Top 10 Upcoming Education Influencers In India

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An Instagram influencer who specialises in education is someone you can rely on for reliable information. Education influencers have chosen their expertise and informed their audience about numerous academic areas, just like any other top Instagram users in India. Instagram has developed over the last several years into one of the most effective social media channels. A straightforward picture-sharing website has lately evolved into an educational platform. Depending on what each person wants, it varies. Instagram is a great place to get information about education because it is a fundamental human right and necessity. 

Whether you are a professional or a student, if you are eager to study anything, these influencers can help you learn everything there is to know about it. Through their consistently engaging content and the limitless sharing potential of their fans, influencers provide you with an excellent opportunity to attract new consumers, increase brand recognition, and increase conversions. You may take the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts to a new level by selecting the most appropriate influencers and creating an impactful influencer marketing plan, especially for startup and edtech firms who have been finding it difficult to acquire momentum. Here’s our take on the top 10 upcoming educational influencers in India who are now gaining popularity in the education sector for their content production.

Top 10 Upcoming Education Influencers In India

Riya Upreti is a 20-year-old. She has her own business and also works as a career and communication coach. She has been in the corporate sector for around 1.5 years. Everything you need to know about careers, jobs, and internships is covered in her Instagram postings, and she also discusses their changes. Being a top upcoming edtech influencer in India, Riya helps you achieve any career objectives that are connected to her knowledge.

An international educator who is driven, enthusiastic, and willing to learn more about education throughout her life. To maximise the advantages of diversity. Hiral is passionately dedicated to student services, teacher development, student participation, and developing cross-cultural dialogue. With Hiral, you can answer all your questions regarding what to do after school. She not only discusses the many career paths that students might choose, but she also explains how to go about being accepted to your dream institution.

Shivee Chauhan is currently employed by a Big 4 company as a strategy consultant. The banking and capital markets are her primary areas of interest. She graduated from Columbia University with a master’s degree in financial mathematics. She posts on how to master interviews, pick a job when you don’t know anything about it, and many other topics relating to building your career on Instagram. It might be challenging to locate excellent internships and other fantastic chances, but is one internship sufficient, or is there a need for more? This upcoming Indian education influencer has answers to all your questions.

Gursahib can teach you all you need to know about pursuing a degree and finding employment in Canada. He gives dependable advice for residing in Canada while sharing his own life experiences. Singh creates two to three Instagram videos every week in his spare time, giving tips on anything from grocery shopping to getting a part-time job to how much to budget to keep for clothing in Canada.

Tripti is an enthusiastic career strategist who has made it her mission to impart to young professionals and recent graduates the key to securing their ideal position and dream job in corporate India. She will advise you on the best approaches to take in your job hunt. You need Tripti Joshi’s coaching for everything related to your career and job search, including understanding your personality type and key skills, navigating the emotional ups and downs of the job search process while maintaining confidence, and many other crucial strategies.

Is studying and living in Germany one of your dreams? Then it’s time to take action to realise your ambitions. Through her material, Sheenam—who realised her dream—helps others do the same. This upcoming Indian education influencer’s articles will provide you with comprehensive information on living, studying, and obtaining a PR in Germany. In addition, Sheenam’s material covers a wide range of topics, including how to travel on a budget, the best drugstore cosmetics in Germany, where to eat, where to live, and much more.

If you’re thinking of studying abroad, one of the many worries that could cross your mind is how to handle your funds while you’re in a different country. Well, this upcoming Indian education influencer on Instagram provides answers to those and a lot more questions through her Instagram reels. Bani also provides comprehensive information on universities and appropriate programs.

If you want to learn about photography, this one is for you. Kunal Malhotra is a full-time photography blogger and influencer who has been passionate about photography for the past ten years. He aims to make learning photography in Hindi possible for all ambitious and enthusiastic photographers. Kunal often creates films about photography fundamentals, pro tips, mobile photography, and evaluations of digital and smartphone cameras.

The process of going overseas to study does not finish with admission. You have merely overcome the first obstacle. Moving on, there are obligations associated with living alone, sending money home, working part-time, and a great deal more. Follow Palak to learn all the specifics of not just obtaining admission to the esteemed college but also the next steps.

Have you ever desired to study and work in the subject of biological sciences? If yes, then Piyush is here to provide you with all of the knowledge you want. His in-depth material covers every aspect of studying for this career, including where to study, how much it costs to live, and other factors. Piyush provides information on a variety of topics, including German or European culture, science, leisure, and education. He will attempt to convey the knowledge essential to living in Germany or inside Europe in a very straightforward manner based on his experience.


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