Top 10 Rising Beauty Influencers On Instagram

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How do you know whether a beauty product works? Can you trust the salesperson in the department store? How about reading the description on the product box?

The term “beauty influencer” might sound familiar to those active on social media. A beauty influencer is defined as someone who shares their opinions on various beauty products. Consciously or not, these beauty influencers have more or less contributed to shaping our judgement on our choice of beauty products. Why do we trust beauty influencers in the first place? Why do we listen and read their reviews? Why does it matter?

With many beauty influencers offering unique content, we have the freedom to choose who suits us the most. Our choices may boil down to those with similar skin conditions, so we can learn from their experiences. Influencers thus have risen to have a sway in the purchase decisions of their followers. They are proven to drive brand awareness, leads and sales for your beauty brand, especially when you need to stand out in the hypercompetitive market.

 Influencers can be the best advocates of your brand and so, to help you skim through a few of India’s best beauty influencers, here’s our pick on the top 10 rising beauty influencers to follow on Instagram.

Top 10 Rising Beauty Influencers On Instagram:

Originally from New Delhi and having studied at the internationally acclaimed London School of Beauty & Make-up, Swati Verma aims to ‘make every woman feel truly HEAVENLY!’ 

Currently based in Dubai, Swati also has her makeup line called Swati Cosmetics which has Vegan products. She is a renowned person in the makeup industry but is now starting to get the visibility she wants through Youtube and Instagram. 

Her growth although substantial but we still see this beauty influencer ever on the rise!

Shruti Wahi is a blogger and digital artist. Her specialities include fashion and beauty. also, lifestyle and luxury. She is one of India’s leading rising beauty influencers. Shruti Wahi blogs at BeSpokeGrub

She expresses her opinions on a variety of subjects here, including fashion, lifestyle, cuisine, restaurant reviews, movies, and books. Shruti Wahi has 201K Instagram followers as of August 2022. 

Additionally, she has 2.5K Facebook fans and 1.8K Twitter followers. Seeing her content and popularity on various social media platforms, this rising beauty influencer on Instagram has grabbed numerous brand collaborations.

Entrepreneur and influencer in the beauty industry, Sonakshi Mehta, is one of India’s leading beauty micro-influencers. She is also the creator of the cosmetics company Charon Cosmetics. Sonakshi Mehta has 38.3K Instagram followers as of August 2022.

She adheres to the ideals of positivity, self-improvement, and happiness. Her favourite part of her job is helping people reach their greatest potential and become the best versions of themselves. She also works as a makeup artist and has a keen interest in wellbeing, skincare, and aesthetics.

Boasting a follower base of 77.6K followers on Instagram, Akanksha is well-known for doing creative makeup looks, makeup tutorials, and showcasing the latest clothing trends too. Her YouTube channel has 78.5k subscribers and she says that she is elated to have several Telugites among her followers. 

A look at her Instagram feed and you will know her passion for makeup. This Indian rising beauty influencer makes it a point to equip her audiences with hands-on make-up tips and tricks. Akakansha goes beyond the usual beauty content and gives her followers insights into how to cover acne spots and marks, tips for flawless makeup, and 4 best lipsticks for a no-makeup look. 

Seeing her authentic content, this rising beauty influencer in India has approached and collaborated with various beauty and makeup brands.

What you will see on Shreyasi’s feed is accurately captured on her Instagram. She enjoys exploring new places and using her camera to record stunning scenery.

Indian influencer and content creator Shreyasi Sarkar is well known for her incredible travel, lifestyle, and self-care content. Shreyasi has also worked with renowned beauty brands including St. Botanica, Dayly, Envy French, and many others. She has a sizable fan base across all social media channels.

Visit her IG page, which has 90.8K followers right now, for recommendations on some incredible travel locations.

Tasneem talks about all things skincare and beauty on her Instagram page namely skin care. venture. She shares a range of reviews, recommendations of what products to use and purchase, and photos of the same. She is seen doing simple beauty makeup and her followers enjoy that. 

Her main two streams of interest in this field are SPF, that’s sunscreen and an avid love for Korean skincare. She also holds Q&A sessions and also links the products she uses in her bio. 

Starting small, Tasneem is making her name as one of the top 10 rising beauty influencers in the beauty industry.

Niyanta is a Digital Creator for Skincare and Haircare genres on her page called beautypost. in. She shares effective skincare, haircare & lifestyle finds ranging from affordable to high-end products.

She shares a lot of Indian drugstore and chemist store finds for people looking at reasonable dermatologist recommendations. Having worked with brands like Sublime, Sukinskincare, Kapiva, and Nykaa she is a person with great self-studied experience in her field. This girl knows her way around brands and can be seen working with smaller rising brands too.

Parichita is a Guwahti-based blogger that has been creating beauty content on Instagram. She focuses on makeup and skincare beauty for oily and acne-prone skin types majorly. 

Her content is full of skincare and makeup product reviews, recommendations, tips, and tricks. She keeps it real by showcasing her real skin in reels on Instagram. 

Some brands we can see her collaborations with include @mattlookcosmetics, @cuffsnlashes, @purebypriyanka, and Carmesi. She also has a series called lipstick pe charcha going on. She also compares expensive and affordable product dupes.

Apoorva on her Instagram says ‘Skincare that works & makeup that stops the search and it’s the best way to describe her. 

She shares quick thoughts about products and detailed reviews that can help consumers understand the product. 

This Indian rising beauty influencer has worked with brands like reequil, simplebeauty, foxtaleskin, and juicebeauty just to name her recent partnerships.

The 21-year-old Nayanika is a self-taught Blogger, Instagrammer, and a Youtuber. She makes content around makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. She is managed by Chtrbox, an Influencer marketing company. 

She is seen making content on everyday makeup looks, celebrity recreation looks, GRWM, and shopping hauls on Instagram. Brands like PAC, My Nykaa, simple skin and Cheryl’s skincare have collaborated with this rising beauty influencer in India. Her YouTube currently has 68 subscribers, but we think that number is going to get higher in no time making her one of the most searched influencers on Instagram and YouTube.


In certain situations, emerging influencers still need to identify their specific skill sets, but they are inventive when it comes to their content and trend-spotting. On social media, they are attracting more and more fans. The followers enjoy watching their postings and videos to pick up fresh makeup, hair, and product advice. Many influencers have also launched beauty products as a result of their online popularity. For fashion and beauty firms eager to collaborate, these influencers provide an ideal opportunity as they are increasing and expanding their following.

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realize the immense potential of these rising beauty influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients gain collaborations with these rising social media beauty influencers. We have curated a network of leading Instagram beauty influencers across the globe and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time, and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you.

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