Top 10 Indian Travel Influencers To Follow In 2023

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Travel influencers are the leading edge of the travel business. They frequently display a passion for travel in their meticulously researched writing and extraordinarily active readerships. All of the aforementioned are connected by a single factor: content. Top travel bloggers constantly create excellent written and visual content about uncommon locations. 

As a result, they have substantial email lists and social media followings. Most of us have, at some point or another, taken comfort in reading through the picture-perfect feeds of our favorite vacation Instagram accounts, even with all the time in the world, working from home and enduring several lockdowns over the previous two years. Escape to a different world through someone else’s travels has inspired us and uplifted our spirits during these uncertain times; from powdered beaches and turquoise oceans to lip-smacking delicacies and dazzling skylines of distant great towns, these Indian travel influencers provide a sneak peek into it all! Here are the top 10 Indian travel influencers who stopped wondering and started wandering.

Top 10 Indian Travel Influencers To Follow in 2023

Dimpi Sanghvi, one half of the famed travel pair The Offbeat Couple, is all about saying ‘yes’ to new experiences. Dimpi Sanghvi is a well-known travel blogger in India who has won the hearts of millions with her travel, fashion, and lifestyle content. With her elegant style and distinctive spunk, this blogger has won many hearts with her passion for traveling in elegance. As the lockdown eased, her adventurous nature couldn’t resist booking another vacation! This top Indian travel influencer tells you everything about this wonderful adventure and beyond!

Thanks to this new digital identity, there are many social media influencers nowadays. Shashank Sanghvi is one of the top travel influencers on Instagram who stands out among them. The 32-year-old South Mumbai-based creator, Shashank, is a travel enthusiast. He is one of the hippest travel influencers around since he doesn’t simply succeed for himself but also hopes to inspire others. Shashank is a social media powerhouse with over 2.4 million Instagram followers. Shashank and his wife  Dimpi operate a successful travel-centric YouTube channel, ‘ The Offbeat Couple,’ with over 141k subscribers.

Shakir Subhan, also known as Mallu Traveler, is from Kerala, a state in southern India. Shakir’s passions are traveling, learning about various cultures, and having motorbike adventures across the world. Along with capturing the sights and sounds Shakir encounters while traveling the world, this Indian travel influencer takes readers on a tour of the native cultures and landscapes of the locations he visits, sprinkled with advice on how to travel on a budget. Mallu Traveler has visited over 41 different countries and has a whopping 1.7M follower base on Instagram.

After dating for several years after first meeting in high school, they were wed in 2008. What followed was a voyage filled with love and a mutual love of travel that filled their passports with stamps of every shape and color! Savi and Vid, the fantastic pair behind Bruised Passports, are a frequent name when it comes to listing the top travel influencers from India, with 1.2 million followers and counting. The pair enjoys luxury holidays, but you can depend on them for information on places, itineraries, lodging ideas, packing instructions, budgeting tips, and pretty much anything else in between.

Shenaz Treasurywala, a former Bollywood actress who is now a prominent travel influencer, admitted that she missed traveling the most during the epidemic since she wasn’t feeling well. It’s hardly surprising that the first thing she did when the rules were relaxed was packed her bags and head out on a road trip while taking safety precautions. If you take a quick look at any of her social media accounts, you’ll feel as though you’ve seen the world through her eyes. Her Instagram account is rife with fascinating tales from her travels around the nation and the globe.

Anunay Sood wears various hats, including marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, travel photographers, and bloggers. Sood loves mountains, experiences, and his camera to record it all. He is a real inspiration for individuals who want to fulfill their ambition of traveling the world without abandoning their employment. His amusing deep-diving photos have gathered over 987k Instagram followers! Travel also got him close to Brinda Sharma @justthetwo_, and the two are currently busy traveling the world together.

This self-described mountain goat will show you the charm and beauty of mountains via her photographs and anecdotes, from The Himalayas to The Dolomites. A young mountain enthusiast and one of the top 10 travel Instagram influencers in India, Brinda Sharma is enthralling a sizable audience on Instagram with her engaging travel experiences from all around the world. While Brinda is constantly talking about mountains, we’re all used to seeing vacation photos of beaches, islands, and iconic structures on her feed all the time.

Larissa D’sa has done it all, from winning multiple prestigious awards for her work as a travel influencer to having her travel program for TravelXP called Unwind. Larissa has a unique knack for documenting genuine moments from her vacations in the most artistic way on her social media accounts, giving significant travel goals! The TEDx speaker has over 702K Instagram followers and utilises the platform to discuss topics other than travel, such as fitness, mental health, art, and more. Check out her Instagram account to know what we’re talking about!

“I have a crush on the world,” his Instagram bio says, and he’s not wrong. Aakash Malhotra, aka Wander With Sky, has traveled to 45 countries thus far, enjoys embarking on spontaneous excursions and filming them, and is on a journey to find pleasure and self-discovery via travel. He refers to himself as a serial travelpreneur, and each gorgeous image on his Instagram testifies to his commitment to exploring the world via his artistic lens to his committed audience of 689K followers.

Tanya Khanjijow gave up her lucrative corporate career in an advertising agency to pursue her passion for traveling. Her endless enthusiasm for travels, diverse cultures, new experiences, and all wonderful things to explore beyond the four walls of a house has brought her on numerous solo excursions over the years, earning her a committed following of 546Kon Instagram. Follow this Indian travel influencer on Instagram for amazing images from throughout the world, along with the OG feel-good element that’s hard to come by in the digital world these days.


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