Top 10 Indian Skincare Influencers Creating Content In English

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“Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body, and all skin conditions, from psoriasis to acne to ageing, are the manifestations of your body’s internal needs, including its nutritional needs.”-Dr. Georgiana Donadio
(Whole health pioneer, Educator, Author)

Skincare professionals and lovers can be classified as experienced professionals or enthusiasts, although their expertise ranges from product evaluations to dermatology, skin positivity, and skin issues like acne or eczema. Professionals and viewers consume media differently than the previous generations. Consumers used to turn to newspapers and TV for information about new cosmetic products, but now they turn to social media, trusting the views and ideas of their peers to influence a purchase. Hashtags such as #skincare on Instagram get millions of postings each week. Mega influencers are more likely to charge a lot more for a feature if they have more than 10,000 followers on their social media channel, typically making micro-influencing the more lucrative alternative for smaller firms on YouTube and Instagram influencer marketing.

Brands interested in partnering with a skincare expert or content creator might have access to a passionate and receptive network of niche cosmetics enthusiasts. Consumers want to follow influencers who appear authentic, and because macro-influencers typically rely on content production to make a living, their channels and profiles are sometimes filled with adverts from large corporations that have paid to have their products promoted.

Here’s our take on the top 10 mid-tier skincare influencers on Instagram, who’re making it big on social media with their content.

Top 10 Skincare Influencers in India

Tarini Peshawaria’s Instagram experience as a beauty and lifestyle blogger has created a name for herself in the skincare field by consistently educating her audience, debunking skincare misconceptions, and mini-reviews, and delivering skincare under Rs500! Tarini is the one to engage when it comes to eliminating skincare misconceptions about products. She has worked with L’Oréal Paris and The Ordinary

The fourth edition of the Cosmo India Blogger Awards took place this year, and it was spectacular. She shared the Cosmo Editor’s Panel Dermafique Beauty Influencer Of The Year, Female Award with Malvika Sitlani Aryan

This Indian skincare influencer on Instagram made her Cannes debut three years after she began her career as a digital artist. The influencer who drew attention to the red carpet while walking for the well-known beauty and cosmetic company Loreal spoke up about her experience with Republic Media Network.

Alfiya is a Content Creator, Blogger and also known as Trendelitee is recognized for her simple and aesthetic style, and her

content focuses on skincare, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and reviews. 

She is well-known on social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. She seems to be quite active on social media. This Indian makeup and beauty influencer on Instagram primarily shares brief cosmetic tutorials and gorgeous pictures. Alfiya discusses several beauty techniques for good face skin and other topics. 

Aside from that, Her “But Abba Nahi Manenge“ video became popular on Instagram, and many of her other videos went viral on social media platforms. If you want to view more of her videos, go to her Instagram account. Her fans on various social media networks are constantly growing. 

She has appeared in Enrich, Himalaya, and Pipa Bella

Alfiya was a challenger for the Exhibit- Emerging Beauty Influencer of the Year.

Gia Kashyap is an official Instagram user in India. She seems to be well known for her attractive appearance and adorable grin. She is well-known on social media sites such as Instagram. Gia, being a skincare influencer in India and a fashion blogger, started her website in 2010. Her blog is called Gia SAYS THAT and it helps in providing an outlet for travel, beauty, and other interests and also in inexpensive fashion ideas and simple DIYs Gia is the go-to fashion and beauty blogger for daily answers. 

Gia Kashyap’s fame originates from her efforts to withstand her aesthetic. Despite her fame, Kashyap realises that trends and styles will pass and that she must stay up to the changing times.

This winner of COSMO India’s Upcoming Beauty Influencer routinely shares information about skincare, self-care, and fashion

Yashwant emphasizes the significance of skincare for men and is frequently seen reviewing goods he uses and discussing his skincare regimen, which focuses on helping your skin receive the greatest results and highlighting excellent skin practices that one should incorporate into their daily routine. Everyone has the right to appear as clear as they wish, but his blogs go into great depth about how to get clear and healthy-looking skin.

He has even revealed his acne condition and how he fought it. Yashwant will provide you with

the best and most important unfiltered and fully authentic suggestions on all products ranging from an Indian to an international brand.

Ankita Chaturvedi is the go-to skincare guru in India, renowned for her candid takes on beauty products. With a massive following on Instagram and YouTube, she spreads positivity and empowerment among women worldwide through her content.

Ankita, aka @corallista, is another skincare expert who is making a noise. From her debut “Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial” to countless videos, she’s established herself as a top Indian skincare influencer. One of her most-watched videos, “Veet Sensitive Touch Trimmer – Review,” has racked up millions of views, making her a trusted reviewer.

