Best Makeup Artists On YouTube In 2024

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“We have entered a more considered age of influencer marketing where beauty brands are looking for stronger metrics across each social media platform, to help them differentiate between the influencers and celebrities who are achieving the highest levels of engagement and ultimately delivering the best ROI.”- Megan Falconer-Taylor
(Director of Product at Celebrity Intelligence)

The tools required to pursue this art of makeup, the beauty products, are widely available today. Several brands offer cosmetic products, and each one is trying to grab the attention of its consumers. With the advent of YouTube influencer marketing, consumers have turned to beauty influencers to help them choose a brand whose product would enhance their look. A brand needs to choose the right influencer that matches its product functions. Especially for beauty brands, matching a foundation product with an influencer’s complexion is necessary to increase the product value.

We have combed through the gigantic ocean of beauty influencers and have come up with this list encompassing the 10 best Indian makeup artists on YouTube:

Shruti Anand is one of the best makeup artists on YouTube. She has uploaded several videos on makeup tips and tricks. Are you attending a wedding but agonizing over your makeup? Are you a total novice at the makeup game? Watch her “Makeup for Beginners” video! Unable to get that perfect wing eyeliner look? Shruti makes it easy with her step-by-step tutorial!

This makeup artist on YouTube has a whole playlist solely dedicated to skincare. Are you tired of pimples appearing on your face? Check out her overnight pimple treatment hack. Are you sporting a sun-tan from your beach vacation? Wish to lighten your dark lips? How to do a home facial? Answers to all these and more are available in her digital salon!

Shruti’s products for her videos are Mama Earth; Smashbox; Huda Beauty; Mary Kay; Anastasia; WOW Skin Science; Body Cupid; NYX Professional Makeup; PAC; Maybelline; and EUROPE GIRL.

Shreya loves trying out new makeup looks and sharing them with her 735k followers on YouTube. She uploads pretty helpful beauty hacks, especially if you are trying to perfect a particular look at your wit’s end! With the plethora of makeup products in the market, we usually get confused about buying. Shreya drives away your confusion with her “mini-reviews”.

Shreya’s various “brand dupes” videos like Huda Beauty, MAC, Urban Decay, Anastasia, and more are helpful as not everyone wishes to buy the higher-priced products. A massive supporter of made-in-India beauty brands, she has shot a special video mentioning 21 such brands – The Minimalist; Conscious Chemist; Re’equil; Zilch, etc.

Malvika loves dressing up and experimenting with makeup. Her YouTube channel is home to several looks and trends that she has tried and loved. Her tutorials are easy to follow and fun to watch.

Love highlighters but wondering which one to buy? Are you excited about your date night but agonizing over your makeup? Or maybe you wish to look like a royal princess at your wedding? You know what to do! Visit Malvika’s digital lookbook for inspiration! Malvika shares her honest views on Sugar, ELF, LA Girl, Too Faced, Maybelline, Rufa Beauty and more.

She organized a talk with a lawyer to understand how to protect themselves from harassment, abuse, and assault legally in our country and uploaded the video on her channel.

Malvika has styled her look withHuda Beauty; Colorbar Cosmetics; The Face Shop; Clinique; Estée Lauder; Becca Cosmetics; M·A·C Cosmetics; Sulwhasoo India and more. Do drop in at Malvika’s online salon for beauty tips and tricks!

This beauty influencer on YouTube is a trained makeup artist who resides in the UK. Her dream is to be considered the one-stop destination for women worldwide.

If you aren’t a big fan of makeup, you must watch her “Minimal Makeup look” video. Ankita has a video on how one can do their makeup in 5 minutes if you are running late! Ankita promotes body positivity and encourages you to embrace yourself, just the way you are. She has even outlined her ritual for maintaining positive mental health.

Ankita has created various makeup looks with – Pixi; Nykaa; Huda Beauty; Sugar; Kay Beauty; Clinique; Benefit Cosmetics; Colourpop; L’Oreal Paris; Benefit That Gal; and others. This makeup artist’s engagement rate provides her with an idea about what her followers are looking forward to.

Subscribe to Ankita’s channel for a 360 degrees insight into the mesmerizing world of beauty and wellness!

Megha owns two YouTube channels – “Perkymegs Hindi”. Being a creative person, she didn’t enjoy her monotonous corporate life and started Perkymegs Hindi to upload beauty and fashion videos every week. Today, Megha uploads videos around fashion trends, makeup looks, and “hauls” videos which her viewers eagerly consume. 

