Top 10 Lifestyle Influencers In India

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Life is as we paint it and its outcome is always beautiful but different. Lifestyle influencers, unlike celebrity influencers, are your ordinary Instagram users who have risen to prominence through their unique, relatable content. The kind of content they post is something that ordinary people can relate to. 

A lifestyle Instagrammer creates content inspired by his/her hobbies and daily activities. They post pictures and content about their location, life stage, actions, and experiences. They work with brands related to their field of interest in the lifestyle segment which may include fashion brands, travel agency brands, food brands, jewellery brands, magazines and even ads.

Having such impactful faces makes brands more understandable and reachable to their target audiences. Being a fashion and lifestyle influencer marketing agency in India, we realise the importance of these lifestyle influencers for brands, and have curated a list of top 10 best lifestyle influencers in India who could be a great fit for your brand.

Top 10 Best Lifestyle Influencers in India:

If swaying away all odds and standing out tall had a name, it would be Komal Pandey. 

With 1.15 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 million followers on her Instagram, there isn’t a niche that her feed does not cover. 

While people are constantly critical of this influencer for her bold dressing, she is the kind of person that fuels the criticism to do better work. Her take on fashion is out of the ordinary and breaks the stereotypical Indian standard of dressing. She also faced her battles with mental health because of the same and shares her thoughts freely. Not afraid to call out bullies and trollers she is like the common phrase ‘Bhartiya naari, sabpe bhaari’ come to life!

Her style and content are loved by both English and Hindi content-seeking individuals.

Siddharth Batra is a man that breaks stereotypes with every post of his. 

He worked his way up from being a style editor to the top ten lifestyle influencers in India. Siddharth’s journey from a chubby schoolboy to an influencer who works on fashion and a healthy body is marvellous. 

He has 96k subscribers on YouTube and 242k followers on Instagram. He is often seen making dhamaka content with his outfit choices. He shares his stage of content creation with his grandfather and parents each chance he gets. And also as boyfriend of @komalpandey, you will find a lot of couple’s content on this lifestyle and fashion influencer’s Instagram feed as well!

Roshni Bhatia has effortlessly managed to make her space in the influencer world while being an ideal mother. 

In three years, Roshni has created a family of over 552K followers on Instagram and 590k subscribers on YouTube. Also known as ‘thechiquefactor’, She is the perfect example and idol for mothers who wish to get the best of both worlds. 

Roshni states that the key to handling both aspects of life well stems from the fact that you are your own boss in the world of Instagram. 

Masoom is the lifestyle influencer who is making India proud at every stage in her life. Every aspect of Masoom’s content is a mix of Indian and couture which brings a great blend of cultural artisanal pieces she wears or promotes as well as high-end brands that she works with.

While sitting thousands of miles away from India, Masoom supports every Indian label that comes her way. Masoom’s nature of wanting to work in a field that seemed to be going nowhere years ago has inspired a million others to follow their dreams. She has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 54.5k subscribers on YouTube.

She also educates her viewers through her content about different Indian materials and their production. A part of Cannes and collaborated with multiple brands, designers and magazines, she is definitely one of the few Indian lifestyle influencers growing our culture across the globe.

Larissa is one such lifestyle influencer that will make you live her adventures through her content. 

Her Instagram feed is so pleasing to look at that you would want to keep scrolling all day. Larissa is an influencer who’s the jack of all trades. She is a traveller, an artist, a creator, a business owner, an entrepreneur and a person full of life. 

There’s no reason why you should not follow her. She won the Cosmo Travel Influencer award twice back to back!

This Indian lifestyle influencer also has her page 4amwithlarsa encouraging a community of her own of 31.2k followers. Working with brands like Dior and Cartier, she is the balance of beauty and brains. She keeps upskilling herself, she is learning bike riding and skateboarding. She owns her own restaurant in Goa Ohlalagoa and also has a page for her artist work called @by.larissa.dsa on Instagram with 19.3K followers.

While most influencers just talk about being self-confident, Sakshi Sindwani proves it with every move on the gram. 

Her bubbly nature and love for her own body make others fall in love with her too. Sakshi’s original content of her being just her, and real is what her family of 507k on Instagram and 95k on YouTube, love seeing!

She is one of the best plus-size fashion influencers in India and an activist for the same. She also likes to call herself the stereotype smasher on her Instagram bio. Ramp walked for shantanunikhil and modelled for multiple magazines and made a mark in the lifestyle influencer industry.

It is a little tough to believe that an introverted child during school is now an Indian lifestyle blogger whose actions the world awaits to watch. 

Juhi doesn’t only collaborate with high-end fashion brands but also curates her own fashion through her brand Arabellaa. Her life and fashion choices are a dream for many. 

This Indian lifestyle influencer on Instagram has 54k subscribers on YouTube and 519k followers on Instagram. She is seen on the go and travelling most of the time. With an eye for fashion and luxury, she radiates extreme LA girl vibes.

Aashna’s gram is like a breath of fresh air. Whether we talk about real women-empowering content or just two cute dogs playing around, Aashna covers it all for us. 

Having almost 937k eyes watching on Instagram and 184k on YouTube all your moves can get tough. But we just hope every influencer can pull off this responsibility the way she does.

Aashna shares her interest in interior design on Snobhome and luxury styling and has modelled for payalsinghal and many more in the industry. She is definitely a knowledgeable friend to have in your pocket.

Having collaborated with brands like Smashbox, Dior, NYX, and Clinique, this Indian fashion and lifestyle influencer is making her mark in the Indian influencer community with one video at a time.

Sejal Kumar is a lifestyle influencer who went on from making videos on the Sarojini haul to being a part of Forbes 30 under 30 and everything in between. 

Her fashion videos and hacks are suitable for anybody and everybody who simply loves to dress up. While you are on her page, do not forget to catch up on her styling videos where she builds a new outfit from scratch on a budget. This top lifestyle influencer in India flaunts a whopping 1.38 million subscribers on YouTube and 843k followers on Instagram.

Remember the days when OOTD was “the thing”? Kritika is in the influencer business since then. In 2014, she began her blog called “ThatBohoGirl and started her online clothing store from where her journey began. 

Her real talk about depression and anxiety, along with fun content regarding fashion and hacks have paved the path to success for her. She has 727k subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 million followers on Instagram.


Always entertaining with their friends and family these lifestyle influencers give the audience inspiration every day. Lifestyle influencers are dedicated to showcasing their lives and multiple parts of it to their world. In addition to that, their content entertains and provides knowledge for almost every person viewing their content and brands can benefit from their collaborations just as the consumers benefit from living the experiences of these influencers.

We at Confluencr, India’s largest influencer marketing agency, find inspiration from these hard-working influencers ad can help you gain fruitful collaborations with these top Indian lifestyle influencers. Being experts at influencer marketing, we can help place your brand in front of the right audience at the right time through the right set of influencers. If you are looking for lifestyle influencers to collaborate and work with, do drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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