Top 10 Indian Mom Influencers On Instagram

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A mom influencer is a mom with a considerably large social media following that uses her status to influence the behaviour of others. Many mom influencers promote their services or products, work with brands to promote their lines and share information to educate or inspire their followers. Mothers have a heavy impact on the online environment. They read the most recent product reviews, research the companies they adore, and finally make selections for their family. Mother message boards are more than simply a venue for storytelling; they also help parents form views on what to buy, come up with party ideas, stay current on technological advancements, and more. 

The rise in “mother blogs” over the past years is undoubtedly attributable to moms’ richness of experience and grounded viewpoint. Numerous blogs dedicated to and published by mothers appear to cover a broad range of subjects and fashions. Instead of listening to a brand directly, the audience prefers to hear what real individuals have to say. Mom influencer marketing may provide your business with the extra boost in credibility you’ve been seeking. Combining the distinctive product of your business with a relevant influencer group, such as parents, is a simple way to be noticed by people in your target market. Here is a list of the top 1o Indian Mom Influencers on Instagram who are making parenthood relatively simpler by providing their audiences with hands on tips and tricks.

Here is a list of Top 10 Indian Mom Influencers on Instagram:

Moushumi is an Indian stylist currently living in Hongkong, Singapore, and India. She is a certified personal stylist, personal shopper, and home stylist by education and experience and a mom influencer.

Majorly around the segment of clothing, she makes a ton of outfit inspiration videos on Instagram.

A quirky digital creator on Instagram, Payel is a beauty and lifestyle blogger and mom influencer. She is an Amazon-certified fashion content creator who generates tons of motherhood tips and shares them with her viewers. 

She makes content for kids’ products with her little son. Brands like Curhealth, MamaEarth, Sugar, Ponds just to name a few.

A flight attendant mommy that’s turned into a mom and lifestyle influencer. She makes a lot of content that is placed around her family. She has two gorgeous daughters that are a part of her content. 

As a mom influencer on Instagram, she has collaborated with many childcare brands like love Laps, ozone ayurvedic, and Charliebanana.

Sukhneet started as a fashion and lifestyle influencer and now is a mom blogger with that too. A digital creator with the knowledge of fashion, lifestyle and beauty, and now child care. She is the mom that makes you go wow. 

She was recently invited to inaugurate the mia by Tanishq store in Ghaziabad. Having worked with multiple fashion and beauty brands. This mom easily knows her way around Instagram.

Wife of the popular Flying Beast – Rithu Rathee is a mother, a pilot, and as life made her, an influencer. After supporting her husband to reach his goals, Rithu, now also is seen following hers. 

With her two daughters, her life is surrounded by vlogs, travel, mom duties, and making sure to find some time for herself in the process.  

She has worked with multi-folds of brands but just to mention a few, brands like Pampers, Nestle, Smart jodi, Dell India, and Mama Earth.

Banchika is a mom influencer who embraces her greys. She makes a lot of lifestyle content and a lot of them have her son with her. 

Founder of Rajasthani ethnic and which is a handicraft pure cotton wear online working from Agra.  She has worked with brands like elite furnishing, Spunkies official, and iluviapro.

She also manages her son’s account called – little.champ.gunit and makes a lot of content in Hindi. 

She is also featured by Momspresso, Beautiful homes India, and My baby chakra.

Mom from Bangalore, Pinky makes content on Parenting, Lifestyle, and Fashion. And is also a Brand Promotion manager. Ranked in the top 100 mom influencers by Momspresso which is a media news agency. 

She has collaborated with brands like VIBES clinic, Merlinwand app, Orchids international school, and Nexus Koramgala to name a few.

A mom influencer that’s ranked among the top 10 mom influencers, Priyaanka is a public figure who makes content in the genres of lifestyle, parenting, fashion, and education. 

Based out of Delhi, Priyaanka makes content with and for her daughter Akanksha. Some brands that have worked with them include harbour9kids, The Sleep Company Mattress, Bioderma, and Storia foods.

A mommy of 2 but a mom influencer for many, Simrun runs her Instagram around the lives of her daughters. Everything in the categories of parenting, lifestyle, food, and fashion is covered by her. 

Based out of New Delhi, this mom is a bubbly inspiration to follow. Some brands they have worked with include – Sugarfree and Colgate.

A travelling mom and lifestyle influencer, that’s how you can describe Mayuri. She believes in gentle parenting, fashion, lifestyle, and travel and that’s exactly what her content is surrounded by. 

Based out of Pune and the founder of @kiddosclosetpune she is a mom with a mission. 

She has worked with brands like Veet, Tesoraorg, Ezy schooling, Cure Health and more.


The phrase “mom influencer” might seem a bit unnecessary given how much power the word “mom” already has. Mothers do know best, and businesses that are first to recognize the value of mom influencer marketing will have an advantage over the competition. You can trust anything to be authentic if your mother approves of it. The audience of a mom influencer is distinct since they don’t only appeal to moms. They are defining trends and providing information on a wide range of topics, including parenthood, after-school and summer activities, business services, interior design, health, and even insurance. 

Nine million women, or 22 per cent of all moms, identify as Millennial Moms; they spend more than eight hours per day on social and are seen as key advisors and decision-makers in their social media marketing campaigns. We need moms everywhere, so why not social media, these women just prove how multifaceted moms are. Ready for every mom life challenge and then some more! 

Confluencr, being a global influencer marketing agency, recognizes the enormous potential of these Indian mom influencers offering advice. We have created a network of prominent Instagram mom influencers in India and can assist you in getting your brand in front of the appropriate audience, at the right time, and via the right set of influencers. Want to learn more about influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you straight away!

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