Top 10 finance influencers in India

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On social media platforms, influencer marketing has shown to be a successful marketing strategy for firms. Previously mainly employed by lifestyle companies, influencer marketing is now heavily utilised by banks and other financial institutions. Because the banking and financial industry is now expected to be relevant, finance influencers are even more crucial. The millennial generation is becoming financial decision-makers in its own right, and conventional marketing strategies no longer work for them. Influencer marketing in the BFSI industry is increasing steadily because of this. 

Investing, planning, and saving money is becoming increasingly important among young professionals and students. You may learn from India’s well-known finance influencers to make better financial selections if you wish to enhance your investments in 2022. The top 10 Indian financial influencers on Instagram are in this article you absolutely must follow them if you want to stay up to date with the Indian economy. You’ll not only get some helpful tips, but you’ll also get solutions to some common myths regarding investing money. These influencers receive millions of views daily, so gathering pertinent data is a smart idea before committing to any investments.

Top 10 finance influencers in India to follow on Instagram:

Former management consultant Sharan Hegde now works full-time as a content writer and assists the average person in making a tonne of money. In addition, Sharan actively invests in fintech and ed-tech businesses as an angel investor. He shares fascinating personal finance material on Instagram, covering topics on investing, money management, and the psychology of money with a dash of humor and cosplay. Pay attention to the captions as well; they provide a lot of information. Additionally, he creates very actionable postings on LinkedIn and Twitter for individuals who would rather read them. If you follow Sharan on Instagram, you will be astounded by his financial acumen.

Ankur Warikoo is a mentor, author, businessman, angel investor, and public speaker. He co-founded Nearbuy and Groupon India and served as their first CEO. His first book, Do Epic Shit, was recently published in 2021. Additionally, he posts three Hindi and English videos every week where he talks about failure, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. Warikoo started writing articles for LinkedIn in 2015; then, in 2017, he launched a YouTube channel. He is also quite active on Instagram. His initial priorities were entrepreneurship and personal growth. Warikoo, however, realized he had a great deal of prospective interest in personal financial advice around a year ago.

Neha Nagar is a financial adviser who helps people expand their businesses to raise financial literacy through content creation. She considered careers in sales, marketing, accountancy, modeling, and acting before settling on. Neha is a multifaceted woman who runs her own business and creates financial information on social media. She developed brief videos and reels to spread awareness on social media since her sole objective is to make people’s life easier via financial education.

Shreyaa Kapoor, a finance student, formerly worked as a consultant for Bain & Company. She left her full-time job about a year ago to pursue her objective of simplifying all things financial through her Instagram videos. Her videos stress making sensible financial decisions, investing, trading stocks, etc. She recently crossed the 600,000-follower mark on Instagram.

Amit Singh, an IIT Roorkee alumni, created the Instagram account Unfinance to help young investors achieve financial independence. He teaches people financial literacy and encourages them to begin long-term investments. He began in August 2020 and currently has over 515k Instagram followers.

Jay Kapoor, the creator of Gbox, is a tech enthusiast with 404K Instagram followers. Jay excels in technology and finance. Jay creates videos for Instagram on the most recent hacks, tutorials, and tricks for a variety of topics, including stocks, investing, marketing techniques, and other hot topics. His audience finds his work intriguing since it greatly improves their lives, whether it be long-form content like videos or short-form stuff like reels. Jay has a close relationship with his audience because he started creating in 2014.

Anmol Sharma, also known as Financial Literate, simplifies business, money, and the stock market for his followers. He has many more things planned for his fans and readers; anything you’ve seen or read about him thus far is only the beginning. He plans to grow you to the point where you are accessible to everybody with a financial interest.

Deepak Bajaj is one of the Instagram accounts you need to follow for finance. Deepak Bajaj has gained recognition as a Master of Personal Transformation for “empowering individuals to be the best they can be.” Deepak’s interest in human behavior and success psychology has inspired him to gather, create, and disseminate valuable knowledge, tips, tricks, and techniques for living a fulfilling life, including managing money. This top Indian finance influencer is adamant that using the proper language, resources, methods, and procedures may result in immediate and long-lasting changes.

You can get answers to any of your financial questions at FinCocktail. Sayali Rai and Niyati Thaker are the page’s content creators and top Indian female finance influencers. The authors provide information to accelerate women’s financial literacy growth. It was created to make money easier to understand and accept for young Indians. It aspires to be a model for everybody who wants to be in charge of their financial future. They also provide one-on-one consultations and seminars for clients looking for financial help. FinCocktail is one of the best finance influencer pages on Instagram that you should be following for some sound financial guidance because their material is based on useful formulae for estimating returns on investment, market, and financing patterns.

Chartered accountant Jay Desai is a young, lively entrepreneur who talks about money, self-help, and productivity. Each day, he publishes one reel. Jay displays his skill and proficiency in the industry through his social media posts. Internal & External Audit, Taxation, and Chartered Accountancy comprise most of his content.


Influencer marketing for banks, however, calls for more than simply a blog post bragging about how great your company is. The most effective strategy to target an audience in the BFSI business is to develop successful content strategies. However, the financial services industry has long been thought of as one that primarily employs conventional marketing strategies. However, some people might be surprised to learn that Instagram influencer marketing is more common in banks than it would seem. Instagram influencer marketing is a developing trend that has recently been viewed as a key component of BFSI’s marketing strategy. If you want to network with influencers but are unsure of how to proceed, please get in touch with us, and we would be pleased to help.

Confluencr, as a global influencer marketing firm, recognises the enormous potential of these finance influencers on their audiences and wants to assist our customers in gaining collaborations with these social media influencers. We have cultivated a global network of prominent Instagram influencers. We can assist you in getting your business in front of the appropriate audience at the right moment and through the right group of influencers. Do you want to learn more about influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you immediately!

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