Top 10 Upcoming Gaming Influencers in India

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The Gaming Industry is currently in demand on a global level for so many reasons. In the early 1990s, barely did an Indian gaming industry existed. But with time, the scenario has changed and it has gained popularity, especially with the rise of Generation Z.  In today’s modern world there must be no single person who never played any game on their mobile phones, PCs, laptops or any other devices.

Gaming nowadays has also risen to a professional career path. Gaming influencers in India are the most popular influencers who catch the eye of the youth by showcasing their gaming skills with some extra fun on their social media accounts. Upcoming Indian gaming influencers are the inspiration for many people. After creating a good number of enthusiastic followers they have also grabbed the attention of different brands for collaborations related to their niche.

Here are the top 10 Upcoming Gaming influencers in India who have been doing a great job with their gaming content and will be the future of the tech and gaming industry collaborations.

Top 10 Gaming Influencers in India

Anshu Bisht, aka GamerFleet, is a popular gaming influencer, YouTuber and streamer known for his gaming content, lifestyle vlogs, and travel adventures.

Anshu’s channel is all about Minecraft in his gaming vids, but he mixes it up with other games like Fortnite, Among Us, and Free Fire. He has teamed up with fellow gamers and comedians like Alpha Clasher, Emperor Play, Samay Raina, and Nishant Tanwar in some epic live streams.

Living the dream as a full-time YouTuber and social media influencer, Anshu has garnered a fleet of followers, loyal subscribers, brand collaborations and so much more.

But it’s not all about the grind for this guy; he’s all about sharing his lifestyle and travel escapade.

Nischay Malhan, aka Triggered Insaan, is a big-shot Indian YouTuber. He’s all about comedy, roasts, and reactions, poking fun at TikTok and other social media crazes. He has rocked the YouTube scene with his engaging content, especially his knack for satire towards Bollywood, Indian media, and influencers.

Apart from his main gig, This gaming influencer, Triggered Insaan also dives into gaming on his second channel, Live Insaan. From PUBG Mobile to Fall Guys, he’s got it all covered in his live streams. But don’t let his gaming prowess fool you; his humour and commentary remain top-notch.

Nischay’s got the brains to back up his charisma. Nischay’s charm, combined with his entertaining content, has earned him a massive following making him a force to be reckoned with on YouTube.

Rony Dasgupta, also known as The RawKnee, is a popular Indian gaming influencer famous for his channels “The RawKnee Show” and “The RawKnee Games.” He’s all about fun, games, and poking some good-natured fun at English gone wild in his “RIP ENGLISH” series. 

The RawKnee Show isn’t just about one thing; it’s a mixed bag of roasts, gaming adventures, and hilarious “RIP ENGLISH” reactions. You’ll find him diving into games like Minecraft, GTA V, Granny, and BGMI (that’s Battlegrounds Mobile India for the uninitiated). And he’s not just gaming; he’s also staying on top of all the hot topics buzzing around the Indian internet scene.

So, if you’re up for a laugh or some gaming action, Rony’s your guy. Whether he’s cracking jokes or dominating the gaming world, The RawKnee knows how to keep his audience entertained and coming back for more.

Aaditya Sawant, aka Dynamo Gaming, is a big shot in the Indian gaming scene.

Dynamo’s all about the gaming life, streaming his gameplay live, and racking up subscribers in millions on his channel. He even set up a vlog channel called Dynamo Vlogs to give fans more of what they love.

This gaming influencer in India has definitely hit some major milestones, like hitting the coveted 10 million subs mark. But it’s not just about the games for Dynamo – he’s got a soft spot for music, and shredding on the guitar, and he’s a total dog lover with two furry friends, Dobby and Nobita.

Dynamo’s gaming repertoire is as diverse as it gets. From Battlefield to GTA to Apex, he’s done it all. But it was PUBG that put him on the map, making him a household name among Indian gamers. And before PUBG, he was slaying it in games like Dota 2, BF1, BF3, BF4, Apex, and GTA V.

Catch all the action on his YouTube channels, “Dynamo Gaming” and “Aditya Sawant.”

Lokesh Gamer, aka Lokesh Raj Singh, is a big deal in the gaming world, especially on YouTube. He’s all about Garena Free Fire, the super-popular battle royale game. He is like the king of Free Fire content. But he’s not just about one channel – he’s got a whole bunch! LR7 GAMING, LR7 SHORTS, LR7 MOON, LR7 Beast, LR7 HIGHLIGHTS, and LR7 ESPORTS are all part of his gaming empire.

 Free Fire is definitely his main jam, but he’s not afraid to mix it up with other games now and then. Plus, he throws in some challenge and prank videos for good measure. This guy’s got skills, and people can’t get enough of watching him play.

