Top 10 Vernacular YouTube Channels To Follow In 2024

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“These (regional) influencers not only help us get the message across but also give a much better engagement.”- Pawan Sarda
(Group Head, Digital, Future Group)

What makes regional influencer marketing important for brands? In a multilingual country like India where language changes every 100 miles, it is important for brands to tap into the power of regional influencers in reaching tier 2 and tier 3 audiences. Regional influencers hold the power to influence their native audience and can drive significant engagements. Regional audiences tend to connect more with these vernacular influencers who choose to share their recommendations in their mother tongue, thus amplifying the sense of belonging, and emotional connectivity. 

With the rapid growth in the user base of the Internet, YouTube is witnessing an increase in the number of viewers and content creators in vernacular languages, including Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, and Tamil, Telugu, etc. in towns and small cities. Regional influencer marketing has thus become a key factor in marketing strategy which aids brands in overcoming the challenges faced in reaching the under-privileged class of audience through digital channels.


Top 10 Vernacular Youtube Channels To Follow In 2024:

Kiran Dutta, also known as The Bong Guy, is among the most famous Bengali YouTubers . He roasts famous old Bengali serials and movies; posts sketch videos, commentary, and reactions on YouTube. His videos are relatable and funny. His fan following is huge. He uploads various gaming, singing, and entertainment content and uploads vlogs. Some of the brand collaborations this regional influencer is a part of include Tinder, Axe, Oyo Rooms, and Gillette. He is the only Bengali YouTuber who promotes the Bengali online streaming platform named Hoichoi. He has even collaborated with the Kolkata Knight Riders IPL team and various celebrities to attract KKR fans to his channel. This Bengali YouTuber has also worked with top-tier brands such as ZEE, Bacardi, Wow skin science, Spencer Retail, Gates Foundation, and notable others.

Madan Gowri is a famous Indian YouTuber who uploads videos in the Tamil language. He is among the protruding social media influencers on the YouTube forum of Tamil. He is famous for making informative videos on different topics on his channel. He is an utter delight in the YouTube sphere of India. He has picked up public performing and speaking because he wishes issues of society must be voiced and heard by audiences. He has constantly been showcasing topics like trivia, motivation, history, environmental issues, and women’s safety on his channel. He holds the capability of relating instantly to a crowd, taking up complex problems and making them entertaining and understandable. .

The owner of this channel is Nikunj Vasoya, the CEO and founder of Foodon TV Network. He is a Gujarati food blogger and has adopted a farm food blogging which is what sets Nikhil apart from other food bloggers. He makes food in a pure desi Gujarati pattern. He uses fresh vegetables, the earthen pot of his own farm, to cook. His channel is at a period of sharp increase, and the degree of the cooperation value is superior.

Nikunj has worked with various large media enterprises and collaborated with brands on various social media platforms including Facebook and Perhaps he is the first male chef from Gujarat to have started his own cooking channel on YouTube.

Madhura Bachal, a Marathi YouTuber is a live example of how making content is empowering her to begin her own brand of home-grown spice.

Madhura never ceases to amaze you with her easy to cook, drool-worthy dishes. Her stories will never fail to inspire you! Madhura shows us how to use social media to create something phenomenal. She is famous for her insightful and simple Marathi cooking videos. People absolutely admire the authentic essence in her every video. Madhura uploads a new recipe video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She has also authored several recipe books for her followers to refer to and cook from. Madhura has collaborated with numerous food and beverage brands including Maggi Masala e-magic, Swiggy Instamart, and Dabur, and has also collaborated with Marathi celebrities for the promotion of their movies, and TV shows.

Shanmukh Jaswanth is a famous YouTuber in Telugu and among the premier subscribed famous YouTube channels. He has a famous fan base for his well-known dialogue “Are Entra idi”. Surya, Software developer, and viva are some of his famous short films. He makes dancing, music, comedy content, and funny videos. The leading job preparation app of India Entri has signed Shanmukh as its brand ambassador. The brand aims to strengthen its offline and online reputation and is on the path to rolling out innovative campaign strategies with the young influencer and media star. Shanmukh has also been featured in the upcoming campaigns of the brands, both online and offline. 

The man behind this channel is Raghu Gowra. He is referred to as a brand in the making. He is quite famous in the space of Kannada YouTube channels.  He is popular for his pretty relatable content on YouTube. He makes vlogs regarding random stuff, places, bikes, and food. He became a digital sensation during the nationwide lockdown. He is among the top talented artists with a fantastic sense of humor. His videos include food vlogs, public talks, product reviews, and celebrity interviews. Raghu has won millions of hearts of Kannadigas with his way of making videos, style of taking, and creativity. 

Aspire to watch and learn authentic ‘Bhangra’? Head on straight to this influencer’s YouTube channel who’s an expert in different dance forms. She is among the most popular Punjabi YouTubers. Toor runs online dance sessions for the seeking dancers. If you are an expert at something and help people within, there is nothing better than this. Being a YouTuber influencer, she has been a part of various influencer marketing campaigns. She is an enthusiast regarding lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment. This Punjabi influencer on YouTube has won hearts with her groovy dance steps. We see Manpreet already on the rise!

