Top 10 Indian Male Fashion Influencers Creating Content In English

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Fashion was formerly a contentious professional path for both men and women. It was not from the viewpoint of how the industry works and how the Western world has influenced it. Men’s fashion is springing up in 2022, and we must remark that it has evolved dramatically in the previous several years. Many people have been impacted by social media, and they are now positively impacting others through social media. The previous decade was all about succumbing to prejudice and preconceptions, while this one is all about breaking them. The main worry was how much profit you could truly make in fashion. 

In today’s world, a lot. Men’s fashion has developed largely as a result of a shift in outlook. Brands have opted to utilise influencer marketing to promote their offerings in this hyper-competitive fashion marketing, no matter big or small. Male fashion influencers on Instagram have made things easier for men’s fashion, styling, grooming, and personal care brands. Being an Instagram influencer marketing agency, we’ve curated a list of top 10 Indian male fashion influencers that can be a great fit for your next collaboration. These accounts are particularly known to create English content along with trending reels and videos.

Top 10 Indian Male Fashion Influencers Creating Content in English:

Jatinn, as, has elevated men’s fashion to new levels with his awesome content. He offers amazing stuff on fashion, lifestyle, and travel. He has more than 150k Instagram followers and effectively engages with his fans on a frequent basis.

He can elevate any and every style he chooses to wear from traditional to contemporary and still look equally attractive and glamorise the simplest of garments using clever patterns. He appears incredibly comfy in all of his ensembles, whether he wears a graphic t-shirt or a denim jacket. His clothing is flawless, and they look fantastic on his strong body type.

Abhinav Mathur is an Indian-based Fashion Model, YouTuber, and Social Media Celebrity better known by his social media handle Abix. Abhinav has a fashionable online presence, and his ensembles are must-haves. He primarily uploads fashion-related videos and attractive photos of himself. He posts extensively on hair care in addition to fashion ideas.

He is well known for his vlog videos, which he used to post on his official YouTube channel, Abix Vlogs, to which he has 48k followers.

This Indian male fashion influencer mostly posts fashion-related articles as well as vlog videos. Abhinav is more popular on Instagram than on YouTube and has more Instagram followers than on YouTube.

Shakti began as an ordinary Instagrammer, uploading Outfit Of The Day, Travel, and Food photos before transitioning to a men’s fashion blogger. His Instagram currently has 107k followers who look up to him since he posts creative and fashionable images of his outfits as well as style recommendations for males.

He was named the winner of Cosmo India Blogger Awards Fashion Influencer Of The Year, Male 2021-2022.

Varun, also known as @settlesubtle on Instagram, is one of India’s most fashionable male fashion content creators and influencers. He is recognised for attempting every fashion type and succeeding every time. Varun makes extensive use of colour and creativity. He has an amazing sense of design and photographic talents.

He is fascinated by Autos and Travel, in addition to men’s fashion. He experiments with vivid colours, strong designs, and fashion. His page includes everything within the umbrella of men’s fashion, as well as how to prepare beverages with his #MakeADrink Series and also with some Q&A, which features#IfYouAskV.’

Usaamah is a lifestyle and fashion influencer who uses modern visuals for filming videos and to encourage and overwhelming his followers. His biography covers everything from collaborating with fashion firms to creating new fashion trends. He has over 95K Instagram followers. He is that influencer who can improve your wardrobe and inspire you in a variety of ways. Take a peek at his Instagram page to see how Usaamah has attempted to reinvent the idea of fashion for Indian males. He is also the founder and curator of the apparel portal Pearlo Studios. His ability to create brand-centric visual material has elevated him to the ranks of India’s top fashion influencers.

Saarang Patil is another famous figure in the cult of men’s fashion influencers. The fashion sense and content creation of Saarang will inspire you so much that you will not be able to leave the profile without clicking the follow button.

