Top 10 Rising Male Fashion Influencers in India

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With the rise of male influencers, men’s fashion businesses have prospered and expanded into new markets. Fashion influencers are on the rise, thanks to their ability to create stunning content in the fashion niche. These influencers have influenced purchasing decisions by providing their audiences with unique and easy-to-follow fashion tips. Fashion influencers based out in Mumbai and other parts of India are no exception when it comes to standing out from the crowd. 

In recent times, social networking has shown to be a viable medium for making aspiring artists household names, as well as a significant source of money for many. The social media sector is rapidly expanding. People are using social media to explore their creative side and create a source of passive income. Fashion and beauty firms are also on the search for these influencers for fruitful collaborations, therefore we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Rising Male Fashion Influencers in India.

Top 10 Rising Male Fashion Influencers in India:

Siddharth Batra is a well-known Instagram celebrity in the fashion industry. He is well-known for his top fashion Instagram postings. He also has a unique YouTube channel where you can see all of the facets of his remarkable personality. However, his style gives him a vibrant personality for every sector. Siddharth Batra began working as a fashion stylist. He did, however, begin his significant adventure as a fashion influencer after meeting Komal Pandey. He began posting videos to Instagram. That is what made him famous.

His style was very popular in the Indian fashion business. Siddharth has demonstrated to every thin man how to look attractive without six-pack abs. He understands how to pull off both fresh and vintage styles. Siddharth Batra is well-known for being a cut above the rest when it comes to discovering ways to make men embrace garments, regardless of gender. In a country like India, where many transitional concepts still exist, Siddharth has done an excellent job of providing hope to guys who wish to include nail polish as part of their personality and perform a variety of other things that may truly play a significant role in defining such things.

As a result, many people outside of the fashion business now understand this aspect of humanity and applaud this style of appearing in the greatest possible way. The most credit for this belongs to Siddharth and his foresight.

Varun Agrawal’s easy style stands out when you look through his Instagram page. The fashion blogger’s style is distinct—classic with a splash of whimsy. He enjoys playing with traditional fashion designs, whether they are neutrals, pastels, matte, glitter; stripes, checks, or patchwork, with comfort at the forefront.

Agrawal goes under the alias SettleSubtle, which also serves as his Instagram handle. He began his career in fashion and style in 2016, with the goal of “celebrating the nuances in life and reflecting the same in fashion and lifestyle.” Agrawal makes every piece of clothing appear to have always belonged to him.

It is a word used to define true influencers, who are genuine in their approach and use their digital power to generate relatable content. Varun Agrawal’s Instagram handle, SettleSubtle, demonstrates that he is one of a few true influencers.

You should look at his feed to see his color and pattern explorations. Varun Agarwal’s fashion statement is loud and unmistakable. Many people admire the fashion blogger not just for his good looks, but also for his perfect style and fashion tips.

Tejeshwar Sandhoo controls his content like a master and understands exactly what he wants to do. His Instagram account is full of joyful energy. It’s not just about matching and mismatching clothes, but also about putting your flair to it.

Sandhu believes that his wardrobe choices should represent his actual personality. And are we not referring to his vines? He records gay men’s lives on a gay dating app, and it’s entertaining even for straights. “Blueberry blackout” is the go-to spot for guys who wish to look sophisticated while wearing the plainest and modest styles. Tejeshwar Sandhoo established his blog in 2014 to fill a void he discovered in recognizing a men’s fashion influencer.

His blog serves as an inspiration to many regular men who believe that fashion and style are not their cups of tea. He feels that self-confidence is the most important style quotient, and it is this concept that he incorporates into his blog to connect with his devoted followers. He adds several eccentricities to his clothing in addition to unusual designs and patterns.

Usaamah, who is organized and enthusiastic, is well-known for his blog “The Dapper Label.” While working for a famous stylist, he had the notion to become a full-time blogger. He carved out a space for himself by incorporating new aesthetics without being too loud. His fashion and style ideas are straightforward and entertaining methods to utilize one’s clothes in the most imaginative way imaginable.

His minimal aesthetic and use of accessories to lend a gentle eccentricity have been praised by his 100,000 followers and significant companies he has sponsored, including H&M, Calvin Klein, Dior, and others. Usaamah feels that women’s fashion is simpler to market since it is heavily influenced by trends. When it comes to menswear, however, a new approach is required because it is not loud and eccentric. Men’s fashion is more about keeping things simple and adhering to the essentials. There is a lot that can be done with menswear; the key is to keep the information fresh.

Men admire Usaamah’s fashion experiments, which give a touch of edginess to his outfit while keeping everything simple. His basic and understated approach to menswear has earned him a million hearts and distinguished him from the pack. When it comes to styling and recreation, there are many fundamentals that most guys currently own but do not know how to dress. This guy truly understands how to make style appear effortless. His distinct sense of style is something we will not soon forget!

Sandeep Rai launched his blog “Basciallymenz” in 2018 and quickly rose to prominence. This Delhi boy’s style is defined by his appreciation of vintage fashion and his willingness to experiment with new forms and patterns. His blog is well created, with magnificent images that add to the depth of his fashion. Anyone who likes tailored suits wants to be event-ready, and is seeking new ways to wear suits. His unique selling point has always been his material and editing. He continues to edit all of the photos and videos himself.

In today’s world, it would be more natural to delegate the following tasks to someone else, but he is a control freak who believes this adds more value to his material because it features more of him throughout. It runs his vision and connects with the concepts he wished to see realized.

Being known just for content in this domain and carving out a niche has truly been a privilege. In addition, the type of material we generate in the menswear area is distinct. In the beginning, it was all about stylish suits, but today the new experiments are very highly accepted by my audience.

