Top Indian Daily Vloggers on YouTube

A vlogger is someone who produces videos and uploads them on their social media. We can say that a vlog is a blog in the form of a video. YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and vlogging has turned into a lucrative career option with earnings in the million dollar mark. Influencers capture their lives on videos and share them as vlogs which are consumed by their millions of followers. Vlogs have gained popularity and vloggers are in demand by brands for collaborations.

We have prepared a list of some of the top Indian daily vloggers on YouTube for you:

1. Gaurav Taneja - Flying Beast

Gaurav Taneja, or as he is more popularly known as, Flying Beast, is a famous YouTuber with 3 channels- Flying Beast, FitMuscle TV and Rasbhari Ke Papa. He is a pilot and a fitness enthusiast who also vlogs his daily life to share with his fans. His vlogs mainly consist of his activities involving his family. His wife Ritu Rathee who too is a pilot and his daughter are the stars of the Flying Beast.

The video where he isolates himself for an hour or two thinking he might be COVID+ve is a little funny. Gaurav himself accepts that he isn’t actually feverish but hearing about his neighbours being positive leaves him thinking he too has been affected. There’s another vlog where he measured the gas cylinder and found the cylinder to be holding less than the weight specified. He received threats from the concerned organizations about taking down the video citing this incident. He has even mentioned in one of his vlogs the disadvantages of sleeping on your stomach as it is really bad for your spine.

These are just a few of the captivating vlogs Flying Beast’s 5.34mn subscribers get to witness. This popular vlogging channel has a cumulative viewership of over 1.7bn!

Nikhil is a famous moto vlogger who uploads vlogs of his travel experiences as well as his daily life. His channel is home to 3.74mn subscribers with a cumulative viewership of around 1bn!

Mumbiker Nikhil starts his day with a cup of black coffee from Rage Coffee before hitting the gym. He loves working out with music playing in his Mivi collar. When being accused of being rude with his mother in law, Nikhil and his wife explained that what we see in the vlogs is just a part and not the entire interaction. He requests his viewers to stop judging based on just those few scenes and posting negative comments. This is a great reminder as many viewers often forget this fact. He got a robot vacuum cleaner as a gift for his wife. Such a thoughtful and loving husband!

Nikhil’s vlogs are fun to watch as it doesn’t seem as if he’s acting in them. His vlogs starring him with his family and friends seem an extension of his real life. They appear as if he has left his video camera on and forgotten to switch it off!

2. Nikhil Sharma - Mumbiker Nikhil

3. Sambhavna Seth -Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

Sambhavna Seth is a dancer and an actress who has starred in several Bhojpuri movies. She gained fame as a participant in the reality show Big Boss 2. She uploads videos on her life with her husband during lockdown on her YouTube channel hosting 1.78mn subscribers.

With the ongoing oxygen cylinder crisis in our country, Sambhavna is doing her best to help out others in need. She caught a black marketer and asked him to return the money he illegally took from an old lady in exchange for the cylinder. People who take advantage of others in dire situations make us lose hope in humanity. Sambhavna got a COVID test done in case she needs to travel as the airlines are not refunding money for cancellations. Her husband Avinash advises you to get the test done and then book the flights to avoid losing your money. How many of you have been accused of finishing the cookies by your partner? Same thing happened to her. Avinash mentioned that he hasn’t gotten a chance to taste even one cookie before Sambhavna finishes them!

For more such funny insights into Sambhavna’s life with her husband and her three babies, her dogs, check out this vlog channel. The videos have a cumulative viewership of over 773.5mn!

Mallika started vlogging at the age of 15 while still in high school after having watched a couple of British YouTubers and wondering why she wasn’t doing the same. She managed to strike a balance between her studies and her YouTube channel mentioning how important that is for one to do well in their studies. She recommends you spend quality time on brushing up your pastimes as a way to relax.

