Top 10 Indian Plus Size Fashion Influencers

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Social media can be both a blessing and a burden, especially sites like Instagram, which can reinforce negative body stereotypes. This is why it’s crucial to have representation so that everyone, regardless of their appearance size or skin tone, feels recognized and included. Long ago, zero-size, slim-fit ladies served as the protagonists in advertisements for clothing and cosmetics. Movies had celebrities who were impossibly tiny, had great careers, and other things. But praise be to our dynamic fashion business. The days of exclusively finding gorgeous ladies with slender bodies are long gone. 

Women have begun accepting themselves as they are thanks to recent social media movements like body positivity and self-acceptance. In addition to this, some well-known, established firms have begun using plus-size models to advertise their apparel and goods. Being the perfect size and form is no longer a limited concept. Plus-size fashion influencers have collaborated with several well-known companies to promote their goods and raise awareness on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Now, every fashion app has a plus-sized retailer. 

The curvaceous bloggers who defied expectations and encouraged others to follow their passions and overcome anxieties are raising a toast for the transformation. Here are the top 10 Indian Plus-Size Fashion Influencers on Instagram, who are the best promoters of body positivity!

Top 10 Indian Plus Size Fashion Influencers:

Sakshi Sindwani, a plus-size model and blogger, produces body-positive material. The charismatic influencer behind @stylemeupwithsakshi has several videos to her name that promote body confidence. Sakshi Sindwani’s life has come full circle from being dubbed “Moti” at a Delhi school to walking the runway in a bikini.

She participated in Lakme Fashion Week as a model. Few people are aware that she launched a YouTube channel with the same name after her Instagram profile gained a lot of popularity. Her favourite activity is dispelling stereotypes and taboos surrounding plus-size women, which she accomplishes by creating lovely movies for all the plus-size women who are still self-conscious about their bodies and clothing. She has received recognition for her remarkable depiction of stylish visual material in several worldwide publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, and many more.

Sindwani is unapologetically herself and is witty, stylish, and brave. She carries everything with ease, from skirts and bikinis to sarees and lehengas. This Indian plus-size fashion influencer has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, in addition to being fashionable, supports fashion that is both sensible and daring. If you want to learn how to dress for work and play, Sindwani offers a tonne of style advice and tricks on her Instagram feed.

For a very long time, Aashna Bhagwani has advocated for inclusive fashion and body positivity. Bhagwani gives diverse costume style ideas on her Instagram site, but she also reveals personal details about events that helped her accept and appreciate her body. Her fashion sense is approachable, sensible, enjoyable, and oh-so-stylish!

If you follow Aashna on Instagram, you’ll see some of the amazing material she’s made on body acceptance. She is one of those fashion influencers in India who think beauty comes in many forms and sizes. She draws a large following for her method of content production not just from around the nation but also from outside.

She thinks that even while we’ve made progress in encouraging self-love and acceptance, it’s still insufficient. The intention is to normalize all forms, sizes, and colours of women rather than placing them in categories like plus size, slender, or dark.

Additionally, you may see this plus-size fashion influencer on Instagram to feel represented in a society that devalues plus-sized bodies as well as for fashion inspiration.

Neha Parulkar is a plus-sized fashion influencer on our list who loves to produce body-positive material and is proud of herself for raising awareness among others with various mindsets, particularly the traditional one. Neha Parulkar, one of the original body-positive fashion influencers in India, has long fought for the recognition of plus-sized women. She has inspired women to embrace their bodies and overcome the stigma associated with being a curvaceous woman through her images, videos, and public speeches.

Neha Parulkar glittered down the runway as India held the first-ever plus-size fashion show with complete grace and assurance. Neha has been a plus-size model and body-positive ambassador for four years at this point. It’s amazing how she styles her offbeat ensembles and combinations.

She talks about the phrase “body positivity” now linked to “plus size.” However, the movement was founded to help those with stigmatized bodies, learn to love themselves and feel secure enough to wear whatever they want. She has been attempting to accomplish that on her Instagram account.

This Indian plus-size fashion influencer addresses several significant topics on her YouTube channel, including plus-sized fallacies, how to cope with body shammers and many more. Follow Parulkar’s styling advice if you want to find fascinating and distinctive girl-next-door outfits that you can simply put together with the stuff in your closet!

