Top 10 Indian Nutrition Influencers on Instagram

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Let’s face it: There is a lot of conflicting advice available when it comes to food, health, and exercise. Carbs are unhealthy until they aren’t. There might be too much protein in the diet. A healthy diet must include fats; they are not the enemy. Contrary to popular belief, certain meal pairings are healthier than others. For instance, eating an iron-rich cuisine with citrus food can improve iron absorption. A full egg has more nutrients than just egg whites. Nuance is crucial in the area of nutrition. Determining your fitness and well-being objectives and knowing what’s best for your body in that context are equally important. It’s advisable to speak with a nutritionist to receive advice that is personalized for you because of this. If that’s not feasible, however, here is a list of our go-to nutritionists whom you can trust to sort through the noise and provide you with the information you want. Here we present the top 10 Indian nutrition influencers to follow on Instagram.

Top 10 Nutrition Influencers in India:

If you’re interested in healthy living, there’s a good chance that you’re one of Rujuta Diwekar’s 1.3 million Instagram followers already! To promote a more holistic lifestyle based on conventional wisdom, Diwekar draws on her extensive understanding of Iyengar yoga, local and seasonal foods, and recipes rather than adopting a constrictive Western conception of what constitutes a balanced diet and adequate nutrition.

This Indian nutritionist on Instagram creates short-form content, but she isn’t averse to lengthy, explanatory videos that go further into the topic at hand, whether they are exhaustive A-Z guides on various areas of healthy living or, for example, a 30-minute masterclass on understanding cholesterol. It’s an expansion of her long-term, deliberate approach to investing in your body. “Rome wasn’t created in a day, and immunity by swallowing a Vitamin C tablet,” she believes.

Pooja Makhija has perfected the art of the Instagram reel, so in as little as 60 seconds, you can learn a lot about living a healthier lifestyle on her IG feed. Why do seeds cycle? How can you make your memory stronger? Are microwaves a cancer risk? How can you get hair that is thicker and more lustrous? What calcium-rich foods other than dairy should you eat? This Indian nutrition influencer answers it all. Her fast dishes for protein pasta, paprika salmon, and low-carb pizzas are a plus and you are given everything on a silver platter.

Pooja is a clinical dietitian and consultant nutritionist who has served over 10,000 customers, including CEOs, professionals, housewives, Bollywood stars, and athletes, among others.

Yuvraj is a fitness advisor and one of India’s most well-known nutrition influencers on Instagram. He has more than 480K Instagram followers.

You must imitate him if you wish to keep a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. You may find Yuvraj discussing important topics on his page, like obesity, being underweight, disadvantages of lack of proper nutrition, the long-term effects of eating fast food, and more.

Jalan isn’t your typical nutritionist; he founded Burgers to Beasts and holds an MPH (Master of Public Health) in Nutrition from Harvard University. Her succinct observations on Instagram cover topics like five reasons why you might be feeling bloated, foods that might improve your energy, and what to do if you ate too much over the weekend.

She has a keen interest in the psychology of eating, dieting, and bingeing. Her company offers unique programs beyond personalized nutrition coaching, including an “Undies Program” in which you learn to outgrow unhealthy eating patterns and start to rebuild your relationship with food. Her company is founded on five basic pillars of health: effective training, sustainable nutrition, ample hydration, adequate rest, and holistic wellness.

Ryan Fernando is a famous sports nutritionist with an unending amount of star sportsmen and celebrities linked with him as well as an unimaginable quantity of awards to his name. To supply everyone with scientifically tailored meals, he established a network of clinics known as Qua Nutrition, which is home to more than 50 expert dieticians.

In the past ten years, Ryan has delivered over a thousand seminars on sports and fitness nutrition at various forums. Ryan is in charge of the cutting-edge software that QUA NUTRITION uses to provide individualized nutrition recommendations to people from all walks of life. Ryan is one of the top Indian nutritionists on Instagram in addition to being a distinguished IIM-A alumnus.

Lavleen Kaur, a young dietician from Chandigarh, India, became well-known for founding the diet clinic Diet Insight, which guides healthy food.

Her area of speciality is creating individualized nutrition regimens for her customers, earning her the title of “Most Promising Youngest Dietician in North India.”

She adheres to the idea that by using specialized recipes and food combinations, one may maximize the therapeutic effects of each food category by treating food holistically. Through the “DietInsight” app, which strives to give practical advice on foods designed for various health conditions, she is effectively assisting individuals across the world in overcoming health problems including diabetes, obesity, PCOS, and other modern lifestyle challenges.

In 1997, Anjali Mukherjee launched the health start-up Health Total.

She started her clinical practice in 1984 and spent eight years as the “official nutritionist” for the Miss India contest. She has a bachelor’s degree in catering technology and applied nutrition from the Institute of Hotel Management in Mumbai.

She is a Certified Functional Medicine practitioner and alumnus of the American Academy of Nutrition, and she has won several honours for her noteworthy contributions to the nutrition industry. She is one of India’s most well-known dietitians and one of the top Indian nutrition influencers to follow on Instagram.

Her staff is an expert in creating diet regimens that are well-thought-out and specifically target illnesses like obesity, diabetes, digestive problems, PCOS, and hypertension.

As you can see from the account name, @nutritionistminacshi is a nutritionist by profession. She has over 22.7k followers on Instagram and a page full of healthy suggestions. You may follow her page if you want to add goodness to your regular eating routine. We like how she uses creativity to help her followers realize the advantages of eating organic. 

You may approach her for advice if you need it because she is also a food and menu expert! This Indian nutrition influencer on Instagram loves to chat about regular behaviours like – what happens when we don’t get enough sleep? Her message is very clear: you need to be aware of what you are consuming and which nutrients are essential for a healthy body.

Ajinkya Ghan, who has more than 22.4K followers on Instagram, is another essential account to follow in India for health and nutrition tips. His method is straightforward: Choose- measure- consume. If you need assistance with your diet plan, this Indian nutrition influencer is here to help! If you visit his Instagram profile, you will see several posts outlining the nutritional aspects of various vegetables, such as beetroot, lotus stem, jack fruit tomatoes, and more. 

The postings also provide detailed descriptions of the advantages of each item and recipe. Therefore, you do indeed have more than one motive to follow him. You may simply be your nutritionist if you follow his professional advice.

Roshni Sanghvi is a rising star in the health and wellness industry who has used vegan diets to produce stunning results. Her improvement in fitness is an illustration of the tenacity and resolve required to lose additional weight. She understands the requirements of the customers to guide lifestyle changes to be implemented for improved health because she herself struggled with being overweight.

Roshni advocates vegetarianism and supports animal welfare in her dairy-free diet programs. She is a certified fitness instructor who likes to incorporate vegan meals and exercise into her weight reduction plans. She and her team of professionals give each customer the utmost consideration to help them become their best selves.


There are tens of thousands of dietitians in addition to the aforementioned nutrition influencers. You may employ well-known influencers to creatively promote your health and fitness product on the market. Today, the majority of health and wellness brands are focusing on using influencers to connect with their target markets. These influencers are well renowned for their exceptional storytelling abilities; they have a great deal of ability to influence consumers’ attitudes about their choice of ultimate buy. Thus, collaboration with these influencers can be highly fruitful for your brand. 

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