Top 10 Indian Nutrition Blogs To Follow In 2024

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A Nutritionist or Dietician is the ideal resource to turn to when diseases start to happen frequently or your failed weight-loss attempts start to ruin your life. They can guide you in discovering the foods and lifestyle choices that promise to achieve your health objectives. Our lifestyle and health are two of the few things we can manage in these unheard-of times when we are all dealing with various challenges. Dieticians and Nutritionists are the ones who direct us in changing our diets to satisfy our daily nutritional needs. 

For companies across many industries, blogging has developed into a successful online marketing and branding tool. More than 77 per cent of internet users follow the blog. It is not unexpected that the number of food bloggers globally has rapidly increased. The food and beverage (F&B) sector is expanding in India, and food bloggers are now able to make good money doing what they love. By connecting with the target audience and improving consumer interaction, these top food bloggers in India increase sales. A balanced diet and lifestyle are practised by many celebrities. They lean more heavily than anything else toward their nutritionist’s advice for this, and so, here’s our pick on the Top 10 Indian Nutrition Blogs, which are well-liked by celebrities and have a sizable social media following.

Top 10 Indian Nutrition Blogs:

Roshni Sanghvi struggled with being overweight, the needs of the clients served as a guide for the lifestyle modifications that were put into place for better health. Roshni’s plans are not unidirectional, in contrast to those of other dietitians. Different methods are used by Roshni when teaching and dealing with clients. She won’t need you to track your intake and expenditure of calories, for starters. She focuses mostly on modifications that can be maintained for a lifetime.

In addition to assisting you in reaching a weight goal, Roshni will teach you how to improve your metabolism, repair intestinal dysbiosis, and stabilize your body’s changing hormone levels. 

You will learn the real meaning of caloric intake and how to satisfy your body’s requirements without tracking or restricting calories. Discover how to enjoy your trip and vacation days without jeopardizing your weight and diet, and learn the forgotten art of moderation when it comes to creating meals. Realize the full potential of your body and eliminate the signs of lifestyle disorders including PCOS, thyroid, hypertension, and diabetes.

This is why most of Roshni’s clients see an improvement in their energy levels, skin, and hair health, as well as the ability to maintain their leanness even when consuming higher calorie intake than before.

Few deliver on the many promises made; you deserve to be content, strong, healthy, and fit.

Roshni Sanghvi is a rising star in the health and wellness industry who has used vegan diets to produce stunning results. Her improvement in fitness is an illustration of the tenacity and resolve required to lose additional weight. This Indian nutrition influencer advocates vegetarianism and supports animal welfare in her dairy-free diet programs that use dairy-free foods. She is a certified fitness instructor who likes to incorporate vegan meals and exercise into her weight reduction plans. She and her team of professionals give each customer the utmost consideration to help them become their best selves. Numerous others just like you have already begun their path, and you might find inspiration to awaken the inner fitness powerhouse.

To blend the wonderful gifts of herbs, therapies, and lifestyle choices, Nutriwel Health integrates Ayurvedic wisdom with cutting-edge scientific methodologies. As a result, Nutriwel Health has modernized traditional knowledge to encourage and assist people in taking control of their recovery.

With the use of technology, Nutriwel Health has created the most reputable healthcare platform in India, bringing holistic living and excellent health to millions of people. The mission of Nutriwel Health is to encourage sustainable lifestyle choices that are healthy for our bodies, our communities, and the environment.

Every person has limitless healing potential. The treatment concept of Nutriwel Health has been founded on the straightforward premise that the body’s incredible capacity for regeneration is where all healing power originates. All that is required to help the body heal is the elimination of harmful substances and a balanced diet in the form of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, and fats, creating the ideal environment for the body to recover and restore. Vedic science and contemporary diet and behavioural modification protocols working together considerably enhance health outcomes.

Dr Shikha is a health and wellness evangelist and the founder and managing director of Nutriwel Health (India) Pvt Ltd. in the press. An MBBS with a background in allopathy, this Delhi-based nutritionist was initially drawn to food and preventative medicine by her growing interest in wellness and a healthy lifestyle. She established her facilities where she analyses the clinical problems following the body constitution after thoroughly researching Ayurveda. She and her team of dietitians collaborated to establish the diet plans she recommends. By 2025, we’ll have overcome all obstacles to rank among the most reputable wellness brands in the world.

Every human being has unique nutritional demands that alter with each stage of life in addition to nutrient needs. There are numerous things to take into account when keeping a healthy diet. Given how frequently our bodies change, we cannot reasonably expect to stick to the same eating regimen for the remainder of our lives. As we previously stated, our dietary requirements alter as well. 

To ensure you obtain all the nutrients you require from your meals, Nutrition Pearls will analyze your diet and give suggestions for improvement. 

In recent years, both the use of working guardians and low-quality outside food has risen. A bad diet at any point might negate the positive advantages that insufficient supplements have on your health, mobility, and strength. On her site Nutrition Pearls, Dr Jyoti Singh offers the most trustworthy and transparent guidance for avoiding such issues.

