Top Vegan Influencers & Why You Should Collaborate With Them

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“Influencer marketing creates long reaching interactional impact for brands vs quick punch of traditional advertising.”- Lori Moreno

Veganism is no longer a quirky term on social media. It is now a popular lifestyle choice, and terms like “vegan” and “vegan influencers” are the new normal. This sustainable way of living is now a significant part of social media trends. With the increased awareness about Veganism on social media platforms, the number of people embracing this lifestyle has grown immensely. In fact, studies show that the U.S. plant-based food market saw a 35% rise in 2023. Additionally, several high-profile celebrities have embraced plant-based living. From Zac Efron to Ellen DeGeneres, and from Virat Kohli to Ranveer Singh, many are switching to Veganism for healthier and sustainable living. Social media influencers are leading the trend and are bringing increased appeal and popularity to the vegan diet.

Hence, brands that promote sustainable living and products or brands that belong to the food industry can collaborate with vegan influencers across social platforms to help spread awareness or reach the target audience. Since it’s difficult for brands to know which section of the audience are vegans, collaborating with vegan influencers will be of great benefit. If you are looking for a vegan influencer to collaborate with, here’s a list of the top 10 vegan influencers on social media to help inspire you.

Top 10 Vegan Influencers in India:

Radhi Shetty is one of the best vegan influencers in India. If you visit her Instagram profile, you would find interesting vegan recipes that are all about nourishing the mind, body, and soul. Through her YouTube video and social media posts, Radhi constantly emphasizes conscious cooking. From food to skincare, she believes in following 100% natural.

What makes her an ideal choice for brand collaborations?  Radhi did her Ayurvedic Health Counsellor Degree from the California College of Ayurveda. Hence, when it comes to Veganism, she isn’t just an influencer but also an expert whose recommendations people trust. She has been practising conscious cooking for over 6 years and that is what has made her a very loved vegan influencer. 

Richa Hingle, also called Vegan Richa, is a popular influencer in the vegan community. From savoury dishes to baked desserts, her feed is filled with vegan recipes that will impress people with different food interests. Richa’s recipes include everything from meals that are completely devoid of dairy,  to burfis, ladoos, pizzas, burgers and milkshakes- all of which are 100% plant-based and vegan. 

Richa is an excellent choice for brand collaborations because of the diversity of the food she has on display. Most importantly, by making the most common of everyday dishes in a vegan style, she is an excellent choice for brands who wish to convince people that a vegan lifestyle is not difficult to attain. This top vegan influencer also has her cookbook and a website with all her recipes.

Nisha Vora started a food blog in 2014 and quit her job as a corporate lawyer. She also runs a YouTube channel where she actively talks about and promotes her vegan lifestyle. She also has a blog where she frequently shares facts about Veganism, stressing how the lifestyle can be enjoyed and how vegan recipes are mouthwatering.

Her handle reads ‘Rainbow Plant Life’. Brands that wish to encourage audiences about how vegan recipes can be highly flavourful and delicious can collaborate with Nisha Vora. This Indian vegan influencer’s social media is all about making comfort food, and globally inspired dishes that one can master at home.

Purvi Shah’s vegan journey started after she was inspired by a documentary about Veganism. She decided to embrace the vegan lifestyle and also started her blog around it. After doing so, she realized that many people considered vegan food to be bland. Hence, she makes wholesome vegan food while experimenting with ingredients and also innovates new recipes to educate people that one can have fun while leading a healthy life.

This vegan influencer in India is an ideal choice for many brands because she not only promotes vegan food but also strongly advocates for animal-cruelty free fashion, and skincare products and also works towards a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. 

Nayana Premnath started her digital journey as a Beauty and Lifestyle YouTuber. In 2019, she made the switch to a low-waste lifestyle. She calls herself a ‘next-door’ girl showcasing sustainability, Veganism, and slow fashion. Her social media content has incredible information about fashion brands that one needs to avoid, how adopting a vegan lifestyle is not expensive, and also about zero-waste shopping.

If you own a brand that is about sustainable living and products, a brand campaign with this Indian vegan influencer can be very advantageous because of her innovative and interesting content.

Nidhi Kamal is a wellness expert and a food scientist with a work experience of 14 years. She has expertise in different types of training modes like functional, weight training, Yoga, Pilates, and also several other dance styles. The unique thing about this vegan influencer is that she tells how one can be strong and fit while embracing a completely vegan lifestyle.