When mallika tested COVID positive, her roommates thought she was pranking them. It was only when they saw her informing her mother that they realized she was serious. She described her symptoms and what all she was experiencing as a result of it. Her excitement at being informed she had recovered from the virus and could meet other “humans” is something that everyone who has had to quarantine themselves can relate to. She’s currently studying filmmaking and has uploaded a few videos of her life at an Indian film school which are an interesting watch. How many times have we ended up doing something while just talking about it? Mallika ended up colouring her hair red with Garnier after she spoke about it on a video call with her friend!

Mallika’s channel is home to 180k subscribers with an aggregate viewership of 15mn. She hopes to one day work on a movie. We hope your dreams turn into reality, Mallika!

4. Mallika Motiramani - Mallika Vlogs

5. Himanshi & Rishi Athwani - That GLAM COUPLE

Himanshi started off making beauty and skin care related videos and now uploads videos of her life with her husband on her renamed YouTube channel. They also upload videos of the various challenges they have tried out and how it went for them.

The couple travelled to Turkey and shared their experience of visiting this beautiful country during the pandemic. They inform us that the country goes into lockdown during the weekends as well as the shops and everything else shuts down around 6-7 p.m. during the weekdays. In case you land in Istanbul on Sunday night, carry your own food as even the restaurants in the hotel you are staying at are closed. Very useful information for those planning on travelling here. For one of the challenges vlog, Himanshi got her makeup done by Rishi and though her makeup ended up looking outlandish, they had fun while performing the challenge. This is what’s important. Enjoying life as it comes. She recommends you download the Nox Security app for your phone.

If you wish to learn how to prepare paneer chilli with vegetables, then you must check out this stunning couple’s vlogs. You would receive a lot of healthy recipes seeing as Rishi religiously avoids eating unhealthy food to maintain his health. Himanshi loves drinking masala tea from Auric and suggests you try it as it boosts your immunity naturally. Rishi’s dad mentions that if you are keeping an oxygen cylinder at home to please learn how to use one. There are people who buy the cylinder but are unable to use it properly due to lack of knowledge.

This YouTube channel boasts 4.29mn subscribers and a cumulative viewership of 516mn!

Set up by Prasad Vedpathak, a married engineer, this channel documents how he navigates his daily life with his wife Deepika and their hilarious antics. One gets to witness the special, candid moments that a family shares while bonding with each other leaving you with a sense of belonging.

The shorts featuring Prasad’s amusing interactions with his wife won’t fail to make you chuckle. You must check out the kesar milk prank by Deepika on Prasad. The poor guy drank what he thought was kesar milk but spits it out when he comes to know the reality. His wife is super excited to shoot a segment and tries to hide the mic while draped in a saree. The vlog where he’s irritating his wife is a common occurrence in most households where one family member is pulling someone’s leg. Did you come out alive when you informed your wife that you were checking the marriage certificate for an expiry date? Luckily Prasad survived to tell the story.

You will find countless such comic and relatable vlogs on the channel with 454k subscribers and around 81.6mn cumulative viewership.

6. Deepika & Prasad Vedpathak - UIC Vlogs

7. Gaurav Sharma - GAURAVZONE

Gaurav lives in Delhi and loves capturing the essence of his city to share with others. He wishes to promote the local businesses through his vlogging channel apart from uploading videos related to his daily life.

Gaurav recently conducted a swimming competition on his terrace involving his dog and three other breeds which is a fun video to watch. His mother informed him that Dollar, their pet, drank her coffee too! Gaurav participated in a food challenge with his mother and brother where each one had to prepare a dish and the winner could ask the loser to do anything. Who wins the challenge? What task does the loser get assigned? We aren’t spilling the beans! You will have to watch the video for the final reveal! He got himself vaccinated and shares his experience about the whole process. His celebration vlog on reaching 4mn subscribers shows Gaurav’s excitement as he celebrates with his friends.

Gaurav has collaborated with a number of brands like Where Travel Design; Red Bull India; Yugal Sharma for proteins; RiteBite Max Protein and Qraa Men. The Gauravzone YouTube channel has over 713.6mn cumulative viewership.