Neelakshi is renowned for being bold and for leading an independent life. She is a representation of body positivity, and the blogs and images she curates make this very clear. She is a seasoned model who has been in Vogue, walked in the Lakme Fashion Week, and been in advertisements for Dove, Adidas, and other companies. In addition to working as a full-time fashion influencer, Plump To Pretty launched her blog in 2012. It focuses on her opinion of current fashion trends and her enjoyment of clothing experimentation.

Neelakshi, with a degree in business management, instructs fashion styling to Pearl Academy pupils. She completed a master’s in design at NIFT after completing a certificate in creative fashion styling. She started as a stylist for Sonakshi Raj and Yash Raj Films before deciding to work for online retailers like Amydus, Postergully, etc. Following this, she began her career as a teacher.

This top plus-size fashion influencer in India was identified as having Bulimia, an eating condition that contributed to her weight gain. She suffered both physically and psychologically since she dared not even bring the issue up with her parents. But after this time was gone, Neelakshi realized that nothing could ever take away from her beauty. She began promoting body positivity at that time and has continued to do so nonstop for the past nine years.

Neelakshi thinks that for us to succeed and motivate others, all women must take these issues seriously and comprehend what genuine beauty is. She realized that real life is unfiltered along the way. She thus joined the social media movement for body positivity, and after years of being vulnerable online and striving to accept herself for who she is, she is now able to inspire others.

Aarti Olivia Dubey, a plus-size model, exhorts people everywhere to disregard preconceived notions. She launched a blog called “Curves Become Her,” where she frequently shares her emotions with the world and talks about plus-size clothing. In addition to this, she frequently shares feminist articles and anxiety-related topics. She was a former mental health therapist. She displays fashion with no restraint, just like every other supermodel.

Aarti takes pride in her stretch marks, cellulite, and excessive weight. When she has to dress for herself and not others, these obstacles don’t stand in her way. Her path to this point, though, has not been simple.

When she was young, she used to look up to her mother as she prepared for an outing in period-appropriate attire and cosmetics. She had no idea that going from being a slim 6-year-old to an overweight 10-year-old would change things for her. She only had a few options for apparel at the moment to fit that shape. Aarti, however, persisted in dressing herself in straight-sized apparel, which only made her life more miserable. She never made an effort to understand that the problem wasn’t with her body, but with a society that would never include bodies like her in a fashion magazine.

In her 30s, Aarti concluded that she needed to examine herself objectively. She identified herself as a plus-size fashion model who dressed in trendy outfits that complimented her figure.

She currently works as an activist and plus-size fashion blogger. Their advocacy covers a range of identity overlaps, including queer identity, human rights, and fat liberation. She has collaborated with regional, national, and worldwide publications, groups, and media sources to promote the rights of underrepresented groups.

Aarti wants to live in a culture where one’s looks are only a reflection of their personality, not something to be denigrated.

Shraddha Gurung, aka @lilmissgurung, is a beacon of body positivity and self-love. Boldly flaunting her curves, she’s all about inspiring others to embrace themselves fully. From fashion tips to inclusive vibes, she’s on a mission to shake up the fashion world’s status quo. Shraddha keeps it real, serving up confidence and empowerment like nobody’s business. In a world obsessed with one-size-fits-all beauty, is that refreshing reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Hailing from Noida, India, Shraddha is more than just a beauty and fashion guru; she’s a mental health and body positivity advocate, using her platform to challenge norms and spread self-acceptance. You can catch her on Instagram and YouTube, dishing out makeup tricks, skincare secrets, and doses of inspiration to help everyone embrace their uniqueness. And it’s not just her followers who’ve taken notice; Shraddha’s collaborations and media features are a testament to her impact in the beauty world. So, if you’re craving a dose of confidence and a reminder to live boldly, Shraddha is your go-to gal.

Chetna Chauhan is a well-known social media influencer, Instagram model, and fashion influencer who is well-known for her plus-size fashion statements. She is renowned for having an attractive appearance and a sweet smile. She is well-known across several social media networks, including Instagram. She enjoys modelling, dancing, acting, and travelling.

