Top 10 Male Fashion Influencers in India

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Fashion bloggers and Instagrammers have enormous power in their communities. However, the elegance and superb taste are not limited to a female audience. Male fashion influencers are changing the face of the fashion business. It is no longer taboo for guys to discuss fashion and style, as male influencers provide innovative, fascinating fashion decisions that can help men feel confident, beautiful, and distinctive. Trendy male fashion influencers on social media operate as advisors, photographers, bloggers, and their thoughts impact the style decisions of their followers. However, Instagram is the ideal video for male fashion. Several bloggers and Instagrammers share their curated outfits with their audience as well as offer fashion recommendations. Fashion influencers communicate their enthusiasm with refined material that leaves nothing to chance, and this is one of the numerous explanations why fashion brands consider them the ideal ambassadors. If you want to locate these male fashion idols, have a look at our list of the best male fashion influencers on Instagram.

Top 10 Indian Male Fashion Influencers:

Although Indian fashion is being influenced by Modernisation, the prominent social media personality, performers, and influencers believe that many designers are carving out their niche that is strongly based on the Indian spirit. Sanket Mehta,  male fashion influencer and social media star, has carved a position for himself in the men’s fashion market with ease and grace.

Men’s fashion is a subject that not every influencer addresses. It is not simple to break prejudices and carve out a space for males.

Sanket has been working with many style variables and excelling at them. This Indian male fashion influencer has gone a long way from modernizing traditional design to adapting the bohemian cult, from Hip Hop sophisticated ensembles to ethnic regal attires.

Karron is a business lawyer who has evolved into one of India’s most prominent fashion bloggers and men’s fashion influencers. He is incredibly passionate about fashion, and he operates a remarkable YouTube channel where he discusses men’s fashion secrets and hacks. 

He enlights the audience on men’s clothing and grooming, and he models a variety of ensembles ranging from professional to informal. Karron’s fashion lessons can help you quickly enhance your outfit game!

This Indian male fashion influencer has the look and style for everyday wardrobe inspiration. From party looks to formal ones, he’s got you covered. His clothing style is the trick is to explore, and he has mastered it.

Vipul Juneja is a well-known Fashion Blogger and Influencer. He has a large fan base across all social media platforms. He is quite active on Instagram and other social media platforms. His extraordinary presence and content astound the audience. 

Vipul Juneja has also collaborated with other major brands, like Lacoste, Armani, NYKAA Man, and many more, with positive results. This Indian male fashion influencer on Instagram is passionate about fitness, and his approach to his audience through innovative IGTV videos on various sorts of exercise has helped him become the most influential in the men’s fashion domain.

Siddharth Batra is a leading Indian fashion blogger who discusses and promotes the notion of ‘#guybeauty.’ He is currently a Co-Founder at X1, and an Instagram Men’s Fashion Blogger, and he was named Cosmo fashion influencer of the year 2021. Before joining X1, he worked as a features writer for Elanstreet, Tata Cliq, and other brands, and as a Director of Engineering at Twitter.

He wowed Instagram with his unique menswear style. Batra designs visually appealing clothes with a variety of colours, textures, and accessories. He represents gender flexibility and body acceptance in addition to fashion.

Varun is a fashion blogger from India who enjoys experimenting with new designs and ensembles that feature vivid colours and distinctive patterns. Aside from fashion, he enjoys travelling and is a car aficionado. Varun talks about fashion, luxury, travel, and his own experiences.

He is a true encouragement to others since, despite failing at engineering, is now a successful entrepreneur and a book author. He has a fantastic sense of design and photography abilities. His page covers everything within the category of men’s fashion, as well as how to make beverages with his ‘#MakeADrink‘ Series and some Q&A with ‘#IfYouAskV.’

Abhinav Mathur is an Indian-based Fashion Model, YouTuber, and Social Media Influencer who goes by the nickname Abix on social media. Abhinav has a stylish web presence, and his outfits are must-haves.

He typically shares fashion-related videos and stunning images of himself. He frequently posts about hair care as well as fashion tips. His handpicked assortment of styles includes everything from casual to formal clothing. His unconventional fashion style elevates him to the ranks of India’s finest men fashion bloggers on Instagram.

Tejeshwar Sandhoo’s Instagram handle is @blueberryblackout. Sandhoo’s looks are perfect for a total wardrobe overhaul – the objective is to explore, and he has nailed every look on his feed. Sandhoo, who is an outspoken member of the LGBTQ community, used fashion as a weapon of resistance, believing that fashion and sexuality are 2 mutually complementary.

Sandhoo created Blueberry Blackout while working on a project that needed him to locate a male fashion influencer, which shocked him because there weren’t many. That is when his adventure began.

In 2018, he was nominated for the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards.

Shakti Yadav, called “The February Boy,” has revolutionized urban style for us, and we’re completely smitten by his flawless fashion sense. Shakti’s account has to be one of the greatest men’s fashion feed to gain inspiration from, and from compiling popular styles to innovating with fashion in the best way possible.

His Instagram account has 107k followers who pay attention to him since he publishes unique and trendy photographs of his attire as well as style advice for guys.

He was named Fashion Influencer Of The Year, Male 2021-2022 at the Cosmo India Blogger Awards.

Usaamah Siddique provides superb style inspiration and direction. It certainly drew our notice at first glance. Many young men are inspired by his originality and sense of flair. His IG feed is a great source of inspiration for anybody trying to up their style game. He frequently shares wardrobe suggestions, accessorizing recommendations, and take-away looks. His travel and cuisine blogs are a bonus – you should follow him since he’s one of India’s best male fashion bloggers.

Usaamah’s forte is seamlessly creating basic clothing, which is why he has millions of fans and is one of the bt male fashion influencers in India. In addition to developing fashion content, he runs Pearlo Studios, a fashion label that many celebrities have worn.

Krishen Riyat, whose impeccable drip has hundreds of fashion aficionados in a frenzy, is freshening up the explore feed on Instagram. Ascending via the online network of street culture influences. The fashion designer describes his signature look as “elevated fundamentals, classic earthy tones, and comfy but fitting garments.” With a modern and minimalist approach to streetwear, he mixes and blends colours and silhouettes to reflect his particular perspective on the season’s hottest trends and must-have shoes.

You should follow Krishen for some cool, dope, aesthetic, and laid-back material. You can count on him to quickly improve your style.


With traditional dress changing every few kilometres, becoming a fashion blogger and experimenting with Indian and Western fashion is extremely feasible, because India is a multicultural country. Not only can fashion blogging contribute to new start-up ideas and companies, but it has also resulted in more success stories, providing a sense of independence from traditional 9-5 work. The blogging business is thriving, and its creators are as well. Many Indians are interested in blogging as a professional choice, particularly in fashion. If you’re interested in this sector, check these top Indian fashion bloggers and get inspired!

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