Ankita’s channel is a treasure trove of skincare, haircare, and makeup advice. With each video packed with unique insights, she offers invaluable recommendations on both Indian and international brands. Whether it’s tutorials or product reviews, her content is informative and engaging, making her a favourite among beauty enthusiasts.

Aishwarya Kandpal, the go-to Indian skincare influencer for all things skin and hair on Instagram, is making waves with her no-filter approach to beauty. She is all about embracing natural flaws and sharing her own skin and hair journey. Known as Indian Skin Blog online, she’s also delved into the world of K-beauty, advocating for that healthy, dewy glow we all crave.

It’s not just about skincare with Aishwarya, She also has worked on a range of things, from scripting to shooting and directing, she’s a one-woman show. Her talents aren’t confined to just beauty either; she’s got a knack for creating engaging content across various industries like travel, fashion, and even finance.

According to Aishwarya, video is where it’s at in the digital scene, and she’s using her expertise to connect with her audience on a deeper level. Not only does she create captivating content for her platform, but she also lends her skills to help partners develop winning strategies.

In short, Aishwarya Kandpal isn’t just an influencer; she’s a content powerhouse shaping the digital landscape one video at a time.

Niyanta is a Lifestyle and Skincare Influencer. She not only suggests the worth quality skincare and beauty products but a explains their purpose and applications to you. Knowing what skincare product you’re using is just as crucial as understanding why you’d want it in the first place. Niyanta attempts to clarify it all in her content. 

Niyanta, who is connected to her audience on Instagram, can answer any of your worries and queries regarding skincare products, which is especially helpful if you are a newbie. This Indian skincare influencer helps you to obtain an idea of the range of goods available on the market that are just appropriate for your skin through her page What’s the finest thing about it all? You learn about things at various price levels! 

Aside from product information, you can also check out hair care recommendations, skin and hair improvement strategies, and product comparison reviews on Niyanta’s feed. Maintaining a basic regimen and gradually introducing treatment items will help your skin absorb and respond appropriately. Niyanta encourages her listeners to be thoughtful in their purchases.

Dr Manasi Shirolikar is a qualified dermatologist who examines the science behind numerous skincare regimens and products. It is always beneficial to have your dermatologist. 

However, if you don’t, you can start getting some honest skin care advice from this Indian skincare influencer on Instagram. She also reveals her patients’ experiences so that her followers may better grasp the consequences. In her postings, she discusses numerous therapies and breaks them down for anybody who wants to know. 

When she is not consulting, Dr Manasi enjoys generating amusing yet educational videos for her Instagram feed. 

She has been featured in GRAZIA for How DIY Skincare Can Do More Harm Than Good and A Dermatologist’s Advice On How To Treat ‘Maskne.’ 

She has appeared in the Times of India, VOUGE India, Elle India, and many other media mentions.

If you desire flawless skin, go no further than Madhuri! This Instagram skincare influencer’s unique content will fascinate your audience and is ideal for communicating your brand’s mission to buyers. 

Madhuri has posted several product reviews, which are worth reading. Check out her Instagram Highlights for a quick recap of all her product reviews. She seems to have covered every trend we see on our Instagram feeds. 

She reviews K-Beauty products and is one of the key trending influencers in Korean beauty. Madhuri loves and appreciates her community by frequently engaging with them and enjoys travelling as a hobby. 

She is an expert on everything from serums to sunscreen to haircare. 

In Parcos, she was an Exemplary Haircare Finalist. 

Moreover, she has been featured in JFWDigital, Cosmo India for the award part 3/17, and Elle India.

Meet Prableen Kaur Bhomrah, a YouTuber and Content Creator known for her unbiased and genuine outlook on beauty. 

In India, Prableen Kaur Bhomrah is one of the guiding skin-positive influencers. She creates inspiring videos for her fans across the country and beyond. She frequently gives her fans a raw side that other beauty influencers keep out. Prableen has been sharing her personal PCOS fight experiences. 

Bhomrah has created a safe space for both men and women and has always encouraged them to embrace and love their skin, even when things are difficult. 

“Beauty is confidence for me, which I got after embracing my true self” – Prableen. 

This Indian skincare influencer has been awarded Cosmopolitan Body-Love Influencer of the Year. She shared her first photo with the hashtag #nofilterwithpkb, which quickly went viral, and many people began to identify with her. This effort assisted her in establishing a strong online community. 

However, she says to her audience that she wants to strike a balance between skin/body positivity, beauty, and fashion because her work encompasses all of these topics.


Skincare influencers have managed to bridge the gap between a doctor and a consumer. Their experiences make way for consumers to access good and valuable products that don’t need hours of searching and trials. They are tried and tested by renowned people who understand the consumers’ needs and wants. Such influencers are definitely light in the darkness for people struggling with skin issues and make consumers find what they are looking for!

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr cater to such talent and their genre of interest. We have paved the way and created a network of leading influencers with English content across the globe and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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