Top 10 Indian Skincare Influencers To Follow In 2023

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The global skincare market has been expanding, giving rise to skincare influencers who discuss what has worked for them. These experts have a variety of experiences; some are researchers and testers; some are estheticians; some know what to look for in substances; others know brands. Their opinions are highly appreciated by their followers because skincare is one of the most expensive forms of self-care, regardless of where they learn it from. Skin influencers, often known as “Skinfluencers,” are expanding as the skincare market in India expands. And hence, we have curated a list of the top 10 skincare influencers in India who could be a great fit for your next collaboration.

Top 10 Skincare Influencers In India:

Niyanta is a digital creator for skincare and haircare genres on her page called She Shares effective skincare, haircare and lifestyle finds ranging from affordable to high-end products.

Her goal is to educate and bust myths for the consumers so that they can choose the best for themselves.

This Indian beauty and skincare influencer shares a lot of insights for people looking at reasonable dermatologist recommendations. Having worked with brands like Sublime, Sukinskincare, Kapiva, and Nykaa she is a person with great self-studied experience in her field.

Nikita is your go-to girl for skin care, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Commonly known as Wohwaliladki on her own YouTube channel which is not as active. She suffered from a type of cancer. 

Residing in Mumbai and Delhi, she believes in sharing unfiltered stuff. This Indian skincare influencer shares a lot of tricks and tips on alternative ways to use a product.  She shares her experiences that act as an inspiration for her followers.

Mrunal is our Youtube Gujju unicorn who gained a lot of followers in the TikTok era of India. Post the TikTok ban, she started creating content on Instagram and YouTube on makeup and skincare. Her looks are loved by her followers and brands adore her. 

Her lively bubbly personality just makes you want to watch more and more content that this skincare influencer in India creates. Working as a model, creator, Youtuber, pet parent, and social media influencer, Mrunal has a big interest in international beauty products and is always trying them out and sharing her experiences. 

Some brands and renowned influencers she has collaborated with are #wingitwithankush, Larissa D’sa, and Anirudh Sharma on their pages.

Aashna Shroff is a fashion blogger, model, and social media influencer

Aashna started her career at a very young age. She was inspired by her mother. Aashna has her online page known as The Snob Shop which she started in November 2013. She mentioned in an interview that she was a shy personality at the start of her career and that slowly she became confident about herself. 

The social media star faced a lot of problems during the start of her brand but later on, she was appreciated for her efforts. Aashna is one of India’s leading fashion bloggers and skincare influencers. She also appeared on TEDx where she gave an inspirational speech. 

This Indian skincare influencer currently has also ventured into judging shows like Myntra Fashion Super Star and has also started her interior design page called snobhome.

Apoorva on her Instagram says ‘Skincare that works and makeup that stops the search’ and it’s the best way to describe her. 

She shares quick thoughts about products and detailed reviews that can help consumers understand the product. 

She has worked with brands like Reequil, Simplebeauty, Foxtaleskin, and Juicebeauty just to name a few of her recent brand collaborations.

Debasree Banerjee is an Indian skincare influencer from Assam who has made her name in the big city. Also having her own cosmetics brand debasreebeauty you couldn’t ask for a better advisor when it comes to skincare. 

She on an everyday basis believes in clean and simple makeup looks and it shows through her way of living. 

This skincare influencer in India also has a series called Sundays with Deb on it to connect with her audience more.

Tasneem talks about all things skincare and beauty on her Instagram page namely skincare. venture. She shares a range of reviews, recommendations of what products to use and purchase, and photos of the same. 

Her main two streams of interest in this field are SPF, that’s sunscreen and an avid love for Korean skincare. She also hosts Q&A sessions to engage with her audience and answer their concerns and also links the products she uses in her bio. Her videos are no less than a calming meditation. 

This Indian skincare influencer has recently worked with brands such as Dot and Key, Carmesi, FixDerma, and NykaaBeauty just to name a few.

Malvika is a model-turned-creator who loves everything about makeup, skincare, and fashion. She owns her beauty line known as Masic beauty, derived from the words Malvika + Basic which has a ton of bath, body, and home care products to buy. 

She travels a ton and her makeup looks and vlogs are as entertaining as her. This skincare influencer in India is your go-to person to know about all the skincare-related tips, tricks, hacks and high-end skincare brands and products.

Your girl for simple skincare and makeup and lifestyle content. Kiwi as her name suggests flaunts a sweet and tangy personality and recommends at-home, DIY skincare remedies and products to use. 

She has worked with brands such as FAE Beauty, The Plume co, Nykaa beauty, Kiehl’s, and many more. 

You can find her testing new products and new brands a ton. Also, a range of educational content for different kinds of skin care products is what you’ll find on her page.

Popularity met her during covid, as she made content on her Instagram and Youtube pages. Akanksha is a digital creator, and beauty and fashion blogger. She will help you find dupes, compare high-end and low-end products, create looks from popular series, test out viral tips and tricks, and do everything related to the skincare and beauty industry. 

She has worked with brands like Dr Sheths, Reequil, Dot&key, Suganda, and The Derma Co just to name a few.

This Indian skincare influencer also has a highlight section on Instagram with all her discount codes for the brands as well as another highlight called FAQ where she keeps answering questions frequently asked by her followers.


More than ever, skincare and beautification have been popular in recent years. They are not concerned with altering your identity or appearance. However, the focus is more on making progress toward having well-cared-for, healthy skin. If you believed that skincare entailed applying a variety of products to your face to alter your skin tone or transform your whole look, you are misusing the term. So how exactly is it done now? We may not be professionals, but we do know some influential folks who are. These leading Indian influencers in the skincare and cosmetics niche are here to fill you in on everything. Besides educating their followers on all things skincare, these influencers have the potential to drive profitable results for beauty and skincare brands.

Being India’s largest influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realize the immense potential of these skincare influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients collaborate with these social media skincare influencers in India. We can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time, and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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