Top 10 micro-influencers in the lifestyle niche to follow

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“Influencers — they’re the best thing since sliced bread. But forget bread; they’re selling like hotcakes. They’re creating huge returns, and they’re only set to keep growing!”- Emily Warna
(Marketing Manager, Tiktok)

When we think of influencers we assume that they have a huge following, and that’s the only thing that matters to bring in more traffic, to get more people to watch their content, be it organic or advertising, however, influencers are categorized by their following into:

Mega: 1M+ followers
Macro: 100K  – 1 million followers
Micro: 10K  – 100,000 followers
Nano: 10K  followers or less

With their authentic relationship with their audience as experts in their niche, micro-influencers bring more organic traffic.  

Lifestyle influencers on social media post about everything ranging from the products they use in their daily lives to their vacations, outfits, meals, and styles. Their audience is drawn to them because of their distinct style and wonderfully shot content. As a result, these accounts create a community of thousands of individuals who aspire to live the same lifestyle as them. Their relatability & authenticity are their strongest virtues and magnets to people who match their vibe. 

Here is a list of top micro-influencers of 2024 who have rocked social media through their unique content.

Top 10 micro lifestyle influencers in India:

From running her brand to creating enticing lifestyle content on her Instagram channel, this girl does it all fabulously. Ishika has collaborated with a lot of brands like Sugar Pop, Titan World India, Bewakoof India, Lulu&Sky and so many more on her Instagram account, creating refreshing fashion content & just pretty much slaying on her Instagram feed with her makeup & fashion.

We see this Indian lifestyle micro-influencer going only up and up!

This Micro fashion influencer is all about GenZ fashion, and she does it remarkably. Tanya is pushing the boundaries of fashion and we are loving it. Through her Instagram account, she has been seen modelling with brands like NewMe Asia, IZF World, Tresemme India, Infloso, Soie Woman and so many more. Her refreshing content in fashion & lifestyle is attracting attention. AND… we are here for it!

An Instagram feed of visual treat! Dipti Parihar Sharma from Bengaluru showcases an amazing blend of fashion and lifestyle inspirations through her superb fashion choices of desi and Western fusion recommendations. She creates dazzling content, collaborating with brands like Caratlane, Swarovski, Kulshal’s Jewellery, Global Republic Fashions, Indya Luxe, Oppo India, Roadster, etc. She has created a niche for herself that has put us in awe! Dipti’s feed is a go-to for your colourful and vibrant fashion inspiration for festivals & occasions.

Priya has mastered the art of seamlessly blending sophistication and nuance in her Instagram content. This Micro Influencer from Lucknow showcases her impeccable choices through her fashion and beauty on Instagram. She is always posing for brands like Value Plus India, Amazon Fashions, Myntra, Uniqlo, Indian Trunk, Tresemme, Garnier, Infloso, Sports Station India, and others. She is taking the influencer world by storm, and we can’t wait to see where she goes. 

A blend of cute, aesthetic, and fresh, is how we would describe Hema’s Instagram feed. A visual treat for aesthetics chasers, Hema’s posts show creativity in simplicity, working with brands like Rackmate, Samsung, Fabric Pandit, Dusaan, Meesho, Carriall, Mama Earth, Tiggle and so many more has made her content pleasing to her followers. This top micro influencer also runs a thrift shop on Instagram, and we support a sustainable QUEEN!!

Samantha’s internet presence is nothing short of bold and beautiful. This fashion micro influencer is leaving a mark with her distinctive style. Samatha is embracing unique trends and we love seeing it on her feed. This digital world is often dominated by conformity, Samatha’s content is fresh and stands out among others. Working and posing for brands – Tailored Journal, Sugarpop, Westside stores, Carlton London, Bindani, Posh Pants, Uptownie, and many others has made us root for her more and more.

A niche that seamlessly blends luxury with comfort, who wouldn’t love that? Shreya on Instagram has curated her feed that showcases lavishness mixed with everyday ease. Her feed is an inspiration for fashion and travel persuaders. She effortlessly shows lavish and chic with a tinge of magic. Modeling for brands like Glow Up app, Get wyld, FWB clothing, Infloso, sipp cocktails, and others, we love to witness her smooth mixer of luxury, comfort, and beauty.

Sid Bhawsar, also known as the @thesept_boy of Instagram is a men’s fashion influencer. His style is the epitome of cool and trendy. Sid’s fashion is a fusion of timeless trends and sophistication. He manages to create a captivating persona. Sid’s Instagram feed shows his love for fashion. His work with brands like G-Shock, Go Noise, Urban Mooch, Myntra, Lumber perfumes, Boohoo Man, and others is a reason enough for us to follow him for our daily dose of fashion inspiration.

 A splendid showcase of fitness, fashion, and luxury is a perfect description of Sparsh’s content. It is a curated collection of opulence and impeccable style. His reels on his fitness regime and a showcase of luxury clothing go well together. A founder of his brand, Sparsh knows how to market a product effortlessly, and he has proven that with his work modelling for Alternate India, Shoppers Stop, Kingfisher, Sports World, VJohn, Blxck India, and many more. We are in awe of his Instagram feed and can’t seem to get enough of it.

From makeup to fashion to lifestyle if it’s anybody who does it smoothly, it’s Josvita. Her fashion sense is diverse, unique, and always in style. Her combination of fashion and makeup makes her content captivating, making her followers seek inspiration for style needs. Her tips and recommendations on skincare and makeup are taken very well by her followers. Her fashion choices are ever-loved and keep her followers seeking more. Her work with brands like Kiro Beauty, Clinique, Wacoal India, Shibel, LuxaDerma, and Necessary India has been received well. We love her content and are always looking for more content from her!


With lifestyle influencers influencing people to buy products from various niches, brands and businesses can benefit from collaborating with micro lifestyle influencers to make the most of their influencer marketing strategy. Having a concentrated audience, lifestyle influencers recommending your brand might work as most of the audience knows & connects with the influencer on a personal level.  The ultimate power of connection can skyrocket the growth of your brand

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realize the immense potential of these micro lifestyle influencers on their audience. We help our clients gain collaborations with these micro lifestyle influencers. We have curated a network of leading micro lifestyle influencers across India and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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