Nidhi Mohan has been labelled as the fittest vegan and hence is an ideal option for fitness brands who want to promote the idea of vegan wellness and fitness. 

Priyanka Naik is a global vegan chef, a television host and an author. The interesting aspect of her is that she is a self-taught vegan chef. Her passions include not just endorsing vegan recipes but also zero-waste cooking, sustainable fashion, and also weaving Indian culture into Veganism.

Be it making traditional Indian pickles or making vegan Pizzas, this vegan influencer is known to explore everything that people find hard to believe that it’s vegan. For engaging people with interesting content and showing that eating all kinds of dishes is possible in a vegan lifestyle- Priyanka is a perfect choice for brand collaborations. Currently, Priyanka is transforming the way the global audience looks at Indian vegan food.

P.V. Narayanamoorthy retired from his advertising career and is now chasing his passion for proper nutrition. He goes by the name of ‘wholefoodplantbased’ on Instagram and also has a blog with the same name. He started this digital journey after witnessing a visible improvement in his health by switching to a vegan diet. His social media handle features recipes that do not consist of processed and refined ingredients.

His idea and goal have always been to help people overcome disease by giving up unhealthy eating habits. Many people appreciate his ideas and also follow his suggestions about vegan meals. Coming from South India is an added advantage for him as his recipes include regional food like tangy tomato chutney and millet dosas. His diet also includes whole wheat burger buns and lotus root curry. Brands that want to have a professional and experienced outlook on their brand campaign can choose this Indian vegan influencer for collaborations.

Reshu, is a food fanatic, stylist, and writer hailing from Kolkata. A mother of two, this vegan influencer in India started her food blogging journey in 2014 by launching her YouTube channel Mint Recipes Hindi. This food influencer provides her audience with recipes that are purely vegetarian and can be prepared with simple ingredients that everybody usually has at home. This vegan influencer’s feed has some really drool-worthy content. 

Her feed is an aesthetic mix of sweet and savoury dishes ranging from cakes, pastries, cookies, and other delicious snacks. This Indian vegan influencer is also an instructor on Udemy and has been featured in Times Food, Navbharat Times, The Telegraph,, Indian Express, and many more. Her brand collaborations include Oreo India, Sugar-Free for #SugarFreeChef with Sanjeev Kapoor, Fun foods by Dr Oetker and ITC master chef, Philips India for Philips air fryer and many more.

Priti is a vegan influencer in India who shares amazing recipes with her followers. Priti’s IG feed is home to a variety of homemade delicacies. Besides sharing recipes, this food influencer also tells her audience the stories behind the dishes. She makes it a point to share correct information along with sharing recipes that are gluten-free, and healthy. Her recipes are a unique mix of tradition and innovation. Owing to her passion, and commitment to food.  She has been featured on various food pages on Instagram and has collaborated with brands such as Malgudi days Coffee, kitchen appliances by Ninja, and many others. This Indian vegan influencer is a must-follow for some delicious dishes popping up on your feed!

Power Of Vegan Influencers To Promote Health And Wellness Brands

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If you are a brand and you want to endorse your health and wellness in the online market, collaborate with the right vegan influencers and vegan food bloggers who will help you in getting close to your target audience seamlessly. The above-mentioned vegan influencers are known for their vegan lifestyle and the list has been charted after extensive research. The followers of these influencers are the ones who share the same views about building health and fitness with Veganism. Hence, brands can engage with them by collaborating with these influencers and building awareness around vegan-lifestyle related products and services.

People are inclining more toward Veganism and social media is one of the primary factors behind this consequence. Social media exposes people to different opinions and ideas and hence people will be motivated to adopt or hop on to trends that will benefit them significantly. As a result, Veganism has seen an upsurge in recent times. True and sustainable Veganism is possible through social media when influencers create content about how cruelty against animals and the environment can lead to dangerous consequences. Also, when influencers promote the cheap and competitive prices of vegan products, people are more likely to buy them.


A study says that the vegan market can reach $162 billion by 2030, and hence a lot of brands are in the race to gain a portion of the market by doing plant-based product launches and running campaigns that promote a variety of vegan eating options and products. In such a scenario, influencers have a prominent role to play in effectively convincing people. This will ultimately lead to a healthier evolution of people’s eating habits.

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