Dr Jyoti Singh is a highly skilled practising nutritionist with more than eight years of formal, full-time education in the form of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the field. A PhD in food science and nutrition has been awarded to her (CSK HPKV, Palampur).

Her diet counselling website,, is a comprehensive guide to good eating and nutrition. It has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics relating to weight loss and therapeutic diets, including published papers, tried-and-true recipes, videos, advice, and trivia. Dr Jyoti Singh is an authority in nutrition and holistic medicine.

She wants to educate people about nutritious diet and lifestyle options, assist them to navigate ever-changing fashions, and teach them to recognize false and misleading information.

The main focus of NutriActivania is nutrition and an active lifestyle, which may help turn food’s energy into happiness and provide joy to everyone’s life. It is a lifestyle decision rather than a weight loss supplement or treatment that offers to support you in leading a happy and healthy life regardless of who you are or how you appear and claims to help you make deliberate decisions about your health.

The goal of NutriActivania is to refocus attention on preventative healthcare. The idea of preventive healthcare has received a lot of discussions, but no one gives it the consideration it merits. In the push for commercialization, most programs have forgotten that nutrition refers to a chemical balance and that it becomes counterproductive if you’re unhappy.

Avni Kaul is the most well-known nutritionist, dietician, and wellness coach in Delhi. Her areas of expertise include weight management, child nutrition, sports nutrition, diabetes management, skin and beauty health, thyroid disorders, and corporate wellness. She is also a diabetes educator. Avni takes great delight in enlightening, motivating, and empowering everyone. To develop a customized nutrition plan, Avni also adheres to a holistic philosophy of optimum living and takes into account additional health elements including stress levels, sleep quality, exercise, and environmental exposures. She doesn’t believe in tricks or diets that include hunger.

The goal of NutriActivania is to equip you with the necessary skills and information to live a healthy and fulfilling life while bringing whole foods to your plate and nourishing your spirit. NutriActivania thinks that those who set out on this road ultimately trust in God and themselves.

The mission of Swasthya Nutrition is to make India healthy by preventing illnesses brought on by numerous deficiencies. Deficits in nutrition can happen before conception and even throughout pregnancy. In turn, this would result in ill kids with weak immune systems. The majority of nutritional deficits are observed in young children since they are picky eaters and don’t eat nutritious meals because they don’t like them.

To help you lead a healthy lifestyle, Swasthya Nutrition considers your eating habits and the foods that are the best fit for you. The goal of Swasthya Nutrition is to make choosing nutritious foods easy by offering clear, approachable nutrition instruction and incredibly nourishing cuisine that employ healthy, sustainable ingredients. Also, you make a menu for yourself to lead a healthy lifestyle.

At Swasthya Nutrition, they provide the greatest dietary solutions that are personalized for you to improve your health. They combine the most recent developments in integrative and functional medicine with the greatest dietary knowledge from traditional civilizations.

Swasthya Nutrition also maintains a facility in Bangalore, India. To address nutritional inadequacies for the majority of health issues in any age range, Swasthya Nutrition offers dietary solutions based on conventional foods, tried-and-true cooking techniques, and organic items. A well-balanced diet is encouraged through nutritional therapy as a natural means of accomplishing your health objectives.

The greatest nutritionist and dietician in Bangalore, Dr Sushma Jaiswal has more than 38 years of expertise and has assisted numerous clients in resolving issues and leading fulfilling lives.

Dr Sushma Jaiswal, the creator, has more than 35 years of expertise, including 25 years working with international organizations such as the UN, WHO, and many more. She has received recognition as the best nutritionist for treating deficiencies and providing preventive healthcare.

Confused about whether your standard Idli or Upma is the best option for a nutritious breakfast? Here to save the day is MyDIETist! Which can assist you in selecting the ideal meals for breakfast, lunch, and supper. There are numerous recipes on MyDIETist that are good for your health, including those for quick weight loss, an easy home remedy for a cold, breaking your fast, a low-fat healthy drink, and healthy dessert dishes. They have ideal diet plans for fitness that can provide outcomes that can be put into practice.

MyDIETist is undoubtedly India’s most comprehensive health app, especially for its 30 million obese citizens who want to lose weight. It is the ideal Indian software for achieving your fitness objectives.

MyDIETist is head and shoulders above the competition thanks to its platform for consultations, Indian recipes for healthy cooking, and a variety of other features. The Free Personalized Diets, Effortless Tracking, Connect With Expert Dietitians, and Stay Motivated are the key features of the MyDIETist app.

Prachi Sanghvi is the Founder, and Head of Nutrition. MyDIETist assists you in establishing a healthy lifestyle so you may enjoy life to the fullest. You may become the greatest version of yourself with the help of MyDIETist.

The subject of health and nutritional sciences is constantly developing as a result of new research and ongoing, novel discoveries. With nutrition advice that is inclusive of all cultures and demonstrates empathy, Desilicious is about to motivate you to fuel yourself consciously and for health. The goal is to provide delicious recipes that will enable busy health seekers to flourish while avoiding the nutritional noise. Key component? Actionable health optimization.