An artist, Sourav gained fame for his wonderful art pieces. He has two YouTube channels- Sourav Joshi Vlogs where he uploads his daily life videos and another channel, Sourav Joshi Arts where he posts videos of his drawings and explains the various techniques he uses.

Sourav doesn’t miss a single day of vlogging and shares all his activities. He woke up early to go out for a grocery run as shops close around 11 in the morning everyday. After returning, he spent an hour cleaning his car and then had some fun teasing his cute dog, Oreo. With his cousin’s help, he prepared desi style sandwiches using our favourite aloo ki sabzi. Yum! Sounding and looking mouthwatering, Sourav! It’s summer so you can’t miss out on mango shake! Sourav prepares this delicious summer drink for his cousins and himself while fighting over who gets it first. Childhood memories! With lockdown in place and the rising cases, Sourav recommends we order all that we need online through Letyshops which has tied up with over 2k stores like Flipkart, Myntra and others.

Sourav’s vlog channel is followed by 4.5mn who have cumulatively viewed his uploads over 1.1bn times!

8. Sourav Joshi - Sourav Joshi Vlogs

9. Shanice Shrestha - Shanice Shrestha Vlogs

Shanice is another vlogger who is often featured in the trending list and is married to Mumbiker Nikhil, a famous travel and daily life vlogger. Her channel hosts around 786k subscribers with a total viewership of approximately 91mn!

Shanice loves eating protein dosas which are often highlighted in her vlogs either for breakfast or lunch or as a snacking option. She prepared chia pudding in almond milk for Nikhil who is a huge lover of sweets. Like every daughter, she was really eager to watch her mum’s reaction on receiving a special gift for her anniversary. Who doesn’t get happy seeing their parents’ delight? We all try to do something special for their special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Shanice and Nikhil’s wedding movie is beautiful and filled with so many emotions that it will bring tears to your eyes and leave you remembering your own moments.

Shanice’s brand collaborations include Goibibo; Daniel Wellington; ICICI Prudential Life; L’Oréal Paris and Realme India. Her vlogs allow us a peek into her easy and fun relationship with her hubby.

Sister of famous television actor, Shoaib Ibrahim, Saba is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who captures her family life and shares it via her YouTube channel. We are afforded a glimpse into how her family conducts their regular routine and Saba’s bond with them.

To welcome her sister in law, Saba prepared a dish using her bhabhi’s recipe. Did it turn out as good as her sister in law’s? You will have to check out her video to find the answer to that. She unboxed the gifts her fans sent when she reached 600k IG followers and thanked them for their love. She created a few looks in preparation for Eid from her old clothes seeing as the lockdown has restricted their preparations for the festive season. She has uploaded several videos in her Ramadan vlog series which show how they prepare for their biggest festival.

Saba has partnered with brands like MamaEarth; Iba; Glam__it_up_ by Humera Hafeez; Riyoherbs India; Kaunain; The Nail Junction; F N G (Fresh N Glow); beyond books and DUBAI SKIN CARE ESSENTIALS. Her channel with 1.38mn subscribers has a cumulative viewership of 222mn!

10. Saba Ibrahim

It’s no secret that YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms and comes in 2nd only after Google as a search engine. More and more people are joining this digital platform and subscribing to these influencers’ channels either for entertainment or knowledge purposes. These vloggers have become the source of information and considered more credible than the celebrities. Brands need to consider them as an unavoidable part of their marketing strategy mix.

We, at Confluencr, have studied these vloggers in depth and constructed our own team of influencers who will further your cause and ensure your products or services receive the appropriate visibility. If you wish to know more about these top Indian daily vloggers on YouTube, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

A number of studies have thrown up the following interesting facts:

1 bn
Videos watch hours per day.
Most popular site after Google.
1 %
Viewers have learnt about a new brand and product from YouTube.
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