. It all comes down to how you handle yourself with grace and elegance and that’s why we love Shaurya; for her versatility and ambition!

Meet Juhi Godambe, a fashion queen and businesswoman whose voguish attitude has kept her on top of her game every time. She can transform any garment into couture just by putting her exceptional fashion sense to it. She mainly publishes vlogs on her YouTube channel, but she is also highly active in the niches of Fashion and Lifestyle, Beauty, and some fun challenges. Juhi is a fashion blogger that posts images of herself wearing various expensive gowns. She is well-known for her location-based fashion modelling, and she also reviews various cosmetic products.

Juhi Godambe is a prominent fashion and beauty influencer in India. Aside from maintaining her blog, she is also the founder and proprietor of the “Arabellaa” high street clothes company. She has set a high standard with her creative content on both social media platforms. Juhi Godambe is a fashion, fitness, and beauty enthusiast who writes on everything that inspires her readers to break free from their boundaries and develop themselves. Her massive fan base demonstrates how valuable and capable she is of making substantial contributions to the world of beauty and fashion.

Sejal kicked off her social media adventure on YouTube and has been making waves since then.  Her content is a delightful mix of everything that a beauty influencer on Instagram would produce, from killer makeup tips to skincare secrets and fashion hacks. And let’s not forget her latest adventures in the “1MinDrama” series. It’s a feast for someone who is looking for content, where she flaunts her styling finesse, sprinkled with oodles of creativity and talent.

Sejal’s social media game is on point, especially with her follower counts skyrocketing faster than you can say “beauty guru.” And with her music video out now, there’s no stopping this powerhouse of talent.


YouTube is certainly a part of our everyday lives; in fact, most of us begin our days with it. The sort of content we see on YouTube is determined by who and what we follow, and if beauty is at the top of your list, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Our sole sources of inspiration used to be Bollywood movies and celebrity appearances initially. However, the internet is now filled with exceptionally brilliant creators who portray beauty in their own distinct ways. We are confident that with their content, hard work, and journey, these rising beauty influencers on YouTube will bring value to your life. 

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