Dimpu Baruah is a tech YouTuber from India who is currently uploading videos that are quite easy to perform and is way more practical for his viewers with complex mechanisms explained in an easy to understand manner. He is among the top subscribed distinct Assamese YouTubers. He was, in fact, capable of raising Rs. 43,000 for Assam’s flood relief program. Dimpu is the topmost subscribed YouTuber from Assam. Besides technical videos, he also uploads videos based on information from YouTube and Google. He also informs his audience of the recent worldwide developments. 

Kannada Kuvara YouTube channel is the brainchild of Manoj Naik. Manoj uploads informative videos on his YouTube channel in the Kannada language. He makes it a point to supply his audience with various business and wealth creation ideas and has collaborated with a number of brands. You can see this Indian YouTuber showcasing different dream home ideas at affordable prices and premium interior decorations on Manoj’s digital channel. The channel provides awareness regarding the fraud that occurs during construction work. Manoj delivers precautions that you must take while you are purchasing a property and many such bits and pieces of important advice here and there. 

This Kashmiri YouTube channel is all about humour, and spreading smiles. In Kashmir, the relentless conflict for the past several years has taken a sensitive toll on people residing there. This channel translates as ‘Kashmiri head-case’. This channel, the brainchild of Parvaiz aims to bring smiles all over Kashmir. Kashmiri Kalkharaabs wanted to utilize social media to make the people forget about their distress for some time at least, and seeing their fan following, they are definitely winning at this.  

That was a round-up of some of the best vernacular YouTube channels in India. Besides providing a good reach and engagement, regional influencer marketing can bring in a lot of benefits for your brand. Here’s how:

4 Reasons Why Regional Influencer Marketing Is Gaining Popularity And Why You Should Use It In Your Marketing Mix Too:

  1. Helps in attaining wider reach: As per the reading of Internet and Mobile Association of India, there are 450 million active users of the internet. This is likely to increase by 635.8 million in the upcoming three years. The populations of smartphone users that are increasing are not English speaking. As a result, as more users enter the digital space from rural India, it is evident that the brands are starting to use influencers to reach that population segment. Regional influencers are also getting opportunities to earn big from the brands that are in search of catering to regional audiences for their marketing and advertising. 
  2. Strengthening knots with rural customers: The key reason for influencer marketing to work is the bond of trust that influencers are creating with their audience. The point that ordinary citizens review a product appears much more comforting for the people in their neighbourhood than a celebrity performing the same. Brands will be able to use regional influence for strengthening their trust and presence among their target audience through interacting in their mother tongue. 
  3. The available source of content marketing: Tapping content in regional languages will help the organizations elevate their brand and broaden their clientele and help the influencers attain premium followers as they will be able to make regional content. Influencers will be able to view regional issues and trends to make more content, expanding their material and audience. Brands can use this leeway to connect with audiences who can relate to something they know and care about.
  4. The boom of video marketing in regional: Nowadays, YouTube videos are trending hugely in the digital market space among the rural population. A short video that is user-generated content is consumed at a greater rate than any other type of content as these videos are gripping and visually appealing. Because of its higher engagement rate, brands are searching for micro-influencers from various platforms, especially YouTube, as there is a great potential for reaching out to their target prospects.

Why Should Brands Leverage Regional Influencer Marketing?

A vast array of content is available online, and brands are constantly looking for innovative techniques to deliver their message to a wider range of audiences. Some reasons why the brands have to leverage regional influencer marketing are:

  1. Personal contact: Influencers can harness and cultivate a genuine connection with customers since they seem to be authentic. Influencer marketing helps the brands foray into the trust’s circle in a manner that the audience welcomes and appears natural. 
  2. Easy reach: Brands can engage young customers and authentically connect and raise brand awareness by leveraging the relationship formation among their followers and influencers. 
  3. Exposure of brands to a large audience: Influencers consensus brands unrestricted and direct entrees to their followers. As there is an increase in the ad-blockers, most companies try to get in touch with their potential consumers personally instead of broadcasting blanket ads. So, there is a necessity for the brands to promote their content. 
  4. Better consumer engagement and ROI: If brands use influencers in marketing, this can assist them in reaching larger and new audiences and improve the brand’s ROI. Influencers can leverage their audience for marketing products of brands. In return, the audiences market or recommend those items within their circles.
  5. Establishment of credibility: If brands partner with influencers, it tends to maximize the credibility and value of the brands’ message. This helps the people be more receptive to the concept of buying from a particular brand.


As the quality of technology has improved and become pretty affordable, there is an improvement in the quality of content with the rise in internet connectivity and smartphones. Collaborating with influencers strengthens its reputation, creates online buzz regarding the brand, and increases conversions. The influencers witness a great potential for brands to spread the total concept of branding to their target audience. Influencer marketing in India is there for the long run and will continue to sustain its level of growth in the upcoming years as it is looking at various avenues, such as rural and regional, to tap into a more user base. It is high time that business owners and brands need to realize the importance of influencer marketing and effectively merge it into their marketing strategies. 

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr have closely studied the influencer marketing space, and have come up with accurate regional influencer marketing strategies for YouTube to grow your brand. With a vast network of influencers, we have curated a list of vernacular YouTube channels that can be a perfect fit for your next collaboration. We strive toward bridging the gap between you and your potential customers by connecting you with the right influencers for effective marketing of your brand. For any queries related to influencer marketing or if you wish to tie up with the most suitable influencers for your brand, connect with us at [email protected].

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