Top 10 Indian Upcoming Nutrition Influencers

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The majority of individuals struggle with nutrition when it comes to eating, “one size does not fit all.” Having said that, we should all endeavour to improve our dietary and lifestyle choices. The problem is that some of us don’t know where to begin. We believe we must enter a consultation room. However, in this day and age when the internet is growing, you won’t believe the number of dietitians that have an online presence. 

You are not required to enter a physical consultation room. Today, we’ll look at those who have made nutrition their life’s work. These nutritionists are not only upcoming nutrition influencers in India but are also revolutionizing fitness and making India healthier. This list focuses on Nutritionists with informative and inspiring Instagram feeds. As there are many top expert nutritionists in India, we will only focus on those that have a strong social media presence, where they educate, inspire, and push their followers to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle.

Top 10 Indian Upcoming Nutrition Influencers:

Nidhi is an expert in nutrition and health. You can access online diet and workout programs by visiting her website. She is the founder and director of NidSun Weight Reduction, a weight loss clinic network with locations in Delhi, Chandigarh, and Panchkula. Nidhi is a food scientist with a degree in Food and Chemical Engineering with a nutrition focus.

NidSun was one of the first Clinics in India to provide Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing Procedure released in 2013) and Ultrasound Fat Blasting (Launched in 2009), two of the most effective weight loss procedures available in North India. Nidsun weight reduction is a pioneer in these procedures, having successfully treated hundreds of people in Delhi, Chandigarh, and the rest of North India. Thousands of people have benefited from the packages, which are still in effect today. NidSun Weight Loss was founded in 2007 by the enthusiastic sibling combination of Dr Sunny Bawa and Nidhi Mohan Kamal.

The team has expanded to include an enthusiastic group of Doctors, Dietitians, Nutrition Experts, Physiologists, Counselors, Trainers, Top Notch Hospitality staff, and Therapists. Nidsun Weight Loss seeks to provide a service and assist people in overcoming lifestyle-related ailments associated with being overweight.

FitnessFlu‘s Founder and Managing Director is Mahima Sethia. She wants to improve her clients’ lives and health by incorporating workouts and healthy food into their daily routines.

Mahima believes that food is the best medication and that it should be taken care of before relying on supplements. Mahima has a lot more to add value to her educated lecture by sharing more insightful information and advice. We’ll look at her firsthand thoughts on the increasing nutrition-conscious culture below.

FitnessFlu creates plans by considering a person’s lifestyle, activity level, medical history, and health objectives, and then developing techniques that are practical, easy, and fit into the customers’ daily lives.

When working from home, it’s normal to become sidetracked or lose concentration. There are several distractions, and motivation levels are lower than in an office setting. The good news is that you can improve your attention by adjusting your diet somewhat.

According to Mahima Sethia, our brain is linked to the stomach by a vast network of neurons and a highway of hormones, and chemicals that send all kinds of input to the gut, such as hunger cues, stress, loss of focus, and anxiety, and so on. For example, how strongly your brain and gut are connected is demonstrated by the feeling you get in your stomach before tests or when you face work suspension and feel uneasy in your stomach. The brain-gut axis provides constant feedback on the condition of events at both ends. As a result, if you are forgetful or losing attention, it might be related to a bad diet, which plays a significant influence on our brain health.

To promote brain health, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential, as are foods rich in specific nutrients such as good fats, antioxidants, and so on. Mahima recommends adding Omega 3-rich foods such as berries, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, and dark chocolate to your diet for improved cognitive function, memory, and attention.

Balancenutrition’s creator and main nutritionist are Khyati Rupani. They form a great healthy living team with Vishal Rupani, the founder and CEO. Its objective is to make weight loss and lifestyle management simple, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone.

Balance Nutrition provides online weight reduction and lifestyle management programs. Their curricula range from 6 to 12 sessions lasting 70 to 160 days. Every customer is assigned a personal account and a mentor. Their diets are personalized to the needs of their clients. Their strength is realistically attainable diet chart support with a power E kit that allows individuals to participate in the program from anywhere in the world.

It uses technology for personalization and enhancing the USER experience that seamlessly integrates into every individual’s lifestyle by customizing Balance Nutrition services to their ever-changing needs, expectations, and behaviours through constant Research & Innovation.

Weight reduction and lifestyle management for them include not just designing diets but also making the entire process enjoyable. They intend to establish the most renowned and respected brand name in proactive health care in the future by delivering several solutions for different client categories that will use technology for experiential engagement and more customization.

This Indian nutrition influencer holds an IHMCTAN Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Service Management. She is a champion Nutritionist who is deeply passionate about solving clinical issues, which is why Balance Nutrition is at the forefront of providing solutions to clinical chronic lifestyle disorders. She drives all clients at Balance Nutrition and programs diets to experience results and new research and innovation.

