Top 10 Indian Nutrition Influencers on Instagram

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Let’s face it: There is a lot of conflicting advice available when it comes to food, health, and exercise. Carbs are unhealthy until they aren’t. There might be too much protein in the diet. A healthy diet must include fats; they are not the enemy. Contrary to popular belief, certain meal pairings are healthier than others. For instance, eating an iron-rich cuisine with citrus food can improve iron absorption.

A full egg has more nutrients than just egg whites. Nuance is crucial in the area of nutrition. Determining your fitness and well-being objectives and knowing what’s best for your body in that context is equally important. It’s advisable to speak with a nutritionist to receive advice that is personalized for you because of this. If that’s not feasible, however, here is a list of our go-to nutritionists whom you can trust to sort through the noise and provide you with the information you want.

Here we present the top 10 Indian nutrition influencers to follow on Instagram.

Top 10 Nutrition Influencers in India:

Shivangi Desai is a prominent nutrition influencer in the health and nutrition industry, recognized as India’s leading certified health, nutrition, and life expert. With a strong online presence and a substantial following, she has made a significant impact by training over 500 health coaches and being an international best-selling author. 

Her expertise is further demonstrated through her role as a director at RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) Fit and her qualifications as a licensed skydiver and advanced supplement advisor. Desai’s influence and success in the health coaching field are evident through her world-class health coach program, aiming to empower others to become successful and effective health coaches.

Lavleen Kaur, a young dietician from Chandigarh, India, became well-known for founding the diet clinic Diet Insight, which guides healthy food. Her area of speciality is creating individualized nutrition regimens for her customers, earning her the title of “Most Promising Youngest Dietician in North India.”

This nutrition influencer on instagram adheres to the idea that by using specialized recipes and food combinations, one may maximize the therapeutic effects of each food category by treating food holistically. Through the “DietInsight” app, which strives to give practical advice on foods designed for various health conditions, she is effectively assisting individuals across the world in overcoming health problems including diabetes, obesity, PCOS, and other modern lifestyle challenges.


Pooja Makhija has perfected the art of the Instagram reel, so in as little as 60 seconds, you can learn much about living a healthier lifestyle on her IG feed. Why do seeds cycle? How can you make your memory stronger? Are microwaves a cancer risk? How can you get hair that is thicker and more lustrous? What calcium-rich foods other than dairy should you eat? This Indian nutrition influencer answers it all. Her fast dishes for protein pasta, paprika salmon, and low-carb pizzas are a plus and you are given everything on a silver platter.

Pooja is a clinical dietitian and consultant nutritionist who has served over 10,000 customers, including CEOs, professionals, housewives, Bollywood stars, and athletes, among others.

If you’re interested in healthy living, there’s a good chance that you’re one of Rujuta Diwekars Instagram followers already! To promote a more holistic lifestyle based on conventional wisdom, Diwekar draws on her extensive understanding of Iyengar yoga, local and seasonal foods, and recipes rather than adopting a constrictive Western conception of what constitutes a balanced diet and adequate nutrition.

This Indian nutritionist on Instagram creates short-form content, but she isn’t averse to lengthy, explanatory videos that go further into the topic at hand, whether they are exhaustive A-Z guides on various areas of healthy living or, for example, a 30-minute masterclass on understanding cholesterol. It’s an expansion of her long-term, deliberate approach to investing in your body. “Rome wasn’t created in a day, and immunity by swallowing a Vitamin C tablet,” she believes.

Nmami Agrawal is a well-known nutritionist, dietitian, and multifaceted professional with a strong focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

She is the founder of Nmami Life, a platform for fitness, recipes, health, wellness, and lifestyle guidance. Nmami’s philosophy, encapsulated in the mantra #EatTodayForTomorrow, emphasizes the importance of making dietary choices that have a positive impact on future health. Nmami’s holistic approach to nutrition and her significant online presence underscores her influence in the field of health and wellness.