Through her skills and ability to create engaging material, she has amassed a sizable following on Instagram. She has worked with several businesses to educate her audience and gain the attention of additional brands. She is more akin to a micro-influencer in the fashion and lifestyle area.

Many plus-sized ladies would be motivated by her demeanour and sense of style to step outside their comfort zones and try on various outfits without reservation and who are self-conscious about their bodies will be encouraged by her since she is a plus-size fashion influencer.

While many women are healthy overall, many feel pressure to lose weight to meet beauty standards this plus-size fashion influencer in India believes she has helped them learn to always love themselves. She appreciates the creative side of the business and thinks there is room for emerging talent to flourish. 

Chetna won the title of Maven Ms. Plus Size West India.

In 2011, Amena Azeez launched her blog Fashionopolis. She is now recognized in India as a plus-size fashion blogger, influencer of body positivity, content producer, and storyteller. Her blog’s main objective, to quote her, was “to Democratise Fashion and make it size-inclusive” in addition to spreading body acceptance.

By dispelling myths about plus-size women, this Indian plus-size fashion influencer is shattering all preconceptions. In her blog, Amena Azeez mostly discusses plus-size fashion, body positivity, lifestyle, pop culture, feminism, and beauty, among other topics. She has worked as a designer, stylist, content strategist, and creative consultant in the fashion business for more than 10 years.

You should read her interviews; they are motivating. Check out her appearance in Sunny Leone’s “The Body Talk” video while you’re there.

Sayanti Mahapatra, a standout plus-size fashion influencer, embodies the essence of grit, passion, and patience in the world of content creation. After graduating in fashion communication, she kickstarted her journey as a blogger while in college, maneuvering through industry hurdles with internships and fashion shows.

When the pandemic hit, Sayanti seized the opportunity to double down on content creation, turning challenges into triumphs with viral posts and lucrative collaborations. As a self-employed creator, she hammers home the importance of consistency, productivity, and savvy self-promotion.

Breaking stereotypes as a Bengali woman, Sayanti’s journey underscores the crucial role of parental support and belief in chasing one’s dreams. Her ethos of thrift fashion and authentic self-expression resonates deeply, especially in a world obsessed with unrealistic standards.

Through her YouTube channel, Sayanti serves up budget-friendly styling hacks and DIY projects, empowering her audience to revamp their wardrobes and living spaces affordably. As a plus-size advocate, she champions body positivity, challenging conventional beauty norms every step of the way.

Sayanti’s story is a testament to the power of dedication and resilience in an ever-shifting industry landscape, inspiring countless aspiring creators to chase their passions fearlessly.

In addition to being a fashion blogger, Tanesha Awasthi is the creator of the award-winning site “Girl with Curves.” She uses the same name for her plus-size clothes business. Trendy outfits abound on her Instagram, and she frequently shares parenthood, health, beauty, and cosmetics tips.

Throughout her whole adolescence, teen, and early adult years, she endured bullying. She was referred to as “large” by coworkers, instructors, and classmates. She liked fashion, but her instructors warned her that she was never going to be skinny enough to work in the fashion industry. 

After years of fighting eating problems, she finally understood that she had to accept herself, no matter what size she was or would be. Before she could hope for people to appreciate her, she had to learn to respect herself.

She eventually learned to accept and enjoy the features she had detested in herself after making a conscious effort to let go of the imperfections she once held dear.


Plus-size fashion is more of a personality type than it is just about clothes and styling. In many respects, such Indian bloggers are demonstrating that this is true. Additionally, body positivity and acceptance are so intimately tied to how to dress for a plus-sized woman. Social media, like a coin, has two sides, one that is positive and the other that is negative. We cannot always wish for the best. The majority of women look up to these plus-size fashion bloggers who are donning a wide variety of looks and inspiring us all. Ladies, be comfortable in your body! These plus-size fashion gurus have come under fire from some for encouraging obesity in young girls. However, they have been attempting to debunk these myths and misconceptions about making videos.

Think up a strong marketing plan that would generate buzz for your company if you are a fashion brand planning to provide a plus-size segment to your clients. One of the best marketing techniques for companies wanting to build their name in this cutthroat industry is influencer marketing. Working with the top plus-size fashion influencers in India can help your fashion brand establish a significant presence in the Indian fashion ecosystem in addition to helping you target the proper demographic.

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