Top 10 Indian Regional Skincare Influencers On Youtube

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With the advent of social media, there has been a rise in the number of influencers and creators creating entertainment content in different niches. Besides entertaining their audience, these influencers have also risen to have potential power in the purchase decisions of their fan following. Regional beauty influencers have proven to be an asset for regional, local brands that are eavesdropping on newer ways to integrate and market their products. Along with celebrity influencers, these small-scale vernacular influencers have been shown to have a greater impact on regional audiences and can give brands an upperhand in regional influencer marketing. And to help you with the best here’s our pick of the top 10 Indian regional skincare influencers on YouTube that belong to different parts of India and are connecting several regional audiences for the better.

Top 10 Indian Regional Skincare Influencers On Youtube:

She shares videos on reviews on products, how to apply, and self-grooming in skin maintenance on her channel. Her work is more participatory and relevant because she also incorporates her family and friends.

She even shares amazon finds solutions and home decor tips. She posts her hauls from renowned fashion brands like Myntra, Nykaa and Amazon. This Indian regional beauty influencer’s wide range of content is what sets her apart.

Jyotii Sethi Raina is a multifaceted person, one of those skills includes her being popular skincare and beauty YouTuber. She also ventures into travel and leisure.

The actual reason she made our list, though, is because her themes go where no Indian beauty designer has gone before. From purchasing budget cosmetics from Amazon to street shopping Jyotii does it all.

Actress and sporadic fashion blogger Shivangi Sharma. The cosmetics and skincare savvy YouTuber feature both instructional and product reviews, as well as other elements typical of a beauty and skincare vlog.

She developed her business, House of Shaarom, as a result of her success in content development. T-shirts, sweatshirts, her “Love and Light” line, and upscale boutique candles are among the wide variety of products it sells. We advise following this regional skincare influencer in India for the lovely content she creates and adoring her for being an entrepreneur.

This Bengali beauty has been dominating the world of beauty on Indian YouTube channels since 2009. She is from Assam. She utilizes distinctive cosmetic demonstrations, exquisitely crafted “try-on hauls,” and frank product critiques.

Many people love this Bengali skincare influencer on YouTube. You can find her talking about cosmetics, responding to all of her comments on skincare queries, and talking about all the “unspoken beauty” topics on her Youtube channel, which features beauty and lifestyle videos. She has even founded her brand debasreebeauty with cosmetic products.

For a unique perspective on beauty, check out her YouTube channel. You’ll find that you now know precisely what to put in your shopping basket once you’ve finished binge-watching all of her videos.

Shalini is a beauty and skincare blogger from New Delhi. Her channel highlights her passion for cosmetics and beauty and provides reviews and advice emphasising Indian and olive complexion tones. Undoubtedly she is one of India’s top skincare bloggers on YouTube.

Through her well-known site,, Shalini transformed from a hobbyist into a full-time beauty blogger and lifestyle influencer. Shalini’s YouTube channel has numerous product reviews, amusing makeup demonstrations, and instructive tips & techniques.

Shalini Srivastava isn’t scared to experiment with various styles and concepts. Her area of expertise is beauty, and she enjoys playing around with cosmetics to create new looks, tutorials, and advice.

By teaching women the fundamentals of cosmetics and beauty, she hopes to help them improve their inherent beauty and feel secure in their skin. She challenges the notion of beauty and makeup on a worldwide scale to have a bigger effect.

A nutritionist by profession, Kavya Kainath, aka Face The Glam by Kavya, is an Indian YouTuber and a regional skincare influencer from Chandigarh who loves att things skincare and beauty. Kavya Kainth is currently a cosmetic artist and nutritionist located in Chandigarh.

She accepts appointments for many forms of makeup and diet counselling because she is a skincare vlogger/blogger, dietician, and trained makeup artist. Kavya runs her business out of a salon she owns called “Face the Glam.”

She speaks passionately about everything makeup-related on her blog and YouTube channel. She offers stunning and extraordinary makeovers for brides and their bridal parties and offers a variety of makeup techniques, from complete airbrush makeup to portfolio makeup. She provides a variety of services with personalized accents to make the bride feel like a confident diva.

Simran Bhatia is an Indian beauty and skincare influencer whose channel reflects her sense of fashion and way of life. She discovered that YouTube was a greater platform for her to express herself than her blog had been. She enjoys talking about things that her audience would be interested in hearing about. She is open and sincere with her fans and in her videos.

Simran Bhatia hasn’t posted anything new to YouTube in a while. Entering into her entrepreneurial journey, this Indian regional skincare influencer is working hard on creating Swish Boss, the ideal online shopping destination for everything gorgeous. She has also founded the Indian clothing and jewellery-focused business Swishbydolcyandsimran.

Akanksha Kommirelly is a Hyderabad-based Indian beauty and skincare influencer. She like wearing cosmetics and enjoys playing with them. She enjoys experimenting with different items and being creative.

Akanksha is a lively, charming, and girl-next-door-like YouTuber who also receives a lot of engagement on Instagram for her original work. She is renowned for creating unique beauty looks, offering makeup lessons, and exhibiting the most recent fashion trends. Akanksha has mentioned on her channel that she is thrilled to have numerous Telugites among her admirers.

This skincare influencer in India openly talks about skin texture, how real skin looks and how she treats it.

Sohini Chanda, a cosmetics enthusiast from Kolkata, enjoys creating fresh makeup styles. She also records vlogs for her channel while creating cosmetic tutorials and skincare product evaluations

The lavish styles that this regional skincare influencer in India crafts are wearable every day. She also offers courses and makeup tips for achieving Bollywood looks. Sohini is the one you should subscribe to if you want to learn how to do makeup as Deepika Padukone did for the 2019 Met Gala or Sonam Kapoor 90’s Bollywood look.

A renowned influencer in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niches is Vrushali Vachhiyat. She is a model as well. She exudes confidence with her goofiness, charming grin, flawless style, and chic attire. She embodies contemporary fashion and elegance and has an amazing sense of style. Additionally, she is featured in the “Tequila” music video.

This Surat-based Instagram influencer is also known to be quite creative and experimental with different outfits. She also does trip vlogs and DIY and style videos for her fans. She is a staunch advocate of practising what she preaches, and her style tutorials are easy to understand and follow. We adore her skill at transforming everyday clothing into original, interesting, and fashionable ensembles.


These skincare influencers are all aware of the spaces and genres of content they like to make. Whenever you are looking for inspiration, which skin type and what concern, these women together as a team have got you covered for a good time!  When approaching your target audience, it is important for skincare brands to exactly consider things that affect the purchase decisions of their potential consumers. Skincare influencers being aware of what content their customers consume can greatly help you to place your products in a subtle unique way, and improve your brand’s visibility.

Being India’s largest influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realise the immense potential of these skincare influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients gain collaborations with these social media skincare influencers. We can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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