Top 9 Indian Instagram Influencers To Follow For Career Advice

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Instagram has long ceased to be just a medium of entertainment. Gone are those days when we thoughtlessly published whatever we wanted. At present, it’s a place for finding clients, selling products/services, developing your personal brand, and making money online. The phenomenon of Instagram influencer marketing is a good example of the business side of Instagram. Influencers have been promoting themselves within social media and now are constantly reaping benefits in the form of money, recognition, and reputation.

If Instagram is a platform for doing business, there must definitely be people who teach how to do it correctly. Career influencers on Instagram often share tips and ideas, cases, news, and points of view on career-related topics. So, who are the top career influencers on Instagram? Let’s see!

Top 9 Indian Instagram Influencers To Follow For Career Advice:

Vedika also known as the fourth square on her social media is an organic growth expert, lead generator, and content creator. She also has knowledge of subjects like social media marketing and has marketing experience. 

She also has her own courses where you can book yourself with her one-on-one. The course is called crackthosesocials

She has done various courses from Google, Udemy and other professional certification agencies and is still continuing her learning spree in the real world. Vedika keeps guiding her audience with all things career and business. Her reels are worth a watch with brilliant hacks sprinkled here and there on this Indian career influencer’s Instagram feed.

Unnati is based out of Noida. Her USP is the generate growth organically. When it comes to specialisations, Unnati is an Organic growth specialist. 

She can help you with lead generation, social media branding and management and personal branding. 

She has her own website and also gives consultations for freelancing professionals. She makes content to grow awareness for her viewers on career and business-related topics.

Her love for social media led her to launch her side-hustle, MSB Vision, in 2019. Over the last two years, she has built a community of 350,000+ followers across YouTube and Instagram.

Now she is an entrepreneur living in London mentoring professionals through workshops, university talks, interviews and courses. Mehar covers topics such as career strategy, interview/CV tips, brand building and effective communication in a very unique and relatable way. She has mentored 5,000+ students and given talks at 20+ universities.

Currently have 8+ years of work experience across startups and large corporates in management consulting, customer insights and growth strategy in the UK and India, this Indian career influencer is a box full of expertise!

Shreya helps founders and business coaches with personal branding and marketing from Dubai.

She helps founders or students in the field of technology. She is also a Ghostwriter, Content writer and creator as well as a prolific ebook writer.

She started enterprising her baking skills and paired this with her interest in event management — started organising parties and baking cupcakes to order. This Indian Instagram career influencer loves painting, badminton, singing, and playing the guitar along with writing.

Now she educates and mentors professionals and beginners to start and manage their careers. She also has her own newsletter with thousands of subscribers.

A result-oriented and proactive management student, always yearning to encounter new experiences and constantly learn. 

A Digital creator, creating content around education, academics, mentorship, social media strategy and more. Also, a freelancer this career influencer in India is helping multiple renowned brands build their digital presence, especially on Instagram, in an organic and purposeful way.

She curates  1:1 personal mentorship and social media projects for those who are interested in taking up freelancing as their career

Aditya has been recognized as a successful young entrepreneur and achiever on various national and international platforms. 

He has been invited to speak and deliver guest lectures at 250+ institutions globally and has won many prestigious awards for his work. 

Some of his successful campaigns include “Education Yatra”, “Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (Govt of Delhi)”, and “Atal Innovation Mission – NITI AAYOG” among others. 

Currently, this talented career influencer in India is the CEO of Faad Network Pvt LTD. He shares all this knowledge on his Youtube channel for people to learn and grow from. He is also known as thefaadguy across his other social media platforms. With so much knowledge, he is definitely your go-to person for career advice.

Saif, popularly known as @thesustainailityguy is India’s top career influencer with the knowledge you don’t even know you needed. His hacks and valuable ideas are definitely a saviour for anyone looking for subtle career advice.

Saif creates versatile content on all things career and finance. Through his content, this Indian career influencer makes it a point to give valuable career advice in the most relatable manner. Just as the name suggests, Saif is all about sustainability and focuses on providing content that creates awareness regarding sustainability in all spheres of life.

The analyst duo of Aditi and Kalpesh focus on Science, Technology and Statistics. They help data enthusiasts start with data. They both combined have years of expertise in the field. 

If you are interested in SQL, Python, Power BI and Excel they are the right guides for you. 

They also do a frequent stock market analysis and teach smart tactical skills for career development. They also break out the theoretical information in these spaces to not only educate you practically but also in theory.

Saheli is a Social Media Expert who helps you build powerful and profitable careers and businesses online using Instagram, Youtube and Facebook!

She has expertise in freelancing and shares actionable tips on “Learning How To Get Started As A Freelancer” and “Learning How To Get High Paying Clients if You’re Already A Freelancer”

This Indian career influencer on Instagram shares her experiences and quotes “I’ll save you a tonne of time by telling you every secret I learnt to attract clients in two years- IN AN HOUR.”


These Instagram influencers sure take their job of influencing yet educating quite seriously. Career advice is definitely their forte and we might be jotting down tips while scrolling through their feeds too. Let’s not forget the amount of save-worthy content amongst them complied, your feed will be full and your knowledge will be grown ten folds with their expertise. Besides educating their followers, these career influencers are a great medium for brands offering career-related services and can help leverage their visibility amongst their target audience.

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confleuncr realise the immense potential of these influencers and can assist brands in establishing connections with these influencers. We have created a network of prominent Instagram influencers in India and across the globe in different niches including business, career and finance and can assist you in getting your product placed in front of the appropriate audience, at the right time, and via the right set of influencers. Want to learn more about influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you right away!

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