Top 10 Upcoming Comedy Influencers in India

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There was a lot of buzz about creating online content. People who were stranded at home were invited to try their hand at producing funny and related content. Since then, the Indian digital creators’ community has evolved and welcomed new members to join the already-existing group. One of the only reasons our 2020 was pleasant was because of digital creators. These creators kept sharing their content online and engaging us. They wield considerable power of influence over their audience, and with power comes great responsibility. 

It is critical to ensure that the correct information is disseminated so that the audience is not misled. It is also vital to spread positivism. And these rising comedy influencers have just got it right! India has found its alternative in Reels. The feature has encouraged thousands of young, unknown talents to prove their creativity and sketch writing skills. It also opened up a varied array of talents making content in the regional language. Among many that have appeared on our explore page. Here are the top 10 influencers who are doing it right, and they have not only carved out a place for themselves but have also developed enormously in the last year. 

These creators were able to make us laugh throughout the year by picking moments from our daily lives and creating amusing entertainment around them. As we said goodbye to 2020, a year we don’t want to remember, we’ve compiled a list of amusing creators whose content has made us chuckle, and these top 10 upcoming comedy Instagram influencers are a vital part of the Indian creator community.

Top 10 Upcoming Comedy Influencers in India:

His career began on when he began producing ‘Dadi Pota Ki Jodi‘ videos with his grandma, which soon attracted everyone’s attention, resulting in him being viral and everyone adoring the films. The turning moment in his life occurred when he released a lipsync video with my Grandmother to the song DOPE SHOPE by Honey Singh, which went viral.

He receives a lot of praise from the internet world, which greatly boosts Naveen’s confidence and motivates him to be the best. You’d often catch him smiling, and to be honest, he has a million-dollar smile that people appreciate and cherish.

Many people share their heartbreaking love tales with him, and in exchange, he creates a film for them to convey his appreciation for his admirers.

Neel is unquestionably one of the most well-known actors. Neel’s sharp humour and amusing emotions delight his audience. Neel now has over a million Instagram followers.

He provides accessible stuff with a dash of humour about society and Indians. Neel is quite skilled at it. The first glance at his Instagram feed demonstrates his quirk and sarcasm. Don’t be afraid to scroll to the bottom and take some time to relax.

He exemplifies what it’s like to laugh at something close to home. He is a filmmaker and actor who is hilarious, personable, and astute. He has turned our mundane chats into amusing ones with his smart comebacks. He has made Reels a more entertaining place by producing films about how to reply to people asking silly questions and sharing the screen with his fellow makers.

Apart from his previous video series, this hat of Yaya didi reels has become everyone’s favourite.

While millions demanded the cancellation of the year 2020 owing to how bad it was. We did see something good coming up too. Instagram introduced Instagram Reels which gave rise to scores of independent content creators. Within this creative content era, blessing our feed is Saurabh Ghadge.

Saurabh is one of the many creators who shot to fame during the lockdown period. Ghadge is known for his comic content on Instagram via Instagram Reels. He makes short sketches that are humorous enough to tickle your funny bone. Furthermore, he is one, a man army playing middle-class households and daily shenanigans with several characters, the ‘moustache-dad’ and ‘dupatta-mom’ and even a ‘girlfriend.’ 

Out of all the characters played by him, the dad character is his personal favourite. This diligent Indian comedy influencer who is in his early twenties has taken five years to reach where he is today. Funnily enough, his leap to social media was due to a dare given to him by his friend. Little did we or Saurabh know then that this dare would turn out to be revolutionary!

Most of Saurabh’s videos are in Hindi but with a pinch of the local Bombay (Mumbai) lingo and typical Marathi slang he manages to give his videos a local feel thereby honouring his Mumbai roots.

Ghadge’s comic brilliance has also been noticed by the IPL team Mumbai Indians too, and again we see him feature on their page doing what he does best (you know what he does best!).

Saurabh Ghadge’s “Orange Juice” gained immense popularity over the lockdown. Saurabh not only bagged a role in the recently launched ‘Clutch’- India’s first esports-based web- series but has also been recognized as Instagram’s 25 emerging creators under the age of 25. He was even a part of the FilterCopy video “Thoughts You Have While Studying.” 

Laughter is the greatest medicine, and Karan Sonawane, aka @focusedindian, is one of the finest persons on the internet for making you laugh. Karan is a well-known face on digital content platforms. He has his own YouTube channel, Focused Indian, where he posts videos about his personal life. He also appeared in Ashish Chanchlani’s video OTP The Lottery.

Karan is a member of the ‘Ourange Jyuce Gang,’ an artist collective. With artists who have distinct characteristics, this group has gradually become the audience’s favourite element of social media. We’ve watched him cooperate with his fellow creators while planning and developing stories that brighten our darkest days. His partnerships with Bollywood celebs, on the other hand, have us captivated! 

He has worked with a slew of notable personalities, including Alia Bhatt, Vidya Balan, and John Abraham, as well as Rajkummar Rao. As these celebrities interacted with his signature persona Sonawane Vahini or his creator self, Karan was able to create a tale. Even though they were part of their commercial activity, Karan was able to put his mark on these films, which helped them become so famous!

As the Covid 19 epidemic neared 2019, everyone’s life came to a halt. However, this rising Indian comedy influencer seized the chance and began posting videos on YouTube. Everything was going swimmingly, and his videos were becoming viral.

In 2021, he got the Dia Lokmat Digital Influencer Award for Best Content Creator. Also worked on RVCJ, Humor Us, Filtercopy, and a few more YouTube channels. And, also spoke over Josh’s speech.