Karishma Chawla, a nutritionist, can help you understand the function of food and its importance in the prevention, management, and treatment of health problems. She teaches how to attain physical objectives and optimal well-being, transforming your relationship with food, pushing you to make healthy food and lifestyle choices, and empowering yourself rather than succumbing to bad eating habits.

Karishma has created and refined her decade-long practice as a celebrity nutritionist with a distinct focus on gut flora and hormones as a strategy to assist increase metabolism and make your body work for you to attain a healthy weight. Karishma, as a lifestyle and functional medicine coach, can help you identify your lifestyle triggers and lead you to achieve that elusive mind-body harmony.

Unlike the conventional belief, this Indian Nutritionist does not believe in rigid, standardized procedures and practices that demand stringency for rapid results without necessarily addressing the source of the problem or the necessary lifestyle modifications required to reach optimal health.

Karishma’s work is founded on the philosophy of bio-individuality, which means that she has profound regard and knowledge of each individual’s body composition and dietary demands. To reach maximum health, you may require physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual advice.

Sarah Patil is known on Instagram as @thattallgirlyouknow she is six feet tall and a professional dietitian. If you want to lose some weight, you may follow her training routines; moreover, you can visit her for a tailored workout plan that includes a nutritious diet.

She wants to create a community of like-minded people that encourage and push one another on their fitness journey, no matter what the objective is!

This is appropriate for all fitness levels, including beginners, intermediate, and experienced athletes. You won’t need any equipment either since they’ll have variants for everyone – they’ll find a way around any excuse you throw at us!

Sarika works as a fitness trainer at @kaizennfitness. The Kaizen Fitness Crew is a monthly membership that provides access to exercise plans, dietary guidance, educational content, recipe ideas, zoom session exchanges, and fitness conversations in a close-knit Facebook community managed by Ambar and Sarah. 

Sarika is a firm believer in whole health and makes certain that her work with clients includes not just physical exercise but also nutrition and mental wellness. As a qualified nutrition and fitness coach, she thinks that the only approach to addressing inner health is via movement and nourishment.

Her transformation story serves as an inspiration to her fans; if you visit her page, you will see her passion for fitness.

As the account name suggests, @nutritionistminacshi is a nutritionist by profession; her Instagram profile is full of healthy suggestions. You may follow her page if you want to add goodness to your daily food habits; we loved her inventive approach to letting her followers comprehend the benefits of eating organic. 

She is also a food and menu consultant, so you may seek her advice if you need it. She enjoys discussing everyday routines, such as what occurs when we don’t get enough sleep. 

As a result, Minacshi’s dietary interests are in encouraging individuals to make the proper lifestyle choices that enhance wellbeing. Her ultimate goal is to raise awareness of healthy eating habits and to establish ambitious but achievable goals for my clients. Minacshi’s passion-driven slogan of “Practice what you Preach,” along with my fitness and health-oriented mindset, inspires people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Food may be both a blessing and a curse if excessive or consumed ineffectively. It all comes down to subjective body types, blood work, environment, ideal body index, lifestyle, attitude, and other aspects to create not only a suitable but also the most DOABLE plan for you!

Using mathematical calculations, nutritional breakdowns, and all of the above elements, customized diet plans are created to fit each individual’s lifestyle. Minacshi will be able to walk you through the basics of eating correctly to obtain the desired outcomes.

As the adage goes, “one size does not fit all.” Eating healthily should be a long-term and consistent component of your life. Life is a one-time deal, so make the most of it!

Her thesis is clear: you need to know what you’re eating and what nutrients are essential for a healthy body.

Ajinkya Ghan is another must-follow health and nutrition blogger in India. His technique is straightforward: choose-measure-eat; if you need a diet plan, you may speak with him.

His primary concept behind mindful eating is that you carefully consider the type of food you eat throughout the day. Mindful eating refocuses and retrains your attention to savour each mouthful of food rather than merely gulping it down. The objective is to establish a pleasurable dining experience to get the most advantages and avoid negative eating behaviours.

One of the most widespread misunderstandings is that restricting your food consumption is just to reduce weight. While weight loss is a lucrative and popular aim, mindful eating provides much more. He has taught individuals the value of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Holistic living is the key to a happy existence, from boosting immunity to developing resistance to emotional stressors.

If you go to his Instagram profile, you will discover several posts discussing the nutrition components of various vegetables such as beetroot, lotus stem, jack fruit tomatoes, and so on, and in the description, you will find the advantages of that specific produce and meal in detail. Yes, you have more than one reason to follow him. He may simply be your nutritionist with his excellent advice.