Wish to incorporate Jennifer Winget’s look from her serial or Priyanka Chopra’s engagement look? Maybe a fan of Deepika Padukone’s? Megha gives the low down on how you can recreate those looks! How does one perfect the smokey eye look? Attend a wedding without your makeup looking overboard? Megha is the Genie to your Aladin!

This beauty YouTuber uses a wide range of products for styling her different looks – Pac Cosmetics; MAC; Milani; Maybelline; Laura Mercier; Morphe Jaclyn Hill; Faces; KVD Beauty; NYX Professional Makeup; Colourpop; etc.

Megha’s tutorials are informative and engaging, with her explaining each step, each product, and the brand she’s using to create the look. Do pay a visit to her channel, Hindi or English, for some unique beauty lessons!

Mrunal created the YouTube channel “Gujju Unicorn” where she posts her makeup videos, vlogs, and skincare routines.

Mrunal’s under 30s videos are great if you are looking for a quick, short tutorial. Wondering how others sport that perfect messy bun, but yours is messy (not in a good way)? Unsure how to braid your hair? Looking for an easy graphic liner tutorial? Think there are not many ways to style your short hair? Check out her virtual beauty salon for some serious inspiration! Mrunal has also uploaded product reviews and tried out the trending beauty hacks.

Mrunal is a part of the ‘No Filter Group’ on Instagram, where the creators don’t use any filters on their posts. You see the creators in their natural form! We love seeing this makeup YouTuber in a raw avatar

Roshni is the epitome of elegance, and her makeup is always on point. She is fashionable, and her makeup tutorials are helpful to those wishing to copy her style. We often forget that our skin needs proper care at night as well! Her skincare video on the nighttime skincare routine is a reminder to us all to let our skin breathe. She has uploaded videos on how to get a smokey eye look, skincare tips, a step-by-step makeup tutorial, the classic red lipstick look, and more.

Keep watching this beauty YouTuber’s channel for tips and inspiration on makeup, beauty and lifestyle!

Kritika posts MOTD, which enhance her overall look and are easy to emulate—thinking of changing your hairstyle or colour? Check out Kritika’s “Hair Transformation” videos. Got a date? Need some impressive hairstyle inspiration? This Indian beauty influencer on YouTube has it all! This Dilli ki kudi also posts about body positivity, styling, fashion, mental health, lifestyle and has even uploaded a few videos on a career as a social media creator and the life of an influencer!

Kritika joined hands with L’Oréal Paris to spread awareness about public harassment faced by girls and how to react to such harassment. When social media stars and celebrities raise their voices; they get heard loud and clear. You go, girl!

Anindita is a professional makeup artist who started her YouTube channel to share her love for makeup with other like-minded people. 

This Indian makeup artist uploads tutorials, affordable makeup, skincare routines, and hauls, all of which have led to her massive success—going out on a date? Check out her “Romantic Makeup Look” short video. Are you a bride-to-be? Anindita has a “Bridal Kit Recommendation”, so you need not worry about it! Looking to go simple with your makeup this year? Watch her “Dewy Nude Pink Makeup Tutorial”. Her “10 Skincare Habits” video contains a plethora of advice and information!

If you love trying out new makeup looks, check out this Indian makeup artist on YouTube asap!

Having worked at Myntra, Chetali is a pro when it comes to beauty and fashion. She quit her job to set up her YouTube channel. Her makeup tutorials and hauls are informative and relevant. Her videos mention affordable brands as not everyone wishes to splurge.

With summer here, Chetali has shared the best sunscreens available and how one must reapply it over their makeup. We all know an essential step in the skincare routine is to remove our makeup every night to let our skin breathe. This makeup artist on YouTube suggests a few makeup removers, cleansing oils, balms, and others that she has found to work well.

Chetali’s virtual home is filled with loads of skincare, haircare, beauty, lifestyle, and makeup videos. We are sure you will find what you are looking for there!

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. The number of videos uploaded on it daily is dizzying. No matter the subject, you will find a video on YouTube. This search engine is handy as a video invariably has a more significant impact on the viewer. We can better remember what we see and hear than what we read. 

It’s no wonder that we reach out to YouTube whenever we wish to learn more about anything. The makeup artists on YouTube upload a plethora of tutorials showing what products to use, how to use them and the steps towards attaining a particular look!

Being India’s leading YouTube influencer marketing agency, we, at Confluencr, have set up our salon consisting of the best makeup artists on YouTube for you, beloved brands, to collaborate with for your beauty products. With their massive reach and connection with the audience, these beauty influencers on YouTube are ideal for your target market. We ensure that the influencer chosen for your brand matches your criteria and highlights your appeal to the audience. To know more, drop us an email at [email protected].

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