We are completely in awe of all that he is, and who wouldn’t be when you’ve got mad gaming talent and millions of fans?

Sahil Rana, aka AS Gaming, is known for his Freefire prowess, he’s a big deal in the Indian gaming scene.

This gaming influencer’s channel is the third-largest gaming hub in India! Besides Freefire, he dabbles in GTA V, Minecraft, and more, but Freefire’s his bread and butter.

The dude’s a content machine, not just gaming but also mini vlogs, challenges, pranks—you name it! And it’s not just one channel; he’s got a whole empire. A S Army is his Freefire exclusive spot, while his main channel covers a mix of lifestyle and gaming, he’s got others like A S Tech, A S Highlights, and A S Shorts, each with its own vibe.

Sahil Rana’s not just a gamer; he’s a gaming sensation with a whole digital universe under his belt.

Tanmay Bhat, the jack-of-all-trades in the Indian YouTube scene, wears many hats – comedian, scriptwriter, actor, and producer. But it’s his engaging content that truly sets him apart. His main YouTube channel, “Tanmay Bhat,” offers a mixed bag of vlogs, comedy sketches, reaction videos, and gaming streams. From intense battles in PUBG Mobile to the sneaky antics of Among Us, he keeps his audience hooked.

But that’s not all. Tanmay’s second channel, ‘Honestly by Tanmay Bhat,’ is where he dives deeper. Hosting ‘learning streams’ and featuring experts across various topics, he’s not just about entertainment; he’s about expanding horizons.

Him also being a gaming influencer in India, his gaming journey wasn’t an overnight success. He stumbled at the start, facing the usual hurdles, but he persisted. Inspired by other streamers and fueled by his newfound love for unscripted content, Tanmay found his niche. And as he navigated the gaming world, he found a community – gamers supporting gamers, lifting him along the way.

So, whether he’s cracking jokes or navigating the virtual battlegrounds, Tanmay Bhat is a force to reckon with in the YouTube universe.

Mithilesh Patankar, aka Mythpat, is one of the top gaming influencers in India and rocks the Indian gaming scenes. He’s all about GTA 5, Minecraft, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and more, bringing in a massive fanbase with his mad skills and hilarious antics. Winning a Streamy for International Creator of the Year, he’s proven his star power. 

Mythpat’s not just about laughs; he’s serious about responsible content creation, especially with younger viewers tuning in. He’s all about keeping it real and evolving responsibly in the content game, showing that gaming creators like him are a force to be reckoned with in online entertainment. Whether he’s cruising through GTA 5 or braving Minecraft dungeons, Mythpat keeps his streams fresh and fun, earning him the love of gamers everywhere.

Naman Mathur, aka Soul Mortal, started his journey of being a gaming influencer in India by diving into PUBG Mobile and launching his YouTube channel, cleverly named Mortal, to showcase his gameplay. With his killer skills and engaging content, he quickly rose to the top echelons of India’s gaming scene, snagging over 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

The big breakthrough came in 2019 when Soul Mortal and his squad clinched victory in the PUBG Mobile India Series, catapulting him into gaming stardom. Besides PUBG Mobile, he’s a versatile player, dabbling in other hits like Call of Duty and Free Fire, expanding his gaming repertoire.

His prowess isn’t just talk; he’s repped India in international PUBG showdowns, racking up tournament wins like the PUBG Mobile India Series and PMCO India Regionals. Media outlets like Times of India and Hindustan Times have taken note, featuring him and his gaming escapades.

CarryMinati, or Ajey Nagar in the real world, is a big gaming influencer in India. He started his journey by sharing recorded gameplay videos along with his hilarious reactions. He upped his game with another channel called CarryIsLive, where he live-streams himself playing all sorts of video games.

When it comes to the games he dives into, it’s a whole buffet. From the spooky chills of “Pacify” to the wild rides of “GTA” (Grand Theft Auto), and even some quirky ones like “The Cat Game,” Ajey’s got it covered. Oh, and let’s not forget the epic adventures of “Assassin’s Creed Mirage.”

But what put him on the map? It was definitely a “CARRYMINATI PLAYS ASSASSIN’S CREED MIRAGE” video, which has racked up views in millions. That’s the kind of stuff that makes him a legend in the gaming community.

So if you’re into gaming and haven’t checked out CarryMinati yet, you’re missing out on some seriously entertaining content!


Gaming Industry in India is growing daily on a very large scale and will also hit Billions in the upcoming years. These upcoming gaming influencers are the future of this Indian gaming industry. They work hard on their level to entertain everybody, and never fail to share all the funny, hilarious, epic moments to make the content more relevant to their viewers. 

These influencers are the inspiration for many youths. If you are also interested in gaming then must follow these influencers, their video content will help you to grow in your gameplays too. These influencers are also beneficial for your brand’s collaboration.

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