Sarika is a well-known dietician in India whom you should follow on Instagram. Her method is fascinating; she teaches a lot of complicated subjects to her readers through a series of Myth and Truth pieces. Her professional advice will be a valuable addition to your regular food plan.

Sarika‘s Instagram page openly proclaims that she is “Helping Desis End Chronic Dieting.” She is a licensed dietitian nutritionist who assists Indian Americans in living their best life. Sarika brings 20 years of expertise to the table and focuses on conveying values via cuisine! 

She has benefited from the strong Indian value system instilled in her by her immigrant parents and she curates individualized diets for American Indians, allowing them to eat their traditional Indian food. She is a firm believer in passing down methods from generation to generation.

Sarika will work with you and your relationship with food, which is in contrast to many common misconceptions about working with a nutritionist: that they will restrict a wide range of foods, that they will provide you with a meal plan to follow, that they will make you feel guilty or ashamed for making certain choices, and so on. 

Her clients had done and tried everything before consulting, but nothing had lasted.  How could they possibly not consume carbohydrates or count calories for the rest of their lives? Sarika on the other hand encourages you to add items to your diet rather than take them away, which will cause you to reconsider your relationship with food.

@theindianbodycoach of Indian origin is the UK’s number one fitness coach with a a reputation for his unconventional fitness objectives. You can call him if you wish to alter your physique under the direction of a licensed specialist.

His eagerness to assist you in reaching your objectives is contagious. Whether it’s a one-on-one session or a Skype discussion, He guarantees you’ll feel energized and driven to achieve your objectives!

Sindhu is quite aware of how diverse his client’s experiences and origins are. He will always make certain that each program is personalized and provided with his client’s individual needs and goals in mind. He can create ideas that work after a thorough consulting process, certain that every individual is capable of enormous transformation, and with his professional training, expertise, and ongoing support, you WILL achieve your objective!

The clients he works with every day motivate him. Juggy has seen folks gain confidence, enhance their body shape, and outperform their expectations of what they’re capable of. He will teach all of his clients how to live a healthier lifestyle, make better food choices, and include exercise in their daily lives to establish a foundation of health, happiness, and confidence! The sense of accomplishment he gets when a client is making progress is incomparable.

His Instagram profile is full of imaginative postings indicating the calorie content of various items such as Basmati rice, avocados, and so on. There’s also a glimpse of his fitness routine.

Kripa Jalan, a Harvard University alumna, is elevating the role of a nutritionist with her program Burgers to Beasts. When it comes to eating properly, she places a greater emphasis on self-reliance. So she attempts to educate her clients on the things they are eating and why they are eating them so that they may make an informed decision eventually.

Kripa’s attitude to eating is practical and achievable, and it has been an eye-opener for her client in recent years. Most importantly, she highlights the need of eating well as a habit rather than a one-time event. This also means that there are no unreasonable expectations, such as no sweets or cheese, and no crash diets, but rather tiny targets to enable you to eat anything you want while remaining attentive. Clients have seen a significant shift in their attitude about food, and now have a much healthier connection with it than they had previously, especially while dining out.

Burgers to Beasts began as a creative outlet for Kripa to convey her experiences as a passionate dieter with a deep-seated phobia of food and extensive knowledge in nutrition science. She believes in the healing power of food. However, after dealing with people from many walks of life over the past six years, she recognized that they benefit from coaching that is devoid of authoritarian pressure.

It is your inherent right to eat what is best for your body. When eating culture becomes one of the crimes and virtues, the foundation of happiness begins to disintegrate.

In the end, eating healthily is only a tool for improving and enhancing their ability to feel joy and live a happy life.


For your consideration, here are the Top 10 Indian Upcoming Nutrition Influencers. These Instagram Nutritionists have it all covered, from food to workouts to inspiring quotes to workout clothing. All you have to do is follow these fitness nutritionists, and you’ll be one step closer to achieving your fitness objectives. 

We have relied on the Internet for anything and everything, from recipes to culinary suggestions. It is easy to research recipes from other cuisines on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. However, with so much culinary content accessible online these days it might be tough to locate the perfect individuals to follow.

Like many other businesses, the healthcare and wellness sector too, has begun to invest in influencer marketing to promote their goods. These op nutrition and fitness influencers are a great medium for these brands to drive fruitful collaborations. 

Confluencr, being a global influencer marketing agency believes in the immense potential of Instagram and YouTube influencer marketing to drive growth in your business. We guarantee that the influencer you work with will enhance your social media presence while providing a satisfying return on investment. Want to learn more about how influencer marketing works? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we shall be happy to connect with you!

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