Top 10 Rising Beauty Influencers On Instagram

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How do you know whether a beauty product works? Can you trust the salesperson in the department store? How about reading the description on the product box?

The term “beauty influencer” might sound familiar to those active on social media. A beauty influencer is defined as someone who shares their opinions on various beauty products. Consciously or not, these beauty influencers have more or less contributed to shaping our judgement on our choice of beauty products. Why do we trust beauty influencers in the first place? Why do we listen and read their reviews? Why does it matter?

With many beauty influencers offering unique content, we have the freedom to choose who suits us the most. Our choices may boil down to those with similar skin conditions, so we can learn from their experiences. Influencers thus have risen to have a sway in the purchase decisions of their followers. They are proven to drive brand awareness, leads and sales for your beauty brand, especially when you need to stand out in the hypercompetitive market.

Influencers can be the best advocates of your brand and so, to help you skim through a few of India’s best beauty influencers, here’s our pick on the top 10 rising beauty influencers to follow on Instagram.

Top 10 Rising Beauty Influencers On Instagram:

Debasree started her journey with “All She Needs” blog, then began into YouTube. Fast forward to today, she’s snagged the title of Cosmopolitan Indian Best Beauty Blogger. She is not just about glam, she’s also teamed up with UNICEF to spread awareness on girl hygiene.

She is definitely a boss babe with her own beauty brand, “Debasree Beauty,” offering global shipping. Their vibrant, cruelty-free pigments make makeup a blast, catering to vegan beauties worldwide.

Having collaborated with big names like Smashbox, MAC, Clinique, and more, this Indian Instagram sensation isn’t just about the glam shots. 

Debasree’s journey has been an inspiration to many, leaving a lasting mark on the beauty industry.

Shreya is one of the most trusted beauty instagram influencers on social media when it comes to skincare tips and make-up recommendations. She has built a trust-based relationship with her followers. 

Her content on Instagram ranges from makeup tutorials to skincare tips. She is famous for her #nofilter product reviews that are honest and useful to her legion of followers. 

Shreya with her expertise has collaborated with brands – M.A.C India, Simple Skincare, Smashbox India, Loreal Paris and others.

Jovita with her confidence, creativity and abundance of knowledge about everything skincare, makeup and hair care, has become the favourite beauty influencer on social media. 

On her Instagram, she shares her makeup recommendations, skincare tips and tricks and talks about brands that work for her skin and body. These honest and No-nonsense reviews are why she is one of India’s Top 100 Digital Stars and has been featured on Forbes India.

She has collaborated with brands like Kay by Katrina, Charmacy Milano, Nykaa Cosmetics, Pilgrim India, Kohler and so many others.

Ankita is killing it as a top beauty influencer on social media. Her feed is basically a beauty bible, packed with tips, tricks, and product recommendations that prove she’s the real deal. But what sets her apart is her lovable and infectious personality. Seriously, she could sell ice to polar bears with that charm! The beauty community can’t get enough of her enthusiasm and engaging vibe.

Through various brand collaborations, she has teamed up with big names like Klairs, Sephora, Lakme, and more. 

Right now, she’s adding some spice to her Insta game with the #30dayslipstickchallenge, alongside her usual killer content.

Trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

Malvika is a rising influencer on Instagram in the world of beauty, rocking detailed makeup tutorials and engaging vlogs. She made her Cannes Film Festival debut and even graced the cover of Women Fitness magazine. From her roots in modelling and India’s Next Top Model, she has jumped to success.

Her influence extends beyond the screen, with collaborations with big names like Clinique and Kay Beauty. And growing her own brand, MasicBeauty, offering top-notch home and self-care products in India. She’s not just a pretty face, Malvika has been the face of Smashbox and featured prominently in Sephora and Nykaa offline stores. 

With her unstoppable drive, there’s no doubt this Indian beauty influencer is destined for even greater heights.

Aishwarya is bold, beautiful and an absolute delight to watch. She gained popularity through her make-up tutorials, product reviews and skincare tips

Aishwarya creates a lot of beauty-related content, including personal style, occasion-specific skincare and her personal skincare and make-up collection. One of the prominent brands that Aishwarya works with is Urbanic. 

Sejal kicked off her social media adventure on YouTube and has been making waves since then.  Her content is a delightful mix of everything that a beauty influencer on Instagram would produce, from killer makeup tips to skincare secrets and fashion hacks. And let’s not forget her latest adventures in the “1MinDrama” series. It’s a feast for someone who is looking for content, where she flaunts her styling finesse, sprinkled with oodles of creativity and talent.

Sejal’s social media game is on point, especially with her follower counts skyrocketing faster than you can say “beauty guru.” And with her music video out now, there’s no stopping this powerhouse of talent.

Shaurya, is one of Delhi’s top beauty Instagram influencers. Known for her trustworthy skincare, makeup, and outfit tips, she’s gained a loyal following for her niche. But she has gained a lot of traction for her inspirations too. Alongside her skincare and fashion posts, Shaurya shares amazing travel content that keeps her followers inspired.

Her expertise extends beyond social media fame. Shaurya is also a savvy entrepreneur, founding Label Shaurya Sandhya and Aryam Skincare. It’s not just about likes and follows for her; she’s building her own beauty empire.

Shaurya’s diverse interests shine through in her content, attracting a wide audience. From beauty tutorials to travel adventures, her posts reflect her passion for exploration and creativity. It’s no wonder she’s become such a hit on social media platforms.

Santoshi, with her fierce, unapologetic vibe and stunning content curation has been rising as a skincare influencer on Instagram. As one of the beauty influencers, she’s making serious waves. Fans can’t get enough of her skincare and beauty tips – she’s practically their go-to guru.

Santoshi’s Insta game is strong when it comes to mindful living and health too, which is why people look up to her for insight into living their best lives.

She’s not just another influencer, Santoshi’s got that special something that sets her apart in the fashion, skincare, and lifestyle world. She’s like the trusted friend you turn to for all things beauty and wellness.

In a nutshell, Santoshi is the bomb dot com. She’s bold, beautiful, and blazing her trail in the industry. Keep your eyes on her – she’s only going up from here.

Dr Riya is killing it as a beauty and skincare influencer with a professional license! With her medical background and savvy solutions, she’s making waves with her top-notch advice and insider tricks. From tailored skincare tips for every age and skin type to specialized body care routines, she’s got it all covered on her Insta feed.

Her followers can’t get enough of her recommendations, and they trust her like no other. Brands are lining up to collaborate with her, from big names like Limese Connect and Nykaa to cult favourites like Tresemme and Pilgrim. With Dr Riya on board, you know you’re getting the real deal when it comes to beauty and skincare.


In certain situations, emerging influencers still need to identify their specific skill sets, but they are inventive when it comes to their content and trend-spotting. On social media, they are attracting more and more fans. The followers enjoy watching their postings and videos to pick up fresh makeup, hair, and product advice. Many influencers have also launched beauty products as a result of their online popularity. For fashion and beauty firms eager to collaborate, these influencers provide an ideal opportunity as they are increasing and expanding their following.

Being a global influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realize the immense potential of these rising beauty influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients gain collaborations with these rising social media beauty influencers. We have curated a network of leading Instagram beauty influencers across the globe and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time, and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you.

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