Top 10 Regional Comedy Influencers in India

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When it comes to social media, language is not a barrier but a link. It brings individuals from many cultures together. Top comedy influencers in India bring the comfortable warmth of laughter and pleasure at various moments, maybe after a long or stressful day at work. We look to Indian comedians on Instagram for amusement, delight, and of course, ridiculous spoofs. To entertain and make their followers laugh till they cry, these Instagram comedians create amusing vlogs, spoofs, skits, entertainment on TV channels, and stand-up comedy.

In addition, they take a sardonic or humorous position on any contemporary socioeconomic subject. This helps them to interact and influence their target audience’s purchasing decisions. By collaborating with a well-known influencer marketing agency in India and discovering the perfect comedy influencers for their brand, entertainment companies may capitalize on the effect of notable Indian comedians on Instagram. Here’s our pick on the top 10 finest regional comedy influencers in India to watch.

Top 10 Regional Comedy Influencers in India:

One of the few multilingual comedians in India, Mandar Bhide performs in four languages: Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, and English. In addition to performing in several languages on international comedy tours, he has been in a number of web series and specials. It’s essential to observe his engaging and relatable performance. His specialty is humor in the corporate setting, and when he enters the stage, the room bursts into laughter.

Mandar has performed in more than 800 events both domestically and abroad, demonstrating his considerable success in the comedy business. He has acted in web series, TV commercials, corporate events, and is well-liked in the Marathi stand-up comedy scene. Mandar Bhide has gained a large following and notoriety as one of the best comedians in the business thanks to his adaptability, humor, and capacity to relate to a wide range of audiences.

Alekhya, a YouTuber, actress, and dancer, rose to prominence after appearing in the comic online series “Dhethadi.” She primarily appears in Telugu short films. Her Instagram is a combination of professionally taken photos and everyday candid shots. Alekhya’s approachable style, skill, and amusing material distinguish her.

This regional comedy influencer began working as an executive at the Amazon Development Center in Hyderabad in 2015. Alekhya spent almost three years there. Her acquaintance then introduced her to the proprietors of Tamada Productions. In 2018, she was cast in the online series “Chitram Vichitram.” Harika rose to prominence after starring in the online series “Dhethadi” on the YouTube channel. 

She now leads one of her newest web series “Gaanam.” Her following is also extremely engaged and receptive to brand messages. Alekhya’s ability to make complicated things digestible and understandable is admirable and makes her one of the best Indian regional comedy influencers on Instagram. If you’re searching for a humorous and relatable influencer, go no further.

Jahnavi Dasetty is a YouTube sensation and actor in short films. She rose to prominence because of her comic web series “Mahathalli.” She was simply another Kurnool girl living in a hostel, wishing to pursue something artistic rather than becoming another engineer or doctor. Her unwavering enthusiasm earned her entrance to NIFT, Hyderabad, and, eventually, a short film role. She learned she wanted to be an entertainer, regardless of the medium, while appearing in short films created by her common friends.

Following the popularity of Mahathalli, another series (co-presented by Wirally South) was created with an ‘AIB-like’ view on modern situations — a blend of fiction and reality with a humorous veneer. She writes and performs comedic skits in Telugu and Tamil. Her brand advertisements appear to be quite natural and genuine. She consistently talks about things in detail and makes them relevant, which is a hallmark of a good influencer.

This Indian comedy influencer’s Instagram is mostly dedicated to food and dogs, although she has done a few fashion-related collaborations in the past, which you can watch on YouTube. Her most recent video was a collaboration with another well-known actress, Pooja Hedge, for an Amazon Fashion Up promo.

Alex is another multifaceted Instagram influencer from Chennai. He is a former engineer who is now a comedian and actor. He is also a licensed yoga instructor.

With his debut solo stand-up performance, “Alex In Wonderland,” a musical comedy in Tanglish, Alex gained notoriety (Tamil and English). He has presented this act LIVE around Sri Lanka, Qatar, Chennai, Bangalore, and numerous other places in India and throughout the world. Even merchandise based on this program has been released by him. 

This Chennai-based Instagram influencer is mostly known for his humorous videos, which are certain to make you chuckle. Time Enna Boss, an Amazon Prime streaming science fiction web series, featured him as an actor. 

On his YouTube channel, this regional comedy influencer in India addresses questions that his fans send him during a live Q&A session. Even some requested songs were played by him. Not surprisingly, given that he has musical training and can sing in addition to playing a few instruments.

Mrunal Divekar is a well-known Public Speaker and Content Creator. She is well-known and has a large following on Instagram. She speaks in traditional Marathi but with slang terms, which makes it more amusing. Her material is applicable in our daily lives and something that everyone does, so we’re confident you’ll be able to connect to it.

She is from Pune, but she became knowledgeable in Mumbai and now resides there. She resembles Harsh Rane, Karan Sonawane, Just Neel Things, and Sameeksha Takke the most. You may also follow Vrushali Jawale, who creates content similar to Mrunal.

Mrunal Divekar may be seen taking shots on the streets of Mumbai and Pune. This Indian regional comedy influencer has collaborated with various creators to reach the greatest number of people. Her content might be incredibly relatable to humans, and she or he speaks about real life.

A well-known Punjabi comedian, actor, and maker of online videos, Sangtar Singh Sahota, has a verified Instagram account. He never misses an opportunity to mock his viewers in his videos. A  content creator, Sangtar resides in Toronto, Canada. His videos are mostly inspired by his Punjabi parents. Through his content, he is highlighting Punjab’s culture in Canada, which elevates the beauty and originality of his content.

