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Over the last decade, the importance of social media has proliferated. Social media influencers have gained immense popularity. They have established credibility in their specific niche. They have access to a large audience and can persuade their audience with authentic content. They are not merely marketing tools but also social relationship assets with whom brands can collaborate to achieve their marketing objectives. Influencers have the power to influence the purchasing decisions of their audience. And so, we bring to you the list of the 9 best influencers in Surat that can offer fruitful collaborations leading to targeted regional brand awareness and sales.

Top 9 Instagram Influencers in Surat:

An actor, a film director, writer, and a YouTuber, Nitin Jani is prominently known as Khajur Bhai’. Nitin is titled the Gujarati Comedy King. His web series like “Jigli and Khajur”, “Vandho”, “Khajur Bhai ni Moj” has been appreciated immensely by the audience. He is also well known for his short lip-sync Tik Tok videos. 

His Instagram speak for the quality content this influencer is known for. He is an animal lover at heart and has been a part of many social welfare initiatives. He engages well with his followers. He has collaborated with several local commercial brands. Some of these include The Faster, Shruti Beauty, and Villain.

We feel Nitin is the perfect choice for any brand willing to touch the audience from in and around Gujarat.

Vrushali Vachhiyat is an eminent fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. She is also a model. She is often seen donning outfits by reputed brands like Zara, Forever 21, Closet hues, H&M, Urbanic, and SHEIN. With her goofiness, sweet smile, impeccable styling, and trendy outfits, she is the definition of confidence. She has a spectacular sense of style and an essence of modern fashion and elegance. She has also been featured in the music video for the song “Tequila”.

This Instagram influencer in Surat is highly creative and is always trying new looks. She makes DIY and styling videos for her audience and makes travel vlogs. She is a firm believer practically, and her styling videos are straightforward to follow. We love how she is a pro at revamping simple clothes into quirky, engaging, and stylish outfits.

This Instagram influencer from Surat has collaborated with several commercial brands like – “Moj”Smashbox Cosmetics, Nykaa, Shoe express, Myntra, Arihant Couture, St. Botanica, and more. She was a part of Galaxy Creator’s Lounge 2021 in New Delhi. 

In our opinion, Vrushali is the perfect fit for brands in the apparel, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

A prominent influencer in menswear, Parth is someone who knows what is in Vogue. He is the ideal guide for men’s fashion, grooming, and luxury. He has an eccentric sense of style. He has mind-blowing accessorizing skills that are extremely eye-catching. He likes to explore bright colors and bold patterns and is an ideal role model for men who love experimenting with edgy looks. Apart from men’s fashion, Parth is passionate about photography.

He has an incredibly soothing and minimalistic vibe along with having a great aesthetic sense of styling that strongly plays with colors and imagination. We are absolutely in love with his dressing style. The key is to experiment and he has nailed it for sure.

He has collaborated with various brands across industries ranging from cosmetic products to energy drinks. Some of these brands include mCaffeine, Twills, Binomo, 7shores, Monster Energy, XLNC perfumery and Daniel Wellington.

We believe that Parth is the perfect choice for brands that want to sell products or services relating to the men’s fashion and skincare industry.

Vitrag has always been a fashion enthusiast. Ever since he was a child, he loved to experiment with his style on every segment. His username speaks for his personality, as ‘style dweller’ means living in style. He is a fashion influencer and blogger, and digital content creator. His content is based on men’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle, and travel.

His styling is exactly what you need for a complete makeover of your wardrobe. Without a doubt, he has nailed every look on his feed by experimenting with different styles. He is a must-follow influencer for trending take-away looks. He has his e-commerce clothing brand known as “the Conch”.

He has worked with various brands for their promotion like Binomo, Sporto Flexiwear, Noise, Vaya, SHEIN, Hair Factory, Snitch, True connection, mCaffeine and Design Denim.

We think that Vitrag is a good choice for men’s skincare and apparel brands or dealing in electronics.

Bony Dedkawal is Surat’s lifestyle, beauty, and fashion Instagram influencer. He makes engaging fashion and beauty-related content. Bony definitely should be your choice if you are looking for an acclaimed fashion influencer to follow. He hosts a stylish digital presence. His outfits are must-haves for sure.

