Top 10 Indian Male Fashion Influencers Creating Content In English

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Fashion was formerly a contentious professional path for both men and women. It was not from the viewpoint of how the industry works and how the Western world has influenced it. Men’s fashion is springing up, and we must remark that it has evolved dramatically in the previous several years. Many people have been impacted by social media, and they are now positively impacting others through social media. The previous decade was all about succumbing to prejudice and preconceptions, while this one is all about breaking them. The main worry was how much profit you could truly make in fashion. 

In today’s world, a lot. Men’s fashion has developed largely as a result of a shift in outlook. Brands have opted to utilise influencer marketing to promote their offerings in this hyper-competitive fashion marketing, no matter how big or small. Male fashion influencers on Instagram have made things easier for men’s fashion, styling, grooming, and personal care brands. Being an Instagram influencer marketing agency, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 Indian male fashion influencers that can be a great fit for your next collaboration. These accounts are particularly known to create English content along with trending reels and videos.

Top 10 Indian Male Fashion Influencers Creating Content in English:

Vaibhav is considered one of the top male fashion influencers in India. And with his Instagram account @pehenawah is known for being a male fashion model, influencer and YouTuber from India. His web presence is full of style and his outfits should be on everybody’s wishlist. 

He creates fashion-related content sharing his style and wardrobe suggestions and recommendations for his followers with a very high engagement rate

He has found opportunities through his content and dedication to work with brands such as Garnier, Myntra, Raymond, Lifestyle Stores, Indulekha, Amazon Fashions, L’Oreal Professionals and others.

He has been featured on – Forbes’s Top 100 Digital Stars.

Tejeshwar Sandhoo’s Instagram handle is @blueberryblackout. Sandhoo’s looks are perfect for a total wardrobe overhaul – the objective is to explore, and he has nailed every look on his feed. Sandhoo, who is an outspoken member of the LGBTQ community, used fashion as a weapon of resistance, believing that fashion and sexuality are 2 mutually complementary.

Sandhoo created Blueberry Blackout while working on a project that needed him to locate a male fashion influencer, which shocked him because there weren’t many. 

That is when his adventure began.

Siddharth Batra is a leading Indian fashion blogger who discusses and promotes the notion of ‘#guybeauty.’ He is an Instagram Men’s Fashion Blogger, and he is one of the Forbes India Top 100 Digital Stars and GQ’s most influential Young Indian. He worked as a features writer for Elanstreet, Tata Cliq, and other brands, and as a Director of Engineering at Twitter.

He wowed Instagram with his unique menswear style. Batra designs visually appealing clothes with a variety of colours, textures, and accessories. He represents gender flexibility and body acceptance in addition to fashion.

He has worked with brands such as Lakme India, Fastrack World, Myntra, Amazon Fashion, Mia by Tanishq and many others.

Karron is a business lawyer who has evolved into one of India’s most prominent fashion bloggers and men’s fashion influencers. He is incredibly passionate about fashion, and he operates a remarkable YouTube channel where he discusses men’s fashion secrets and hacks. 

He enlightens the audience on men’s clothing and grooming, and he models a variety of ensembles ranging from professional to informal. Karron’s fashion lessons can help you quickly enhance your outfit game!

This Indian male fashion influencer has the look and style for everyday wardrobe inspiration. From party looks to formal ones, he’s got you covered. His clothing style is the trick to explore, and he has mastered it.

Jatinn, as, has elevated men’s fashion to new levels with his awesome content. He offers amazing stuff on fashion, lifestyle, and travel. He has a legion of Instagram followers and effectively engages with his fans on a frequent basis.

This male fashion influencer can elevate any and every style he chooses to wear from traditional to contemporary and still look equally attractive and glamorise the simplest of garments using clever patterns. He appears incredibly comfy in all of his ensembles, whether he wears a graphic t-shirt or a denim jacket. His clothing is flawless, and they look fantastic on his strong body type.

Shakti Yadav, called “The February Boy,” has revolutionized urban style for us, and we’re completely smitten by his flawless fashion sense. Shakti’s account has to be one of the greatest men’s fashion feeds to gain inspiration from, from compiling popular styles to innovating with fashion in the best way possible.

His Instagram account has found him so many followers who pay attention to him since he publishes unique and trendy photographs of his attire as well as style advice for guys.

He was named Fashion Influencer Of The Year, Male at the Cosmo India Blogger Awards.

Nikhil is a full-time stylist and a well-known Influencer and Fashion Blogger. His Instagram page displays his variety and energy. This person has a reign in several verticals, including fashion, beauty, and leisure. He has an incredible ability to turn any ordinary attire into a stylish fashion statement.

He is the male fashion influencer on Instagram to follow for OOTD and OOTN inspiration. He is known for his gentlemanly spirit and current style. Nikhil is also a photography aficionado, as seen by his stunning photographs. He updates his fashion sense with something trendy.

Aside from that, he is a very brilliant musician who has sung various originals and covers. His tracks have also been played at prestigious music festivals such as Sunburn, Don’t Let Daddy Know, EVC (Enchanted Valley Carnival), and By The Pier.

A lawyer turned male fashion influencer, Sandeep is known for his high-resolution and high-quality content. He is one of the popular #GalaxyCreators in collaborations with Samsung. He has a huge fan base on his Instagram handle, and has gained a lot of followers through his blog “BasicallyMenz”.

Sandeep has worked with brands such as – CODE India, Sadhev, Wrangler, Himalaya Men, Red Tape India, Timex, Bentley Motors, Dewars Whiskey, Wahl India, Kohler and others. 

Amaan and Armaan also known as the SoBo Guys, are the influencer duo and twins from South Bombay. They are known for their unique fashion and chic street style. They have been featured on Grazia India. Amaan and Armaan also have a flair for acting and have been a part of Indian Television shows.

They have collaborated with brands such as Garnier, Micheal Kors, Coach, Master Card, Xnara Health, Myntra, Aldo, Bata, O3 Plus, Curato and others. 

Sanket Mehta, a male fashion influencer and social media star, has carved a position for himself in the men’s fashion market with ease and grace.

Men’s fashion is a subject that not every influencer addresses. It is not simple to break prejudices and carve out a space for males.

Sanket has been working with many style variables and excelling at them, working with brands like Myntra, Fashion Nova, Dyson India, Delsey, L’Oreal Paris and many others.  This Indian male fashion influencer has gone from modernizing traditional design to adapting the bohemian cult, from Hip Hop sophisticated ensembles to ethnic regal attires.


Aside from the aforementioned influencers and bloggers, hundreds of more profiles are constantly changing the notion of men’s fashion via their inventiveness and incredible sense of experimentation. Instagram is the most popular social media medium for influencer marketing, and it is popular with both companies and influencers. There are many influencers on the network presently, covering a wide range of hobbies and interests. Although their content isn’t identical, they do have one attribute: they all create high content that is highly valuable.

Confluencr, as a global influencer marketing agency, recognises the enormous potential of these Indian male fashion influencers and assists our clients in establishing connections with these influencers. We have created a network of prominent Instagram influencers in India and can assist you in getting your network in front of the appropriate audience at the right time and via the right set of influencers. Do you want to learn more about influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you right away!

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