In his most well-known video, he was searching his kitchen for some food to eat when he became annoyed to discover the same meal in every container. Can you guess what that food was? If you’re unsure, watch this video. We think every Indian child can relate to this.

Sangtar launched his YouTube channel in 2016 He produces humorous videos, sketches, vlogs, and parodies. Additionally, he included several additional musicians, like BrownGirlLifts, Harry Singh, Vanessa Vanita, Mandeep Ghotra, and Parvesh Dhillon.

To keep his followers on Instagram and the YouTube family interested in his videos, he consistently creates interesting new content. He primarily creates videos on what goes on in a brown family, which is something that every member of a family enjoys.

Saikiran Rayaprolu, a stand-up comedian, believes the Telugu circuit has a long way to go. He is an Indian stand-up comedian, actor, writer, YouTuber, and social media sensation. He is well-known around the country for his all-vegetarian humour and a YouTube viral comedy video titled “Dark Skin & Getting Married.” 

Saikiran was inspired to pursue a professional career as a comedian after participating in an open mic in 2014. He rose to prominence as an English comedian in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, thanks to his excellent comic timing.

Saikiran attended a local high school for secondary schooling before enrolling in engineering at a nearby university. He became famous as a comic in 2014 after winning an open mic contest in Hyderabad. He enjoys comedy and stand-up gigs. Even for him, solely performing in Telugu is not financially feasible. English is the most accessible language for someone who speaks four languages: English, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. Saikiran, known for his observational comedy, agrees, adding that this is due to the difficulty in attracting spectators.

Sarang Sathaye Marathi actor, writer, and producer. Sarang Sathaye founded Bharatiya Digital Party, often known as Bha Di Pa, as a Marathi content-creating YouTube channel three years ago. Sathaye met his co-founders, national award-winning filmmakers Anusha Nandakumar and Paula McGlynn, a few years ago on a film set. They quickly learned they shared a similar goal for local content. BhaDiPa opted not to limit themselves to a particular format since they were founded to try to address a big vacuum in the Indian digital market—clever, innovative material for the country’s Marathi-speaking population.

As a consequence, BhaDiPa has given the Internet jewels like Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun and the Aai and Aaplya Bapachi series while revitalizing time-honoured Marathi comic traditions and navigating the news industry with honesty and accountability. Here’s how it all started.

Regional languages were not receiving the attention they deserved in a digital entertainment landscape dominated by English and Hindi. So the three of them founded Gulbadan Talkies, whose first hit was a viral internet campaign for India’s favourite biscuit brand, ParleG—Shayar Kehta Hai. With a long history of political satire in the state, comics like Sathaye, Mandar Bhide, and Trupti Khamkar are not limited to their subject matter. 

The demand for Marathi is not only regional; they have performed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as on an Australian tour.

Amit Khuva is a well-known Gujarati comedian as well as India’s first and the world’s youngest Stand-Up Comedy Trainer. He has performed over 900 live shows as well as 35 TV episodes, including several episodes on Colors Channel’s Chhote Miyan Show with Kapil Sharma.

Janta Wants To Hear” is a segment in which he addresses questions submitted by his followers. Amit Khuva’s Audio Experience is a series of everyday interesting concepts created by Amit for the audience who appreciates seeing him.

Mr. Amit Khuva, the World’s Youngest – India’s First Comedy Trainer, founded Cafe Comedy, India’s Premiere Comedy Training Academy.

He has over 12 years of performing experience and six years of comedy training which makes him one of the best regional comedy influencers on Instagram to follow.

Pavan Venugopal is an anchor, comedian, and YouTuber whose parents chose him to be an engineer. His expertise on multiple platforms makes him the ideal candidate for dealing with a crowd or a camera. A look into his life through amusing anecdotes from various stages of his life had the audience in stitches.

Pavan Venugopal began experimenting with English and Hindi stand-up comedy in Bengaluru four years ago. Even though he was a native Kannada speaker, he felt it would attract a larger audience. However, when he attempted a Kannada set two years later, Lohit Kumar, who organizes open mics, saw an increase in interest in Kannada content around the same time.

Lolbagh is a Kannada standup comedy troupe that has done gigs all over the world, offline and online, according to Anup Maiya, the creator of the LOLBagh collective.

His expertise on multiple platforms gives him the ideal combination for dealing with a crowd or a camera.


Being hilarious requires more than just cracking jokes and being funny. Everything boils down to delivery, writing, and scripting. These comedians have mastered these methods and have accumulated millions of YouTube and Instagram fans. Internet comedians have significantly influenced young people. These funny Instagram stars are turning their side hustle into a full-time gig and touring the globe. Over the years, we have noticed that many innovators are born with distinctive USPs that make them stand out. One of them is creating content in their regional language. We always feel at ease and have a sense of camaraderie when we see things created in our mother tongue. This list seems to be growing given the number of languages spoken in our country. 

Confluencr, a global influencer marketing agency, seeks to help its clients work with these influencers because it recognizes the significant impact they have on their audience. Since we have carefully chosen a network of top Instagram influencers from across the world, we can help you get your brand in front of a suitable audience at the right time with the right set of influencers. Interested in learning more about influencer marketing and how it may help your brand?] Write to us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you straight away!

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