Viewers admire his method of experimenting with style and different outfits, as seen by the comments on his posts. He has worked with several international companies, including Armani, Burberry, Dior, and Thomas Pink.  He has been featured in print and online magazines such as Buzzfeed, GQ India, MensXP, and others for his unique sense of style. You may read about fashion on his blog heisgotthestyle. in, where he describes it from his perspective.

Nikhil is a full-time stylist and a well-known Influencer and Fashion Blogger. His Instagram page displays his variety and energy. This person has a reign in several verticals, including fashion, beauty, and leisure. He has an incredible ability to turn any ordinary attire into a stylish fashion statement.

He is a fashion blogger to follow for OOTD and OOTN inspiration. He is known for his gentlemanly spirit and current style. Nikhil is also a photography aficionado, as seen by his stunning photographs. He updates his fashion sense with something trendy.

Aside from that, he is a very brilliant musician who has sung various originals and covers. His tracks have also been played at prestigious music festivals such as Sunburn, Don’t Let Daddy Know, EVC (Enchanted Valley Carnival), and By The Pier.

Jeremi Cabral is a youthful, dynamic brand strategist and fashion entrepreneur. He started working for IMG as a fashion coordinator before dabbling as a consultant for several fashion businesses, multi-designer shops, and designer labels. He created in 2011. (FMW). The concept of publishing fashion news is what motivates the website.

As a model and social media influencer, Jeremi Cabral has a sizable fan base. Jeremi has worked with several well-known companies, including “Parcos Beauty,” “Indieculture,” and many more.

He currently stays on the newest trends through his blogs. He immediately began unconsciously adopting the lumbersexual appearance as it gained popularity. It felt nice to him when people soon began praising his beard!

We were immediately drawn to Jeremi’s ethnic style, which included a sophisticated kurta pyjama and an understated yet fashionable statement watch, after taking a glance at his Instagram account. Jeremi recommends that his followers dress comfortably since doing so will help them show off their sense of style. Be the best version of yourself every day, he advises.

You’ll never get tired of looking at his feed because he frequently wears suits and tuxedos together with bomber jackets and shoes.

Prateek Chauhan‘s signature designs include earthy tones and simple clothing. His work, which extends beyond fashion, is viewed on his Instagram @lensbehindlens. His passions include painting and photography, which are immediately apparent to land on his page. 

Minimalist fashion is trendy these days. It goes with every look, whether street or classy. If you don’t trust that, you should follow Prateek since he will connect you with the most significant minimalistic trends. 

He won the Cosmo India Blogger Awards for Emerging Fashion Influencer Of The Year Under 50K – 2022, as well as a 2022 finalist in Parcos Influencer Awards for Breakout Influencer of the Year, Most Distinct Aesthetic, and Most Innovative Use Of Tools/Features/Formats.

Allen‘s blog, Bowties and Bones, depicts his informal street style, which is predominantly sneakers. Yes. Sneakers are given the spotlight. He’s stayed true to his niche and been consistent in his content creation.

He likes to combine with brands that he would buy for himself. He’d rather work with real-life stuff than pose for businesses that ask him to perform. His Instagram has 22.5k followers who turn to him for inspiration for the thriving streetwear style and sneaker vibes.


Aside from the aforementioned influencers and bloggers, hundreds of more profiles are constantly changing the notion of men’s fashion via their inventiveness and incredible sense of experimentation. Instagram is the most popular social media medium for influencer marketing, and it is popular with both companies and influencers. There are many influencers on the network presently, covering a wide range of hobbies and interests. Although their content isn’t identical, they do have one attribute: they all create high content that is highly valuable.

Confluencr, as a global influencer marketing agency, recognises the enormous potential of these Indian male fashion influencers and assists our clients in establishing connections with these influencers. We have created a network of prominent Instagram influencers in India and can assist you in getting your network in front of the appropriate audience at the right time and via the right set of influencers. Do you want to learn more about influencer marketing and how it may benefit your brand? Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you right away!

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