If you go through his Instagram feed, you will find that Bony has redefined the sense of fashion for Indian men. He loves to experiment with his looks and style quotient and has also reviewed various men’s skincare products.

He has collaborated with many acclaimed brands. These include – Nykaa Man, mCaffeine, Bewakoof, Chingari app, Ink Inspires, Studio Nexx, French Crown, BMW Motorrad, Beauty concepts, Mivi, Crayon Saloon, SHEIN, Brand Factory, Healthvit, LikeRA Clothing, Club York, Oye Stuff and Angel’s Ink Tattoos.

For brands targeting an audience of men’s healthcare, skincare, and apparel, Bony is the best fit.

Janhavi Tiwari is a content creator and an influencer. With a quick look at Janhavi’s feed, you instantly accept that this vlogger turned beauty and lifestyle influencer is your go-to person for makeup and apparel tips and ideas. You realize how she uses makeup as a medium of self-expression. Apart from being her real self – fun and chirpy, she is everything an influencer should be: creative, unique, and experimental.

With a beauty aesthetic that’s all her own, she uses makeup from industry leaders like Lakme, Maybelline, Nykaa, Stay Quirky, Wet n Wild, among other top brands for her videos. Following her will leave you inspired! She posts DIY makeup tutorials that are easy to follow. This beauty influencer’s quirky personality and helpful videos have helped her gain a reasonable engagement rate. She also does giveaways for products from prominent brands.

A treasure of beauty tips and hacks with an excellent styling sense, she is one of the best influencers in Surat for brands wishing to promote products from the cosmetic, lifestyle, and skincare industry

Rohit Zinjurke is a professional content creator and influencer from Surat. “Unique” is the one word that fits his style. His fashion sense is unconventional. His sense of style is fearless and bold.  He has been featured in music videos of songs as well. He is famous for his romantic and funny videos. His audience also admires his lips-syncs, comedy, and dance videos.

When you go through Rohit’s feed, you will realize how easily he makes fashion look like something anyone can do with ease. He regularly posts pictures with fantastic outfit ideas. In addition to that, he also publishes content from his travel adventures. His experiments with all types of men’s apparel make him one of the best men’s fashion influencers today.

We believe that brands targeting the youth with products related to men’s fashion can choose Rohit as their influencer

Bhargav Kheni is a Surat-based influencer who gained followers through his photographs initially. He started modelling and content creation from being behind the camera for over two years. You should follow him if you want to experiment with some out-of-the-box looks. His edgy and classy dressing style is always on point.

His feed rich in posts on trending outfits and accessories. His refreshing account will give you some primary fashion goals. His meal also gives splendid ideas of many modelling poses for men.

Thai Instagram influencer from Surat has collaborated with brands from different industries. Some of these include, Luxe pods, the Label SG, the Conch, V Star, Yogi Shoe Mart, Binomo , Hair Factory, Noise, Label by VP and Fugazee.

Bhargav is perfect for brands in the men’s fashion, skincare, and footwear industry.

You have to check out Tejas Rana’s feed for some offbeat take-away looks to refurbish your dressing style. His interesting feed keeps your curiosity intact. Follow him for some on-point street fashion styling tips and looks that will make you want to experiment with the way you dress right away.

He has curated a set of take-away looks that will impress you. His is a new Instagram account to look forward to, which will give you some primary fashion goals. He is more into street fashion. He always ensures that the content he produces is different from that of his contemporaries.

Some of the brands that this fashion influencer has collaborated with include Blue22, Fingers, Brown Brothers, Dream men, Mr Shoes, Bewakoof, Urban Gully , Inkscratch Tattoo, Lakenzie, Rigo, Woop, Beep and Maniac.

In our opinion, Tejas is the perfect choice for brands dealing in men’s fashion and lifestyle.

In this digital era, influencers from Surat have also joined the league of some of the best influencers from around the country with reasonable engagement rates and an audience that looks up to them. Brands willing to boost their sales through Instagram influencer marketing should consider collaborating with these influencers as this marketing channel has now become prominent.

Social media has become the new marketing medium for brands spanning across all industries. We, at Confluencr, have built a realm of influencers hailing from many cities. We strive towards bridging the gap between you and your potential customers by connecting you with the right influencers for effective marketing of your brand. For any queries related to Influencer Marketing or if you wish to tie up with the most suitable influencers for your brand, connect with us at [email protected].

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