Recipes with a cultural twist that are quick and healthful. In addition to western-inspired cuisine, you’ll find dishes inspired by Shahzadi’s ancestors from Central Asia, India, and Pakistan. There is a collection specifically designed to assist regulate blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetes treatment. They’re also excellent for anyone looking for heart-healthy dishes.

Veggie-friendly dishes and mouthwatering recipes that Shahzadi hopes will motivate you to start cooking! There is something for everyone, from quick, nutritious supper ideas to fuss-free one-pot dishes that are especially welcome on a busy weekday! Current nutrition issues and practical healthy eating advice that won’t make you hate food or need a complete diet overhaul!

These are some of the above-mentioned recipes that will give you a mindful attitude that supports you in creating your greatest life.

Shahzadi Devjea is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator in Canada. Shahzadi is a mompreneur and a nutrition specialist on TV. Very simply, She consumes scientific information for breakfast and packs it into easily assimilated foods to feed your quest for health and support the development of a healthy connection with food. She demonstrates to busy health enthusiasts how to enjoy ethnic food while eating for health, nourishing thoughtfully, and thriving.

Uma Raghuraman is well-known for her authentic and imaginative depictions of Indian cuisine, and many prestigious journals have highlighted her work. With more than a thousand dishes from different cuisines on her, you may choose from a wide of several vegan, gluten-free, healthy desserts, fusion recipes, and traditional Indian dishes. Uma Raghuraman is a dedicated mother and cook. She started her blog Masterchef Mom about 20 years ago as a result of her love of cooking and healthy nutrition. Her blogs are packed with mouthwatering dishes and several mouthwatering photographs that will make you ravenous right away.

With the help of her culinary advice and recipes, you can quickly prepare delicious, healthy meals. She undoubtedly ranks among the best food bloggers in India and teaches Indian Home Cooking classes both domestically and overseas. She also posts these recipes on Facebook and Instagram in addition to her blog.

Uma Raghuraman was selected as its sole Indian Food Ambassador after winning this year’s Netflix My Chef’s Table Instagram Contest. She also took up the prize for “BEST FOOD INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT” at the renowned SAVEUR BLOG AWARDS 2017! Her blog, “Masterchefmom,” was named the Best Indian Blog of 2017 (regions) by IndiBlogger, India’s largest blogging community. Many national and international magazines have covered Uma Raghuraman, her blog Masterchefmom, and her recipes.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking ideas on how to eat healthily and spice up vegetarian dishes. One of the most popular food blogging platforms is Saffron Trail, which is created by nutritionist and cuisine expert Nandita Iyer. Nandita simplifies cooking in her blogs while also perfecting her molecular gastronomy skills.

Nandita’s dishes are the perfect mix of flavour and nutrition. Nandita informs her readers about the advantages of healthy food and proper nutrition through her blogs.

Her medical training enables her to simplify complex health information for you while adhering to scientific realities if you are confused by the health material that is circulating online.

She offers classes on healthy cuisine (salads, loaves of bread, healthy baking, etc.) for individuals, organizations, and corporations in addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle through her blog.

The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian by Nandita (Hachette, 2017) focuses on quick and simple meals for a healthy lifestyle and includes a tonne of basic, actionable tips for healthy cooking. For more simple culinary ideas, you can also check out her YouTube channel.

For vegetarians alone, there is a blog called Divine Taste. The recipes on DivineTaste have been modified from all over the world to be free of meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, onions, and garlic following the principles of sattvic diet and cooking techniques.

The recipes on the Divine Taste Blog are based on the sattvic eating rules recommended in India’s ancient Vedic literature, with an emphasis on the nutritional value of food. The dishes, which have their origins in Indian customs, are presented in a global style with ingredients from other countries.

Another feature of Anushruti’s website, Divine Taste, is ayurvedic cookery. Some of the customers who have trusted her work include BBC Good Food India, Child, ADF Soul, Tata Sampann, Fortune Foods, MTR, 24 Mantra Organic, and Fortune Foods. She provides specialized advisory services with an emphasis on holistic eating habits and lifestyle choices that promote overall wellness.

Anushruti is a recipe developer, photographer, health and wellness adviser, and writer and presenter of culinary content. Her food is based on the traditional Ayurveda and sattvic culinary principles, fusing international cuisine with fresh, in-season, and nearby products! She mixes the ancient art of Ayurveda with contemporary nutrition.

She studied Ayurved Aahar Vigyan (Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition) at the International Academy of Ayurved, Pune, and holds a post-graduate degree in nutrition and dietetics.


A nutritionist or dietician is the ideal resource to turn to for a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. They can guide you in discovering the foods and lifestyle choices that promise to achieve your health objectives. Building immunity is crucial at all times, but it is especially crucial now when there is a pandemic. Check out the list of the Top Indian Nutrition Blogs mentioned above for advice on choosing nutritious foods to keep you safe during every epidemic or unnormal situation. These blogs may serve as your road map to a fit lifestyle.

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