Sidhant Sarfare (@sidhantsarfare) is an actor, content creator, and editor. Sidhant has been quite active on Instagram, posting videos that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Sidhant provides amusing stuff in regional languages as well, with a mix of Marathi and Hindi.

Sidhant Sarfare, known for his ‘Sarfare Vahini‘ performances. Many of those who follow his stuff adore and respect him. His skits with none other than Karan Sonawane as Sonawane Vahini and Sarfare Vahini have become fairly popular, with fans always requesting more videos from both of them.

While we’re on the subject of laughter, check out this Indian comedy influencer’s (@sidhantsarfare) finest Instagram reels, which will undoubtedly make you fall in love with him.

To be honest, Gen-Z has taken over Instagram with their excellent content game, and we’re all watching. He has so many notions that are relevant to our surroundings that they can’t go undetected, can they? Similarly, Harsh Rane, the founder of Gen-Z. His work focuses on relatable subjects, friendships, and a variety of other topics. He has worked with well-known DJ Alan Walker.

Harsh Rane did not seek guidance or advice from expert bloggers when he first began writing. Instead, he trusted his skill and was zealous about building a name for himself in the digital world with his work. But his path had also been fraught with difficulties. Harsh Rane has worked with several well-known and respected businesses. His admirers and followers like his unique and insightful stuff.

Harsh Rane rose to prominence after taking part in the Amazon Mini TV Playground with @CarryMinati, @Triggered Insaan, @MortaL, and @sc0ut.

Sameeksha Takke is well-known for her work as an Instagram Star, Youtuber, Video Creator, Fashion Influencer, and Lip Sync videos on Instagram Reels. She has a large fan base on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. She is well-known for her amusing and lighthearted films on Instagram Reels and YouTube. She is also a trending Instagram gal, with her reels receiving millions of views or likes from her Instagram Family.

Sameeksha always records her videos in her voice and she frequently adds her pals to her videos. She creates drama, dance, humour, emotion, shyari, and amusing videos for her reels. She always posts lovely images of herself in various postures on Instagram. She has a large fan base among Indian lads due to her adorable smile, attractiveness, and stunning appearance.

On her Youtube channel she uploads vlogging, pranking, and hilarious short films on YouTube. She is also a trending girl on YouTube, with millions of views or likes from her YouTube Family. 

Vrushali Jawale, a Marathi mulgi, a.k.a. VineWali is a digital creator that entertains millions with her regional language entertainment. Vrushali Jawale is well-known for her work as an Instagram Star, Youtuber, Lawyer, Video Creator, and Fashion Influencer.

She has been a content creator who uses relevant stuff to make people laugh. She earned her LLB and became a successful lawyer before entering the digital world, but fate had different ideas for her. Vrushali began making short amusing, and relevant films in 2018, not knowing that what began as a hobby would evolve into her job. This Indian rising comedy influencer’s unique selling point of providing localized content sets her apart from the crowd, and we adore it all.

We must add that if you are not following Vrushali, you must be living under a rock. So, what are you waiting for? Check out her Instagram page here

Shantanu Ragnekar has had a significant interest in acting since an early age, and during his school days, he always took the initiative to participate in many skits and plays, taking on new parts each time to explore his skills to execute unique acting techniques.

He met a fantastic chance because of his distinctive acting talents, which enabled him to land his very first big motion – ‘Champions.’ In addition to this film, he has appeared in other films about social issues.

Because acting was a risky business, he opted to complete his education and pursue a full-time job in advertising. But, because he was enthusiastic about performing, he couldn’t stay at a desk job for long and chose to venture into the digital realm, where he began making reels.

Shantanu now works with several large corporations, including Filter Copy and Dice Media. Shantanu also made his lead acting debut in the drama Appu Aswalia.

Being one of the best upcoming comedy influencers in India, Shantanu has also received the ‘Best Child Artist’ award at the 58th National Film Awards. He has also appeared as a comic on the TV show Aflatoon. He has also appeared in the Marathi film Slambook.

Shubham Jadhav is an actor and content creator. He has a sizable fan base on his social media channels. His admirers appreciate him for the educational information he creates.

Shubham Jadhav is our next Ourange Jyuce gang hidden treasure. Shubham is a theatrical artist who makes highly relevant Instagram reels that are frequently meme content. Shubham has also worked with creators such as Bhuvan Bam and is frequently approached for commercial partnerships and advertisements.

We’ve all spent enough time on social media to know what makes us laugh and what entertains us. The internet world introduced us to a whole new level of content that we didn’t realize we needed until we saw it coming through these top Indian content creators.

Shubham is prepared to offer their creative selves online not just to satisfy their urges, but also to provide people with the 15 seconds of delight that they deserve


These individual creators bring their essential abilities to the table and contribute to the collective’s progress, which in turn helps creators break through a plateau. These creators are working together to unlock the potential of compounding and influencing audiences. Millions of social media fans admire these creators and value their friendship. Some of these creators not only collaborate but also live together to jam and grow the collective brand. 

With Instagram and YouTube being the most popular platforms, influencers nowadays are not only generating original videos but also teaming up on the move, giving birth to and rising to some of the most popular trends. They support each other’s content and build fan bases. These top 10 Upcoming Comedy Influencers in India keep us amused and assure us that the future of influencer marketing will see some more upcoming talents. 

We say you go and pick your favourite and go take a stroll through each of their content. It would be worth your while. These influencers are the new stars of tomorrow who entertain their audience with their rather creative and relatable content.

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