Top 10 Regional Male Fashion Influencers in India

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Fashion on Instagram hits differently, doesn’t it? If you are a consumer of fashion content on Instagram, you know what we are talking about! No doubt, Instagram is dominated by women fashion creators but our stylish men are not behind anymore. The last lockdown gave a chance to a lot of people to explore the things they love. As a result, we got to see some amazing regional male fashion content creators sliding their way smoothly into the industry. 

Regional influencers and regional influencer marketing have risen to prominence with numerous creators from various parts of India, taking it to the next level on all social media platforms. Besides building a loyal community of followers, these influencers have been a boon for regional, and local fashion brands. 

Let us see some of our very own 10 best regional male fashion content creators and influencers in India who are stepping up the fashion game.

Top 10 Regional Male Fashion Influencers in India:

Sanket Mehta, a male fashion influencer and social media star, has carved a position for himself in the men’s fashion market with ease and grace.

Men’s fashion is a subject that not every influencer addresses. It is not simple to break prejudices and carve out a space for males.

Sanket has been working with many style variables and excelling at them, working with brands like Myntra, Fashion Nova, Dyson India, Delsey, L’Oreal Paris and many others.  This Indian male fashion influencer has gone from modernizing traditional design to adapting the bohemian cult, from Hip Hop sophisticated ensembles to ethnic regal attires.

Siddharth Batra is a leading Indian fashion blogger who discusses and promotes the notion of ‘#guybeauty.’ He is an Instagram Men’s Fashion Blogger, and he is one of the Forbes India Top 100 Digital Stars and GQ’s most influential Young Indian. He worked as a features writer for Elanstreet, Tata Cliq, and other brands, and as a Director of Engineering at Twitter.

He wowed Instagram with his unique menswear style. Batra designs visually appealing clothes with a variety of colours, textures, and accessories. He represents gender flexibility and body acceptance in addition to fashion.

He has worked with brands such as Lakme India, Fastrack World, Myntra, Amazon Fashion, Mia by Tanishq and many others.

Jatinn popularly known as The Style Doodle is a top male fashion influencer in India. He is popular for his minimalistic style and for his wardrobe which is definitely on everyone’s wishlist.

His style has that sophisticated and refined look to it. Which makes his followers come back to his feed for inspiration and recommendations for building a classic and ever-lasting wardrobe

Jatinn has collaborated with brands such as – Flipkart, Splendor XTEC, and others. 

He transitioned from practising corporate law to working as a full-time, paid fashion and lifestyle influencer. Karron is one of the most popular male fashion influencers in India. He frequently advises his youthful audience on the kind of clothing they should choose to enhance their personalities.

His primary area of expertise is formal clothing, and he also offers advice on cheap grooming tricks and the newest fashion trends. He rejects the notion that only women should groom themselves and holds the view that “looking good makes you feel good!” For his contributions to the fashion industry, he received the “Leading Fashion Influencer” award.

Allen Claudius, a regional fashion influencer hailing from Mumbai, India, is making waves in the industry with his boundary-pushing style and creative flair. Renowned for his unique fashion sense, Allen’s Instagram account is a stylish showcase of his monochromatic aesthetic, punctuated by his trademark beard and numerous tattoos. As the owner of the influential fashion blog, Bowties and Bones, Allen has made a solid position as one of India’s top male fashion influencers.

His fashion mantra? Understated elegance with a preference for a limited colour palette. Allen’s wardrobe reflects his love for sneakers, boasting an enviable collection that includes coveted pairs like Kendrick Lamars and Yeezys

With his finger on the pulse of the latest trends, Allen Claudius continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional talent and unique perspective on fashion.

An Influencer, Entrepreneur and Fashionista, this is how this Indian male fashion influencer is known on Social Media. Nikhil is the co-founder of a contemporary label that produces traditional Indian craftsmanship and design called “Nikhil & Humrat”.

Nikhil has worked with every kind of brand, including luxury brands like – Emporio Armani, Parcos Beauty, TUMI, Ajio Luxe,  Mont Blanc, Ferragamo and others. He has also worked with brands such as Myntra, Lifestyle, Oppo, Uniqlo, and Tira Beauty.

Men’s fashion influencer Shakti Singh Yadav has made a name for himself by producing content that appeals to the millennial generation. He was inspired to make his hobby a lucrative source of revenue by his experience as a social media manager. Instead of blindly adhering to a brand’s standards, he is one content creator who thinks that every project that comes his way deserves his unique touch.

There is no doubting that the profile of Shakti or ‘the February boy’ has a relatable, and nice vibe going on.

We are in awe of all the postures, edits, movies, and fashion hacks that this Indian male fashion influencer shares. Your aura, Shakti, is also something everyone desires.


Krishen Riyat, a fashion influencer hailing from India, has made a mark with his distinct style and knack for blending the latest trends with his own creative flair. His vibrant presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube has garnered him a solid fan base. You can catch glimpses of his unique fashion sense at events like GQ Best Dressed and so many others.

He has worked with several brands such as – Mochi Footwear, Shoppers Stop India, John Jacobs Eyewear, LifeStyle Stores India, Westside stores and so many others.

Abhinav Mathur, aka Abix, is a social media favourite known for his diverse content ranging from beauty tips to male fashion. He’s your go-to guy for everyday makeup inspiration, glamorous styles, and honest product reviews. Whether it’s skincare routines, haircare hacks, or makeup tricks, Abix has you covered with his expert advice. 

On YouTube, he makes detailed videos explaining everything ranging from fashion to modelling, and beauty content that’s both informative and entertaining

For the hottest makeup tutorials and trendiest looks, make sure to check out this fashion influencer’s official social media handles and YouTube channel. Get ready to up your beauty game with Abix’s tips and tricks!

Vipul Juneja is a male fashion influencer and blogger hailing from India and is making waves in the fashion industry. Despite his background in computer engineering, his heart beats for fashion. With his knack for style, Vipul has partnered with big-name brands such as – Garnier, Simple Skincare, Nissan India, Myntra and so many others. This has made him a go-to influencer for his fleet of followers. 

From fashion to grooming and lifestyle, he’s got it covered. His content on Instagram is a blend of personal style, fashion hacks, and product recommendations, all served with a touch of flair. 

Recognized as the Cosmopolitan Fashion Influencer of the Year. Vipul’s collaborations with reputable brands have only added to his growing fanbase. With each post, he continues to captivate his audience, leaving them wanting more of his signature style and expertise.


Male Fashion influencers dynamically stand out in the industry. No matter what their roots, one this remains constant, their love for fashion and style. In every region, these male influencers are making a radical difference by breaking stereotypes and embracing themselves and their communities that show these influencers immense love and support. Being a regional influencer marketing agency, we at Confluencr realize the immense potential of these regional male influencers on their audience and wish to help our clients gain collaborations with these regional social media influencers. 

We have curated a network of leading social media influencers across the globe and can help you get your brand placed in front of the right audience, at the right time, and through the right set of influencers. Want to know more about influencer marketing, and how can it help your brand? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we shall get right back to you!

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