Finding your passion is simple; following it with all your might is more difficult. Especially when it comes to fashion, which is a pretty odd choice that few people give up everything for.

Sarang Patil, a fashion fanatic, has ventured to do what few do and pursue his aspirations full-time. Sarang has a very relaxed style that he is always experimenting with, and he is a well-known social media influencer and renowned fashion blogger. His adventure began when he was named the best-dressed guy in India by GQ in 2014. 

After working as a freelance stylist in the fashion sector, Sarang’s style gained the attention of numerous celebrities, and he has partnered with premium companies Armani, Burberry, Dior, and Ferrari. Sarang Patil believes in learning about the brand and its history. The data enables him to develop better material that is consistent with the marketing brief and the aesthetics of his site.

He has also taught several men’s style and grooming classes. His large fan following appreciates his frequent advice and the recommendations he gives to them. Sarang’s blog is a comprehensive handbook for modern Indian males. Sarang’s blog covers everything from fashion and grooming items to autos and technology.

Jai Gidwani is an award-winning model and fashion blogger located in Spain. He keeps himself occupied by travelling to various locations and dressed appropriately for the occasion and location. Jai’s Instagram feed is full of stylish clothing inspiration. According to his Facebook about page, he is a men’s style advisor as well as a fashion and lifestyle influencer. Make yourself at home in whatever you’re wearing.

As you can see from @mrjaigidwani’s profile, this gentleman dresses in unusual colors and stripes while yet looking nice and feeling comfortable. Learn his style and be self-assured in anything you wear. Jai Gidwani, a fashion and travel blogger based in Gran Canaria, Spain, has a wardrobe that makes you feel like you’re on a never-ending European vacation.

To believe it, check out his feed! Jai Gidwani’s handle combines current patterns with travelling imagery. This blogger takes us through the most trendy aspects of life, from opulent Indian weddings to New York streets and beaches. His Instagram is dominated by neon apparel, abstract graphic tees, smart sneakers, and amusing pattern coats. Jai posts fashionable wardrobe suggestions that are ideal for a vacation. His speciality is rare prints, casual jackets, and dope fusion clothing, and everyone may attempt these styles for their special events.

Jeremy Cabral is the founder of Fashion Most Wanted, a Mumbai-based lifestyle and menswear online magazine. He was one of India’s first male fashion bloggers and one of the country’s leading male fashion influencers. He has collaborated with some of the world’s most recognizable companies, including Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Marks & Spencer, Daniel Wellington, and others.

Jeremy, the founder of the fashion and leisure website Fashion Most Wanted, demonstrates his flexibility on Instagram. You’ll never get tired of seeing him in suits and tuxedos, as well as bomber jackets and shoes.

As a curly-haired fashion blogger, Jeremy gives hair-styling suggestions to assist other curly heads in taming their manes. Not only that, but Jeremy also offers helpful tips in several areas including shaving, exercise, outfit style, and wardrobe management. His images are taken in lovely settings with scenic, rustic, or earthy backgrounds that highlight the colours of his attire.

Cabral will continue to work hard with to keep people informed and up to speed on all things fashion. Maintaining ties with firms that are committed to promoting the Indian fashion sector to the global market. The goal is to create India as the world’s fifth fashion hotspot, a lofty but attainable goal.

It’s not every day that you stumble across an Instagram page that completely astounds you with how inventive and brilliant one individual can be. People will stop and look at your art if it has a distinct visual depiction. It’s not about how large it seems, but about how powerful it can be even while performing the very minimum.

Prateek Chauhan, a fashion influencer and artist, is visualizing his creation for others and sharing them online. His fashion and clothes may inspire our style, but it’s the way he wears them that makes them so stunning. It’s difficult not to keep scrolling through Prateek’s profile. His style is described as “minimal, edgy, classic, artistic, and creative.”

You can’t look at his account and not be struck by how lovely and visually pleasant it is. He has a unique style that he shares with the world, and he puts a lot of care into how they seem online.

Bowties and Bones” is an intriguing blog not just because of its title but also because of its content. Owned by Allen Claudius, a writer with a flair for fashion, he gives to the world of fashion a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-copy style for everyone who wants to have fun with clothes. Allen Claudius, a fashion influencer, wants to collaborate with businesses that he would buy in person. He discusses his content production method and how he differentiates his presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and his blog. He also discusses his filtering process when dealing with companies, which might be beneficial to beginning bloggers.

By capturing his experiences and real-life situations, he introduces a niche into the blogosphere by incorporating his personality and self into his sense of style and fashion, which his 22K followers like.

Allen, a real enthusiast of streetwear and sneakers, will have you gripped if you’re looking for inspiration and want to experiment with patterns and colour. He has been on several local websites ranging from fashion to music, and he was one of six winners of India’s Best Dressed Men, which was published in the February 2014 issue of GQ India. He was also included in The Juice Magazine’s Super Blogger edition in July 2015, as well as GQ India’s 2015 Autumn Winter trend report.


There are hundreds of male fashion influencers with a large internet following in the fashion, fitness, and esports niche. These influencers help companies connect with millions of new consumers by sharing distinctive and engaging content on major platforms like Instagram and YouTube. And, as modern men become more interested in areas such as fashion and beauty, male influencers play an important role in helping firms to expand into new markets. Influencer marketing has increased in popularity in recent years, and for good reason: people typically trust influencers more than celebrities when deciding which items to buy or which businesses to recommend.

We understand the value of employing the perfect “influencer” that fits in with your business and target demographic as India’s leading influencer marketing firm. This is why we’ve put together a team of top rising male fashion influencers in India. Want to know how can these influencers help your brand? Write to us at [email protected], and we shall get right in touch with you!

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