This nutrition influencer advocates for making dietary choices based on a person’s lifestyle, medical history, health goals, and fitness levels, and she advises against following trending diet philosophies that may not be sustainable or effective.

Satvic Movement, one of the top nutrition influencers in India, is an online holistic health education platform that shares timeless health wisdom in modern terms, helping individuals achieve their ultimate health. The platform was created by Subah Saraf and Harshvardhan Saraf, who have both battled chronic conditions and overcome them through the Satvic way of life. Their personal healing journeys inspired them to dedicate their lives to sharing this timeless health wisdom with the world.

Satvic Movement’s philosophy revolves around the concept of Satvic living, which aims to dramatically improve health, overcome diseases through holistic healing, and adopt a wholesome, Satvic diet. Satvic Movement provides health education content and online workshops. Their books integrate traditional healing wisdom with contemporary nutritional science, offering a comprehensive guide to healthy eating.

The platform’s approach to health and wellness is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life, and it strives to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

Jinal Shah is a prominent figure in the field of nutrition and wellness. She is a senior nutritionist closely associated with renowned nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar for over a decade. Jinal is known for her expertise in understanding nutrition and promoting the concept of holistic wellness, emphasising the significance of the Indian diet and the importance of a healthy and balanced diet

Her work and collaborations reflect her commitment to propagating healthy eating practices and providing valuable insights into nutrition and wellness.

 She has delivered a TEDx talk on nutrition as one of the top nutrition influencers in india, further showcasing her dedication to sharing her knowledge and expertise in the field. Throughout her career, she has worked with diverse clients of all age groups and varying fitness levels, specializing in planning diet and workout routines for young working professionals to help them achieve a work-life balance. 

Shah’s comprehensive approach takes into account not only nutrition but also lifestyle factors that contribute to overall wellness, making her a trusted and respected expert in the industry.

Somya Gupta is a distinguished nutritionist who has received training under and works with Rujuta Diwekar, a prominent nutrition and exercise science expert. Gupta is known for her expertise in busting nutrition myths and sharing valuable insights on healthy eating, as evidenced by her talks and podcasts. 

Her work and collaborations reflect her commitment to promoting accurate nutritional information and guiding individuals towards healthier dietary choices.

Simrun Chopra is a fitness enthusiast and nutrition influencer and expert who has undergone a remarkable transformation in her life.

Chopra is the founder of Nourish With SIM, a platform that offers private diet coaching and shares healthy recipes and free workouts. She shares her fitness journey and provides valuable insights on nutrition and wellness. Chopra’s meticulous and detail-oriented approach to her work ensures that she delivers high-quality content and services to her clients.

Simrun Chopra has a diverse background in nutrition and fitness. Simrun offers customizable lifestyle plans for deep health, fun workouts, delicious food, and flexible fitness strategies, reflecting her comprehensive approach to nutrition and fitness. 

Chopra’s personal fitness transformation journey showcases her practical understanding of fitness and nutrition.

Somya Luhadia is a fitness and nutrition influencer and a content creator who has gained a significant following on social media platforms. She is known for her engaging content, which includes fitness tips, workout routines, and lifestyle advice.

She shares her personal fitness journey and transformation on her social media, she also provides tips and advice on staying fit and healthy, especially for women over 30 and also collaborates with other fitness influencers and experts to share their insights and experiences.

Somya also posts content busting common nutrition myths and promoting healthy eating habits. Luhadia’s content is designed to inspire and motivate her audience to adopt a healthier lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals. Her engaging and relatable approach has made her a popular figure in the fitness and wellness community.


There are tens of thousands of dietitians in addition to the aforementioned nutrition influencers. You may employ well-known influencers to creatively promote your health and fitness product on the market. Today, the majority of health and wellness brands are focusing on using influencers to connect with their target markets. These influencers are well renowned for their exceptional storytelling abilities; they have a great deal of ability to influence consumers’ attitudes about their choice of ultimate buy. Thus, collaboration with these influencers can be highly fruitful for your brand. 

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