9 Best Indian Influencers To Follow On Twitter For Career Advice

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For the most part, Instagram is an entertainment site, but wouldn’t it be nice to receive some education along with the fun? That’s precisely what these Instagram professional influencers are doing. So it’s no surprise that social media is an important tool in the job search, and Twitter is an excellent method to network with other professionals. 

However, with so many experts available, it may be difficult to choose who is worth following. Twitter is one of the most effective methods to absorb news on any topic: international, political, cultural, and so on. It empowers you to tailor your media diet down to the news network anchor or celebrity you choose to follow. 

To keep updated and have all of the newest news and research on national and worldwide events and life at your fingertips, or whether you’re having trouble finding your ideal job or just searching for some career advice, this list of career influencers is worth following on Twitter. We’ve produced a list of ten career specialists who have committed their time and energy to assist others in finding their dream job and making the most out of their careers.

9 Best Indian Influencers to follow on Twitter for Career Advice:

Entrepreneur, engineer, author, and speaker Poornima Vijayashanker is well-known in the tech industry. The founder of @Femgineer. An engineer who founded @mint before. She talks, writes, and mentors tech professionals.

Poornima Vijayashanker has more than ten years of experience leading teams through technical talent recruitment, onboarding, retention, and progressing from idea to product delivery to successful exit.

To educate, empower, and inspire people in the high-tech field to pursue satisfying jobs, this Indian career influencer on Twitter empowers techies and offers courses and seminars.

She also co-wrote ‘Present! A Techie’s Guide To Public Speaking’, ‘How To Transform Your Ideas Into Software Products,’ gave a TEDx presentation, and presented the weekly online program ‘Build’.

Achyut Menon is a career coach. He will support you in finding a job, advancing your career, and gaining leadership abilities. Through brief programs or lengthy, open-ended engagements, you may benefit from his experience, knowledge, and relationships. You can make the greatest decision with the aid of this Indian career influencer’s guidance and coaching.

Employee assistance in IT, manufacturing, and financial services is Achyut’s area of expertise. He has extensive knowledge of these sectors and makes it a point to share it with his followers. He has an experience of 24 years as the director of Options Executive Search, with a renowned HR consulting firm.

Additionally, he has spoken at national and international HR conferences and assisted hundreds of Indians living overseas in landing top positions.

Sabita Chanda is a former principal consultant, executive search & strategy advisor, and career coach who now devotes her time to helping those in need. She enjoys interacting with individuals from other countries and providing assistance to those from various vocations.

Over 8000 migrants who were made homeless and frequently malnourished by the epidemic received food and ration help from Sabita’s Migrant Workers Movement, which she founded. She also assisted low-income kids from hard-working families in accessing online courses via cell phones and computers. 

Additionally, this Indian career influencer collaborated with Himachal Pradesh and the northeastern state governments to link individuals seeking medical assistance. With a focus on social welfare, Sabita continues to help individuals get rations and arrange funds for youngsters looking to enroll in schools and further their future aspirations.

Nidhi Nagori holds both a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant designation. She is a career influencer who promotes study abroad possibilities and free certification courses. She also discusses work options in India and overseas. 

Nidhi Nagori, a life coach and content developer, has an excellent perspective on career and skill development, in addition to her extensive understanding of finance. She teaches individuals about various courses, skills, money, and the reality of migrating overseas through her blog. 

She is a CA, CPA, and CISA who works as an investment banker in Toronto. She has worked in several nations, assisting immigrants from all over the world in finding their calling.

Ishaan Arora, an entrepreneur and the creator of the ed-tech start-up FinLadder, is a 23-year-old man. He tweets about Life, Growth, and Personal Finance. He educates students from all around the world and provides technical training. Ishaan Consulting offers start-ups and young entrepreneurs strategic and practical solutions.

Among the youngest to complete the FRM worldwide certification, Ishaan had more than 100 speaking engagements around the nation. Through courses, YouTube, webinars, seminars, and extra, he has already instructed close to 22,000 people. For his clients, he offers investment advice and financial planning coaching. With appropriate advice, Ishaan has aided several start-ups in their initial phases.

If you have a name brand, let’s value him even more for financial planning and investment guidance. It’s time to scale things up for Ishaan Arora’s brand advice and career guidance.

Pervin Malhotra is India’s most prominent career consultant. Her very popular career inquiry articles in print and electronic media reach an estimated 50 million people. She is Career Guidance India’s Executive Director (CARING). 

Her advice has influenced many people’s lives. She discusses how to choose a job and the most crucial qualities a student should have. She resolves the recurring quandary of college over subject or subject over college, among other things.

Mehar Sindhu Batra is a Chartered Accountant with an MBA from Imperial College in London. She is a professional influencer. Her passion for social media led to the creation of MSB Vision, on social media pages where she offers career-related information such as interview/CV suggestions, brand building, and effective communication.

Her content is insightful and fascinating, and it will undoubtedly help you establish and advance your career.

Priya Darshini is a Digital Marketer who tweets her opinions. Fitoordigitahouse was co-founded by her.

Priyadarshini provides her knowledge about internships that may be done from home, how to write an internship CV, paid internships, and so on. 

She also talks about scholarships, free courses provided by the Indian government, and how to advance your career from entry-level to high-paying employment.

A specialist in career advice Sales Leader at a software firm, Gaurav Ashisha assists you in elevating your career with the interview, resume, and work recommendations.

In his tweets, Gaurav shares practical advice for advancing your career, advice for personal growth, and typical interview blunders. He imparts knowledge and experience that will advance your career.

The educational system doesn’t instruct us on how to succeed in interviews, write an impressive resume, get through the first day of work, deal with office politics, or advance in our careers. 

His goal is to enable young people to advance in their jobs and change from followers to leaders.


The business mindset has growing popularity amongst the youth today, especially in India. The influencers mentioned above are all great sources of valuable insights for those interested in running their business or learning about businesses. These are some of the serious in-business but fun-at-heart Indian Business Influencers that might be helping you with the growth of your business too. 

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